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May 1, 2014|

A Federal jury decided Applebee’s restaurant in New Mexico did not break any laws when it served a man whose drunk-driving crash killed 2 young women. Should bars and restaurants be held responsible if someone gets drunk in their business then leaves and gets in an accident?

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The second weekend of Jazz Fest 2014. Got under way today a sensational day as far as the weather is concerned. I talk to somebody earlier it was hairs that are really wasn't that crowded traditionally -- Thursday visited the local day it's not as crowded as the other days. Weekend is probably going to be very crowded. Not only great performers so once again this weekend but also the weather's just going to be sensational and it's a very very comfortable night especially from may first in this part of the country. We've got the full Jazz Fest lineup on our website at WWL dot com you can check that out printed out and -- figure out to what stage one of the Intifada or figure out which state issue wanna go to. When you're on a no matter you're gonna play yourself you couldn't get the whole schedule on our website at WW dot com. A -- we're also talking about whether or not parents should allow their teenagers to be loose and on the role. And Jazz Fest. That's a WW a pretty general thing people should parents allow they're teenagers to be on their own Jazz Fest. For a 54%. Say no and 46%. Say yes. Give -- shipping by going to our web site WW dot com. And if you do what you teenagers lose what what's one of the rules that you think it's important. And you might give parents who have teenagers who one of the often considered -- -- a certain point. Don't hang out with mom or dad. And they wanna go off on their own that they bring a friend and then there are gonna wanna go often is it okay if we go off on their own. And -- fast again give us your opinion to our web. A poll by going to WWL dot com and all of nature and that again in just a few minutes but if you if you do let him loose. They go off on their own what's what's a good rules that you have for your teenagers. And also if you don't want them to be off on their own. What are you concerned about. It in a -- like Jazz -- what would concern you the most. If you wanna join Russia with a -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths early Saturday -- taxable receipts 7870. By the Los Angeles Clippers are playing Golden State -- Golden State this is game six in their playoff series. The clippers won the other night at home in Los Angeles Clippers lead the series three -- so the clippers beat the warriors tonight. They win. The playoff series with the lawyers and don't move on in the playoffs -- will give you an update on that to a game suits are going on tonight also joint we're talking about. We're talking about in the nanny state here in America. And I think you would die. Maybe not you specifically -- me specifically. But UN I have created this nanny state. We've allowed it to happen we've we've tolerated. And I think part of of the the mentality of the nanny state. Has supported this idea. That. If a bartender. -- a business. Bar restaurant. Serve somebody so much they get drunk and get an action on the way home. That the establishment is responsible. Should that be the case. And next. As far as I know that's the law. But should that be the law. Isn't that creating the nanny state is in that part of it. You're asking bartenders and waiters and waitresses. And businesses to be our guardians when we go -- A morally and ethically. Of course if somebody is is obviously drunk they shouldn't be served. Put to put that legal responsibility. On a business. Or a surfer. I think is wrong because see it's it's circumstance personal responsibility. The ultimate responsibility is a horse. And where dissident. You know that the focus is on. Driving home. Well what happens if somebody gets too drunk at a place and goes home in beats his wife beats his kids. -- falls down the stairs. But he also go and and blame the bar for that is well. -- blog tonight is -- is about how we can do something about the nanny state but we have to recognize that we're part of it. It's titled we must stop the nanny state mentality. And that's on our web site right down WWL dot com you can read it shared a common aren't you like it says Debbie if you don't council support of our. FaceBook conversation at WWL radio a -- we've also been talking about. You know it's an interesting question should governor Bobby Jindal sign a bill that would prohibit. Speech cameras on interstates in Louisiana. And you oppose the speed their cameras because they're a money grab or do you oppose them because. Well it's gonna make it more difficult for you to speak. Here's a -- -- the only reason a speeders say that slower drivers are more dangerous is because the speeders. Can't stop in time. Consider breaking the law. Now this idea that they're slower drivers are more dangerous than speeders it means your debt may be a lot of truth to that. But it's still a justification for speed. And -- the speed limit is 65 nights a medical earlier said. That. They shouldn't have to drive the speed limit because it's too slow. Well then. Maybe find a way to try to change the law. But that the law is is. The laws there and aren't you supposed to follow the law offer battery Brian your WWL. Dispute about the nanny they only give my occasional why I don't think -- and and I think that being read and if you. Political correctness brigade and you have the perpetually offended. And people create shots. Artists such a large portion of the voting bloc that day and -- -- EC. Complex problems. -- -- -- -- to -- -- apologetic about it you have to look at it rationally and optically. And meet people it's a little bit that maybe it doesn't agree with that there world view. -- -- -- And it and it says it's not a problem I mean if it's great inhibitor of ideas when you have the professional and it and political correctness brigade. You know I don't know five. I mean I guess I can understand -- and direct connection between political correctness and the nanny state when it comes to things like well. Obesity is such a problem so we're gonna limit the number of sixty no -- she device sugary drinks or corporate or things like that. I just I think it's wrong for honest to put so much emphasis on others watching us as opposed to us being held accountable for our actions. -- it and we try to beyond apologetic. Compound in -- -- get caught people you know -- that got people order. -- problem they get it in ago quietly. That there I do know that there is a problem with calling people out on things and and discuss -- something we've talked about concerning a cigarette -- -- later. If if I saw somebody throw a cigarette out on the ground and I said something to them about doing that. I'm sure they would become very defensive. And may be sort of verbal confrontation with me and yet they should not have what what are what are they defending. Their defense -- themselves littering. Well I mean luckily caught people I don't mean doing and a very nightmare and I don't mean you know being. Being you know -- about it. -- -- -- -- It's it's weird situation. You know maybe -- maybe not pulled away. At work in Utah and picking up a little bit. It caught it. In the. Brian I'm glad you told Michelle that that's. I guess that's something that -- Really encourages. Lazy America you know real people don't wanna be. I called out whether it's of littering throwing a cigarette on the ground and that's something else related to our conversation tonight. Because it looks like there's going to be a new law that increases the penalty dramatically there for throwing a cigarette butt out of a car window. I'd like to think that that would account. Would apply to any later that -- of a car -- not just. A cigarette -- but we're also talking about that tonight by the way when we go to this next break in just a minute. I did this earlier shall I wanna do it again last night I saw video. Somebody singing somewhere over the rainbow. Title of the song that maybe goes back to my childhood but the song it gives me chills. I was stolen. That this particular person it's such a phenomenal job singing somewhere over the rainbow. I don't wanna share that with you we're gonna play part of it going into the break -- and after the break I'll tell you who it is and you might be able to guess who it is -- for Texas -- on this cute show on WWL. If you want good. I got two point person multiple partner and of course at all. A -- to me it boils down deep personal responsibility take personal responsibility. -- your own actions and when somebody says. Maybe eight bartender or server should be held responsible to -- it simply. My program because every time somebody is there drunken driving -- Lost it -- individual would be here and there's partner there's observer there's the bar there's the owner of the park. And it becomes completely and utterly will be about the -- it's not personal responsibility to. Good example the temple. Or -- -- -- -- action until bleacher days that bartender should be held responsible for how much and of course drains. -- you know he's simply. Serving him be eating in the -- An hour and -- I'd go to a lot of places that are very very crowded and sometimes. It's somebody gets somebody else or drinkable. What is the bartender doesn't actually seat the person who's getting that one drink that pushes them over the limit there's still going to be held accountable it just it just doesn't make sense to me. Lock it and say I want those shots you need like that -- is coming in all but -- -- walked out. The configurable in the park and are accountable for an action that you get beat -- And I pay into that people mind that -- night appointment don't take personal responsibility. For your match. You. I'm gonna try and that's beating the there's there's some reasons why I don't I don't like the idea of campus. And personally. -- its -- animation -- economy but that the the first and foremost in mind that. My son who went through liver transplant I had the rushed into hospital. -- can't get there have been a camera. Taking a picture of me and it would not have understood the reason why I was rushing to a hospital. And hear about it at great personal judgment you'd like to -- this speeding ticket in part ordered it to port in supporting him. They help time I'm Mike Dayton. The circumstances accept the big time can be in the fact my son. At pebble liver transplant I. I know a -- at that time I looked into it yet. There's people thought -- -- circumstance all the time or cure it I don't know what can you pass somebody you're going to be useful to speed up the good -- And now if you if you if you were speeding though when you taking your son of the hospital and you could have been pulled over by police officer and I'm sure he would have what you go. I'm better -- taken time that that moment I understand that the time issue but I would think that. If you showed if you -- you would have paperwork if you took your son of the hospital and you could show that the paperwork coincided with when you got the ticket and I'm sure you would not be penalized. Correct now however I'd I'm injured and fondly upon they have -- very few accidents. The boats are built or I like. But the -- that people don't owners ambulances does that mean Germany. People know how to drive perhaps on intangible -- access -- -- and thirty miles an hour. And here are talk and one person you're talking. I mean hundreds of people that are going on bond and what it comes down to it did it when they cite safety it's not true. It is simply and only in an -- -- to try and get money. Because. For the money it would take them like -- to make it legislation says it's at the state the issue at a stubborn -- -- And signed they can't have a transmitter that would just that governor -- To keep each -- that. -- -- In in in a place like Germany you know I've never been their bit and plays a Germany where there's the -- and in places like that where. There's an unlimited speed limit or not many but that's a very well known place. You know people grow up and today's larger drives and they are their condition just for that. I'd like to think that Americans could be disciplined enough to have that kind of situation but I'm not really sure. -- as a nation. We would be as organized. And is responsible if we had that kind of -- open highway. I think I would I would I would I would tend to agree with it. But they would have to start somewhere in the. And -- also bring up an interesting point about the studies that shielded. Speed contributes to accidents. You know that even goes for situations like. If it's if the speed limit 65. And it's raining. And somebody's going 55. Speed may have contributed to the accident because it was raining so speed goes down as a statistical reason. For the accident but in reality he wasn't somebody even going over the speed when he was driving too fast in that particular. Place. -- weather conditions were not right for even driving discreetly. OK you add up to speed limit was 65 and an injury. Or let's -- -- site itself. In check it. Somebody comes from the art moves down to sort Louisiana Mississippi. And I'll be able to do. But -- collect accurately and as. Soon as the convictions. And that person out. Well I might that I guess that the point is that prize. I do you couldn't have those restrictions on the cameras -- I wouldn't think you mean I guess technically naked and weather conditions into. -- into it but everybody would need to know what the speed limit would be I think that would get complicated. It's like we should not going over the speed limit it's really up to the individual. -- and your own personal responsibility drive the speed that you should be driving based on the conditions. So I think -- all purpose behind having an officer pull you over for speeding just understanding and -- them. That would justify what Egyptian he's beating her uptight I understand that some people don't think there's a reason to be beating but. If you had brought down the pharmacy again. You know medication for your daughter who had a deeper. They would let you go to camp out. Yeah I do understand that that police officers do allow the human. Factors human -- to come into play -- Rick I enjoyed our conversation with nationalistic while you're on the road in Texas. -- if you wanna join our show with your comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 26 don't. 1870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text number is 87870. Here's -- got a W a pretty general opinion poll tonight should parents allow their teenagers to be on the road a chance fast. Give your opinion by going to WW real dot com we'll give you an update on that we -- Mecca after this break. I always shared this I did this earlier but I was sick I was really amazed when I I heard this this singer. Doing somewhere over the rainbow -- I saw the video last night. And I was absolutely amazed. That this particular person it's such any I had no idea she had this kind of voice. Solution to this as we go into the break. And I'll tell you who it is who we come out of the break under -- WL. Yeah. Let's -- Did you figure out -- this -- Well. I. Okay -- This is this good show here's an update on -- having a -- -- party jaguar opinion polish your parents allow their teenagers to be on their own a Jazz Fest. 57%. Say no and 43% say yes you can give us your opinion by going to our web site. WW out of contour morning Tommy Tucker will continue this conversation about whether or not the the governor should sign a new law. It would prohibit speed cameras on interstates. You know what if they were sent it to a ninety a hundred or even. Higher also a Gallup poll shows that 40% of those in Louisiana would move out of the state if they could would you. And Tony will also talk about the final weekend Jazz Fest tomorrow morning wake up and feel good with Tommy Tucker. Tomorrow and weekday mornings from six to ten on WWL. From diamond head Ian you're on the -- showed needing. -- -- You comment on that all the servers liability for the -- actions of customers -- We've established and get on so put spam and the role. A enforceable law which is not Georgia being compensated for. Our servers are typically American or minimum wage -- Romanov tips. I'm sure I mean what's -- it's a step further should. Police officers on the beat in the French Quarter. Helped personally responsible for incidence. And exploded outside of the French Quarter. In -- the place's. I agree with you -- and morally ethically yes if if somebody sees somebody is just way too intoxicated then then. Don't server many walker don't cut him off I agree with that but to hold them legally responsible I think is is wrong. And -- light and support this federal jury in New Mexico but said that Applebee's. The restaurant in Santa Fe. Was not responsible because cigar guy drunken -- killed two young women on the way home and this is not support of drinking and driving at all and some people will misconstrue dissent. It's it's just really don't know how we should be responsible for our behavior. I am yeah out citizens. Optical -- Stunts sober panel -- -- someone -- kitten how to control my obligation. To try to control. You know awarded Euro on. And after that. Four speed cameras go -- the government has enough cameras. It's then displayed. Domestic espionage and spying on people that's part of how we held monitors character. -- work chaps and teachers. Places that for example more -- came. -- -- -- -- -- Hoover it. -- today we would certainly listen to talk about every night on national. We -- you don't mess -- your argument -- night the we'd be talking about the FBI director every night on the show. We -- This. It's -- for example when it came out witness and that's revelations that first. Court agreed. Shock that someone who had that much in side information. We're repeal much and he might have done the country -- service like some of the Vietnam War protesters did as far as disclosing the extent to which. -- climb into people's private business. Is under almost. He certainly did start what should be a very important conversation. And so -- I worked -- of people who wanted. Me and I'm I'm glad to port your political thanks listening to WW -- night. I'm from Texas Howard you're on this huge show. -- -- about these clear why -- covers it will defuse a camera picked -- total of election. Nobody had an amazing that your mother is the necessity of invention and today we can make things in this country that actually help people break the law like radar detectors. Now our big gum business side of bill prohibiting. The. I hate that it's up to him to decide whether or not decided to question issued the. Well. Think bottles equity we can all be trapped when we cannot go lose their jobs. This would be the universities. Or on interstate what NAFTA while people -- -- it would be terrible elected post speed traps. You know I I guess and it and then I wonder if there would be some kind of a device equivalent to a radar detector that would be a camera detector. Well that's right -- it has nothing mention well that's so that you know will be though I'd sign it because. We don't -- the tourism on the tour now Lisa has delivered Texas in the process first you get until -- of these cameras down I can't. I would never forgets. When I was in Hawaii I will never forget. Being pulled over by a highly state trooper. And when he asked me for registration. As soon as he saw not say this -- the right thing from to do but as soon as he saw that I was visiting and rent a car. He said okay we're just just just drive carefully he did not give me a ticket. And I always wondered if he didn't give me a ticket because he didn't want. Me as a visitor to have that memory of being annoyed. I think it would be a good idea produced troopers. That you adhesion. Like in Washington County what -- watched in a Louisiana you know launch site or non in all the little. Places they've really noticed that people with ticket cheap jokes and. Where you really where you really have to be careful is when you're going from. Say a four lane divided highway into a city and it merges into a two lane highway through the city. The speed limit can drop from 55. To 35 or 25 in a very very short distance illegally shifted I have to watch the speed limits. And also -- -- As quirky and old gold medal. Great to develop up offshore -- one place it's really get to speech. That mr. that he quick. In Jordan -- dispose of -- candidate. The French Quarter as a -- -- Howard are going to color -- thanks listing in Texas from mobile David you're under the WL. Please do. -- that is. -- -- -- -- to buy drugs drug. -- The beginning draw is not delete it -- didn't hide the real the vehicle. -- -- That if you -- that oh. I agree action all the art and responsible. If somebody is drop because. Ultimately the ultimately. -- talk. That got hot wheel vehicle -- Aspect Brokaw. All of these speeches about that -- -- To the court here's why. It constitutional to judge what did offer. To -- the -- -- Accuser and the machinery that we can't. Caustic and panic -- that it would be a violation of our cost to shall fight two big. Jews. Speaking of a crime is. A share Campbell that. Manned by. Humor that I believe that's been one of the issues that has come up concerning the red light cameras intersections. Yes and that's happened is that these cameras -- interstate. Semis but it -- as a constitutional grounds that it will get the Supreme Court tablet the Supreme Court struck down about constitutional. Well for that reason. Like that be very deeply and if all you people get these cameras that -- Go to court and I don't and they are well when he you follow -- he these cases. The camera in the fact that the company -- but also losing money and apple can't. David going to told Michelle thanks listing in mobile if you wanna join us with your caught your thoughts -- comments tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. X numbers they 7870 here says attacks that reads I'm going to Jazz Fest on Saturday -- Foster the people. At the Samsung galaxy stage it used to be the digitally stage -- -- Samsung galaxy stage I saw him. I saw them Louisiana -- royal teeth very very good it. And from Louisiana that as this new. Eighties kind of feel about it and I wanna see Foster the people as well. This is -- she'll. And we're coming right back at a video. You're gonna be so proud of our lawmakers in the House of Representatives in Washington DC. These are such outstanding citizens such great people who cares so much about you and me. House lawmakers in Washington voted to deny themselves the cost of living perished. This is for the the the six consecutive time they've done this six years in a row they have voted not to give themselves the cost of living pay race. So that frees his congressional salaries and 174000. Dollars a year. And I haven't had a pay raise since 2009. And I guess they want us to. Consider them just be reputable people because they didn't give themselves are kind of interesting that you -- a position to give yourself a raise it in the first place. But you know if -- if the government which would be equivalent to the company they work for is actually broke then I don't think they should. Get a pay raise here's an update on our WWL pretty -- opinion -- something else we're talking about on the -- night I should parents allow their teenagers to be on their own. And Jazz -- 62%. Saying no so the gap is widening. And 38% say yes teenager should be allowed to be on the -- If your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com are also talking about whether or not governor jingles did you should sign a bill. That would prohibit -- cameras on interstates in Louisiana and do you agree with the federal jury in New Mexico that's at Applebee's is not responsible. Because they served a guy who got drunk. And then killed two young ladies. On his way home. Should the business. The servers should they be held responsible somebody gets to -- While you're on WWL. Good. Wow figured that Senator -- that is responsible. Loads. Doubt they -- market and -- That the traffic area that's absurd. And and -- To few it's probably. I think I did that want to wipe itself. I'll go and it would you you could bring you don't quite. -- -- -- these McConnell aren't there. While -- I appreciate you listening tonight. Thanks for calling her show here's a Texan reads a -- I'm a bartender at a bar. And grill restaurant. And when we are busy I maybe have five to ten seconds to take a break. -- before I have to move on to the next person waiting to order a drink I can't keep our records. Of who drinks a lot and how often and how drunk they are. It is their responsibility to make the decision to get behind the wheel of the car intoxicated. If they wanna be stupid and responsible. And they alone should suffer the consequences. And I agree with. And that in no way is my support of drinking and driving or -- supporter of getting dropped that you you can get -- as long as you're not. Creating a problem were getting behind the wheel of -- cars go to -- a few moments ago. There's nothing illegal about getting drunk if you do it in a responsible manner and I do understand. That people who -- truck. At some point are not capable of making the right decisions. But to put that legally. On a business. To put that legally on bartenders and servers. To me. Enhances this mentality. Of a nanny state. And -- Cisco blog tonight we must stop the nanny state mentality and I say we use that program on purpose that we need to stop this meant in any state mentality. And there are some times when we actually supported. And we don't realize we're supporting it. And I think by holding bartenders accountable businesses accountable so used to drug I think that's supporting the nanny state mentality. If you and enjoyed our short numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's heavily taxed. 87870. -- -- it will be right back into the WL tonight the Los Angeles Clippers are in -- sickened six against the Golden State Warriors the clippers lead a series -- to -- so if they win tonight it's -- Golden State. They win the playoff series with the lawyers and move on in the playoffs. Right now the clippers are leading DO warriors of 47 to 43 order of Donald Sterling is watching you know because you know he can't -- A billiard on this crucial into the WL. -- I don't know good. According to you about this well. What about the bartender so great yeah. You -- You know ago that it. -- and I would anybody Leo that it be. Soviet guys drink who ruled out. You don't stroke. And and. And some some people. Can hide their state of intoxication. And not reveal how intoxicated they are. How. Are giving him a year ago our own -- on on note that our ability to change. And it -- there -- crops that it. That Billy -- -- on Gupta at the Boca. Earlier this problem but a person Victorian. England. You couldn't our group. You have Politico certain villages. By the policemen. They got back I want an industry it would appear a bit better Trace. Where somebody. You've -- and their use of these cute they're giving them. At one that dates. I don't know that would that's an interesting question. As anybody has anybody warn all lawsuits because they suit the point and you know people go after bars and restaurants because they have money. And it is a tragedy that results from that it's it's it's tragic but I just I would agree with you realize I just don't. It should be held accountable. BP they you know and I don't think they shouldn't. And only if somebody you know. Well. You know in order. But. I'll let you know in the got to work on and -- I knew about -- and each one billion. And it doesn't want him -- actually go. -- to Iraq in. It hurt somebody kill somebody. Is that the -- at -- I don't think so bill I'm gonna get to a break here are really appreciate you calling a Schoen thanks for -- that from your standpoint as some bar owner. In my opinion. Holding bartenders and businesses accountable if somebody gets drunk. Is enhancing the nanny state mentality will continue this conversation.