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May 1, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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What's an amazing days that this is like day in Southern California. I'll never forget the first time I I got off the plane from New Orleans. Died from New Orleans going to Los Angeles I'll never forget the first time I got off the plane LA and it was during the summer. And I felt the weather I thought oh -- got no wonder so many people live here it really is very pleasant and it's a great night it was a great day today. A this is the locals day for those of you who got a chance to us on local state I gotta tell you there or so people lawyer who infiltrated who were from out of town. Not everybody there today was local. You know they don't check IDs for anything like that and -- this weekend the second weekend is under way we've got the full Jazz Fest lineup. On our website at WW dot com so you can print it out and figure out if you can migrate from stage to stage where you wanna go or if you gonna display yourself in front of one staged. And stay there for the entire time what's it gonna talk about on the showed -- is. Is it okay for parents. To let their teenagers. Loose on their own. -- as fast or an event like that. And if you do you teenagers -- Jazz Fest do you have any rules. So we will talk about -- practice -- to be a -- project opinion poll should parents allow their teenagers to be on the -- And Jazz Fest. And can you remember the first time that you were. In a situation like that you were in Euro and give a sure thing by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll track that poll throughout our show tonight. A couple of -- blogs that are still -- -- -- governor web sites does the death penalties to something we talked about last night. Does the death penalty diminish us as a society. Also stop defending Donald Sterling racism with your excuses and sterling -- rant reminds us that racism. Is still alive those are Monday blocks to try and we're excited to be if you don't -- It's time for tonight's top eight at eight tier of the top eight things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight. A WWL. Number rate. House lawmakers in Washington. Voted to deny themselves a cost of living raise for the sixth. You're hero. That -- his congressional salaries and a 174000. Dollars a year. They have not received a pay raise since 2009. Should we feel sorry for a yeah adult excel it's about the only good thing that they've done in a long time -- I I it isn't it wouldn't -- be great to be in a position where you could you could vote yourself a raise. And you know to actually do it and and voters have such short memories. The patent for tend to forget those things the congress to honest and if their candidate says the right thing. Off on the campaign trail -- forget all about the things that they did. During their -- forget about all the stuff that they did collectively as a group and as individuals and they'll vote for based on what they say during the campaign. And that's not their fault. It's actually the fault of the voters. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The mayor of Seattle has announced a plan and to raise the minimum wage in the city for everybody not to city workers but if you work in Seattle the minimum wage would be fifteen dollars an hour. That would be the highest minimum wage in the nation. The current minimum wage is nine dollars and 32 cents an hour. Any increase would take place over three to seven years depending on how big your business is that would depend on how -- you have to make the the adjustment. There's of a big debate in this country about raising the minimum wage and actually -- IC both sides of this but it will be interesting to see if if Seattle. Does do this. If there really is on the economic indicative economic impact of a lot of people think that would have. The the argument gently from the right he has. If you raise the minimum wage in the price of everything goes up. And to some degree that's true because -- disorders are not good -- absorb that that cost -- gonna pass it on to you the consumer. Now the city of Portland. If I'm not mistaken it and maybe this is in the entire state of Oregon. The minimum wage is I think over nine dollars an hour and you know that's even for servers. So think of those of you in the service industry. In addition to tips. You'd be making nine dollars and a little over nine dollars an hour. In Portland I don't know if you should be tempted to move to Portland or Seattle but there's a possibility that Seattle and this is just a proposal right now but the may reduce the proposal today. That the the minimum wage would go to fifteen dollars an hour. Now I will tell you that things are expensive. In Portland and Seattle but things are also expensive here departments are little more there there in in general the cost of living is a little higher they're. Balance of cases it's not just a little higher but it's higher there but there are some things that are relatively even and somethings are actually. Actually less expensive. So turnovers were the move but it's it's going to be interesting to see if somebody. Does a study I've I've never seen a study done of a local area. Like Portland or Oregon for example. Where the minimum wages is is high even Ford's service workers. I haven't seen a study done on the economic impact in those series. And does. Racing the minimum wage have a negative impact on the economy the way so many argue that it would but this is a debate it will continue in this country number six on tonight's list of the top eight. At eight. Senate Bruce has given final approval to a bill that would allow speed cameras on Louisiana's interstates. You think Bobby Jindal should sign the bill the bill was proposed by a -- representative Mike DNA. It was a Democrat the vote which 37 to nothing as took place yesterday in house. House has already proved its -- in the senate has now approved a so now goes to Bobby gentle steps. Now apparently a private company has approached. Cities in this area to introduce speed cameras. On interstate highways through the city critics say that it doesn't give people the due process rights. Mr. -- -- under the law and that the priority is on generating income and not public safety. Can you mention how busy those cameras are going to be on the I ten. Between between spans. And highrise. Can you imagine how busy cameras on the interstate would mean. They would I guess they wouldn't would after -- electricity because yeah they have to change the battery. But he can you imagine obviously those cameras are going to be. On the I ten. Between -- And Baton Rouge. Now I don't drive by twelve very much and I'm very rarely is -- a long time to -- and one dive by 49. I don't to travel those areas so maybe speeding there is is just to span but on the interstate. Between highrise in between stands at the interstate between Kenner and Baton Rouge. It's. It is it's going to be a very very lucrative thing if they do put up those cameras that the question is are you opposed to that. Because you're gonna have to slow down. Do you think you have a right. To break the speed -- If you enjoyed -- -- with a comment about anything we talk about tonight's our numbers 26 cell. One a seventy toll free 8668890. Point seven -- At a text number. Is -- 78 cents. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Also -- in Baton Rouge the Louisiana legislature. There was a bill that would allow law enforcement officers both active and retired to carry concealed handguns. In a public place. Should police officers be allowed to carry concealed weapons in public places it in including bars. I would think that if if anybody is. Is well trained. To have a gun with them at any time even a public place. It would be a police officer. Now. Police officers. To get drunk. That's not a criticism that is a reality at police officers have a right when they're not on duty to go ought to have as much fun as anybody assess. The question is if they have that freedom. Should they also had the freedom to have. A concealed weapon with then even in a in a bar and social public setting like that. Now there is the case of that retired but this is isolated. Retired Tampa police officer. I think he -- three years old. This is. This is a case that is is still an active case it will talk about it when it when he gets to court. But -- -- -- retired at Tampa police officer. Is accused. Of murdering somebody. Like this is the guy who took out a gun. And shot. A person in a movie theater. Who was texting. During. The previews of the movie. And apparently there were some altercation. Maybe popcorn persona and his face. The guy's wife even said that the guy didn't punch or anything like that. And the best thing that we -- it it was popcorn thrown in his face he said that his life which I mean can your life be threatened by by. Colonel by a popcorn kernel. Or multiple -- I was I'd been hit by -- multiple times oh my gosh it and it it was it was hot buttered so. Look at -- look at the -- on me. That's ridiculous. However. That's an isolated case and I would think that -- a police officers. I would hope that everybody who was a police officer anybody in law enforcement. Would be responsible enough to know what to do with a -- And if they do decide to go out and have fun. That may be they would leave their -- behind never for a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- lawmakers. Have now passed this bill in the senate the senate voted yesterday 35 to two. Vets would increase the fine for throwing cigarette butts out of car windows. On this bill is comes from a representative for from Guerrero a -- -- the first defense. For any intentional littering. Would carry a 300 dollar fine plus eight hours of community service -- there a lot of people who pay the fine. And panic in aids care more about not doing community service and paying the -- A second offense. Goes to 700 dollars it would require sixteen hours of community service a third offense. Violators could give up their driver's license for a year. Pay a 15100 dollar fine and perform eighty hours of litter cleanup. The proposal now moves back to the house for approval of the -- -- changes. Before reaching a final passage. What's interesting about this is so much emphasis is placed on throwing cigarette butts out of car windows and and I don't think anybody should use. Just the fact that it's acceptable. As an excuse to litter whether it's on a sidewalk or throwing -- out of the window of a car on a highway a cigarette by Soviet it's it's later. And if if you wanna smoke that's your right to smoke but you don't have a right to -- So. Would you be able to throw like god. A fast food bag or cup out of the window and not face the same fine as if you threw a cigarette butt out of the window. Mean why focus on cigarette butts why not include cigarette butts whipped with all of littering. And there's a problem with -- here. An economic talking about urban Streeter during morning grow all our. Jazz Fest although. If you go to Jazz -- be very mindful of the fact that you're in somebody's neighborhood. And it's not right to go to their neighborhood in a trash that neighborhood you don't have to throw anything on the ground in the neighborhood on your way too were on your way out of the fairgrounds. A during Jessica soaps will be very mindful of that. But I just I guess I have a problem with focusing on the cigarette pilots. As a church should the other day and obviously the united -- and I to this this woman who is certain behind me she's always in church -- it's actually tell you this Mike my friend told me he's never gonna throw a cigarette put on the ground again. And I would just ask if you're -- smoker. That you be respectful enough to. Put your -- In the right place. And I think that's really pretty basic sound. Advice. For everybody put too but in. In the right place. Put it out and put data and trashed and there's no need to throw it on the sidewalk. Taylor I'm gonna do. -- to do this tonight or tomorrow night. But I'm gonna count. The cigarette butts that I encounter. Between the station. And my apartment. And I think you're going to be astonished. How many cigarette butts are on the ground. And really it's it's -- number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Venture further into the digital age has breaking up via text messaging. Become totally acceptable. What about informing somebody about a loved one's death or illness. Do we rely on FaceBook texting and emails to deliver personal news. When in the past it was done by a phone call or the the face to face interaction. You just making life easier but is also removing just a bit more of our humanity. I have to tie I've I've got in arguments with -- with people and essentially. You were back together but we essentially -- broke up. Over text message and it really is convenient. It takes a lot of the stress and strain and are doing something like that is it acceptable to break up. Or to deliver big news. Via text message. Have you done it has somebody gotten to you and is it okay. At first I thought this is this is horrible this is a terrible direction for us to go. But the more texting has become acceptable as a form of communication. The more acceptable like the good news. I mean it's kind of that. Cowardly way to do it with a more acceptable ideas since we look at this as a legitimate form of communication I think the more acceptable it is that. You use it to say break up with somebody he if you wanna join our -- might with the your comments on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890870. Checksum for receipts have decent number to tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Jazz -- 2014. Got under way to date and the weather was sensational the weather is supposed to be incredible all weekend long. So make your plans get out there are more remind you once again that we have the full Jazz Fest lineup on our website at WW real dot com. Pull it out and separate out and playing your strategy if you wanna be in front of one stage or if you wanna. On move around from one stage I tend to be I know man. Afghanistan as I kind of admire those people who picked at once spot -- there. That's their home base in the can walk around they always come back to their their -- spot I think that's that's kinda cool but I've really just pretty much walked around chance fast but -- so the question. Should parents allow their teenagers. Just to be loose and on the religious past. And how old were you when you first remember being on your own at a big event. And what rules do you have because there are there are parents and you know it teenagers going to be with the parents. But he is it OK to let the kids ago. -- -- -- Or any event like that and what rules do you have. When it comes to your kids if you do what you kids loose what are the rules that you have. When it comes to dislodge them on the road. We'll talk about debts on the show tonight and finally tonight the number one yeah. On tonight's list of the top eight -- -- -- sir -- with studio producer result that activity tonight does a hell of a job. I'd never -- -- a list of the top eight at eight tonight is a federal jury has decided that Applebee's and Applebee's restaurant at Santa Fe, New Mexico. Did not break any laws when it serve to band who got drunk and killed two young women driving home. This could blog tonight is titled we must stop. The nanny state mentality. Yes you and I must stop it it's our fault that it's gotten to this point. And that's with the blog is about will talk about this tonight a -- through this. We served alcohol at an Applebee's restaurants in Santa -- I know we'd that we talked about this when this became the story recently. As he drove home he crashed his car killing a seventeen year old and nineteen year old girl who were in Santa -- to support. Their school's basketball team. The family sued. And settled out of court with some people involved and I -- have a list of those who were involved but Applebee's was added late in the in the suit. I applaud. The jury's decision not to hold Applebee's accountable for the tragic guests of of these two young with the. There has been a trend in this country. To hold bars and restaurants. Places that serve alcohol. And individual servers. Responsible if the customer. Gets too drunk. And cause is an accident. When they drive home. There are a lot of people in this area. Who. Have a job in the service industry. Think about all the places that you sometimes I go to places that are very crowded it. I think it's unfair. To hold a server. Bartender waiter or waitress. Accountable. If somebody drinks too much. If you wanna join Russia with your comic tonight on numbers 26 so. 1878. Should servers in bars and restaurants should they be held accountable if somebody gets to -- and then gets in the car is -- really their responsibility. Or does that circumvent. Personal responsibility. Are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. Text number there's a 7870. Here's a WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight should parents allow their teenagers to be on their own. -- Jazz -- I see a lot of teams that Jazz Fest in the on the -- did they get there themselves what they dropped off for where the parents are with him in the and the parents evoke a -- -- hero to could be on your own. Because they wanna be on their own and just and will will will -- after it's all over. And what rules do you have when it comes to loading your teenagers go off on their own its popular Jazz Fest we'll talk about all of this on the -- night. I'm -- glad you're with us and we'll be right back on WWL the Los Angeles Clippers at the center of a lot of controversy because of the racist rant by their owner Donald Sterling. On the clippers will take on the Golden State Warriors sent tonight's in game six of their playoff series. The clippers lead the series leader -- so if they beat the warriors tonight they win and move on in the playoffs. And that started -- at 930 tonight you'll be really cool. Since Donald Sterling can't ago. And it he always had a courtside seats. If they had a black guy sitting in his seat. That would be really ought to be kind of a slap in the face with it. Here's or W you'll pretty -- my opinion poll tonight should parents allow their teenagers to be on the -- Jazz -- 55% say no. And 45% say yes. Give your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com and we'll update on that as we -- that -- on our. Showed an Ivory Coast polls we've sort our show should teenagers be allowed to be on the wrong. -- -- -- You know you go with your teenagers. To view. -- -- -- Do you let them go often there is -- something like Jazz Fest. Or -- an event like that is it's safe to -- two kids go and what rule would you have what one rule which you have. When he came to your teenagers going off on their own. I remember years ago before cellphones yeah I told I am I actually with the Jazz Fest before they were cellphones. And everybody used to have. Meetingplace it was the flight poll did beat the flagpole at the fairgrounds. So we like before you leave -- nearly 2 hours or 3 o'clock or 13 whenever whenever the tiniest. Let's meet the flight poll. And I am I I saw the flag pole and -- -- what should have applied just noticed it this past weekend edited it just didn't seem like it had the importance that it does it points -- it was like to epicenter. Of of the fairgrounds and Jazz -- every year. But what one rule which you have and this might give some advice to parents. Who were going to be a Jazz Fest with their with their teenagers. What advice would you have. Two parents who were reluctant teenagers go in if if you have teenagers and you let them loose on their own it it Jazz Fest. What ruled the half. And if you would like your teenagers lose what would concern you about your teenagers being on the -- At something like Jazz Fest. If you are join us over the -- tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And the text oversee 77. Here's a text that reason one rule not to talk to a fool like you. -- you could show my picture. You -- show my picture on our web page at W a google.com to look at is if you see this guy a chance best don't talk to him. So I guess that could be 11. Rule for your teenagers. On this is -- show glad to witness tonight we have a New Orleans winner. In our 1000 dollar vacation cash contest and our congratulations to -- them on -- of New Orleans. -- 11000 dollars in our nationwide vacation cash contest. You can win -- this goes to show you that you can win right here in -- -- just listened to WWL weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word you hear the code word that literate and text it to seven to 81. Text it to seven to 81 chance to win without even putting your phone -- every week date four lucky winners nationwide and a thousand dollars each. And we never charged for text him but he individual plans and data rates may apply. Remember to listen weekdays right before the top of the hour news in this -- tomorrow 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM and good luck for the sport radio intercom and FE WL. To liberals are talking about a federal grand jury making a decision that an Applebee's restaurant in San if they can set of fame in New Mexico. Did not break any laws when it served the man who got drunk and killed two young women on the way home. I don't hold the restaurant responsible. -- -- the man responsible. And I understand the argument that once. Somebody gets drawn. They really don't make wise decisions. But he is it getting drunk in the first place isn't that a conscious decision that an individual makes. I've always been bothered by this trend that America. -- holds. Bars and restaurants. And holds. Individual servers. Waiters bartenders. Waitresses holds them accountable. If somebody gets gets to -- And I think about sometimes the places that that I go to -- it's it's very crowd it. Why should the bartender. Or a waiter or waitress why should somebody like that be responsible for me. Mean their responsibility is to serve me drink. Now I would think that from an ethical and moral standpoint. Any server. Any manager of restaurant Barney placed -- search alcohol anybody in that position. Should have the moral ethical responsibility to say. To somebody you've had too much to drink I'm not gonna serve you again. Now if you have been in the service industry or -- in the service industry now has -- ever cut somebody off. And if you cut somebody off what kind of reaction did you different. Even though the reaction might not be congenial. I hope that you would would stick with that but if you've had inexperience cutting somebody off -- is something that happens -- what is the what is the reaction. The average person who you you cut off -- under standard did they get mad at you. To join a -- like our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890870. At a tech's number. Is -- 78 Saturday. Here's a text that reads a north of Memphis. Driving your coming -- loud and clear will drive carefully issue. And your destination north of Memphis or wherever you are across the country we do welcome you to the -- showed tonight. On WWL. If you do what -- join us for the conduct our numbers 2601870. Or toll free number. Is 86688. Ninths early Saturday at a tech's number. Is a 77%. Of VW a pretty -- opinion poll tonight should parents allow their teenagers. To be on their own address fast. Or any big event like that which you -- your teenagers go off on their own. Can -- opinion by going to WWL dot com and we'll give you an update on that when we come back after this break. It's the -- show like from New Orleans on Thursday night. -- WL the -- in Baton Rouge during this legislative session this week has given final approval to a bill that would allow speed cameras on Louisiana's interstates. Are you okay without. Now it would there would there be. At some point would there be an invention that would would be the in the equivalent of a radar detector would there be a camera detector that you could one day buy for your car. And I I still find it interesting that. That we manufacture things in this country that we have the freedom to manufacture things that actually help people break the law when a radar detector. So would you be against speed cameras on the interstate because it might make it a little more difficult for YouTube to speed. It wouldn't be the only reason you would be opposed to the the cameras. I don't like the idea of of cameras being used to generate. Revenue. Whether it's red light cameras or cameras of the interstate however. Speed is a problem on the interstates. And only here but around the country. And I don't know if I have I have a problem with red light cameras because. There's a moment of human judgment. And you might be doing the right thing you should do. And assessing the situation as a human being you might be doing the right thing and intersection. And you might end up getting a ticket I think that's the reason it's unfair to intersection. But is there any reason why on. Speed cameras. One interstates. Should be legal. Or again would you be upset because. It would take away. The opportunity to speed. If you wanna join rusher with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text number is 87870. Coming up in in effect would -- go to the next break. I heard something last night I saw video last night. And I heard somebody saying. Somewhere over the rainbow. Which I don't know whether it's because execute or it's just that kind of -- but I always get chills when you're somewhere over the rain. I guess it's the message of the of the song as well. But I heard somebody sing it last night I saw the video. And I was absolutely blown away. It's the best version of somewhere over the rainbow I've ever heard. We're gonna give you little sample of that when we go into the break. And I wonder if you could. Guess who it is. Here's an update on our W a project about people tonight should parents allow their teenagers to be on their -- Jazz -- 54% say no and 46%. So yes -- it just switched. Now 44% say no and 56%. Say yes they would allow their teenagers to be on their own and Jazz Fest. If you do what you're teenagers go off on their own what. What are the rules do you have one specific rule. Give a sure thing by going to our web site WW dot com that's the -- we're tracking throughout the school children night. Here is a text -- to fourteen to Jazz -- use lots of sun screen. Here's another text him before my sixteen year old daughter Trixie. I can believe jazz past or any party and drive home I may occur. Call me first. And see the ABC's. I always can tell. If she's too impaired to drive and it works. Only and -- she's. She's sixteen. I guess that's it for a pretty good -- are treated -- this is something else that you can do with cellphones. You know with with a cellphone I thought about this the other day. You can call. Are you could call Simonyi and cellphone and you don't know where they are we that could be anywhere. You can call your kids on a cellphone and they can say while mom dad on here they're really not where they say they are there really someplace else. But couldn't you always make them take a picture. Of where they are right there and an emailed it to you. And he served time I don't know enough about it to know if -- says there's a time -- on net with that would they be. Would they be at a time on that for example at the would you what you tweet it. But he sent to a a Twitter account because they can take a picture of himself somewhere. And have it on their camera and then dents in the picture later would there be a way to. Two. To determine exactly what time the picture was sent in and you could you couldn't have them. Accountable for where they are if you wanna join our Charlotte with a comment about any of -- stuff we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths early simply Texas State 7870. I here's a text at three lanes on I 1060 miles per hour. I'm seventy mile an hour lane eighty mile an hour -- and ticket for going too slow in the lane causing traffic. Here's another text that breeds. I thought I heard the states wasn't allowing the speed cameras on interstates all the latest I have is that it's it's still moving through actually had my information is that now it's. It's waiting for Bobby Jindal some signature. Should -- speak cameras. On the interstates. And also we're talking about whether or not you should allow your teenagers to be off on their own. -- -- And what ruled you have if you let him off on their numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which -- A text numbers 877. -- here's here's -- just a sample. -- somewhere over the rainbow which night I saw on the video last night for the first time. And a person who singing I had no idea this is the best version of somewhere over the rainbow I've ever heard. Listen to it's if you know who it is and we'll tell you who it is we come back after the spring contributed -- well. Yeah. It's. I guess are we gonna do we're gonna we're gonna stop us now hi John but let's cue this up to somewhere over the rainbow will do we come out of the break. -- -- -- -- -- -- takes awhile for to buildup now I want to get to the point where she singing somewhere over the rape. This is the -- show and we'll be right back into -- W well. I heard this last night. And a video. This is the best version I've ever heard in I was so surprised that you were singing yeah. Mean I. And then. No idea. Hard to -- that Libya tonight. Effect they've got a couple of text here fiancee Lisa quiche fantasia Lauren -- But somebody said it sounded like -- so somebody our audience figured out. From Covington Greg here on the -- shown to be WL. Hey it's compatibility could make. Guys just got back from Jazz -- with my idea of forty year old granddaughter did not let her. -- around by. I think that was wise and you wouldn't trust. Great time and politically what a great day. It was beautiful and you know you like a kid can't solve -- international. School -- arts programs of that. We're walking out to just went nuts and cheered string cheese and like I am really. We both stand and it was great it was a crowded today. No it was -- You can bet there were kind of -- and it was just sit in the first. One you know it. Good acts as commuters. -- -- You know it's it's but it's the date it's dedicated to attempt to locals -- did you know that a lot of people go there and they're not locals. Mentally you know. Well I'm a local legal and corporate -- that's an 86 -- -- a late starter but. You -- market. The old one -- -- the wrong but at -- New -- and the rule is. You know if you should your girlfriend -- brands. The analytical CU whatever last year it was Dave Matthews I had to intact contact and -- actually every thirty. We gotta expect people we went out and probably behind them and and LC OK turnaround right tree. You know and -- and should go that you could be. Greg guy I appreciate the call I've got to get your break nationalistic I think that's a good idea. I have regular intervals where you have to put eyes on your kids if you like UT's -- suggests to -- is that something that you would do what you teenager. Off on his or her own -- Jazz Fest we'll talk about that when we come back.