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5-1-14 3:10pm Angela: on small businesses

May 1, 2014|

Angela talks with independent filmmakers John Sears and Trisha Dalton about their nationwide tour of small businesses.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

While I hope you got to to listen to our last hour because it's a fascinating subject and but one that I think that we're gonna hear a lot more about that panhandling. It's not an easy answer and I think that's that's what we all walked away from. Not understanding but Austin that on is trying to change things and we'll just follow it through. We are now going to talk about a subject near and dear to all of our hearts. If small business is the heartbeat of the American economy. Then our next to guest might be able to tell us how strong the the it is filmmakers -- Dalton and John Sears. Are taking a two and a half months road trip across our country meeting people -- created their own jobs. What is it really like to start your own business and then to keep it running. They're hearing the stories of those who have taken the leap. From those who have started coffee shops to hotels restaurants tissue repair shops. It's what this country was built on. But what is the picture of small business today. And so we are very happy to have both of you here judge Patricia Dalton and John Sears you'd have already been. A month into this for a half weeks and two year journey. Tell us what. You're doing and why you're doing it. Center. So what we're doing is it's a project that's being funded by spark business Capital One and we -- basically filmmakers and she said. And we're basically holding -- make a fan tees small businesses across the country and we're traveling by expert. I suburban -- Hello there aren't a -- you said it's a road trip and where stopping in cities. Everyday in the city European. City and talking to do different listeners and asking him when -- is built on its. And how did you choose these distances. Well basically. We're trying to find the biggest cross section the most diverse. Segment of this across America so. You know everything from wholesalers to retailers had to you know what you said coffee shops then that we've gone to like a dog story ends and basically. It's Patricia and I have been involved in in you know reaching absurd business owners and Capital One has also been involved but it's mostly just trying to find the the most -- The biggest cross section -- possible. They walked in and they said they'd been to five small businesses in New Orleans today so can we talk about Paris. The ritual on the spot and -- absolutely you love Q we have had an amusing to me just an engine currently in last evening. And -- and most of the day with chairman and Louisiana sisters. -- pitch in the -- down. Jellies and call me and letting your -- and she was able to know what that's what we've started -- -- with. Dan in and we. How sorry we we started or her warehouse and then we went on then. -- the the -- -- matches yes that's right at the steamship because that's where they serve for planning and apparently investments cities have had to try that with 11 AM. After morning going when he got -- morning picked up and then we went Q&A little place called child's -- is which was. A little ways from downtown and she said it was the most authentic place to -- real creole fade. In and around the closest thing to eating in somebody's kitchen is what is an imminent Charles Sify -- and the owners are -- and Sean Kelly. And we had in the evening it's now -- crawfish boil the medieval and and not since January and I believe. And there it was delicious that are very hospitable you know -- -- -- son marries and the morning. We didn't treat the bloody Mary's -- Because they are. Yes -- But we did. Oysters and mean. Locals. Delicious and and and and I think -- -- In. It actually -- nine which is in -- news. That. Resource ingredients and it down with it -- that Amy and traditional car taxes. Means that they. -- -- relayed on and and if we're having a hard time remembered all the details are delicious. And and on the sort of armed armed team in instantly and where is that you have an entrance way it's and I. And of the we haven't -- and that's I think -- upper ninth. In the I -- -- on the spot it just it's fascinating not. Not unusual. If somebody is looking for small businesses in our area that they -- food related. Because we -- -- -- there's so much less just in here. And say yes and am in its path and restaurant. And yes and again and I'd heard of which is. Always in focus again. Hard not to -- them. So you came from what city -- from New York to. What most recently we were in Nashville dot com and we we originated in New York City and four weeks later we ended up in Nashville. And I we have we ended up because of the storms we got a little bit delayed while we're there and it's got a double shifted that so we we culture from -- done here. Again the concept is you are in ten weeks going to capture. Really the heart the faced the heart and the and the voices of those who have started small businesses yes and it truly truly feels like that John and I are small business owners ourselves just part of the reason we were chosen. And we really. Are passionate about what we do for -- I mean we are making -- -- fourteen pounds. -- -- very hard to be able to make a living doing it. And it's been really and I feel like of -- Oh my gosh over seven. Really close friends and I feel like wanting to stay in touch with everyone it's just been wonderful. They've all in their passion about what they do and they've been. Like all very successful managing to create -- something of which is very inspiring and I hope that through our media's. Into this project we inspire other people who're. Who are supporting a business and business owners themselves and and people can follow here. Yet we get -- we have a whole social media movement if you well. Our answer Graham is act Capital One spark the hash tag for the whole thing it's a small biz proud. That's small small this crowd that is like the -- the so let's SX modest crowd follows on Twitter you can also good times small business proud dot com. And that that's the full board business I'm small business product com. And there we have that's the social media aggregated you can go on there each day and we're posting videos are posting pictures and blogs every single day. Different you know to try to share business stories as we go along. And everywhere that we eat and sleep also. It's is required that we. Businesses it is exciting for us because basically it's pretty good I guess so. I want everyone to stay with -- because we're gonna listen to more of their travels. But -- kind of like to hear from them the threads they've seen throughout the travels to stay with this I'm Angela on -- well. So we're talking about small businesses across America and who better to capture it. -- -- Dalton and John seniors who are two filmmakers for putting together a film and it's again tell me it is for. Cat our business of capital OK and and there are gold was just to say. Let's take a look at the that the state of affairs in small business in this country. Just fair market basically called me on up to their mountains and today. And he has small business owner and and beat them with people and and they had told us in the first segment about ten meeting and going to some wonderful places -- new -- and I do have to say this brawler doughnut lovers. -- they were going is. Upper. Nine and -- opera nine doughnuts and it is in the merit it's 2700 charter street. And I can get my mind off of it but I Hampshire issues and that's okay anyway I'm glad that you all got to meet them. You have been out four and a half weeks you have another longer than that to go if you -- this country. What are you seen that is the common thread. Yes I would say there's a few common threads I mean like I said as well as -- ourselves they've really connected with them because they they work really hard. -- to businesses work. They're also very passionate. And the lovely EDU and I think. Whenever we -- sort of you know how has it been business honoring -- -- don't talk maybe about the hard times or maybe there's been a natural disaster -- -- mean. Maybe there's been. You know I think there's no way that they really say that includes hotel and I feel that. Like not working is not an option play this is a BB that they have that they're taking care of and you just make it work you do everything you can into it to make it work and every one who we've talked -- was in. Successful doing that and they've all. Really love what they're doing. And it's been in. Yeah you know John in reading your profile. Sent. You got out of school and you said I'm gonna do what I wanted to. Not it was it was a little bit of a leap of faith you know -- what 23 years old or 22 and I graduated college and I say I was -- -- looking for jobs I was interest in doing something related film or video and I was living in Arizona the time there's not a lot going on there. And I just been found and where it was into the economy was doing very well and so I decided -- now -- -- affect the -- on the job on the humming to myself and you know who took. I was happy how a lot of support you know -- lot of people that encourage me to do that. And and that's one thing we've noticed with a lot of the business owners that we've talked to is Wallace you know they can't they can't do it on the they have they have a support network whether it's family or community. And and I definitely an actress Tricia well. And so we I you know I wouldn't say that I. It was in the huge operation anything but it sort of making videos for for local business owners Michael commercials little things in their wedding videos photography anything -- can do. To just pay the rent essentially and and they caught on and it was like. And that that initial doubt that I had this cannot do this and it will work well at the make money. Is there was almost immediately erase and I was like I'm doing and you know like two years later I moved to New York City. And I'm done while there and in this project to suspend the constant constant time and it's been really. To have -- to -- indicating -- -- Totally but exactly what you're saying you're seeing in those people they found something they really wanted to do down. I mean if weather's the donut shop or nine -- via the things they just wanted to do it and you somehow find out how to do it. Totally yeah we we've I didn't have this plan and out of I don't know necessarily a lot of running a business and we've we've talked to a lot of people like that that. That are working some job that they don't love and the exercise right enough is enough I have to follow my passion and they if they just decided to make it work they don't necessarily know how they're gonna make or. We we talked -- couple up and Woodstock that. They they decided they wanted to by building that it know what they wanted to do with that they had no idea what kind of business they wanted to run but there's gonna buy this place and they figured out they renovated it and made. It's all the little boutique and they've been making them successful in this just. But the -- the team of this it was a great story because they they both had jobs and they both were unhappy at their jobs and his two younger -- Ian you were driving through town town with one game scientists old building and they would be great fight that building have a store. And the way she sees it. Yep that's crazy ex nanny nanny and -- -- jobs and the and but. The -- that you know let's just look at the -- -- their markets they go in the locker room looking and it in the villagers has so what do you want the building finding that we have no idea. If you are out there crazy -- but they bought the building. And then started they're renovating it and what was to stand at this moment lies and her mother said. You know honey isn't it funny that you bought this place for your father proposed to me. And it turned out to -- gotten engaged there you know forty years -- So is there really cool story and kind of like one of those things there's just kind of meant to be they didn't candidate to spot the space turned it into a store collectibles she's an artist and they sell frames these kinds of jewelry and gifts and really -- are. And really inspiring story but you know that incentives and that is sort of meant Tuesday but for somebody who's sitting listening not happy with what they're doing. You know what are some of the things that people have said they did technically perfect just what -- to. Yeah I'm man you know everybody that we talked to is so full of passion and enthusiasm for the dying and and I really mean that everybody we've talked to like they couldn't be doing anything else and most of them were doing something else before that. And and to hear them. Talk about that same indicates that same gratification. He so happy -- me the choice to to switch even if it was in a lot of people to pay cuts you know Spezza in the for several years -- maybe. Maybe you like a good paying job and you have to get this you know -- that for a couple of Beers and champion -- no one -- easy. And and definitely none of these business owners would say it was a cakewalk but. It's as if they're happy and I think that's that's really the takeaways in August 3 fulfilled and what they're doing. And and I and I don't think we talked to anybody that has -- -- that this -- -- business. And I think you know me EP. I can't speak to how the economy has been but I would say because they're all all of this is as we've talked to are successful. In some of them. Have turned into pretty big business they mean Sharon we talked to today is in 25 local business local stores with her little all -- such things with her sister's. And they are really make them in her kitchen. And it's going -- Tony buy stores it's growing and I yesterday what her motivation lies and she said her motivation was to get successful enough that she can give back to community. And that was really inspire him just to be able to be. You work as hard as she works so that she commended me back to. Organizations and and and projects that she believes in -- community build community and I just I just love that is definitely huge. Community spirit component and every legitimate patients who we've talked to. Yeah and and you know if if you have that kind of attitude and mindset. And you're you're there to serve the community the community will will help you serve you that's I think that's that's comforting especially when you're trying to take that risk and know that. For the people. That care about -- that looking out for you can't we we talked to America's tomato pies this pizzeria -- in seaside heights. That a New Jersey. And they were wiped out. Twice the first time by Eric and sandy the second time by the boardwalk fire tonight -- later and they're still going and you know and it's been. It's been that little local community and and the tourism industry there that's kept them afloat and you know these guys if I was probably the most inspiring thing for me was to see how they came back from that. -- and they didn't get a lot of you know help from insurance companies of the community that words really -- -- for them. We're talking small business and if you're thinking about it stay tuned because inspiring stories we'll be right back let's go to the newsroom. Well we're talking about small business in America today with Trish Dalton and John Sears who are doing a film for. Spark business which is part of Capital One. And and you're doing this all across the country in ten at ten weeks. And Europe also doing in my social media and Hugo. A social media com. Tony is is the main component that's where all of our videos live that's where all of our Twitter -- in two grams or Facebook all those posts are on. The website which is I am small business proud dot com. And anything in the attached -- small is proud. And yet we it's actually very interactive we we really encourage people to reach out to us and give us suggestions for. From new businesses to check out and it could be anything it does have to be just the food place although Laura and Trish does love him -- And so you you can hash tag small -- is proud. Or on its -- it's does its act capital -- spark as well to act up once spark or small biz proud. And we just really love hearing people's stories whether it's a bookstore. Accused killer or. Some other kind of business like we're not in a store -- business as filmmakers have or are we here in our interest in hearing their stories -- Once you put the whole thing together where will that be shown. Well currently that leave the videos that we're making. The interviews are living on the let's say -- small business -- -- and their little. Three minute long video was portraits and so that's their living currently and then. You know we'll see where this is -- -- to typing longer put them in the -- We we're -- we'll see where as -- I would -- Capital One would want to see it in -- Your -- you know it -- there were keeping a pretty organic and just kind of letting it take its own course right now and and we definitely have met and are in the backs of our minds you know how -- the speaker did something else -- we're kind of we wanna let it sort of. Take its course and so the three minute portraits. You edit along the way then. So you're shooting editing getting to the next place eating doughnuts oh my gosh. In May. Learn more at re definitely not -- Have you ever met some have you met any along the way. Who you're profiling who had done another small business that didn't make it and then they said when we try something -- So far. There's been some people who have gone -- like. For example of financial hardships churning and land in bordering. You know some kind of disaster where they may be taken a break. But they've gone back to opening a similar business if not the same business one example is a -- skateboard shop at this just outside of Baltimore. And he would start the business and then when when the economy was was more yes a lot of competition in his area. He closed the business and he reopened a year later. And he's been successful ever since after last nine years so. I think that was I think in and Jung the example of people who it. In in in majors you've gone through. It has to arm and -- similarly sorts clay used for a few months. And then reopened due to -- fire on my gosh I remember that terrible you just knocked Younis stand back up -- not to anything and stand back. And in that is ahead of I think spears was really inspiring yeah. -- and you do this is young old it's the whole gamut and we're looking for a wide variety of businesses were also looking for. Good stories and people who have -- stories they wanna share and I don't know even if it's so funny never -- ain't -- Here's great story went -- locked into a little bookstore. And we just a -- this quickly you know asked them toys and they had this incredible story -- in New Yorkers working in corporate. Sort of add jobs an advertising green. Think publishing and name a couple couldn't decide they they thought maybe it was their marriage immediately as there you know careers that they didn't lake and so they went from marriage act. In America assassin to close her eyes and imagine where they like to be on the beach somewhere in the mountains may be we wanna be. And -- that. We can be. And accounts or cut them off each week and the right tactic -- is that books are for sale. Up in Woodstock you go there next week. They went there that we and three weeks later they spot the bookstore and they've been there for fifteen years and we we met them when they're celebrating their type of wedding anniversary so that's definitely asserts. Fairy -- type of story. But they can't switching gears. Switching gears but you know it it gets back to and I've been an employee all my life and you know and I've been very lucky son I'm not saying. But I have always admired someone who said you know. I have this idea I have displaying wanna create and -- -- -- John really take the -- it is -- To -- I mean these two people obviously were having issues and maybe they about the job inning save enough money that they can go by the bookstore well it's still scary -- Huge risk all of these people as he got to hurry they have all taken huge risks and like. John took command and he has no doubt that I think you. Well -- -- been lucky enough to graduate college debt free. You know cut scholarships and so immediately after graduation -- A debt free and I'm one of the few college you know college grads that that is a free and -- -- And you know business loan -- -- But I actually I've I've been fortunate it was that huge of -- have already been able to pay that back and that's. Just this year packed film the sense this is good it's gonna weightless and without color here Lee Lee in New Orleans. How audience. -- -- local. The war. Their. -- -- the market. But -- Is dotted one day. To come out what the world sellers. A lot currently. The problem here we want to -- The problem is. -- one. The foreign. The state going to do it -- the ground because. -- helped -- record label talking about people being able to check out. The major record labels don't. We are seeing the whole court and at the airport here in law is just I only -- -- it. Let me ask you sent lately have you been to the idea village. I have felt I have. It's really wanna go back when I went last year. What it would go this year and I don't know. I need advice from some guys that some help rebuild. It is played -- nobody -- that -- Now with you know what they are the people that can help you. And not only them I mean certainly been in -- out there's listening. Let us know but I hear what you're saying but I think that you've got the idea that's right there's 50% -- -- you just -- Get it organized and and and I would be I would go back to women saying okay guys let's sit down exactly what a -- to do. Exactly and is there been at this now normal three year yeah. Op at a company register and everything will be great. It's -- matter of sitting down with what some people -- -- in May have and have that. -- that -- -- spirit and maybe somebody who want to see. So there may end up what to -- it took -- a man and a major in the print correct. -- -- -- -- a great idea it's a great idea stay in touch with -- thank you so much for calling bomb. We're gonna take a break but Jim -- come to use -- don't hang up we'll be right back. Will we are talking with -- Dalton and John seniors who are traveling the country. Profiling small businesses and wanted to get to the phone not Jim you have a comment. Yeah I actually get -- And cleaning for about. Almost thirty years. Storefronts and homes and I got to ensure that it happened jealousy. Chopra and wonderment at Utah you know do it and percent earning a -- store -- on malls and Kyrgyzstan. And you moved to New Orleans and -- -- start my own business here. Pretty much a billion dollar fifteen years. Great. Did you ever think I meant I. We were talking are you born an entrepreneur or. -- -- again -- self employed a couple of numbers election lingered. -- -- a lawyer. You know practice and in the -- It is a little bit. -- -- Did you ever hit hard times though we thought oh my gosh when am I doing. Katrina that would that would set me back a little bit but I just kept plugging in Italy and certain development clientele a little bit. You know I just keep keep order. Well you're firing. Here inspiring others who run. Four out there and really that's I want to do the show I want to hear from them and from new. Design know that there are people sitting out there who want to do this and they just need that knowledge they just need that. You know gee whiz that's -- I hope they go to your sights and and really look at an at and listen to the people who've done it for thirty years like -- Thank you so much for calling. On time in -- to bill. -- Yeah. I have the pulpit isn't. I had a problem that was very. And I -- product that would help me out. End. It's been very getting started. That big -- and end -- that I am BP's. Advertiser. The manufacturer. The the the seller being the marketing -- then that small businesses a lot more than just think it is. No and that's what they were saying in the commercials it is tough right yes to. Yeah we were just talking about how the benefits of working with the company here with the grip is that you have a PR person you have a marketing person just like you said. And that means a lot of long hours and a lot and is wearing a lot of had -- small business -- at least have a lot in late nights like we did -- -- lot of -- You know you're diligent. And it and it's a great product. So it really may have been elect. They do and something. Baiting lie only know really. It's a wonderful thing and but it slowed -- It's very slow moving enough. Democratic called oak -- PR. PE ink it's a large rubber frisbee with fingers on it and you'd order a route like afraid. In new cola ballot the -- and clean out debris -- how. So people thought -- climbing -- that the lower -- like that. Public which we're doing and a lot of trees until all of that bring out your route you can do -- on the -- say a bit narrow. Following in well. Yet you are it I appreciate the call I wish you luck with -- they -- think about atomic thing to -- from the interview. Thank you very much for calling I -- that -- would be nothing but great things and I think everybody Jackson and as you travel this country you give us hope. Thank you so much for being with -- and we'll be right. I want to thank everybody for calling in -- that -- shall I love those young people they were inspiring but. Let me tell you Christian -- and Bobby are not next and there are going to be talking draft draft and more draft and you know they'll do it beautifully. Thanks again for listening I hope you join us again tomorrow. Now let's go to the newsroom.