WWL>Topics>>5-1-14 10:10am Garland: on teachers' unions, part 1

5-1-14 10:10am Garland: on teachers' unions, part 1

May 1, 2014|

Garland talks with Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan about whether teachers' unions are inhibition the improvement of the education system.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This hour. We -- teachers and teachers' unions and education all over the upon programs and education those that are. Johnson trusting those agricultural burns through those. Seem to be doing something -- works. And a little bit different in the picture. Right. Talked about were -- papers written part partnership with the Harvard program on education policy and government's. And the journal education next -- three authors that surveyed nationally representative samples. -- teachers and Republicans to hold annually between 2007. And 2013. And what they've found or at least -- -- say they've gotten. Is where. A lot of the public was thought to be blaming. A lot of the education problems or -- unions. And school administrators. And parents. One of the bigger problems maybe. Maybe teachers and without thought. Actually Monahan lose give me -- call president Louisiana but reduction of teachers should have a -- -- and. Thought I thank you for the opportunity. And let me give me and I do sold more what becomes kind of the a piece from search but I pulled out some of the bullet points and a record on. 76%. Of the public think that teachers. Should demonstrated success in raising student achievement. Both for receiving tenure but only one in 9% of teachers share that view. They they point to this is an example of the separation. Of what the teachers believed in -- in the public. Where your. Well I think in to go back and then you're education. Think there were philosophical discussions and discussions are begin with a question what is true. Because and I can read the book. Did you some background research on. I think you mentioned that they've been doing there's surveys computers and folks armored group president -- -- centenary years. Well he -- popes had been doing surveys and polls four or 45 years. And march toward the folks from the computers and -- Or purporting larceny is act or troops. -- director called Q what the Gallup poll has suggest that and its its latest report. Slow are open elderly which injunction that would -- thinking in that Peterson will -- it did note that. Usually. You're sort of gently supported more fierce political testing. However he galloped 68%. -- A pattern actually checked using student test scores. Particularly in regard -- definitely teachers. All of our -- of the interest and I think you need to -- It made double images and Steve -- moral -- and there. You know the important features verses the public Internet and Peterson's -- they mentioned. I had the maturity. Change in the public agree on some agencies supporting casting student accountability. Spending -- schools. However when I'm looking into Gallup study. Gallup have a -- eight pursuant. Which using casting the trading going the other way particularly in regard to a guy which teachers. -- I -- Ireland and in the number of other direct contradictions between its. The -- needs to. And I don't Gallup is respected source communities and all the time when I'm when I'm prepared for communities legislature. So I don't know I know the origins. In Indy community predisposition that the -- Peterson and. And hinged its total so that they believe children should regard to -- -- position in regard to public education education in general. Against it and changing -- and in the world where we go there are so many think tanks air. They you have to first return -- is there -- -- Seeing more inspiring message that they're attempting to to. Support before he could actually. Network immediately which tax or you're dealing let. -- Opinions that -- have been or being bolstered by its. To sort -- -- -- this and and getting. Opinions surveys to back tomorrow. Incidents -- introducing. We're gonna we're gonna have to go for spring. Doesn't have anything dude you're teachers' unions or teachers. But on a regular basis on the show called think tank cut -- -- acting in -- we attempt to do -- -- One -- in order to get true the more important to them all the time in design in house and they. -- column in the subject we come up and say. -- -- -- -- Read and look at the backing to look at the Ph.D.s. And this and this is what please. -- -- -- to and says you know but look -- Gallup -- We're we're hitting point I think in this society I don't know it's. Mass communications. I don't know if it's always been this way and we're just not seeing it. But it I've always made part of conservative to liberal because they believe me whether -- dogma that backs up. Whatever they believe but don't forget to get to a point where if you haven't believes that what you got to go to one side. Because you know we're telling who's telling the truth come right back what do you think out there. Well we -- I think get above one thing and it's turned it has that often does on the show to game -- -- cross. Sort -- talking about a book. What's the name this thing teachers verses the public. And there was searched on and was in partnership of Harvard program -- education policies and government. -- Also with the journal education next. Here's some of the reviews I looked out to a New York City Department of Education chancellor rebook. Shows teachers need some work. Jeb Bush Florida. Determined foundation -- excellence in education grade book. Cheryl reed chancellor District of Columbia po box grooves. Highlights the divide between education. And in the public. And -- to researchers from Stanford University. -- of teachers and so not just the union representatives. Percent opposed to school reform and a dog deceive -- points. That they did this through search who replied to secure period. Gallup has been doing so more insured for 45 years and pretty much. Is it categorically. Disagreeing with -- findings or -- in part. Well well I think largely -- factory Churchill -- and they and he. Peterson -- and Peterson has been involved in India and in other efforts in gardener program that your that's sticking in San and that's fine. But in regard to the Peterson but couldn't Gallup study it some more options disconnect -- -- Well look at least some more insight the most -- yesterday in Ricci rebuke big -- Results. So some would suggest that the book is written. You can step one gal you know for the poor reader out there and I think that's where you'll go on before. If we can be can be look I like to read I read -- I read lesson which supports my weight drinking. And so folks can Q read word work. You read like you're our kind Utley to reach or when people read out of their control of their their belief system. What would you do and we -- like Jason I think the foregoing controller source that. Generally world will be reputable. Long period of -- Gallup has established that about -- things in the Gallup. Study I don't necessarily agree I don't like the what there's. I can't say that -- are saying it cute to satisfy air right I'll let you know I mean they're very. We get very high marks for the public being there are supportive of our charter schools. And charters schools is being being that they pay a great at just by the name itself. A great crunched for kids. I find it when you can get the source. Doesn't -- you just like you're belief system requires. Then that's kind of source a couple of sort of -- to to to judge were you sitting on Yoshiro wherever. And but what I write my premise let's start where it is actually. The correct answer to the problem. Just remember. Approach that the blurbs in contention on computers similar. Jeb Bush has a particular. Ideology he brings to education as well as we show. -- much a -- that people. I happen to differ but they're there are and why you -- your belief systems so approached. That which Diaz that Portugal so much to probably a book -- Has an agenda that you are certain words -- People and a couple held steady the last came out annual. You'll -- they're massive Giffords since. 11 off the top you know where and I think we can -- out I think one of the bullets from the book it says. Only 44% of the American -- there Americans get their schools and they're being buried. Compared to execute 2% of the teachers. Miguel parole. It's hard percentage. Looking towards something like 68% of Americans say they're there are schools that their child gentler way -- Now somebody's. Somebody's selecting a different. Obviously different pull a person's. Well maybe -- a large pool or persons but there's. Major disconnect between. Those two stupid to establish. If if I was. Somebody doing there. Pieces or doctoral. And and I'm looking through all this and and I go through this report. And a -- deriding. Then. I should teach you -- the authors. Google them as much as Europeans view of their liberal or conservative. Or anti charter or whatever. Then in the dude the book reviews the -- of praise should do the same with them. Then I should go to Miguel pro. Read through each and every part try to determine. If Gallup panel supplies as the -- should talk to. Union represented -- listen to what they say and then try to figure out where their biases in the and T true organizations. How do you believe anything today. Who do you trust and why. If you were simply. Trying to get the true. And immediately you're hitting it where you're calling because we're we're we're in the world where it really comes down triggered. We used to be if you can -- and sound -- becomes a 52 sound -- And believe me have been doing this for awhile in the church frustrating -- for legislators to cared deeply about the -- man. It's when you have folks come to the table. And we org or whatever appointments. Every war can come to the table where in cherry picked the particular. Research documents that they are used to prove their point. And beat kind of research that you're talking about. -- mean it's it's impossible to via -- englishman. -- two -- that I mean it's it's it's -- intentions. So you know the sad thing indignation like yours is an excellent venue for maybe going a little deeper on the past. Give it to chanting it that we end up looking quickly at the labels some church folks listening right now that they hear my hand. He's with the union. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I won't appreciate. It and I do the same thing -- where are a year my antenna goes. As -- as someone who really cares deeply Cutera discussions. -- worst level we've reached a point where you know we made history. But there are adverse facts that we can agree on. -- -- frustrating for me. It's very eager -- first. I'm glad -- brought -- because this is the give an example to the audience club. I guess if you're liberal you're just gonna go sit in the liberal Paul wall and say. Probably well probably wanna believe conservatives same thing. And -- independent did you just sit between these two groups in Tuesday. I don't know when neither do that. Although all. Picked. -- -- -- what you want to do and let's go do it and because of the majority of power you do it because troubled life of me. I can -- in vision. People making groceries. Paying their mortgage. Putting money away for retirement. And having that top and he even. In my column. Resignation is -- who's correct. I think all you could say let me go talk to one suitably book publishers -- appreciated that time it turned in -- different direction but. I think there's a direction of more more people at the look at it and say is is -- way of fixing problems today. When everything. Seems to be sure extreme mumbled and with a little information in the middle thanks so much trio of good -- your courage commitment.