WWL>Topics>>5-1-14 12:10pm Garland: on rape at college campuses

5-1-14 12:10pm Garland: on rape at college campuses

May 1, 2014|

Garland talks with Ebony Tucker of the Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault and Monika Johnson Hostler of the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence about a report that one in every five female college students gets raped.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

11 of the major things. This year was taught me over the last three years. Coleman Bridgestone did a bit upset you're just call and a column down. You learn that the media including renewed talk troops. Often pump what they have lines spewed the facts. Eliminate some products Brothers -- aren't true. And ordered to what we get to listen again to the one urged to get choose re needed to get to respond to do it shoot we're sure but he did show you responded. So I've learned that called down when I briefings were just one ago. -- can't tell you what of one -- -- here. In this and one. Normally -- is probably because Underwood shows must be in. Could not possibly be true. The White House. The house. In particular Vice President Biden. Teri -- were do to the country this week. That. Would do something about. Girls can -- in universities. Does this is. This is the message. And the reason is the White House. Started this for awhile. Instead of one. Every five women. They go to our universities. In this country or raped. One behind. And William Reid. And -- and could be wrong probably good news. What the colleges. Have been -- and what the administrators. Have been Darden. What the police haven't gotten well the federal government have been don't mean what they suggest to be done. -- -- -- -- -- -- In organizations. That society. Therefore higher education. I have a plan I have a daughter. How about me and for the father's. Whose daughters get -- Chicago Cubs which is moment. We go to the administrators. And we so we understand. That one of these girls is going to be break. Let ought to explain to you won your going to do when that occurs. Because. I'm Breeden. Couldn't possibly be true we've got something called common sense we're willing to give a -- now. What always you'll go to people that studied business and a whole lot more knowledge about it. And can tell me now this little skewed loads. -- ebony Tucker -- -- executive director of the museum foundation. Again sexual assault but it welcome sure appreciate the time. Bill Drew Carey -- on the -- little. The use speakerphone. You could garner regular grip -- bill that. Yeah it was secretary unit that number is. Incorrect it it. And I at least nine you know prompted this situation but at e-book war in and probably that is reasonable. One in five is typically. You know that the argument to. The likelihood that wanted will be actually I'll be in this country. During her lifetime or at least during a debt become -- adulthood pretty -- from 840. It is that the concrete or universities. And -- thinking that what we're seeing now is that. The day universities sort period is mirroring what were seen as a national number well. Because this is more visit the first network really getting this kind of number out here. I went from the actual public colleges and universities -- Really been directing. In which we definitely appreciate and we appreciate from the White House that letting people know that it is a real epidemic. And and ought to minimize sexual console. Launch but that. I think cures a lot of the solutions that says one in five or re. Is that. Yet and yet it would be -- -- that I used the term interchangeably. In my movement that national and state level we preferred actual opium crop in talking about what should be the actual battery. Here the meg more and more attempted not getting -- percent. Here's our college's. Most often do. After a woman who's written. They passed the rapists to write a letter of apology to his or big dome. Or are they force the -- elude to write a research paper about -- Is that correct. It buried by the school I have heard of those aren't there a punishment report. You could even call them that. I'm not a problem is you know I'm not laughing at this -- in Russia to Ohio reject shouldn't. At a woman -- great and it's that you're gonna hurt you go to red research -- please. If there are university administrator. Out there teacher or direct or whatever you may be. Please call and tell me that senses in -- Because of -- while wearing Blu-ray people women had jewelry institutions. And you know one and by a broad going to -- so. And you haven't done much true independent of that and this cock coming scheme. You should do something really string. Usually go out into society. And -- a man rapes a woman and is caught by the please save them. I think you're under apology. Or. Write a research paper on great. And see what to give. You're gonna have put in the middle -- -- -- That -- -- let me take a break. From the get some -- Waterman poured over me America -- go -- and we're gonna come back can have. A valid conversation about what school -- What organizations. Like cures but I'm sure after -- -- lead I mean actually has some brains. In or consideration. Or doing and can be done. -- -- -- -- video -- report assumes that the reports were right wideout the drug couple years -- -- became -- Results of one out of every five women -- go to college in this country or break we have -- talk with the executive director Louisiana foundation against sexual assault. Our way to bring what does your foundation do what did they suggest what can be -- Well our organization it -- like actual election in -- tree. And basically it is -- to really get out your pocketbook. Well. Could provide support -- you'd like football that certain reality that people. You know -- on secret that they are here for perfect and people know -- so you -- out there or attic is they -- carpet. And news that work came out policy cheap. Help you know get a better on the -- And electing you know we are definitely trying to get -- it appear. The most important thing in the -- number -- me. There -- -- I don't know that the -- that he thinks about. -- You know money -- people in the being considered -- -- reported that the interest. Because they're. Here is acting eat what the crime to take on that -- like. One he's he's outnumbered and out and how old. And that is they're strong incentive. Or at liberty. To. Crack the numbers that it will. The fact that they are committed to what you're -- And chrome. One brings our bread -- -- as soon as I heard about doses it says in the opening. Monologue. As some of this can be true not not in the mirror or not in the institution of higher learning. So soared during the Google news to what colleges doing this -- going to. Colleges don't do -- -- -- reading and directly from report. Part of the problem is bad. Changes to the federal rules reports schools to act on all cases of sexual harassment. And some colleges have been interpreted these changes. The mean they can lead victims decide. Whether to report their cases officially. The universities since and then each of them hotline victims this year. And -- callers were given that option. I don't understand that -- -- like something you whip. The state employees and require it to. So it here you know that they should sugary and -- state funding you'd. You're -- your responsibility here to disclose any criminal activity or information you're. And though it. -- -- -- -- I don't necessarily have the ability to keep it confidential. I -- -- -- there to help meet Donald -- right now that went in criminal charges. -- are required. To report. And and active you know. That the and he may not want -- -- and what. Can say well I'm eager to not call. Fore -- that they -- from apple that Dan is ideal. Once should be ago. Will believe it or you go understand that from the victims but legally. If somebody tells -- in particular. If you were in charge of an institution of businesses and organizations. Now one of your employees are people that works -- in your organization. Has been rape torture required to report that that's it's a very very serious felony. Ali it definitely is I think there. You know this is something it would not be nearly as much an issue. You know and and -- after reporting in -- you have to do -- in war it's. And exploited -- them for the victims want the record actually may. -- I think our response. To these report that being. -- think that -- hit it hit the free world so typical war and after coming forward. Today is the expert. As. -- -- at university X laying. Why they simply just don't call the police or I mean. And things heartland in the -- pundit. Bear with me. Most of the abuses remain you know and impose lightly to really begin. The victims are often rats. Stonewalled by administrators. And -- in -- leaving campus for fear. -- running into their. This this isn't -- -- a broad review that they would university administrator and say are you kidding me. You know. What you are you record that we care. The. Yet so be it art directly you know what happened near as -- Interaction with university where it was me it was. It would all be difficult because -- universities are very quote top system and how they handle initial report. How investigation now. You know -- -- right responsibilities. That -- you know disciplinary hearings. They are really quote you're not luck at legal counsel. -- -- you know -- in your little information during the investigation. And it is big car began participating. In the off. I mean. You want to -- The it would like to keep the perfection today you are thinking about it. Actual you're not happening or school and all been done at the cockpit of it and -- net -- -- thing -- happening now. Through auto learn things on the show regular -- Syria and bought what was that -- so all Mallorca. There are laws. In the woman got brave. A -- shortly. But you called the police. And they came and they look for the rapists. I had no idea. Our institutions. -- shouldn't. Had the ability to simply say well you know. We don't really want that image and maybe it be best if the girl just got abused more girls and catapults -- -- And we told me let me give -- words. And we've told -- characters. -- the victim deliverable Lejeune when you get through that a -- -- paper about rape. I mean do do parents. Know what -- Yeah you're absolutely not and you know. I started college in 1990. Gain. What -- right here right here it would act in what happened thing because it all and number eight. You know we look at here it comes here we're really each campaign. Read you know they'll take measures that they put in place and in. -- -- wonderful all in love it and what any character acting real active and that they do. Current form but not to play. You know beard. Federal law clear that requires you to court that number actual policy at every year I want to eat it. Most universities are going to have a beer small number because they're not going to be accurate representation of what happened. Every abuse too much time talking. Myself because I'm Paula and just stone and release them now aren't. There earned this this does sound like. Some come nightmare of the campaign true or write your organization. Louisiana foundation against sexual assault. How do parents victims. Intrusive parties contact view. Out of the make use of your -- Well you can definitely. Collie and end to get information about actual to your area. We can do. Give information on what's happening on a statewide level if you want action if you're looking to volunteer. And helped you outreach to get the message out your local community we can direct to the actual eye opener in your community Courtney that we you. And what you would. Yet the web site is at WW. Dot but -- dot org and at LA at any -- pay top court. -- pictures so much appreciated what to do and thank you thank -- for educating me I didn't think this could possibly be true and we will do Paul what stores on this. We're gonna try to get some over. Fine university representatives. And on the show evident thank you again have agreed today. -- -- -- -- felt like it was -- better these. Double the bill would come and back. If your turn get a bridge didn't deserve your daughter to in the university in this country would suggest. You Google these reports. To make sure I'm not exaggerating. One out of every five women in our universities. In this country or break. One and pa it's according to a -- to your report. Out of the white coach Joseph Biden. Leading the charge against changing -- And you're like me in the parent of a young girl -- -- collagen of the year. Barbara -- saddened that you could be true and one's not in America. The number two and the syllables in it is a new ventures not at pebble -- the colleges to. We'll remember reading burba get this. In New York. And most colleges -- it all up for punishment spore Brady. By asking -- rapists to write a letter of apology to his her -- victim. Or forcing -- -- as to write a research paper about break. Most of the time their abusers -- -- -- on campus Weickel it rape again. They're victims or open a Stonewall all. By administrators. And -- end up leaving campus for fear. Of running into their attack her now. Really high and universal like Ohio State says we've got to an end to this. We will have the task force the puts heavy emphasis on recruiting Newton. To help prevent this kind of action. And what they do they say OK guys who do you see somebody hooking up with a girl who's dead wrong. You know we're not suggesting violence but maybe you could just score up and say he dude that's not okay. It's like they showed -- his -- -- can you imagine -- let's go to or rapists it and -- and say. You know bullet should continue the live outside of the present. -- that apology. Does apologized. And maybe your research paper to learn more about. But apparently it's it's it's actually happening. To such Nixon and universities. One out of every girl -- -- -- it. We go to the experts try to veterans and Monday and Johnson counselor president. Natural alliance in central while medical welcomed the Chicago. In the -- Rooney rule these are not exaggerated. Reports. Neither eccentric reports I think that you can't speak anywhere and his work at a college it's in my initial advocates work. Because I knew what it was actually an alternate and -- -- time. Nearly over twenty years to mail. Where resource were available or how they -- purposes and were so great about our report. -- I'd definitely chain mail and that over twenty years ago we're not in -- exaggeration which recently. Happening occupations. -- -- to do something about it. So most of them are reported but by -- better being reported we can extrapolate one out of five. It might be more than that of Brian. Could be at any -- especially when you approach. It's often are not defined by the victim as -- because most people don't realize that you actually can be. Great definitely there was too often times it didn't go for nearly lately happened to demonstrate. -- -- -- -- -- Certainly gives the impression I'm sure that true and lot of occasions where you know Coopers and they may not think of it as rate. When we come back home give some examples of colleges. That about it that have -- report. Enter consciously decide. Not only not reported but it's well the reports. Coming right back over. Finger about a report out of the White House says one out of five women in this country -- ago to argue and -- of news. Will be ring. Doctor a couple of experts today had a lot -- teams via food troop men -- could Johnson hustler. The president the natural alliance to end sexual violence towards his. But it occurred over what organization do what can be. Other organizations. As an essential part of the national. Actually -- rotation in. Principally. All statement territorial actual collections like our country from across the United States and territories to BP. No we work nationally to insure that what is happening on the ground in churches. Is brought to be beatable and how that we create a policy or a production -- -- -- Introduction -- the and so therefore we quite a bit more racially and you can imagine. Or hit the culture which has been kind of the -- development. That's -- coldly in the media. These are orchestra work not just what the point that we -- all that work with members of congress members of the administration to ensure. And they're actually getting accurate information proposed -- on the ground doing the work it in congress every day. And how you come over Colombia attitude of the universe who's ultimately give more and hoosiers some examples. Act of those not -- -- birds and approach pressure -- or administrators activist. Brown University. Currently protesting one semester suspension. Of a man who raped and choked -- a suit. 43 students early alleged that Columbia University violated that rule by discouraging victims of sectoral missile. From reporting and allowing -- us this stay on campus University of Chicago. Facing a federal investigation over their handling of sexual assaults or. Tufts University. Revoked. In total agreement. With the US Department of Education. To remedy a poor track record of dealing with sectoral appalled salt on campus in violation of title. And that it's just this week. About how do you work with the university's. I mean so quite frankly -- line and -- and much optimism here. I do believe -- making clear by this administration and members of congress that this issue will be taken yours fleet. You know quite frankly does like insurance and that's what I -- issued. With military view that -- -- able I think people are getting their message. -- -- Did we lose you'd have included. Orange. Oh now -- -- -- -- of -- their product -- -- scored say it again we didn't hear anything at all. Our hope is given to light that shines on what our issues like -- -- Campuses and their administration that this is indeed be taken seriously. And no longer will they be -- to -- -- or violent rape rape as they typically don't get Adobe held accountable. Quite frankly. I'll bet on their religion and -- being introduced on the hill to actually reinforce some of the expectations were that there. It was -- -- that they can't break a contract to compete operate in the usual but there will be accountability. Have you read an occasion as -- administrator. In the -- numbers. You Rhode. Foundation a high you're learning. How could you have not had taken this seriously. Take five fathers they're bringing their daughters to school. University. Tell more than gonna be brave and see if it's taken seriously I mean it's just. Dude do you ever ask him how could that possibly beat. It. Know when talking university officials and administrators. The people that are responsible for this war. And what do they say. The former explicit administrators -- that -- didn't that was the problem out here but it. And on because each kid because -- different -- that immediately. All summer and the cheers -- Particulars -- person in charge content to import truck actually have to dish reports hearing which include faculty staff and student because appeared. Country there are two very different. What I is. We we've approached it as a here you here's why we've been able -- administrators. Meaning it can change the odd to say. They have to be a terrible. And quite frankly it's not. It's not a defense that you did it now and we're trying to that. -- that these are in Australia but you out there and you held accountable. Upon them very hard to believe that that no one to read. Oral reports from major universities. In this country that occurred this week alone -- lived through quick -- -- line. Some really good news. The White House in the midlevel who has got a memo from organization called ring or the guy in the end. In the nation's largest anti central Mosul organization. They took one and visiting the colleges and -- we promote programs that focus on me and and and stop talking about rape culture. Are you worried that did you. I -- I get greeted impact quietly and get decree each I read that. The disproportionate number of people who. And that great argument I do not believe the vast majority of them are great I believe that the solution to any problem is it to exclude me. I think it is. Important actually tested -- -- and age. On the import include -- in and make sure that we are working toward a solution for many recent wind is all other accountable. Quite frankly it's just -- problem is that everybody's problem. If people are being under the rates on car hit it in the US is in all of our duty to make sure that we're living in fighting. Brinkley is typical immediately agriculture doesn't mean that rape culture get -- -- -- talk about it it's squashing entry we know they happen but I agree people. -- happened. They only happen. Well president this country and so if that is happening in if it is clearly this -- which we know from victims coming forward from -- -- Being you know continued to worry because we do -- as a culture. That is our job to recognize that I'm -- imported into our culture we're allowed to continue -- -- actually capture entrance they call what and -- have a responsibility. Or are you aware of what to not alone will not dot gov is and and so. And how does that help. Our new website is going to be a great resource forced survivors it was you know -- -- prepare and only they went off campus should serve as. So I think I'll keep the -- on the other. True -- able to put model policies and protocols for chip and we're into this and have really been looking forward over the last couple years it'll be able to go. What I and actually get the support they need to ensure that there it was a route in Portugal could well. In America. Thank goodness we're -- people like you working on this and I appreciate the time and we'll do follow up reports on that suit does suit wars and been rectified -- will be back. Thank you they're actually not enough people keeping it portrait -- It was immediately think -- When they could think do you have a great day would come and ride back doubled -- bill Bill -- of an -- five to reopen. Are we don't almost an hour oral on the way to -- report -- have -- the plug women who brave to do -- to -- is really bad girl applied. -- organization but I think we've got to professors says the numbers are plated -- Europe and over them yeah. Eric they aren't the only -- the export. The bottom. Yet and and I. Think the thing that certainly did certainly -- their web question. About whether they are expecting -- more extreme core over the they've ever had intercourse. When they were. At that they had the during. And that reported that they were in a note that the first -- -- talked to. We're not specifically defines -- and she said that sexual well. At the same rate as well so they calculated statistics. So which is basically is that. Unwanted touching. Is that sanctuary and can be counted in that 20% statistics. They were the study came out great and ultimately sentenced opt out. About 30%. But there -- set under the -- well well wait for -- When you look at high school and that school. Most of the scandal. Involving sexual activity between teachers and students involved in the. -- editorial we're running short run of atonement Bridget called the report we'll wideout says one in five Paul says not true.