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5-1 7:15am Tommy, under-valued jobs

May 1, 2014|

Tommy talks to Sheree Kerner, the owner of Nawlins Cab, about the dangers cab drivers often face

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We love him and now. And and you know I'm certainly not making light of this at all but. Yeah I got to think in yes it less of a -- this -- driver another cabdriver murdered how. They are really in a way unsung heroes because I think some public servants and -- camp drivers of private job I realize that but sometimes we look at people that -- Did that Wear badges and and and they are certainly needed and vital components of the community but I think sometimes we ignore people would just do routine jobs. They keep everything running in and I got the thing about this camp driver that was working overnight that was murdered how many people depend on camp drivers. Just to get where they're gone because they might have a choice of either taken a -- walk and 25. Blocks to a bus stop. Where they know by designer to sit there alone for 25 minutes still Abbas comes. -- or rears its Cheri. -- injury -- joins us right now owner of new loan -- but no one's camp. And as she read did you know the driver that was murdered. You know I'm I was actually looking at his pictures I think I you know him -- some time in the pack up and recognizing you Barry. And that was a question because I know just like in radio you see people where they may have been salespeople in May have been -- talents and I know I work with deal while bad but I don't quite remember where it was -- -- same thing in an industry. So tell me about -- cab drivers and Palm -- did not just bring in tourists in -- just everyday people and and Colin cams and uses them to get to where they're gone to work perhaps assault lady Kitna. A grade I Kevin Rouse suggests -- not to groceries and I'm wondering how she would have gotten that if if not for the candy think cab drivers are undervalued. They certainly are undervalued. You know they they -- attack from all eyes. Obviously from the public in the past winning you know because we -- have -- heart -- captured it. Really let you you know that's also in the news around and count. Well it enemies say this -- there was. Don't yet know this because it's not family. Programming but it. Wasn't really. I mean this guy got arrested in had a big Rodman are believed thank goodness he had a video Deng Britain's. Yes indeed. And yeah you know -- attack on -- Bloomberg China coming into the market to decrease in on you know. These guys you know make maybe about 32 dollars and -- and they have to pay gap -- So in order for these guys to really make a living -- -- -- on a regular American work hours should keep out the year. There you know everybody it's -- patient and holidays well let's say that he's that. City Hall still puts on -- 300 to 400 down time hours and it all quiet at very. -- They've lost about nine -- Panama. City has been underserved two million ride the year. I'd take out we got -- -- the fishery when we come back on talk about the -- specific dangers of work and at night we do that with me. I'm very well he's very good but they're pretty sure returner owner Nolan -- -- and but at the Tucker's go on this hour game gimme your nominee at 260187. Neitzel 3866. 889087. For unsung are undervalued heroes. Very important kinds that if they weren't there we may not notice them. But if they weren't there we certainly would seventh when he for timely Traficant that we of the terror problems Tommy Tucker talking about camp drivers and unsung heroes and -- Imminent which is now this cancels. I needed one model fan and make my name. Needy out by and wave the flag it down. You. And I. Perry. I get a text here that comes in Tommy my father Afro picks. Drove -- 127 years before it was gunned down in his camp on May 21 when he Tammy always stressed it was -- dangers of his business he. Try to be as safe as possible but senseless crimes happened there -- good honest people trying to earn a living. God bless and tell me Syria about the dangers of working that night if your camp drivers some of the precautions you. All taken is it hard to find men and women who wanna work at night. Well. Just a couple of weeks before my brother was martyred he made -- statement that passenger on he was training -- -- on. And the passenger asked him so what's it like he can't turn around and he truly truly meant as. Mansion basket in the war. Wanted. And then two weeks later killed. I don't now you know why do people used to be policemen because in the rest of America and they're not the number why -- much -- dangerous job in and you won't Pollock Mary at Chrysler's. I don't know exactly. You know while I'm and it it -- My brother knew faring very well dangers. Let you know could happen in the taxi industry. Today was murdered a detective agency is just very -- you know in the -- dead and architect of old true quieter and mpeg two -- he was intending to go back to. Aboard united to have to lock leaving out to try to you know print. They keep. Addiction and the driver didn't Chad. If you are being dropped in your being forced to drive to a location where you will be actually you do it. You can press the button which would allow the dispatched to know your exact location with in retract and that could never happen with police dispatched. What he would write in Mary was dead proving it. And and that kind it was a calls -- action for me mom I'm pretty much see what I was doing. He had two companies' eyes you know to clampdown that operation my focus on the tracks the industry. And die you know portrays the court process. I had FDA pop -- if he could help me try to get aid law passed that would make it death penalty if -- To kill a cab driver. And he reached out to senator -- Markey who accepted that challenge and I'm separately at a track. So. I think it would. August. Well I'm I'm losing track time. Retailer it's become a time or losing track we get into the news and hang on we'll pick it up here when we come back right. Thank you 260187. -- 3866889087. Don't hear you nominations. For a -- award that's to the undervalued. -- person in society that works it keeps everything move in the undervalued unsung hero that. He might take for granted you walk right by him every day on the street but if they weren't there we would have big big problems right now time for data WL first news. And noted David Blake. We're talking about -- unsung heroes David and and people who. You know maybe it's not dangerous in some cases but -- that were not for them and the sacrifices they make. Our lives would be the same facility text and in bigger. As baker street Jerry Raphael tell you if you. Have a bakery. And you'll love the bread that they made it all right in office and that in the voluntary parkway think it is high you know. I don't -- start probably around 2 o'clock in the morning. And it's tedious and there's not a lot of creativity and and and that if its chemical. Reaction in formulas are beyond you're right it's -- and come out right in its name every time. And I admire those people connect can't be a great way to start your day -- -- in east and flour or sure have a good doughnut makers like your. Doughnut maker sure they gotta get -- early. And a couple of other attacks come in. General construction laborer without him jobs would not get done and you know we tend. Com. Not be happy with construction when it's gone on but it. For example Huey. Big big distraction big problem but now. -- EMI's complain and -- how about this one nursing home employees and volunteers. Activities director and these people really make a difference. In a resident's lives -- Italian. Com. Having been through it if you have a parent and a nursing home it's easy to go in and criticize and what everything to be perfect. But they don't make a tremendous amount of money and that is some very very challenging work so I agree and as long -- suggest banners very loudly and not a lot of you know not to be maudlin here but I mean it's it's not a lot of not a lot of patients leave of their own volition let's put that. Jury -- rejoins us for a couple of minutes just talk about camp drivers that night and what what gains have been made -- when improvements have been made to keep a drivers say tonight. Well on the team saying that he -- between obviously the war in Jefferson Parish in cameras and yeah. And letter of the law on the backs -- about the death penalty not implement it. There has been one murder and I can't confirmed yet but I don't believe mark it was a typical barter exchange they knew each other. So if that is the case then there has not acted on murder in this city at war island and these implementations that happen. They've moved through inject and parish we used to get killed one. Actually drivers a year. Janet in parishes now inning killed one half drivers per year so I think those measures where very helpful. One of the things I'm going to be to be pro active -- -- reached out to -- The -- in Kashmir saw that Barbara was murdered. And I am sure that was on the focus. But I'm putting additional tracking device we have work twenty -- -- -- and -- -- sensitive. And if the driver sent to strap. In a very very unique way. Almost intuitively. He can and -- social media requests that these tracks and the industry help including nine Y. Thank you sorry I appreciate your time I really do and given us a glimpse and then. And then people that are taken for granted every day and that's not an easy job not a terribly rewarding job but they do it anyway thank you.

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