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5-1-14 1:10pm Angela: with The Dixie Cups

May 1, 2014|

Angela celebrates 50 years of New Orleans-based girl group The Dixie Cups, who had a #1 hit in 1964 with "Chapel Of Love." Original Dixie Cups Barbara and Rosa Hawkins and current third member Athelgra Neville join Angela for the hour.

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Well let me tell you something we're absolutely doing something right because. The weather is so perfect. Can you believe that people who are going to Jazz Fest today and tomorrow and Saturday. Last year it was pouring other years it's been hot and sweaty. It is spectacular. And that brightens my day but let me tell you my first guest truly brighten my day and arson and introduce you in the second. But in our second hour I want you to stay tuned because we're helping out representative Austin bad on on. I'm talking about a law he is proposing about hand hand. And it's also about prostitution and gambling and prostitution very interesting we'll have the woman who's head of the ACLU out. -- is in essence panhandling. Is legal so how can make it on legal. And then our third hour this adorable couple coming out filmmakers. Who are spending the next two and a half months crossing America. Literally. Meeting small businesses. With the concept of you know at the heart of all of this country and its greatness small businesses so we're going to be talking about their adventure but. This is what I have looked forward to all week. Their story is one of great New Orleans talent recognized around the world. Our beloved Dixie cups are celebrating fifty years of singing an entertaining. And making -- ground. Their story could be a movie young girls singing in church choirs competing in school talent shows. Being discovered by someone who would take them to the road to fame. Not necessarily fortune. -- has been five decades of memories. And how lucky we are to start our day with you Barbara Hawkins Rosa Hawkins. And felt rotten apple. And the girls mind. You I -- better because I'm looking interface as we go next so many years and I'm. When we had the talk show you were always there for us and you -- live for -- yes well let me tell you that you were their four and continue to be for many organizations. That you do things out of parts yes yes. But this is your fiftieth year. Yes it is and we are so blessed because it could've gone any of the way. And we're blessed in many ways -- because god gave us the gives that we have. And second because we are healthy enough. To -- The third thing is. When we walk onstage an audience knows who we are and they applaud. Sometimes we'll get to send an ovation before we open our miles and when we start saying in in their singing with us I mean it's something that. That's hard to put into words. And we -- on the French Quarter festival suggests two weeks ago I think two weeks ago. And when we started singing chapel of aloud why everyone. -- need to cry baby of the girl. I ages that soulful. And so thankful that. These people out here at this thing and myself and yes and it it lips. I'm sorry but not please no no don't don't be a target because if it it was just overwhelming. That. After fifty years people still -- here at this and they they sang a song -- you notice them and they noticed on and is states. Is something that you can't really put into words and when the show was over with MBA yeah they Al Kamen is say you've made it you made a week that she was gonna. Not make you play I thought I. I'd I'd get through it I got through it got through it and but what it is it's. The love from people you're feeling yeah rice and yes that makes the difference you're story is incredible and I do want us to go back fifty years. Because you were young girls. You were singing your -- singing in church and it was about the talent contest at -- not. Right that set the whole thing in motion right right mom I was going to the stores and this young girl came up to me she -- -- She said I hear you can saying -- -- she say we're putting together a -- and we'd like it to be in the group. Was gonna perform on the San Augustine talents as it okay. So what is going came back and stopped and she simple -- can you come to rehearsal I didn't know who see it's. But back then you could talk to strangers and not worry about it so she said well we're rehearsing. Yes it will let me call my mom. And see if it's okay for you guys to come over so she say what we have another group with associated. Okay so come on mom it's insidious. So it was sun Joan Johnson. Have brother Howard Johnson. And it with two other guys in the group. And they'll also notified the dates so all of them followed me home. And I introduced him to my mom and my sister and we start rehearsing. Well one of the guys in the -- his mother took ill. And she didn't want him to sing in a group anyway. So he had to get out the group. -- it would now my sister sings base. So that -- also got in the group. So then it was than public the second Baghdad outside it was Joan how would rules and and we with the ones that were on the talents. And I made as these really cute little green dresses. And how it head down. To exceed a certain pants and I made him a time -- that we really we -- loves. And you -- hit it it really true. But we didn't win anything. And one of the young ladies that one I think it was second place. Her name was Barbara she was cousin to Laramie Ken lay's wife. And -- and I used to babysit for them. So I was at Larry's house and Barbara as me when I go with her. So this man's house who saw. And he wanted to talk to her -- OK so we went and now when we walked in. He kept looking at me he was talking about it but he kept -- and it Meehan and finally -- -- Where you on the talent show with the girls in the green dresses and I see it yes. -- expect. He went and got the program and showed me that he hits circle circle and me. At that time with them now accounts. He's need to talk to you guys to see you -- -- he said. You have them out of town so. -- -- -- -- Look and I talk to everybody passage. Against -- common. Com home and he went came to my house passes that's another group there too. He said what Leon talent show to NC yes that was the five DJ's. So he came over and we are saying for him. He immediately got on the phone and call. Sylvia. -- instantly. And he -- we have a gold mine here. He cement and the money to bring them to New York. So silly and sent him the money. We rehearse for maybe a month or so maybe more. We worked with cocaine when -- focus there. And so many of the musicians a smokey Johnson rate peaked yet and now we've rehearsed and we were picked pay it. And we Karen van to New York City. It was June Jones his vein in an hour -- and Robinson. On the five DG news -- from. And that -- -- -- -- some warehouse and I can't think it now listening. But he took us all but at least you. Joan and -- And -- That the young man who we can maintain -- on form no he he dropped out -- so it was just three of the ailments and did he name you'd Dixie cups and you know nobody with a -- almost delta to the amount tops. So we went to several different. Offices and saying and everybody 12 record that's but. As -- Jill was concern you talk in the right so. So we finally got to Lehman's though. And he was able to strike up a deal. And the humans though the city OK you name is not catchy enough we have to gain in the name how about. -- -- -- And the confidence and we see not knowing I thought I. But at that time. The groups were inane things optics Rolling Stones crystals Beatles. Animals. So we thought about it we said it would now we have from the -- of Dixie. And we -- we're Q like cops so we UB Dixie -- Dixie cups -- gonna take a break right there at the ticket Dixie cups are born. And I just have to say from the onset as you know that great song that brought tears to your eyes and they beat The Beatles. On the charts stay with this more from the great Dixie cups. He's okay. You -- yeah. Well. Being here. Love this sounds of those -- we're talking the Dixie -- Barbara posted Hopkins and filled grown. Apple grounds. A pilgrim novelty. Just such a wonderful sounds. And celebrating fifty years we are hearing their story of how things. Value of the Dixie cups here in New York City and an offense for -- you do get a record. Yes -- you hit the charts big time yes in it was it was amazing. And we didn't really know the week -- what was going on -- one to sink her. And we sang and we were happy. And we went home we we came home after we -- And -- record company Rosa Rosa tea historians and players heard it on the radio C. Freaked out OK tell us how you think well it was a Saturday morning and I was doing my chores. And radio online. And this sound came and I'm -- -- SA. And -- from the U. Well I don't know who sound it is and then unwind Nissen has sent. My dad that's my song and I writ and run in up the stairs and out this agreement has -- -- -- he got it and she's and she's granted to opposite is it what's the matter with. As a dishonest on this Sunday got to come peers are ran out then and I was told and I -- but I didn't listen she could follow and she's sick call them down. As -- but it's on its -- radio people listen to -- she say yes they are. And be grateful that they are and hopefully that they will continue listening and it was just. The magical short yeah I had never -- by my place. On wrecked it on radio before. But I can't even imagine how spectacular that -- my. But then all of a sudden that's the song that went to the top of the charts yankees beat the beatle site here. Then ultimately again you went back up to new York and you cut more albums which you were in this. Incredible Dick Clark caravan that was on some all my -- with the supremes. Would see your wells yes. Just and you did that for how long. 39 months. He still has always lasted for three months. And we we are out of the artists we had our own -- saying. Being on the -- for the three months by the time we got home. We would say you know we could stand these clothes and corners -- and I stand up I don't settlement and we didn't want to see them we didn't want to attach them. But we here at sites foreign. On there but we still. Had not accepted. What we actually do we think -- making history. We shall we out there having fun now paid Dixon got to go lying NX. And ends of trains go on in Nixon -- virus have been a good time on the days that we ought. We we advise not all the Garros you know is to go shopping. Major -- I have to say ansari. We we re of major because he was afraid of strengths. And every time he would go to sleep Sam the bus driver it was -- is it may just days Whitley. Oh -- with his with his name and he would. Parked at that bus he had we had two buses he would parked that bus on on a train track and it everybody said the -- And an -- what's that it when he got nervous. And he'd wake up and you say. That's gonna look and women -- -- of the bus -- this -- -- it -- it will put it put it -- We would try -- to layups by we hits in the ethnic -- Is go out and released in Napa while working have a problem. And -- we I think he rowdy at at at and Nazis say. Yes and stupid people. -- But you know again look at the memory that you and I am home I -- I have to ask because I know that the man who really helped you so much in essence got to -- On to the road of fame. Really wasn't fair review and -- -- word number one. And you didn't make the money shouldn't say you know -- -- and he did an MI correct in saying that your first check with 400 dollars outfits 26 with 400 and funded in three dollars and 78 -- still have a happy it was a for the both of you or -- Floridians parent kitchen. So for all that being number one but you didn't know that that wasn't correct well. We had statement as it kind of an itemized statement. And that was always connected to get a chance to show what the record company had issued out. In a certain period of time. Am and I turn the page at first of all when -- so this'll 400 ballots Hackensack. -- bank so does -- get. And when I turn the page and I so the -- advance. 2000 hours advance. 5000 ballots advance. Thousand dollars and and it's just went on and on an island and 20000 -- 101000 lamps so. Macedonians and Barbara and I said. Witnesses and the three of us we had no idea. So we went to Jones that would jolt when this all all I I'll tell you wouldn't win because he status also when you caught him in. Position he would studies say -- -- tell you -- went when we get home so we decided to go to. Mike and Jerry and say. Would it would Ali's advances he says William manager has until he. He was coming up to the office every day every day ask info and advances and sense heat head Colin Powell attorney. Only you girls. We head you know we had to give it time we didn't we didn't have the right to say. OK show us what what's she doing with the money because that was and you know our part of of your job. He say so he got all your money you say you have -- in getting any money. You know and let me what -- offer three might. Tour. And flipped the switch. Apartment. The lights would come on. The phone was off there was an eviction notice on the door that we hit act -- no idea what any -- notice wives. And it's right you had been sending the guide the money to pay bills and he hadn't put an end to this today that three of us we. Kick out so we say why didn't resent now -- it's now my hands. -- parents but we sent every dime we made. We sent it to him. As our managed. Did you beat him up -- why did you name him. Literally yeah. -- at that they'll was. An incident in every time I see something on television and -- -- this one -- to where it's. I say we should have left him there. One about trumpet plays Carl Dennis on the road and he say it they have GO in. Cuff links I -- out handcuffs handcuffs. And they getting ready to send him to attic. And we several black lady do. Although he had a whole bunch of outstanding tickets so. He needs you guys to send him about that 7000 dollars so -- so I have that on us and we don't get paid until whenever. And he's so would he unique to our top two. Dick and I'm sure he'll give it to you and. You know can -- do I get the yes immediate. And so you had a -- in jail you. You know what I hate that we have to go to news but we have to go to news I think we're gonna pick it up the fact Asia didn't -- on. A but you know nice and he hill suffering is unlike -- stay with us everyone we're hearing the incredible story of the Dixie cups now let's go to the news. Boo yeah it's a little lower today than he hadn't and it's. OK okay. Okay. -- Doesn't get better and it's. It doesn't do you have other wonderful songs for us. Do you ever. Because you look up influence and see smiles on people's faces and they're saying and then there at the -- -- -- -- you know that he had. You know we're sitting here with. They'll grow -- and Joan. Can Joan was your third in the US citizen and -- and she decided to step down notes down was Il. Okay she could no longer -- OK so that's why she left the group that and jail. -- -- -- always she seated if I don't leave I'm gonna Q okay -- -- and then you've got this wonderful. On note it was Beverly brown before OK and deal Michael. And then. And and you have the Q are Dixie cup she is an Arctic sea. Now out. Just sort of wrapped up Joseph -- was. Because we hear these stories now we did before. But how how many African American great groups got ripped all my and but the the good new uses I read where you. Fought back for Joseph died yes you did go to court yes we went to court. And he had taken -- sound Imus and we went to court and we've won. We haven't gotten him. But we won so. I saw him. Months after summer there and -- -- coming back from last song passage congress. One thing one thing that judge did ask in his chamber. Because he said he didn't really. Think. You know we need it to go to court. With the tour -- jewelry and you know the whole nine yards and he said well mr. Jones I'm gonna ask you this one question he say it. Exactly how much money. Are you talking about give an if you give the girls their rights back to the sound and he's saying. I don't know it varies. So the -- say OK but still have finance -- my question. He said. What would have any I would. Award the girls that he say. I would Daiei before I -- in -- dam and give them their money and my mouth dropped open. It's right. Well. So he'd rather -- He -- he make a heck of a lot of money. I -- Anthony you know for someone to say they'd rather die than give you. What's you'll have royalties on. And many did -- exceeding it but we were able to get our rights back from the sound thankfully the. And this was the chapel blah you know I -- like like like awareness. But heaven knows what he's -- off. A we need to go back you while the move forward and I think that's very very important that you were not defeated by this. I didn't you -- Ultimately. Left New York because of the battle between the two record companies right well we were the ones that got lost in the shuffle we will. On the contract. -- red -- records and -- Made a deal with. ABC ABC Paramount. And took us over there and they wanted us because they say and we were gonna be the next and -- assistants. So they wanted to do that type of -- sing in on us and non. They released a record what goes up must come down the infected did announce on an -- a lot of but classics on that album. And now and when the record hit that shot and they start fighting our record it was going up that Shaw and all of a sudden it was all that -- But that's what happens to artists win record companies are fighting. Whatever it is happening with the song they pulled it. And the record company continues to fight an artist suffers. So because of that. We have not recall edit and will not record with another record company. In a recording we do will be on our -- because. People like. Mary Wilson of the supremes. When. -- when that was over with her. Nobody nobody would -- no -- would record with all those hit records and it -- a man that she was a -- in the least she's still the supremes yes -- turn named carrots a lot of weight. No but it would recall. A similar that Mary Wilson can't get -- we have portents. She couldn't even get an interview she said rose I don't know what's gone an almanac and even giving -- to you what was happening. It was the same home how many years can I get out of view. Compared to how are you some someone that's young. Now you know -- How how well he's saying how seasons do all our. And what you know different areas you can go in because they look at it well I -- delays may be another three is five years. -- let -- invest in her but out invest in this tiny seven year old. Because I know I can get about ten -- fifteen years now and murals are ninety -- ninety narrow right from right. But the record companies are suffering now because. Everybody is and I mean big stars there reclining on their own they're putting their songs out in Wal-Mart. Walgreen. And there's seven them over the Internet. Look what beyoncé did yes I'm being in that was almost sound wise. You know so -- back in my -- yeah I checked the middleman out to sleep wake up and still it. You know -- you have to hand them money and since we don't have the money you know that's what we really want it to two. To a CD this year -- this is our fiftieth year. But I have to get funds. And if I can get the funds. -- women we will to a CD this year because we are talking you are the Dixie -- -- stay with us everyone will be right. -- -- -- -- Song that you want you'll find the rights to yes it is and are you really hitting -- -- -- -- yes. We in the studio unknowns we -- equality. First hour. And all of the musicians had gone. And it was a three of us in the studio we thought well I don't. Think Jerry and -- -- and children. So we have been working on this thing how we gonna do it so it's not saying it. Well there was no musicians. So it's -- make our own music there was an aluminum chair. A drumstick. And -- And a -- back. And that's what we use that was there that instruments that we news. But multi talented and you know multi talented you ultimately ain't because of the battle of the recording companies. And as you said you'll but the ones who felt that the crack and you came home right and you really started other careers right growth it is she became a model. I sent him on my opening for a little island Erica yes and 98 times today she's at GMI's a better. A couple of weeks ago at the front -- into what festival. And Annie this lady worked Sunnis some -- I hit two and three jobs and one days' time. And then I say to myself wow okay since we imagine doing anything we didn't give up out of Korea is just that. We didn't realize the position that we were in a lot of people would not touch ice because we was still with jail. We were signed Lewis -- and was set for life or was it -- as it was just let me for five years but. I don't know peace in knowing you can't do it you can't do you can't get out the contract if I don't say you can. And again we didn't you know we didn't know that. Outlets in the truth so then I I went to a Martin and school and now with the Barbara science school of -- And then I study teaching there is an instructive so. Even now today when ever win not on the role -- I teach at John class of blocked those. Marketing center in ten hot Tampa Florida. So I'm still. I was still in my opening up until Katrina say it okay it's time for you to get -- this city and go somewhere else you know. Annual living with a near your kids both get yes mark and down. You're still in new world but any time this performing you just go where they are. And so you know at this stage of life you'll still -- east -- I mean you professionally other serious we have sometimes that though were calmer in the media. -- that Tampa and stay with us a few days and -- rumors or. My we -- it's a monster we tournament. I named them the cayenne pepper band because they aren't the best. And most of them have been with us nobody has been with us fifty years but. They've been with us like twenty years the bloody science and announced and and they are gentlemen and on their respectable. And we just love -- the this. Now Europe. Your gig tomorrow at the Jazz Fest is at what time 4 o'clock in the blues tent in the blues 10:4 o'clock. Not to be missed the run fifty years compound again fifty years and you're still singing and you will continue to sing as long as good system. And yes and you know I just have to applaud the fact that you -- keeps saying you're not defeated by being so royally ripped off. You've continued to perform. You can meet we were talking about all the halls of fame -- rhythm and blues hall of fame girls group hall of fame the Louisiana music hall of fame. I mean that's a real tribute just to your pure talent. One thing I wanna say. I don't know if they tore it down but there was a mural of Norman's town. On the wall. Delta Airlines. And not I can't remember an artist named -- and most of the -- -- here in Norman's he had done this while it was colitis but I don't know what happened to. Well I'm gonna start to camp. Saying that for next year's Jazz Fest poster should be the three I think as far as building it really happy that those two -- I mean to -- it's a tough business. Science and even though your smiling and you have great memories and laughs and that's what hopefully he'll always have and now we're happy. It to be a part of an honest as -- festival. And we have been doing it since day one would every year this is we've done it every year but to. We missed two years the very first year and the year that -- they Vista wasn't here. Something happened a couple of years ago. It was my fault we stayed on stays longer than we -- that so we got -- And we no longer have a quote unquote spot where we do forty minutes. Now they put us with other artists and we get twenty minutes maybe 25 minutes but. We you know you've taken to take in and we're doing it because because we love -- Because we want to show. For the people he. And that's why we do. Well we are forever grateful thank you ever grateful for all you have done and hunting these women have done so much in this community. For just the appreciation. But I just know that you are appreciated you really really -- And have you and and everybody tomorrow. It's your big day and then you'll come back hopefully every year if not in between yes and do some performances as well -- continued success to -- thank you -- that's -- narratives. We're gonna go to commercial but I'm -- be -- A pilot of that so yeah. And everybody else please stay with this week we do have another hour head and interesting story on. We'll be right. -- Okay. It is perfectly legal to pan handle in the state Louisiana. But Austin ban on wants to change that what are your thoughts on -- -- wanted to join me for the next to our big discussion.