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May 1, 2014|

Tonight on the Scoot show: A Federal jury decided Applebee’s restaurant in New Mexico did not break any laws when it served a man whose drunk-driving crash killed 2 young women. Should bars and restaurants be held responsible if someone gets drunk in their business then leaves and gets in an accident?

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And it's not an incredibly pleasant evening for the first day of may it's just phenomenal and today was a beautiful day for the local -- Jazz Fest. The second weekend of Jazz Fest is underway we've got the full Jazz Fest lineup on our website plus if Europe against us virgin that this is your first Jazz Fest experience. Now we've got some information about it what you can bring with you which you can't bring with you and there's some advice on surviving a Jazz -- because you know your -- you're out there on your own in their few things that you should know before you get to yourself. If you are in another part of the country heading to New Orleans so you can go to our website WW multi count. And get that information also a fear fear of your local going to Jazz Fest always good to. To remind yourself let's of the things that you should not forget to if you had to guess that's. But here's one of the things we're talking about tonight should parents allow they're teenagers. To be loose and on their -- And Jazz -- and it's interesting text -- this -- two -- some of those here in just a moment. And that's our -- give you a project by opinion poll tonight should parents allow their teenagers to be on their own -- fast. This doesn't happen very often but right now it's it's 505050%. Say no and 50%. Say yes. What are what -- the one -- be if you were to what you're teenagers or if you have -- your teenagers off on their own interest as what's the what's the one most important rule. And for those who have teenagers you might give them a good idea about what role they might have -- a -- teenager off on their old. Also we've been talking about. How to use a cell phone to make sure that your teenagers I checked in with you. Packers again she can do this with a boyfriend girlfriend or husband or spouse because you you know. You don't always know where somebody is when they pick up their cellphone. But if you had been used and I got a suggestion on this and attacks if you had to use facetime. You would know that there are where they say they are at that moment. That would be a way of checking up on somebody because you'd really you can use the -- could be any -- another city. As a but he cautions that run on. I'm right at all but you're not really at home and -- teenagers instead of being a one party could be in another party or for somewhere else but if you use facetime that would be one way to hold them accountable for -- where they are. And if you worked -- your teenagers -- Jazz Fest. What would be a big concern what what is your concern about something like Jazz Fest and letting. You're teenagers loose and on their own a Jazz -- obviously while you're on the ground as well. If you wanna join Russia with your comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. And -- -- number 87870. Here's a text that reads. So they cannot lied to me. They have tried. But I took a screen shots. And used it as evidence to punish them -- -- four girls seventeen. 1514. And thirteen. There's a place. In heaven for you. Also a federal jury has decided not to hold Applebee's accountable and Applebee's restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Not to hold the Applebee's restaurant accountable for breaking any laws. When they -- demand who got drunk and then killed two young women on his way home do you think restaurants bars and servers should be held accountable. If a customer gets drunk and gets in an accident on the way home that's something else were talking about and tonight and that's this could block tonight it's about the nanny state. We always hear this talk about a nanny state. And I think holding bartenders and and restaurants and bars and and people like that I I think holding them accountable for somebody who gets too drunk. Isn't that part of the nanny state. We can stop the nanny state but we have to do it first of all we have to realize that we -- the recent. That it. It happened in the first place. Yes you and me all of us collectively are the reason we've developed into a nanny state. You can read the blog and share with others give us your comments it's on our website at WWL dot -- also in Baton -- the senate has given final approval to a bill that would allow speed -- -- Louisiana's interstates. Should Bobby Jindal signed the bill. Do you support speed cameras on the interstates. We got a text a moment ago who's gonna pay forum even though we don't want them. Well. That the money that they will generate. Will pay for the cameras. And give money to any city that puts -- these cameras. On the interstate for travelers -- through that area. Now are you opposed to the cameras because. It's gonna make it more difficult for you to get -- for speeding. Or you posted the cameras on some other grounds out to join our -- -- right are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seventy. At a text over is 878 -- from the North Shore Hank you're -- to be giving -- real good evening. David. I'm against the cameras don't understand. -- tag -- You know it is starting out you know oh monitoring lead. But. To have that kind of camera you don't. You're going to know where everybody's -- it and win memory I -- -- -- like the movie -- mistake that you see that. Yeah I and I saw that a long time ago I don't remember that much about it. Okay well we tolerate a situation where. Two private key business and and what not cameras and everything being in BP to get yourself does the fact that own. The government can what -- -- those. You can only think that you committed a prominent -- much and they -- -- Records from your carrier and and but it can triangulate. Your whereabouts during certain periods. They're different cell towers. So they can do that but just imagine okay. Art -- -- camera and then it's probably getting beyond had to where you have. A little. Device on your car. That monitors. When you pass a certain point -- in many -- another point you don't even need a camera just. And if you had to if you have a cellphone it isn't it too easy for somebody to to track where you are within the GPS technology. Well would that they unless you know maybe Internet site acting in. -- AT&T'S. System but that's still let's quiet it. In Prague does that and they can only can only do that within a certain match both here you're talking about. Government having cameras and Kate you're every movies well. David yeah I it would be it would be it's my understanding that it would be easy municipalities. Are aware of the interstates there you go through -- would have the camera so -- that would be local that would be local government. Well -- that -- start start men and the next thing going to be. Every you know. Every so far on the -- you know throughout throughout the state noticed that it is Oprah -- did you repelling down at. I mean. -- in -- -- it's actually more dangerous. For a vehicle to be going speed lemon and circumstances. I mean you -- ever gone interstate chain and owned and. Well it it shouldn't be dangerous to go the speed limit. Well that that is the speed limit is designed for the worst drops. And you know it is. OK so you don't hang out -- you don't -- what you don't portable biggest treatment. Now that that's not. I'd say it is it's. Over -- from the standpoint of how much government -- talent what you're talking about. You touched down last night with a capital punishment as far as you know totalitarian. Type of government. Oppressive type of government yet again analyze less crime -- -- by friendly government just how much government. How much you -- Big Brother you know looking at your everybody's. Just for the sake of lowering speed lemon. You know our our lowering these violations of the speed. Are you are you concerned about surveillance cameras that are now in as so many different places. I'm. We can't -- it's like individual. Companies are like that I think that the legitimate purpose and yet she can. -- -- -- go back after the fact -- and it's a crime committed but there it is not the government. It's it's so cooperation. Private businesses -- -- I'm not so much concern about camera being everywhere. Beat senate seat that businesses have a legitimate. Read and have a camera something that the ominous reality of the state Louisiana has a legitimate. We even have a camera. Monitoring never. -- do you think it's more about attracting people more by just generating revenue through the sickness. I think it's starting -- with revenue but I think it's real and it's it's immediately shut due to abuse practically. Where it's the government that they're doing it -- I talked about the. What of the cell. Panic going back after the fact. Looking at city. Okay they got. Probable call -- that an individual and very suspect to get a subpoena. Issue about court again is that a cell phone provider he'd get that record that's one thing but if the government. All each side had control. To determine. Everybody's whereabouts through cell phone records about any kind of surely -- I haven't gotten to. I'm gonna have to move on -- what would the difference -- between. A city having these cameras out on the interstate going to there. Dear city property. What would be the difference between that and and cellphones mean they wouldn't be acting on behalf of the federal government sounds like you're concerned more about the federal government. Now I'm concerned abuse. About abuse you need government and it. Any any level particularly that the state government you know we all we already can't cameras that monitor traffic -- we have. Cameras that intersection. That can't. Provide a certain amount information how many cameras. You know do we need how many cameras do the have to have out there. You know and of course argument always look -- -- -- and and talent what you alluded to you about you know what. You know would be wanna violate -- -- -- well that's that's not that's not the issue. You can make that -- darkness. For -- -- you're within the -- problem you know that Aetna. The only way to I had you know a lot of people agree with you -- a lot of people share your opinion what concerns me about what you said earlier was that. That driving the speed limit. Is is dangerous because and that's because so many people were speeding and it should never be dangerous to drive the statement. I mean if if it's dangerous to drive the speed limit the problem is. Not with the person who's driving the speed limit the problem is that everybody else. -- the problem. With traffic engineering. And and and postings certain statements are no -- it is the problem is people not only being and that -- and it its about people not obeying the law. -- -- and are posted for parts of the -- that's true I'm sure that's true. When they drop the speed -- when we're inside you're going along but it mile an hour speed limit. And they have signed you know would would no warning it just dropped it down considerably. You know of that so local municipality trying to you know create the night and an. I think we're you know especially when your when your -- say year your own I'd divided highway and then you go down to -- -- a four lane on divided highway or even two lane highway going to a city in the speed limit goes from 55. Suddenly to -- 35 or 25. If you really have to pay attention. But the appoint his tank. Whether you like the speed limit or not it's daycare and if you don't want to follow the speed limit you don't have to draw. Driving is a privilege not a right. What I totally agree -- you care where what we're talking about how how do you or -- And I am -- insane cameras. Our our ports -- as foreign and enforcement. Of -- speed limit and there are so many. There. It's a slippery slope there's so many other things that -- that these cameras can be used for. To monitor someone's movement. When there's no do. Well Rihanna is yet to be honest with -- I'm glad that there was a law firm that had the surveillance camera when I was jumped and the police the government could go to that company and say hey can you find this. Did you find this tape and about this time did you go back on the tape and give us a copy of it. It didn't lead to any restaurant fortunately but I'm glad that they -- -- I I enjoy our conversation and a lot of people agree with you here senate text that reads. Escude he is so wrong the speed limit is the maximum speed one can go keepsake levels of control. Yeah I have a problem with this idea that it's the speed limit. I would agree with tank and speed limits are sometimes sent. I'm in order to. Make it easy to give you a ticket and as you know if you listen to the issue on a regular basis I totally oppose this idea of of government. Depending on people to break the law in order to generate revenue. However. I do have a problem with the number of people who speed. And speeding and tailgate. And one reason I think a lot of people are gonna oppose these cameras. Is because they wanna continue to speech. If you wanna join Russia with your comment tonight -- stay with us and coming right back with your calls if you wanna join us tonight with your comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And I text Amber's late 7870. We're also talking about whether or not parent should allow their teenagers to go off on their own Jazz Fest. -- -- Debbie WL party Jack about people give -- -- opinion by going to WW real dot com we'll give you an update on that poll. When we come back after this break -- the WL. -- this was a big hit back into. In the 1980s. -- He warned us about the problem the cameras. If you wanna join the cure for the -- tonight on numbers 26 zone. What makes them. Told creates -- 6890. Saturday. 67870. -- here's a story from WWL dot com website speed cameras in other automated speed speed speed enforcement's. Devices will be prohibited on Louisiana interstates. If governor Bobby Jindal assigned agrees to sign with. I -- OK so maybe I had this backwards. Governor Jindal consigned -- -- you know I did I actually I had this back -- -- are right right stuff and it it's actually backwards so. But the speed cameras that would be a ban on speed cameras on the interstate -- -- to correct that the question is should there be campers. On the interstate why would you oppose cameras on the interstate. We're also talking about a federal jury in New Mexico. Saying that Applebee's the restaurant in -- of -- One is which -- responsible for a man who got too drunk. Should restaurants and waiters and waitresses be responsible somebody gets to -- And here's our WWL project what people civilians were talking about tonight the second we get a chance to -- is under way should parents allow their teenagers. To be on their -- a Jazz Fest 55%. Say no. And 45% say yes commissioner opinion by going to our web site of the -- you will not count. How we are so happy to have Angela -- as part of our radio family and a VW -- she's got some great stuff coming up on her show tomorrow at 1 o'clock if you owner operated small business in Louisiana. Our tax free Internet sales. Hurting you -- business leaders say that Internet sales are putting local retailers out of business and their backing the marketplace fairness act. Do you. Also at 2 o'clock let's have fun Friday she does is every Friday Angela talk about the phony events this weekend including a visit from spud McConnell. For three WL the afternoon show they're. And his latest theatrical role in driving miss Stacy then at 3 o'clock. He got a favorite -- cocktail they replaced drink it. An open mind with the legendary -- hill tomorrow and weekdays one to force Iran to VW well from Slidell Keith you're on the -- showed good evening. -- First. A definitely a people speeding through. Are there a law and New Mexico called the drum -- clear. Is Collette that it's called the bullet would keep our shop here okay it would Sydney. What that mean is any any art center. That serve somebody. Beer. And make use them because they're -- A bartender responsible for what that it. You guys that we Louisiana except when -- around much of the country the question -- -- -- should it be that one. -- You know I truly believe it should be -- You know when your. Crush. Owner or -- -- you know charm beer or -- on -- when -- serve beer sir Terry. EU. Have to check them for their I'd first stop for the lock out the door and it nurtured drop you're not vote sure. Me either. But in in a in a place like a convenience store would be locked it would be a lot easier to spot somebody who's really intoxicated in -- in a cry of warning and -- are also in a crowded bar. And -- and also T there are some people who hold their liquor better than others so there actually. Too drunk to drive that may not show it and you're asking. A bartender to be a baby -- and to make that judgment call. While I don't think the laws correct. I do I tell you whether you serve alcohol you're sure you're at all like governor govern. There and you're responsible for what you do an actor and what what you serve alcohol you're responsible or what happens. When you serve bad. I I think that turns this into a nanny state. Well you know how tired are you interpret that there are known to -- people. Dad. Got hurt because somebody else. But it was a fall to the person who drank too much now. And all pertinent. -- Did the bar forced him to drink it'd be asked to drink they didn't. But it still. While -- I disagree I think it's I think it's wrong to use -- personal responsibility towards. Law furlongs on -- does that mean it just. As well. I don't agree that Canada is certainly an opinion. Another thing on the highway in years those highways and total loans. Our (%expletive) beat traps so the Purdue and all that well actually. -- Federal highways run in their chairmanships. Bunker. Which really makes the federal government responsible for those. -- The straight. OPEC is a federal highway is supposedly. -- -- -- -- So you would you you would support and the federal government putting cameras on interstates. There there there. Now right. I keep I enjoyed our conversation I I totally disagree with you although a lot of people do agree with you a lot of people think it's it's up to the business. To determine whether or not somebody's -- too much to drink and I just I think we're asking. How bartenders and servers and waiters and waitresses -- decree asking businesses to be our babysitters. Are guardians when we go out. It's our responsibility. And what about the complication of somebody getting somebody drink at the bar and bringing it over to a table. The bartender doesn't even see the person and the person gets to drop. Oaxaca the bartender be responsible to bartender didn't even put -- on the person. Who kept getting drinks from different. You see -- that's kind of a dangerous long. From river ridge Walter you're on WWL. -- and thank you for taking part call and I Duchardt cue -- that statement just now. -- -- and Marco Island in the state situation. You know. Like a brother scenario. It. Its stock saw where. Cameras on the interstate. That's got to spread -- -- and each end to major intersection. And it's gonna go to cameras on every street. -- Like what you are -- at. All entities can get that. So that's. Government. -- -- -- -- -- -- Collect tickets. Based on camera apparently -- -- you'd hire more people. But what -- well revenue what does the revenue generated compensated for the extra expenditure. Well in the end it probably will but it people who aren't out. It's probably gonna start slow and. Because Walter what if everybody if everybody starts to Obey the law and see this is one of the things that I find. But wrong with a system that depends on people breaking the law. -- in order to generate revenue for a city or our state. -- what if everybody obeyed the law which is I guess ideal then cities and states would be even -- than they are now. Well you got -- point there has not dark about it. So everybody if everybody catches on to -- their speed cameras if there were speakers. And if everybody obeyed the laws and the cameras wouldn't pay for themselves. Well that's true. You know there's no doubt about that but hit hard by Bryan -- of -- at all. Travels salesmen -- urged our people in April and not that interstate. They don't want so much to aristocratic yet we're on. Our own. But that doesn't mean they should speed. To a certain. -- I mean it -- -- Certainly. Elements. That's a that's a personal decision that you have to make based on on driving conditions your ability to drive and the vehicle you're -- that's a that's a personal decision but. And nobody has to go over the speed limit. Are your. Thoughts to what you sent to. On the that we. I'm not murders. There are our minds that he used. Revenue. -- -- more people in sports law. And instead of put them on ways to go -- And criminal people. Wanna put him off speaking. At -- monitor -- them. Our church in their own you know. I like the New York -- that help identify criminals. As -- as. And while waiting to bodily didn't lead to arrest I was glad -- the numerous police department and video of four guys that attack to be in the -- and they got that from. A private law firm. Revere and appreciate the year the company giving him that that information unfortunately that lead to arrest. While there I got to move dominant political pressure if you're on hold stay witness for coming right back with all of your calls. And all of your text. WL a federal jury has decided that an Applebee's restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico did not break any laws when it served a man who got drunk and killed two young women on the way home. Do you think restaurants and bars and servers should be held accountable when a customer gets drunk and gets in an accident. -- discuss blog tonight is titled we must stop the nanny state mentality. And I think holding bartenders in businesses accountable for our behavior. As citizens. Is perpetuating the nanny state. I'm you can read the blog -- share with others give us your comments it's -- WWL dot com and also should be our FaceBook page and part of that conversation. At W radio -- -- to to some of those comments in just a little while we're also talking about -- -- governor Bobby Jindal should sign a bill that would prohibit speed cameras on interstates in Louisiana. Why would you oppose speed cameras on the interstates. Are you really concerned about its your right to privacy or do you wanna continue to be able to speed. I'm here is sent to I I love this I love this mentality. Here's a text I find slower drivers are more dangerous than someone going AD. Well that may be the case. But nobody has to go eighty it to speed limits 88 didn't go eighty. But if the speed limit is 65. What's the justification for going over the speed on -- you really have to. I'm trying to be this goody -- citizen and I'm not telling you that I always. Abide by the speed laden and I don't remember the last time I got out. A speeding ticket or moving violation -- I try to be careful but what's the justification. For going over the speed. And should there be speed cameras on the interstates for Bay Saint Louis grants you're on the -- shown to be a bureau. A group of what you. -- -- about it K so this still. Saw. And solemn day. In -- list -- more. But they do it there in the woods across street from my house. All. You know I used to see added this is amazing that I used to see there was a park in one of the place I lived to downtown Denver there was -- municipal park across the street and they were actually a Fox's. It in the neighborhood. What they broke state there. There have long ago the optical -- yeah or in the states I think there should be. They should get in the state for the sport the sport at that particular although it is. In the morning. Just like a prison. System in this country in the money where -- That means slow process. I think you look at night I agree with all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. Withdrawal. School and crew to do you know how broke fuel efficient certain you'd. And you know grant -- I thought on -- on a moral and ethical ground yet out bartenders and servers. If they see somebody who is obviously drunk. Cut him off don't continue his servant. But -- hole so are legally responsible for your decision to get drunk I think that's wrong. It's it's obvious yet but you know people can drink like a fish in -- game early grow some friends. -- exactly and while. -- -- I think it's ridiculous to throw home to even think about Georgian. The bartender. On -- like -- I mean if you drink all -- long and -- your -- people. You know. Now it's true -- I'm glad you called assure you of agreed ninety and and they Saint Louis and I'm I'm you know I'm sure you are excited to see of the foxes and their third their little babies. Source I know foxes are gonna are gonna hurt you know probably is a scary of course if if you know if you live in an area where there Fox's I've. I would leave my cat or dog outside in a small can't or don't like it would leave an outside to to law here's text that suggest. That there did bar should have brothel license. Would you wanna have a breast allies are with you. So you can determine whether or not you're too drunk to drive would that make you more conscious. About drinking and driving. But the ultimate question is should bars and restaurants and servers be responsible if you drink too much. This is -- show. And we'll be right back with more comments into the WL and -- money you disable this for the entire hour we're trying to work things out our show now so we have time to get a call in or two or gets a text messages before the top of the hour news. Our first saint Bernard parish Patrick here on the -- shown to be WL. Pay it thank stick my culture -- A couple of issues with the with the traffic camera situation. -- at all if it was so. Important to have it to control. The traffic in and do not -- could not come across any money grab. In the traffic ticket that you received. We. It's set up -- -- parking violation. So if you pour on the street that all the newly -- import. So to me that that money it's not about traffic safety it's about in. Well I don't think there's any question day it's it's about income but I think the opposition comes from a lot of people because they. They they don't want their. Opportunity to speed taken away. Well. In that might be decay but I've got pro I've gotten video pro. Alt key and Portman operative principle could be -- wouldn't be able to be impaired. -- -- And that's -- me if I usually see it too pricey -- two -- If -- if somebody in law enforcement. Is responding to a call. Points your lights -- and would there be reason to not put the lights on. And let people know pitcher are on a call they are our police officers who break the law. And no they can get away with it because they're police officers. Right I got out got one but it video collect and how. Born down in the city at all -- hundred mama. He had -- video. Got got the video and I have a copy of Miguel worn out. Hot I can't -- to figure out how you logistically did that well. Well you took a video and in this cars going by you and news showed how fast you were going. Back. -- you driving at the time yeah. You think that there are dangerous. But but does it isn't it dangerous for you to do. Oh what -- different leader now. -- and you played about them doing something dangerous if you're doing something dangerous. That they get the orbit short. Let's sounds like an excuse to do something dangerous well no excuse and OK for them to do it why can't do. The tax -- and up and I'm gonna take you back to your childhood and I'm sure -- -- still is elected somebody jumped off a bridge you gonna jump off a bridge too. A knee you don't do something just because somebody else does something you do what you think is right. And not totally agree with -- I understand but but the fact that the point of bent on trying to debate is that you know I'd be continually. Go mob Apollo for a total -- -- -- But you're videotaping all of this of India attack but your video and you videotaping your it is your speedometer what you're driving. That's not safe. That's crazy. Well it's just like you said before you got people that are competent to be awarded and it got people at that bill. You know I can't walk -- bar. But that doesn't mean pocket video of the -- -- that's not a bit. I I'm not sure I'm not gonna recommend that anybody do what you did although the evidence that you seem to have seems to be rather interesting. I'm gonna get -- Did you hold the show here's a guy videotaping constantly that they're speeding and he's taking videotape. Of him driving the cops beating and is but -- striving.