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5-1-14 Mike Triplett ESPN.com talks Saints Draft

May 1, 2014|

Mike Triplett joins Bobby and Kristian to talk about the Saints upcoming draft and possible choices.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome in now Mike Triplett covering the New Orleans Saints for espn.com. Mike how argument. I'm now I'm now down -- pullen. Who becomes a model earning their money though I'm so tired and I like yeah it's suck it up a couple more not so I'm sleepy by this point in the evening I make you bring -- much called us four in the either I'm I'm kind of winding down and trying to. John start thinking about with -- going to bed but Mike with the -- policies to draft a week away. And obviously new worlds and at 27 overall. Do you envision scenarios where they can get into may be the teens. For -- for a particular player maybe a wide receiver. Yeah -- would surprise me at all we know how -- think our. Some people in the draft differently the Saints look at it very aggressively. And sometimes that striking out sometimes pitched trading down. -- in later rounds sometimes that's trading veteran players on draft day or tree or metric and I would bet. They've made about it many moves in Mickey Loomis -- tenure as as any other GM. And they're obviously in in you know you know an aggressive sort of win now mode right now that's how they treated free agency. Going after -- spurt that wouldn't surprise me at all. And and I figured they do go out there yet receivers in a couple of procedures that particular -- Beckham. Branding coach marquis shall leave these these speedy dynamic guys that could stretch the field navy -- kick return -- It it's really the one element I think they're missing most of their team right now especially after -- -- parents -- So like -- regrets about the only reason I would think -- mind now that -- that everyone -- -- that you consider 27 and get a great player in the strapped at a number of positions. And you can wait that there or earning -- -- receiver in the draft. So that you know that might be a reason now to move up but it it would spark that they did. So -- along those lines and you talked about how the Saints have been aggressive and regret that through to south of the fans. You know when you look at there is an example in the past obviously had negative and positive somewhat. When you look at what have what Mike did can Ricky Williams. And then look and -- with the Falcons they would Julio Jones but is there one player. In the upcoming -- that that you feel that the Saints. Feel that they -- it would be a key maybe to returning to -- doable spores that when the opportunity. You know we Drew Brees and in their four. Well worthy maybe of sacrifice and draft picks over the next two or three years is agony -- -- clown needs Sammy Watkins. I mean Khalil -- are you think they'd be given up too much. Maybe articulate that -- I wouldn't rule out the -- doing something like that. Julio Jones straight is a perfect example I don't think that's thousands regret that trade even though they do have holes and number replaces. He's the main -- let up and especially the main reason why they excel at street and you treat them. That they don't regret that deal -- think they traded -- the Cleveland. Cleveland got it on deck I think Cleveland in the playoffs and sent as -- -- as a normal -- sets that so. I never never criticize the teams are trading out. Especially when it's a team like the Saints. Who who's already a playoff contender it is just missing one or two pieces in attempting to -- -- so -- -- -- I think to be hard to move all the lipped that out and same like in. At this seven watch because it might even heard that a comparison. Animated I Calvin Johnson mega -- but maybe it's a notch below that -- mean they. Yeah -- since they equities he's special. But those that next gear that dynamic like I said there's three of them. Beckham and cooks and and mark peacefully and I you know I'm no draft expert and I haven't you know it worked out all the tape. I can bookmark usually right in there with those guys that it doesn't seem like he's here as much on but. Something battle of march usually I mean he had -- monster seat and he received two years ago and he had a down year last year but -- similar JJ David out in that respect. If he had been in last year's draft him a bit -- and there. Any sort of you know gets put a run at Leicester but -- that drops him into the twenties. Good for the team that gets improbable. ESPN dot com's. Mike -- cover covering the New Orleans Saints and Mike I'm sure you -- get this quite often from. Twitter followers and also in your mailbag questions and and espn.com. The future the heir apparent right -- it is is that common one is at and I'll let it. It might be number one actually several of -- here might be at Duke kicker Shayne Graham which blows me away that -- election Graham -- Gillick Jeter. It chunky C John Carney did it. Is Agassi what's -- like 85%. That at Seattle doesn't but is this the year though I do is the heir apparent that yankees think they they spend a third or fourth round pick on how I -- I really -- and I just don't think it's time derby yet I I have mailbag question. I write I answered it at a -- recently where I really researched a lot of quarterbacks last decade or so. And Drew Brees 35 now I think you're four more years he's still just 38 and that sport year. I think he's still playing in Pro Bowl level at age 38 so for four years I think you'll play at a global. Frankly eager being a pro at age forty it wouldn't surprise me Warren Moon did that Brett -- did that. Per quarter played -- is -- a pretty Manning's 37 now Brady would be there at the end. Breather and get replaced in two or three years so you draft the guy it's free agent or -- chance -- starter. Now my. Do you get any of these mailbag questions. That would be eligible player you know do everything I don't know. I mean you are talking about his like they really appreciate until a big part of our team had -- in Martinsville Hilliard. And it will though the country as you did every. Did you get those to me. The vote -- if you came who bobbled -- Beckham junior. A lot of fans they just love Jarvis Landry. Well I read that if -- about should be the senators at the look I get those questions all the time and again because I -- -- a target on -- roster. There play they have a player that's that's the Saints needed every position. And their cities that sanctions China minor league like exclusive deal Peter's system Buehrle -- you know players -- -- But -- back and this year it's you know and and it to a certain extent Jarvis Landry. -- and the more excited too but I get going to be excited that they Landry in the second round Q. You know but yet because he -- -- -- you do get. A pitcher real question the team it's upbeat that. -- always -- and I think it's mostly because it's a football fans around here so familiar with those guys -- so there'll just so good. But yet their history of grab and now you guys. Since they have very important they now lose now -- that it out on the east still in the NF. I can't have it that's surprising to me that he's best news in. Randall Gay they they -- -- -- -- so they you know they they are obviously earlier without those guys get that the truth scouting reports. -- also one that that would maybe entire state happy LSU can't dictate candlelight. At my triple and on Twitter covers in the world safe for ESP NN dot com -- -- -- on Twitter and also on line ESPN. Dot com covering the new world Saints Mike thinks about preparation -- -- next summer and next week. Oh yeah policy point in each other and yet but I'm I'm a date yet. You know Chris you talked about regional. That concept wasn't professional -- -- before in the united Seattle volley yes FL now that's how we had a bunch of Michigan Michigan State players. So he has yet regional pigs that -- the rights of first refusal now like that the with local interest you kind of Anthony Carter right yet. University of Michigan. It's that cuts that. And a -- to tweak things with that concept but did work as far as generating interest. You with the new league considering those top college players he's Bobby Hebert Christian -- in for Deke Bellavia this is sports talk on WWL.