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5-1-14 Heath Evans on Sportstalk

May 1, 2014|

Former Saint Heath Evans and current NFL Network analyst joins Kristian and Bobby to talk about the NFL Draft

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In his draft certainly on defense some -- in the -- and if not maybe the entire draft class so. Who do you think projects to be a better pro. But at the top bless America colonial Mac team you know. You -- the basket and just two extra role in the Mac I mean if you are. That elite level of league ballplayer. That being a freak of nature yet you play you know Lester division I -- ball. I mean you don't want to train wreck happening every single week you wouldn't you know and so. In week one game last year -- was special a -- on the splash in the hand. You get enamored with the kids the -- and Hamburg with mystery that speed and potential. And the -- out here at that point I mean if you want that he may well -- think I would because. You know people. And unease has a higher higher ambled. You know you know here you at least that brought me and you know that human animal that -- caption it's probably not. You get out. You know come upon is that the industry in nature but we've seen -- -- or it was a -- him. You know I did I eagle the excuse that I hear that you know well and play and forming out double team well. And I think guys triple a team worn -- you know under center and guard coverage in the -- games you know you got them all yet there's a big game or appropriate. Yeah he's doing it in the OK as the use that excuse that's easily some film you bring a warrants that this evening for Reggie White and Lawrence Taylor. I mean -- Out of the bills Charles Haley. I never get we had a Haley protection. Now you think about this until Kristin. What's also by Charles Haley. That he went did James Madison -- -- what -- is that would Dolly Madison OJ not the idea Virginia Tech. James Madison he Rihanna Haley protection. If he was that good so who knows is that -- the Buffalo. He's still could maybe turn on that level. The heat the question I have for you. And when you look at -- and went against general managers have to phase is an obvious the united building a program -- this -- -- four of five years you gotta win now. You wanna keep -- job and perfect example you look at the Falcons and -- what they did it would Julio Jones and there were able to make it today NFC championship game that is Super Bowl but and I'd say they mortgaged their future but we get to give up -- -- It and and in what we cut it to all the plants in the nation out there is there one player in the upcoming draft. That the Saints feel would be the key to returning to its global. And just go back it's Kubel to overtake the likes of the Seahawks and their four. Where they may be a sacrifice and -- draft picks over the next two or three years you'd think there's that one player and he put the saint over the top. You think that that too risky. -- -- -- -- given up too much. Public -- too risky but -- -- -- overdo it or it would be a lot obviously you're gonna have the jump probably in the first three picks that. The most likely -- with most draft experts to get your hands on this cute but -- when you look it. All the different great ball players spell Sammy and maybe he excites the heck out them that you big. I'm not the only one bodies over here coming out of his chair and what's amazing you know I came over the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Great this kid in and you know talk about number twelve to the giant -- eagle bracket utility with a Q and wanting to get used to the potential you see the letter to -- you little economic order and we got good players and coaches there. -- you're so excited about yet. I'd have laughed at questions that they when you when you pop on that -- would say there's there's no doubt about it. Barring injury. -- makes some people hole a couple of there. He's akin UN a championship with AJ McCarron and he's is that it's a quarterback that's been scrutinized as a team manager McKinney when agenda to AJ McCarron. You know yeah. We put their scope of the Seattle put up with one of the speaker -- the brakes and go out but. You know I think we've seen enough educated no. He can do you do soak in that they hear all these little. In other town and every with a kick even -- But these trades to rely on when you -- the -- stated you know. Drew Marreese 2009 where you know we -- RP one bet we get a turnover to the game from them. We aggregate extra possessions we that we score points. Q when they care in the league consistently year in and -- but. You know where this street circuit now -- -- out it would shock I am correct when he got out out. I think I think you conduct with two Lombardi consistently when you have a quarterback that can make all the -- in the pocket. Use that extent that when they get rid of the ball and try to tighten their. Into the upper right now -- player but AJ AJ Peru two years I think there -- to continue the next well. Well he via I also think it's not that far -- when you look at AJ McCarron. You look at a couple of examples particularly this one coach gruden. We're Brad Johnson and it depends how you teams' strategy when he won a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay and look what he had to do and an even -- -- -- with the Ravens. Slow yeah I mean at this into it is safe to structured it would Drew Brees had to do now that that would beat a scenario or case. In point where you'd have them that carried a team that. To say he couldn't be a winning quarterback you don't win national championships but nothing and I think -- a great poignantly about protective of football. And -- when you take chances and if you strip vision defense that don't give via a Pollard a short field. You know Bobby go back to the championship game this year. At Indian money. Today it's gonna Kroger two interceptions that column you're the first one you know back into the Norton on their Seattle he. It's proper read all the way pre snap read cockroach and no he never going to collapse field. And it it evened out and -- Who chucked his mindset from his crease now -- was well ran well snap read it and throw it intercept and we all -- And that eagle at Richard Sherman where he that you like there'll there'll. They beat. They basically did encouraging. And we -- -- not just because it would sure my side of the ball and read their particular note or -- mistakes that. It won't acknowledge it can't scramble around run column. But it is not gonna hurt your team and and are prone to interceptions in the fourth quarter trip that you. Visiting with Heath Evans here NFL network analyst and former Saints running back right so he's what is. In your opinion the biggest need for the for the world's. You know at it I know in my mind and also formed around. How we were able to do things such great consistency you know think about it would indeed been installed as they -- -- on the way to act. -- talent to. Keep battle net on the ball right my body is pretty you know it's it's all -- it's it's on the way you keep number 90 the you're Uga actually won every single game. -- EO line. -- it the right spot is there Mickey shot at the guys there at all dribble a little on the move Belichick did not want. You can't kill and Burke wants don't -- and you protectorate. -- that you also get a running game last year. Or at least in the league. All in post because you are gonna need more more scrutiny or. In the better on the ball better or oh. It's on battle in the war. It can make. It better on the result that I heard it. He's Evans NFL network analyst former Saints fullback thanks a bunch for the time we appreciate were excited one week from the NFL draft Heath thanks. All right and this is sports talk on WW LI MF MW WL dot com.