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May 2, 2014|

A Federal jury decided Applebee’s restaurant in New Mexico did not break any laws when it served a man whose drunk-driving crash killed 2 young women. Should bars and restaurants be held responsible if someone gets drunk in their business then leaves and gets in an accident?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is a very brief very pleasant Thursday night first day of me and it usually doesn't feel like this. The first day of -- and is part of the country it is so it's great effect is actually warmer in the Pacific northwest. In Portland Oregon. It is here in New Orleans and that's -- rather than usual especially this time of year. A the senate in Baton Rouge. They -- they're dealing with a bill that would allow law enforcement officers both active and retired. To carry concealed handguns in any public place. She believes police officers be allowed to carry concealed weapon in a public place including the bar. -- anybody's trained to use a gun. To know when to use it how to use and when not to use -- I would think that it would be. A police officer here's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight should parents allow their teenagers to be on their own and Jazz Fest. Give a sure -- by going to our website WW dot com we'll give you an update on that coming appeared in just a few minutes. Also we have done the talking about. Whether or not the state should allow. Speed cameras are on -- series. And if you're opposed to speed cameras on interstates what is the opposition based on. Is it really because she you wanna be able to speed. It's interesting how many people say what I should be able to speed because slow drivers or more for risk on the highway. And speeders. And to some degree that may be true. But nobody has a right to speed. Unless of course year in an emergency situation but what is a right to speed. And I wonder if a lot of people were opposed to the cameras going up on the interstate. Because they wanna speed. You can imagine how many tickets would be issued but those cameras. On the I ten. Between that the highrise in the twins fans in both directions. And also on the I ten between Kenner. And Baton Rouge. Those are two areas where -- people speed all the time now. I'm not on I twelve very often maybe there's a lot of speeding on -- twelve and two it's been a long time since -- been on I 49. So maybe there's speeding there as well but in particular. From Kenner to outside of Baton Rouge has decided to -- rouge I'm amazed at the speeding tailgating that goes on there are some miracle or more accidents. And the same can be said of a New Orleans east. And it's it's it's like the -- ball in both of those places if you wanna join our -- tonight with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your -- number is 87870. Here's a text that read say no pork keeps. Our responsibility. Let's just make all DUI charges be attempted murder. And I assure you people would think twice. Before driving. -- from New Orleans -- Euro -- WWL. -- yet thank you. Yes I agree with that just meant that as somebody dies down and not -- that they should be. What severely punished and they have been in the path. You know maybe you'd like to be taken away -- -- with details of the mall they should have more like demanded. I'm amazed that somebody has -- I'm amazed that so many people have multiple DUI arrest and there are arriving right. And the moment that pass from -- and it three people. Are dropping after the first one but I do want to say is -- I think that the law on the book. I mean that he's probably the view of the compound used in the gap and they're going to probably have to -- build -- -- can't get the call. But I got to lighten the -- because that goes to blow. While ago about. All of that statement. And still. I think deadlocked on a book about -- can -- But I got ticket right that probably as good about. And the speed and I'm not saying music and I opened the content partner -- now. Moments on -- the bridge. And and that that I would you know broke the law. So it didn't -- like that and you make everybody. Q and then -- -- according to market perhaps because I think people. If we do -- that they didn't mind. City here if you two slowed I've I've never heard of anybody getting a ticket because there were driving five miles surrender under this -- -- I've I've seen minimum. A speed limits on an interstate so I think it to minimum speed limit under interstate is series forty miles an hour. Vanquished street fit of anger and name would -- more on what's on the home. You know -- -- don't -- they had definitely do not think bartender should be. I held accountable. -- legally. For let -- -- -- -- I think that and date down to good. But it's not practical. State that can happen that accidentally dropping -- night. All time but what can I mean it's itself demand that it be done that night that some people get one thing and get doctor Allen might have they have -- -- No I don't think it's possible for -- have to beat -- participation in the they could have a and they have they haven't found. We we we did the right not to serve. Could anybody they would put a product that they want. I believe most bars already have that -- -- -- up good episode I remember in Tokyo once I saw the most astonishing thing it would never. It would never work in America. This bar had a policy and they had signs up in this in this nightclub in Tokyo. It's said in order to stay in the nightclub you must always have a drinking your rant. You couldn't be in there without drinking. A whole lot about it -- predicting -- -- I don't know anyone testimony that. -- I'm glad I'm glad you called Mary thanks -- listening. Here's a text great shooter nights a lot easier. Against merry Smart -- a good job here's a text. -- if she was in the left players to choose what do you -- -- was in the left lane driving too slowly well that would be one thing. It's the second weekend of Jazz Fest 2014 and the weather is going to be ready to it was nice today is gonna be great tomorrow to the weekend. If you want any reminders stories you've never been to Jazz -- to theory Jazz Fest virgin this is going to be your first to Jazz Fest experience. -- you might wanna go to our website WWL dot com and to take a look at largest domestic information and we got the lineup for UC could figure out where you wanna be -- what time or. What stage you wanna be in front out but also there's some good reminders about what you can and can't bring into. The fairgrounds area did Jazz Fest. And just reminders about wearing -- -- Reminders -- doubts. Sun block it thinks I think that's really really important and especially with tickets because the sun is going to be very very. The president this weekend. But once thought that I had was whether or not parents should allow their teenagers to be on their loose on their own and on the bluesy Jazz Fest. Which you allow your teenager. And his or her friends with them to go off on their own if you -- Jazz Fest. And if you would allow them to go off on their -- What would you be most concerned about it and Jazz -- Do you not trust them. Or do you not trust others. I would think one thing that's important in a not a child psychiatrist. But I would think it would be important to. To maintain contact with your kids not just through texting over the phone. But to see them and regular intervals. Somebody called -- earlier -- tell them they made contact with their teenager. Every half hour. So you have to decide whether to half hour 45 minutes or an -- I would I would want ice on my teenager. And regular intervals and it's not just to to see them but also it. It makes them realize. That they're still accountable to you. I think it makes them realize that they're not totally free to do whatever they want. And so often teenagers today I think get this impression that the year they're too much on their role. Latchkey kids what effort so I think it's important to to meet up with your kids are on a regular basis if you do that amount on on on their own. And that's -- -- -- party general opinion poll I should parents allow their teenagers to be on their own suggestion -- to assure people by going to our web site WW dot com. And we'll give you another update on that coming up here he's just a few minutes I could -- nation next week after Jazz Fest. -- one of the biggest NFL events of the year that WWL. Draft fast comprehensive coverage of the saints and the NFL. It all starts this coming Thursday maybe 81 week from today at 4 o'clock in the afternoon with -- saints' draft preview. Hosted by the force of the saints Jim Henderson and states color analyst -- guy -- live from saints' headquarters in -- Then Thursday evening at 6 o'clock it's the WWL draft -- beginning. Round one with Bobby there. -- guys show on draft analyst Mike utility and Deke Bellavia. Live from Oceanic real in the French Quarter -- of -- tie in -- one of my favorite spots in the quarter. The food it's all sold delicious. Then on Friday -- annual draft disputed by the way they're gonna go until midnight. There should negotiate -- And then off on Friday made tonight it's round two from rocket fire pizza company on veterans highway from four until midnight Friday night. And then join us for the final round of the NFL draft and WTO -- fest Saturday may the tenth. At twin peaks restaurant in clear view mall another great place with -- food that's going to be from 11 in the morning until six at night. That's Saturday may tenth so -- a patient. Mark your calendar now to either beat their line or to listen. Where you are and if you don't have or apple or your cellphone in our -- when yourself policy can listen wherever you are. The saints have always done a phenomenal job with the draft choices at least in in recent years. It's going to be interesting to see who they select this time so it's the WB ULNFL. Draft that's wall to wall coverage of the saints in the NFL draft. Thursday Friday Saturday may eighth ninth and -- brought -- you by ripper perished disposal the Louisiana lottery corporation. Next home and do bass Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans and flagship station of your New Orleans Saints. WW well. If you're enjoying our show with a comment tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. At a -- amber is a 7870. And have you did in the service industry and have you ever tried to cut somebody off. Told they had to question drink. What was that experience like. Was -- confrontation. Between I'll opiate stuck with what your decision ones with which we start to serve them anymore. But I would think that a lot of people would not. Would not be kind to the person who who cuts him off. And yet some people should be cut off however I don't believe those who -- servers and bartenders in general I don't think they should be held legally accountable for people who get to drunken drive. This is this -- showed were coming right back. On every WL the mayor of Seattle today announced a plan to raise the minimum wage in the city of Seattle took fifteen dollars an hour. Not just for city workers sport for anybody who works for a business in the city of Seattle. That would make it the highest minimum wage in the nation currently the minimum wages and big 930 to an hour. And the increase would take place over three to seven year period if it's approved. And assess it would depend on when you would have to -- to this rule would depend on the kind of business at the size of the business that you had. In in in the state of Oregon public -- the whole statement and in Portland. The minimum wages over nine dollars an hour and -- goes for servers to servers get tips plus nine dollars an hour. It would be interesting if somebody would do a specific study in places where the minimum wage is a lot higher like in Portland right now and it's Seattle where it's 930 to an hour. And show if that has really had a negative impact on. The private sector and consumers. That some people predict if the minimum wage is raised from Gulfport Wayne your on this -- One just in the movies -- pro ball in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While you know it's it's ultimately Philip Seymour Hoffman's responsibility for -- for for taking it but it's it's an illegal products so that might -- year that might be a little different I don't. And -- -- talked about a VW audit and in your throat to get easy. That it should be -- -- actually keep it there. I agree with you hit it on out there and it's brought these. Or might not be most aren't there. If they want it is elements. It. That in -- out all right so. Well. You know. Well at a BO. Oh. When I appreciate you calling I would think in the case of a Philip Seymour Hoffman are going after the heroin dealers. They were just they were looking for the people who were selling heroin which of course is highly illegal. And making that connection. Through him by tracing where he got it. As opposed to just people on the street might have given them new clues as to how to find these people who were selling their. From river -- frank. I -- WL you don't screw them on number of these jokes and crew like -- All alone through here remember -- Whose mission which along which. If somebody comes in the world marketplace. In the board took the exit as to what triggered at all. If you torture drove all of that means you're not going to be able to -- automobile. But you know after a range from the -- home innovative and by the calls and we call which -- -- I was normal law is a place of you'll approach this and the general public do you feel you can actually we drove home. That because you tip my country. And I'd do it fashionable -- these forward. It is a deductible. But he. If you're -- -- -- law if they rule if they won't go along with right. You push you to assume they have to watch a lot of -- journal pointed you know. They're -- our little girl was suppose to do is to call please. A fracas a bar owner wouldn't you wouldn't you agree that there are people who don't. Who don't show visible signs of being as strong as they really are. Oh absolutely. Actual movement and during the logos step further. -- from somebody told -- what door and actually stumbled withdrawal. And I refused to serve well they now my responsibilities. In the business at one drink at my place of business. I took so long advocated cupid keys. Call the police so. That's a little too long as possible several hours. Yeah. I realized that the lawyer is he is on the books I don't agree with the law because I think it soon. It supersedes personal responsibility. Well jeweler who probably responsible for the homeless situation our ability to work so -- before that's my problem on the you know. We've just to what drove in real life and I'm trying to grow there's little bit and then go to a conclusion. Drop of. Ands and and somebody. Led by a lawyer would be quick to -- as -- due to try to get your money he was also it's also about justice but. It's also about getting money. Actually businesses does this society we want human bond with independent. I'm the only one on the war has signed an operating form for the care -- do everything -- can -- to be responsible sure. Iraq and that would go that would go a long way Frankie somebody ever did come back. And wanna hold you responsible that would go a long way. I would hope it would you know I wish. -- -- it was it was George. And you know -- and -- -- it was going to walk with me. -- so would you say about that gin up. But rather than trying -- do the right thing isn't even more -- If something was that happened that you're closer and Sundays they did for -- fire and and of itself fort it gives them they can't work in all of this -- for four years. You know. Take my license would send it to W may have reviewed this sort of the it's an -- -- do it -- -- you can be cool position which you. Course you know there comes a time in your life when you -- for people list of rewriting. Well you're absolutely right. -- it would have to use -- when you when you an assortment develops they were calling me and they come in with underage the HE she's actually police are becoming more underage people -- if you go on the court. And ensure that you there's certainly would do you know if they knew about -- machine before you characterize these -- you. And this is not fair to put everything -- borrowing the -- People have got to have the sole responsibility. The struggle by an automobile regularly ultimate. -- -- -- it -- also by the at least in the -- record company. It's incidentally you know and that issues. It's just a lawyer to point fingers who. Are you right frank I appreciate you calling are showing good luck with your your business. Who do you blame for America becoming a nanny state. Of the broad definition of nanny state is a government that makes decisions for people. That they might otherwise make for themselves and especially regarding private and personal matters. Let's remember that America is made up of individuals. Those individuals make up the government. The judges. And juries. And all of the groups that past XQ interpret the laws and create entertainment. As well as judge those guilty or innocent. But individual Americans are quick to blame the government the judicial system law enforcement and those who create entertainment. For the creation of a nanny state and four for behavior of its its negative. On this talk show here on WWL I consistently. Hear the voices of people who blame behavior. Whether it's for eating habits or violence. And anything except individual choice. And now a federal jury in New Mexico. Has taken action against the acceptance and growth of the nanny state in America by declining. To hold Applebee's restaurant in Santa vain to make Santa Fe, New Mexico. Accountable. For a man who got drunk. And tragically killed two young girls. On his way home. James through this -- served alcohol the Applebee's restaurant in Santa -- He drove home he crashed and killed a seventeen year old and nineteen year old girl who were in Santa -- to support their schools basket penalty. It's a tragedy. The girl's family sued. And they settled a civil lawsuits with I don't have the list of all those who were involved in ensued. But Applebee's was later added to the lawsuit and I applaud this federal jury's decision not to hold Applebee's accountable for these tragic deaths. And they are tragic. The idea of holding bars or restaurants accountable. When customers -- to the point of getting drunken driving home. Circumvent the crucial importance. That individual accountability should play in our society. Any bar. Restaurant or server. Should be aware of customers who were intoxicated. And they should feel the responsibility to it to stop serving those customers. But since many individuals don't. Always show the outwardly signs of being highly intoxicated. Is it really fair to hold the establishment or server responsibility. -- the responsibility for customers who who drink too much. Now of course people don't make the right decisions and they're not responsible when they get drunk. But the decision to get -- in the first place. It's a personal. Decision. And the growing sense. That someone. Or something else is always to blame for the mistakes of individuals. Is causing a rapid erosion of personal accountability. That is an integral part of any civilized society. We have so many freedoms in America. If we're not responsible for our behavior. Then what kind of society will we have. You can't blame the availability of something. For something bad that happens. Whether it's food. Or drink. Now I realize that can be argued that aggressive lawyers. Who were after quick box. Contribute to lawsuit happy America and the popularity of the blame game yes aggressive lawyers after quick bucks. Are partly responsible for that. But unless I'm mistaken does an individual have to agree to follow the lawyers lead in a lawsuit. -- a lawyer can't sue without your involvement. So your partly responsible if you go along with a lawsuit. That really. Supersedes your personal decision making. And for a lot of people it's about money. Filing lawsuits is. It it's. It's a new lottery. My brother in law in in Dallas. Has installed. A video camera on his car. Because there had been so many incidents. Where people have -- accidents. In order to -- And there even well known in the court system. So I understand that there is this mentality. About -- But that has contributed to the nanny state. And we as citizens. Are part of all of that. The precedent that's been established that bars restaurants servers are legally responsible. For the decisions of their customers when it comes to drinking. Is wrong but I think this decision by the the federal jury -- in Mexico is a step toward reinforcing individual accountability. If distances. And servers are to be held for the -- their customers. Who. Get intoxicated and get in an accident -- -- ago. I could the trend. Could the trend goes to forest to. Hold the bar accountable if somebody gets drunk and goes home and beats there wife. Abuses their kids. Falls down the stairs and hope well I was at home but you know if they didn't get me drunk then. They would be in this would have happened to me at all. So where does that it. As individuals. We have the power. To stop. The growth of the nanny state in America. And without realizing it. We have contributed to it. Through this blame game. Our nation is a collection. Of individuals. And we can be no better. -- the individuals who make up this country. If you enjoy our show comic tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. In a text number is 87070. And if you're in the service industry if you had been in the service industry if you ever had -- -- owner. A negative encounter with somebody who you thought was too -- to give you tried to cut him off. And do you think you should be responsible for those who. Who drink too much. -- blog tonight is titled we must stop the nanny state mentality. And I know were quick to blame others for the nanny state mentality but as a nation we are responsible for and a lot of it has to do with this displaying game. -- -- -- It -- sure is nice to go through life of nothing your fault. Something goes wrong with you or your kids it's not your fault it's the entertained it's the booze it's the availability of of fatty fatty food pizza it's those TV commercials that are making you do something or making your kids do something. This blog is it's our our website at WW dot com. Itself also be part of our FaceBook page conversation which is a WW radio here's FaceBook post to the blog from John. And businesses. And servers shouldn't be held accountable for serving someone enough alcohol. That they become intoxicated. Last time I checked public intoxication in and of itself was a crime. Of course. They should be held of course they should be held accountable if they get someone drunk. Off for money of course. And they go out and injure or kill someone in their state of intoxication. So. What -- is suggesting here is that it if he gets struck it's it's not his fault. It would be the fault of the place we're. He made the decision to get drunk. And as long -- you're asking for. And paying for a drink. What's wrong with holding you accountable for whatever results. From you having too much to drink. And in the big picture of things don't chew don't you see how this. How this Trump's personal responsibility. And Mike this this was unheard of years ago. The idea that a bar. Or on a server would be responsible if you've got drunk. That was unheard of years ago. This is what's wrong with America. It's not. The removal prayer from public schools back in the sixties it's not a lot of stuff Cisco it's not the acceptance of homosexuality. It's not all of those convenient things that some people used to. To support the agenda in their ideology it's not those things. It's the simple fact that people are no longer held accountable for their behavior. It's always someone something else. That's to blame. For negative behavior. When in reality. A lot of the time it really is the individual's fault. If you gonna join Russia to -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889078. -- ever say 7870 we've got the full Jazz Fest lineup and some reminders about what you should do if you go to Jazz Fest this weekend all of that. It's on our website at WW dot com. Also the a block from last night still getting a lot of attention on her website it's about the death penalties if you've been involved in this debate you might want to read the blog -- with others. It's titled does the death penalty diminish us as a society. You might totally disagree with me or you might agree that's also an -- we're excited to -- -- to account. Ice coats and will be back because of the controversy surrounding the racist rant with Donald Sterling the owner of the there Los Angeles Clippers are really pulling for them in the playoffs. And the clippers right now are playing a game six against the Golden State Warriors at Golden State. And in the third period it's a 6562. On the warriors are leading the clippers I here's an update on our -- view a pretty general opinion poll tonight should parents allow their teenagers to be on their own. And Jazz -- 66%. Say no. And 34% say yes you can give us your opinion by going -- web sites to be WL dot com. From Guerrero -- here on the -- show gave -- Try to -- how do you know why are you doing -- and unfounded been pleasantly. It also. It beautify data out today and shot -- full market. But you know the guy that you met doctor Larry that the guy his name is frank I wanna go to graduate in the couldn't do -- darn good job. -- -- sport that this does play according to borrow -- it was a good job I'm proud of them I agree. And I think that a couple of visit places like that body lashed out on -- around the restaurant I don't quite that. Could put -- -- you do all right peace and all that. I mean it you don't get. Nobody should get drunk and obnoxious especially in a place that is. A family friendly restaurant right unfortunately some aren't it. Especially during the day at very important of people hundreds of the day. Now I taught -- to help is that you know gotten a lot of jobs still. And we see him not -- -- by a field but not me you know. Could you not out there and I terrible week pray to god that -- -- -- and I get the point that any day. Oh I understand I agree with you -- well I'm glad you called tonight and got glacier to you take care of yourself. -- logic to. And get to some more of these posts on our FaceBook page seven -- radio says that part of the conversation. About the scoop on tonight's. About how we need to stop this nanny state mentality. I here's a post on our FaceBook page from Brandi and it says we need to replace the morally corrupt and bankrupt administration. What does that have to do with. Being responsible for drinking. Again why why would you look to blame the government. Here's a comment from Michael. Hey look at you with finally agree on something skewed it won't make a habit of it though I -- is a comment. From. Rain and it says scoot I agree with your take. Where did it start. In the 1980s when everything started becoming someone else's fault is when I point to this whole mentality. Everything is a sickness. Or disease which automatically. Unsolved responsibility. After all person with cancer can't control it therefore alcoholism or addiction. Under any kind. Is now a disease. That absolves responsibility. The lawyers -- after a quick buck. Also is a factor. But don't juries and judges also make awards and judgments that that that is true. But again it if you really go back to the the origin of individual responsibility. Going along with a frivolous lawsuit. Is the responsibility of the person. Who is claiming that he wasn't their fault when in reality. It really was their fault. -- tonight we've also what talked about lawmakers say in in Baton Rouge are still dealing with this holds a cigarette -- -- issue. And the senate voted yesterday 35 to two. For a house approved deal that allows the increase of fines against people who throw cigarette butts out of their car windows. Under the bill. The first fine for littering. We've secured by it would be 300 dollars an eight hours of community service. You know littering cleanup program. Second offense 700 dollars and sixteen hours of community service. Third offense violators could get up to. On eighty hours a -- service pay a 15100 dollar fine and possibly lose their driver's license for a year. The proposal now moves back to the house for approval with the -- changes before reaching. Final passage. I don't have a problem with designating. Throwing cigarette butts out of the window or on the sidewalk. -- But I don't see how throwing a cigarette butt out of a window is really that much worse. Then throwing. Fast food. Paper bag -- food. Drink container or any in the container on the color me -- really should apply to all littering. And there has been just such an acceptance. And I see it downtown. Every day and every night and I'm not talking about the French Quarter of urban streets different. -- talking about it during the day. Businessman. Thinking nothing of tossing their their cigarette butts are on the sidewalk. How is that not -- -- mean I'll defend your right to smoke. But I'm not gonna defend your right to throw a cigarette -- on the ground. And that should not be as acceptable. As it has been. This is this -- show we're coming right back. Under every WL I just read that the year Colorado sit pretty is set is going to hold a series of candidates friendly concerts. Mean you could dollars smoked pot. Dude man I had no idea Mozart was so cool. Beethoven on -- now I hope everybody would have. Six way to get home there. Gotta do that but it might be an interesting way to enjoy the symphony that's -- into. There's. An outstanding young man he's nineteen years old he's a senior at parkway high school in Rockford Ohio. This nineteen year old Austin Dennison. To -- 89 year old great grandmother to the problem. He said he really respect his his elders. And they had a great influence on his life he -- to sit down and talk to them and learn from them. And so we took is great grandmother to the -- I guess that's what case where you would have to worry about getting a hotel room after the front. We've also been talking about the the jazz fester whether or not teenagers and should be allowed to go off on the road. It's been a -- -- pretty general opinion poll here as the final update on our poll should parents be allowed to or should parents allow they're teenagers to go off on their own Jazz Fest. I'm kind of surprised that the results of this 67%. Say no and 33% say yes. And I wonder if that's because the parents and we don't notice from the pole. I wonder if that's because the -- don't trust their teenagers or they don't trust people. -- -- going Jazz Fest. Because it's a close to I would hope that you know what's your teenagers. Thirteen fourteen and only use a parent could determine whether your teenagers are responsible enough. To golf on their own. But I I wouldn't I would hope that you could trust your teenagers. And have to go off on their own I think it would be important to have I've. Contact with a lot of regular basis and actually see them at regular intervals half hour now or whatever you decide that is. But I would I think that teenagers who would be safe to W what would happen Jazz Fest. No nobody has said anything tonight's either calling or through tech Childress had anything. About what they fear if they left their teenagers. On their own Jazz Fest and I -- them I would assume that the parents are still here. Now if you drink this is something you should know here's a text. That is telling you the Bible teaches that truckers. Truckers or held down. So you get drawn to going to help. First Corinthians 610 alcohol is a drug that destroys lives. The body. Which. -- -- So you may not have no matter but. If you're -- You're held -- Interesting I'd I'd never really totally -- -- today in the Bible I'm not I'm not promoting anybody getting drunk. I just think there's something wrong with our society. Now looking to blame. Servers and bartenders and businesses if somebody gets gets drunk and it commits a terrific -- and this just it's continues to send this. This message. It is individuals were no longer responsible. That somebody else is responsible for our decisions. And to be. In a country that has as much freedom as America has that is absolutely wrong. I hear is attacks I feel it should just the the courtesy of the establishment to warn you if you've had too much drink I would agree with that. Whether you agreed death or disagree tonight I have enjoyed being with you tonight thanks for being as I'm not sure we're gonna have a show tomorrow night it was she's playing baseball the game doesn't go too long we'll have a an abbreviated -- show tomorrow night but another great conversations nights once again we have exercised our right to freedom of speech -- the -- show. One thing John -- studio producer. Love -- New Orleans.