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WWL>Topics>>5-1 8:15am Tommy, actual age vs. mental age

5-1 8:15am Tommy, actual age vs. mental age

May 1, 2014|

Tommy talks to Susan Krauss Whitbourne, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, about acting your age

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker talking about -- ready jaguar opinion poll which is asking you. The act your age. 63% of -- -- saying no and I guess -- look at it two ways you can look at it as you act a lot older than you really are or act you like younger. And I don't think we need to go and in my age it's in the area of fifty and I'm still some dumb fourteen year old kid -- -- hands on it. I do take responsibility in and take care of the people need to take care of when it comes time they have fun with a Tel marketer didn't do it. Susan -- with Bourne joins us right now she is a professor of psychology. At the prestigious University of Massachusetts in Amherst morning professor. Good is a doctor. -- -- -- I will you work hard for that Ph.D.s and argued dot. Doctor Whitmore and tell me about people acting there a legitimize the -- now only because I've been known to call a mess around with Chinese restaurants that. Don't semi might fourteen Cody -- the talent telemarketer because I saw this and on the -- I won a grand price. Well. He the matters that normal. You're definitely normal let's look at the issues you according to -- their kids to be acting forty. The other hand -- in 3031. Of those that. I'm redneck in high school where I belong. Tom what is it about people that I don't know and an ambassador -- before you came on with -- -- I wonder because honestly when I look in the in the mirror I wonder like we'll go to heck is that because in my hand I'm stuck in his. Mindset of being in you know between fifteen or twenty years something like that and I wonder if world leaders if the president if the Pope -- Angola Merkel does it but maybe it's there between men and women. Angela Merkel about it. I -- what's her name in. Pepper in the name of which she thinks it's. That the majority of people do feel continuity and the identity. I mean we really feel like with the same people we always were maybe not as young as sixteen. That probably more like 20/20 five we went out on average people think of themselves with something like ten years younger than her actual age. If you ask them how what their belt age is but in terms of identity which is something else it's. Detachment from -- continuity. In the way we are out now other people Seaway. Is on the outside we know was an inside and hence the discrepancy. Acting older makes you would designate you. Mature by new beyond your years as -- guests -- daddy. Well you probably are more maturity and you realize I'm in outbreak he talked about. Only happen occasionally -- because for the most part we do get light here we make. Better decisions we have mark experience as we get older now now now now partner of. Yeah yeah and only at ranking my experience that ranking is maybe a better -- but like not a daycare everything I need to take care -- and of course anyone land very mature but in another -- maybe it's an -- and we'll talk about them when we come back -- -- and -- -- -- our guest professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts. Embers and not only do you act your age whereas Kenya but do you have tolerance for people who don't. For example mind. Ranking do you think that would would that anger you would become bombing grow up what are you doing that would you find it funny. Eight when he for timely to traffic right now that would at a terror problems. 828 Tommy Tucker happy to talk to doctor Susan -- Whitmore who joins us from Amber's New Year's Eve from the University of Massachusetts. She's a professor of psychology time -- acting your age and when it comes to -- and doctor I know you don't know firsthand and the and is known on that. You know I got a Heisman Trophy winners doing crab legs from a supermarket you got. Him before in trouble at Burger King com. Drinking is soft drinkers soda out of little ketchup cups. And I'm no psychiatrist psychologist but it seems to need these these are more pranks and serious criminal matters and I and I know you've got to watch yourself opinion of public -- would you think bottle is just from the outside looking in. Lie that the target the different scenario and because. He's done so much attention it at such young age. And he really is and I think psychologically capable canceling net I mean when young people who were forming your identity. Game a lot of same. Instantly. They -- start acting out Justin Bieber is another example. And I think it's bad. Cranking I would think it is. It's just that acting out sort of thing which is different than that Craig you're describing earlier Richard. Don't we -- at the time in you know they're. At at what is going with the breaking news self awareness that it. And you know you'll be keeping an app for your whole life. Dark and it doesn't immature it's just been to this that I use interactive you know and that. Derive pleasure from doing consistently. Ever give a couple more minutes after the news that we -- him. This is this fascinates me and that led to get the listeners involved to a -- six 1878203866. It 89087. Let me ask you this non football fan or not but if they were to duke it out and have a fist fight Jamison Winston. And Justin Bieber -- would win. Yeah I think it expected back to hang on we'll be back with you right now time for -- W -- news and don't forget. Our mystery mom for the fifty dollar gift card to pro flowers dot com right now though time for WW offers news with David -- thank you David just a couple of minutes left with against active season -- which Boren a professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts and hammers and doctor we just heard about rob warden. You can't comment on him but there's a big difference between that and haven't some fun with a telemarketer. Now I mean that BP fiercer because. App parent when you're putting yourself -- risks or putting others at risk. And which clearly is that means is disliked his changing as a result of that is behaviors. So guys as happily as spectrum or any kind of continuum. From normal to normal -- -- juggle lines depend on actors. Are their patients that are just and I don't know if it's because of the circumstances. In which they were raised or maybe the way. Their DNA is connected I don't know what genes are contained in that will -- Jordan sort all of that out later but. Com that some people are just. -- didn't know how to have fun and others don't. I think that's true I mean that -- the appropriateness semi -- definition of creativity which jacket to compile. -- on the creativity is appropriate. And so that's. Part of this that and the other thing is when people where he. Engaging in public these huge display of candidate on the self defeating behavior you have to wonder what's going on. That your genes -- firm -- how they act. Well maybe I asked it would be in Iraq and ended the inaccurate manner I wasn't talking necessarily about rob -- -- or around and Jamison oh winsome timeout people let. You know we all -- -- not to be mean but their stakes in the mud and then there are other people are just fun to be around so is that something people learned is that something they're born with. You know as usual the combination of the -- use may have. Parent to her had a great that you are always talking right it means for your own. So it's -- -- -- days and you get what you get. Forsberg. Climbing around him making jokes and at bats for the Levys engage in market here ecstatic and it it's only money. I'd probably failed to become -- -- -- on counter. About people that. Can't stand to have an emotional losses situation and the ceremony -- emotion but. Against and it attaching moving situation they always -- the blow it up with some sanity joke what does that indicate. Well then -- provide -- the defense mechanism. And that it but it's considered one of the mature defense mechanisms so much better. Acting out throwing things and blaming him denying humor is actually a great way to deal with anxiety distress. I would imagine that. Just from my experience since girls mature older than boys that. When it comes to adults not acting their age perhaps men are the ones that did tend to be more -- good teenager age then women. Have been experimenting -- -- more acting out kind of behaviors and women internalize them. And we don't really know why probably a lot of it doesn't have to do it being social norms and -- considered appropriate for boys and girls. Employed are a lot to get away with a heck of a lot more than girls are starting at a pretty unique and they ultimately able -- as they can -- active and a troublemaker and you start to behave in ways that makes itself to selling. Now. -- Derek actually gender differences -- -- -- they come from but I India women in some people think women to ever be good comedians. Now -- they just never be funny. Apparently they've never seen Sarah Silverman. Exactly. Exactly and they definitely refute that. -- stereotype that but that trip on its concern -- acceptable in boys than girls to beat the Joker -- round. Doctor appreciate your time you know Obama people watch here is a lot of us are we like to watch people go up and down a the -- way average now is wonder what makes him -- so I hope you come back on with us again now was dealt perhaps more deeply and that absolutely -- -- apart.

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