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May 2, 2014|

Dave talks about seat belts & pick-ups, what does what you drive say about you, and senior pranks

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's may it's the second it's 2014 are we flying only made it yes I got. PG I have -- be the first to officially welcome you to rise today. He'll our fall weekend -- arrived at that other -- hear her saying yes. Life is wonderful man and you're -- The -- country music. -- And pickup trucks seem to have always gone together. Now they kind of do -- -- yeah I'm I'm going somewhere with this you know the campaign -- there yesterday and intensifies this weekend. -- buckle up in your pick. They're going to be cops everywhere but targeting pickup truck drivers. Yet mrs. traffic profiling. They are going after pickup truck drivers. To get them to Wear their seat belts why would they singled them out because. Today and pick up truck drivers make up about a quarter of all vehicles on the as a nation. But something like two thirds of all seatbelt violation -- man so overwhelmingly. People who drive or ride in pickup trucks do not buckle up. And it got -- thinking is they're doing in this yeah. Why would that would be. I you know I was outlined why pick up -- be less likely that -- -- SUV Taurus sedan Norris sports car or mini van is in the freedom issue -- -- -- -- and that's what I think in at least we asked some experts and you know no one. I don't think anyone has done an in depth study about this in their viewing pick up truck drivers but. I think there is a certain sense of -- free gum or rebellion. Or independents. Or one it is but there is an attitude. That is generally. Associated with the right or wrong. Pick up truck yeah like you know guys who -- cracked racquets don't wanna Wear helmets guys who drive still wanna Wear seat access their their. Risking their lives every time they get behind the whale that anti fly through the windshield. And I. So let me ask. Does the vehicle you drive. -- something about who you. Are we define -- buyer vehicles or do we choose our vehicles. Based on certain kind of stereo types -- -- -- -- you look at vehicle on pretty much know something about the person driving it. If you see a minivan does that tell you something about the driver if you see souped up sports car. -- you know. All decked out -- now items coming out Heidi brown are loud music when it. Does so does that say something about if you got to pick -- what do you drive a lifted. You know guys -- lift them way up off the ground but it'll. I've driven just about everything it seems like so it's it's kind of hard to make that yeah did have a spirit -- a couple of years pick -- truck -- -- -- I think and god I think was one of the highway safety commissioner. Who's said that it's. It has on the you do is being up high eight. And maybe they feel. I've missed one little theory -- would you get the same feeling in a US UV. Which is the same chassis as the pick up our guys put seats in the back and covering up. I don't know you know I hate. I drive a big suvs but not really by choice I get a vehicle from. Don't know W well accompanied at the company's vehicle that's what they gave me before that I drove a Jeep that WWL -- we need high water vehicles and vehicles that can get around and storms and hurricanes and things like that so that's why they chose knows but. I've driven a sedan that date. Provided for -- years ago before we went with. You know high water vehicles for everybody retained. Either resign at a picked up was because my -- excellent drunk driver slammed into the back of it destroyed it and I was. Seven hours from home and I had to get something else that was the moment the only affordable vehicle. There are bars are that's how I got mine it was like you know there was nothing else over Iraq -- and a it was shape so I got -- and I'm devastated for very long -- and I'm not really that big on pickup trucks although some of these new. Shiny fancy ones it may -- go that direction. Iowa and ask our listeners thanks -- 87870 does what you drive define you does -- tell people something about you can't we. Generalize about people who drive certain vehicles is can you look at a minivan verses of big lifted pickup truck and know that the two people behind the we will different. Have different attitudes -- different mentality. About motorcycles. Sports cars as a safe little sedan. Or -- 87070 text mean talk about it here on Friday morning -- to weekend forecast coming up next here on WWL. And sports with Steve gallant an. Welcome to the weekend and happy Friday. Man we've ignited a firestorm here past the police are admittedly going after people and try to pick -- this weekend that started yesterday and now last into next week at the weeklong campaign. Because they -- pickup truck. Occupants drivers. Historically. Have worn their -- much less than people in any other vehicle. And this thing we got to change that. And I -- -- yet. As a news reporter for several decades now I've been to wage too many crash scenes where people were rejected from vehicles went flying through the windshield. Or even the window you know the side window when a car rolls over. And now people are -- you know who don't Wear seatbelts religiously insist. And they go to those few instances where people died because they had their seat belt but -- talent. If you go to these crash scene and he. Just one of violent tragic and people suffer when they fly through when children rejected by car and then run over by the room car rolled over by the around -- Again thank you change your mind but one guy texts me at 878 that it is I drive a big race. And -- Hazmat. Refused to Wear my seat belt. I know it's stupid but my -- don't wanna be trapped I'll take that chance. And we much of a chance offline through the windshield although in a big -- you'd have pretty much at all our tree. To be rejected -- run over smaller cars which brings us to the next -- -- -- that the evidence that. My ex wife drives to pick up because you know the Smart Car won't do me and when she runs me over. Their mortgage text messages -- now do you think it's imperative for cops to go after pickup truck drivers because they historically Wear their seat -- last and does what you drive say something about your mentality your attitude your lifestyle. I don't know -- your forecast. We're kicking things off this Friday morning in the fifties and even lower sixties and so another cool day ahead below average Temps in the mid seventies this afternoon. And tonight dropping again -- think fifty's for the most part overnight with clear skies. Then back up to about eighty tomorrow with some sunshine and Sunday it will go the height 83 and keep -- that sunshine. The eyewitness -- forecast tenor I'm meteorologist Clark. Tell warmest morning but Selma humid 55% relative humidity that's low for the year 63 degrees at the airport in -- 54. In Slidell Jerrold thanks for calling her on WW -- got. -- I'll always interpret pickup truck because about we're -- eat up all of that there and are elated paperwork and you lease -- The Pentagon where a man like they've got big -- -- here and -- -- because way. And not -- -- out in court the law public saw people beat port the top of it up following problem. Brady and that happens -- -- three times three times every five years and you're out or ordered B port. And chances that it happened dealers knows them. Yeah but you know gonna say yeah I Utley drove. Sports -- and -- -- -- drop pickup truck got -- mart got a little pickup truck spiritual robbery thing else. Read it because of that was shocking to me on the damn Yankee you know there's -- Yankee unit damn Yankee. A Yankee comes down here and go home Damn Yankees days that would in the south now along an island in the north I grew up in the north. And that was shocking to me when some women driving pickup trucks person down you never see that a north left CBS conflict upstate New York. -- Steve Geller. Sports on this Friday morning happy Friday to you and yours do you think that what vehicle someone drives tells you something about. If it does I would say then I am -- liable -- I have a Honda civic and it never lets me down and hunt and he never got to pick up. No Heidi a little Suzuki samurai when I was in high school which and I love that -- the fact that it was a lot of fun. Now so is sport there's a lot of fun Steve's got that fourth Friday morning. Good morning everyone and LSU baseball trip to College Station was delayed due to mechanical problems with their charter flight. The plane was in air for approximately twenty minutes before having to turn around to Baton Rouge. Fifteen -- left at 10:45 PM and arrived at Texas a and and shortly after midnight this morning. WW will have game when that series for you tonight coverage starts at six. Wide receiver and quarterback are the two most popular positions mentioned when analysts are asked about what the state should do with their first round draft case. But Heath Evans of the NFL network feels that the team should shore up their offensive line. You kind of kills two birds with one stone event. He's you protect Giroux clip that you also did you get a running game last year there was more points in the league and you boost that because the better listing on the balls better earlier. Tackles Morgan Moses of Virginia Tech and at notre Dame's Zach -- our two names that could be available for the saints to select -- -- 27 overall -- Eli Manning will miss all of the New York Giants spring activities. General manager Jerry Reese says that Manning's left ankle surgery will keep him now and that the team will not rush back it's starting quarterback. Three game sevens have been forced in the opening round of the NBA playoffs. Indiana beat Atlanta and 95 to 88 the thunder won big over the grizzlies -- -- 4084 in Memphis. And Golden State eat out a 100 to 99 victory over the LA clippers. Warriors guard Stefan curry scored 24 points while dishing out nine assists and says they have to be ready for a battle in the final game of the series. -- and just try this scenario wants a more destroyed you know gone on a student and just to be in that that's an assistant the most aggressive comes across very well and it. And -- staffers dropped their third straight contest in Nashville falling six to five in eleven innings. They have -- sports talk who is the worst saint -- of all time. I'd Steve Geller which your early morning look at sports -- nominees for worst traffic of all time. He might not that -- -- isn't the worst player book the worst draft pick for me is Ricky Williams just because of what it's he so low it just. The crippled organization for years. And some people's. Right exactly I doubt that I would say is that -- the worst player but yet to me that Ricky Williams trade. Just decimated this a's franchise. -- for years theaters that in -- that entire year's draft plus a first and third round pick from the that in the next here. Terrible. Steve you know romance scary stuff relative. We'll talk more about. When intimately connected with another plane ride and they -- And I could not have been comfortable. Will describe it for you players tweet now pictures out -- people have backed -- -- appointment minutes here on WWL I am not diamonds now account. Are we got some -- -- words someone text mandates 7870. Says. Jacked up trucks equal small man syndrome. Somebody else and I think people on jacked up structure trying to. A comedy for something is that true can you make that generalization about guys who drive speed jacked up trucks. Takes me about candidates 7870 forecast -- -- 527. -- weekend at the forecast. Another gorgeous Friday with below average temperatures any mild afternoon ahead look for highs around 75. And dropping tonight only into the fifties but still should be cool if -- and Friday night plans. Then Saturday and Sunday beautiful weather in the low eighties were when -- see mostly sunny skies both days. From the eyewitness -- forecast center I'm meteorologist -- -- out. You high clouds out there at 63 degrees at the airport in -- partly cloudy and 54 the National Weather Service office in slide now. I'm Dave on mortgage text messages about this what you drive. Tell something about you or not. Our fight hordes of attacks and answers pick up truck drivers Obama cheese and a little bit of anarchy as to whether don't Wear their seat belt and yes for many the type of car they drive does define their personality. Is that true we'll continue the discussion after the news 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this second of may 2014. Earlier today. Cheney our apps and a welcome. And. And everybody. Jump off -- jump up against now and this is your newsroom browser. Everybody jumps off. You can still move by the end of the week already exhausted myself. -- I didn't go out at. 2:30 this morning. Watch and caught people coming out of the amazing Spider-Man shoot volatile man you negotiate the -- right now he's tied now anyway. I had to get at least three hours sleep. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sag. I think about 85% of the people I talk to absolutely. Loved it OK but there were a few. It self admitted comic book and errors. Who's said it was way too much of a love story and not enough. A -- high. Others those that it was great special effects and action starts overall. Most of the people who went to the midnight showings -- a lot of I actually had ever seen -- -- Critic reviews. And they haven't been too kind but they never are. Dallas -- -- -- and -- -- -- Latin -- money part of the magma that's the only big movie opening in wide release -- -- guys -- not yet announced -- -- is making it very easy for you to predict who now number one of the box office come. Monday morning and going up against another woman Captain America heaven is for real -- Q and were commandment. Earlier. It's going to be Spider-Man -- it pretty state. So we get lots of interesting text messages today 7870. About this whole controversy with cops cracking down on pickup truck drivers. This weekend. Going after because they historically where their seatbelt less than other people on -- -- what we -- kind of why that is and can you generalize if pickup truck drivers. Statistically Wear their seat -- last and other people does that mean there's different things about that and channel. And we get some taunting text messages people saying that people who drive big pickup trucks are trying to. Accommodate for something else or when they have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm 65380. Pounds battled small man's syndrome here. Matter I'm sure other talking about your -- like though the dollar -- and now not sure that's what they mean what about women and pickups though where even it's been almost all man comments we fuel data will address a pickup -- -- and especially Willis with some of these new ones obviously. Here's some of the lap of luxury Yan got the other states and or how many people take to -- -- -- off road actually ever get off the eighth to they drive for about four. But it's decked out with leather and the crow and everything that question ever get off the pavement that thing and I -- match at a -- years ago worked over and in taxes in radio and I can remember going to visit a resume with a person you gotta do. When you moved here is is get back out shark mutants like on automatic that you must have the right of passage to and I -- way to fight here in Dallas. But that's how it. There's nothing around here are no off road go and he's well in my group that monitors noted deal -- -- -- it -- pavement may call stop. Ideas. It was all this for a fact. Well -- and our discussion here by asking you about this whole testosterone thing -- more coming up from down names that the -- the -- -- One thing -- here this an -- report and a time is limited but the doctor and LSU. Said all the guys who were taken this testosterone -- on slather it on however they're getting the testosterone now. He said just beware that. -- and especially in younger man leads to shrinkage. Or loss. Of testicles. All long Limbaugh just disappeared on a mob. Heart attacks. Shrinkage and loss. I don't most of other. Problem and it it's been billed as you know in it which makes sense you know the testosterone goes down -- you get older in the suddenly get a dose of medicine man. You're just you know -- feel at all -- our older men who are getting this stuff. Anyway it will will post everything in the doctor had to say that yes we are -- -- -- Johns reports the -- -- the advice really bottom line get the advice of your doctor before you take this and I still had my advice is you go and get the next newscast right because we have talked to you again less than twenty minutes of our first news here on WWL AM mass -- that -- Oh god that's gonna -- directed the Eyewitness News forecast that aren't they happy Friday that he is yet to miss meteorologist Laura but now. Lower -- this Friday I don't know why I just -- -- look forward to every Friday habit -- -- one biggest Friday fan I've ever met yet that this this when it's been just on my mind I'll yeah just ready for Friday. I've even pulled out pretty -- -- down to the case. -- and at a Jazz Fest it's this morning well maybe you've been so excited for this Friday because you knew the weather was in support implement. Might be right -- that's kind of what happened again and back my mind is that the weekend is going to be great weather so -- every year. Have going on you know whether it's Jazz Fest -- hanging out your backyard and chill out you know it's gonna be really really high yet. Please don't sit in the AC all weekend folks don't stay in there that they're gonna be many months for that -- this weekend get out and do something because starting today and -- it's it's just about about the best -- could be at telling 75 and mostly sunny this afternoon's and that. I mean it's beautiful like yesterday to sunlight little breeze out of the northeast maybe not quite as breezy yesterday morning that light breeze and the northeast. -- out looking great at a Jazz Fest again and we're going to be sunny and there's some clouds around today don't let that fool you this morning. But I -- had out there in the gates of our eleventh it'll be mostly sunny sealant the hat and sunglasses sunscreen and that lasts all weekend long all weekend long mostly sunny Saturday Sunday high pressure -- and even last into next week at the little warmer. By next week -- in the mid eighties beginning Monday and and through next week. But you know what the -- actually it's very very quiet after some crazy weather across the country this past week it's nice to have things kind of settled down a little -- I've got as -- How are you focusing who is whistling in the background what's gonna hot over there that's Micheal -- Mike -- whistle blowing away whistle while you work my -- and we hear him it's. -- is can be on the radio. It's funny and a pick that -- it's funny because they also pick me up on the TV when you and I you're talking. Background man and a. -- weather -- -- make you laugh out loud and and that's all over the equivalent of a pipe down at the I'd down but now angrily. It's funny could only hear my side conversation. -- -- Weird topic that we talk about from time to time I'll take it had sent off you. Our review it to hawk -- kind of a weird one. What do you think about senior ranks in general did Stewart get ready graduate from high school -- also instilling this in an effort to do well. You know cause a rock I think I think there on the low end they don't hurt anybody it's not necessarily think it. Mostly they're they're going to be problematic and it's probably just not good idea well at one high school in New Jersey. She enact New Jersey at first that was -- as it does kind of funny some kids taped hot dogs to lockers. And put. Petroleum jelly on the door -- OK okay. Maybe that alone that's kind of funny right right right is a problem they broke into the school at 2 AM at the -- they also urinated in the hallway. Flipped over desks broken chairs graffiti the wall sprayed silly string on the floor -- And I balloons go everywhere hates cops had to call in support from surrounding towns and counties. Because there they've made 62 arrests. After the burglar alarm went on the rule out when he was with that was excessive did not need -- that way he knew a mad immediate pretty much -- Colin out all I mean I'm just swat team shows up every shot. Cops surrounding -- high school or. God what are. It's people that that that would that would wait that Shanahan I file and now some of these kids may not gradually. How quarks that that's that's what you know that I just looked -- so. I just say I went to school locals here and I -- touted when I was a junior our seniors you know it's kind of thing these senior prank or whatever and it just wasn't a -- at all they -- we had different parking -- -- if you are senior. You got to park and special spot that we're closer the school the privilege you know activists had to park little far away -- privileges and so. Know what else -- park in the senior spot well so the seniors that okay we're all gonna park in. Other people's spot and that nobody can park in the spots. Smith can keep people from -- that mark a big senior ranking it happening under their different market. And so it looks like we're gonna see I'm sorry I lost my train of thought that so we are looking at on the driving and the teachers just said you know what's important is senior spots. Because they gave up the spots for the day so you go ahead and -- -- spot. And that we and bring -- back. Fired on the underclassmen like yeah that's the particles the school. Curricula -- hurt like -- -- go whistle while you work tell Mike we set high. High forties that we will get sports with Steve Geller right after that. Ten minutes in front of 6 AM thank you so much for starting your weekend here on the early edition WWL first news to me midnight -- -- -- -- Friday arrives that's on the weekend actually began and had that arguments of people are now the weekend doesn't begin until Saturday but. I can't wait to me Friday the week Indians want present text and an 877 he says. People use four by fours to pull trailers and boats more than going off road. You need four wheel drive to pull your trailer maybe about a into the on the -- launch when you're trying to get traction. And another person. Now I read this text on the of people and texting me. In response to the others who said the guy's in big trucks are trying to compensate for something some people are texting me with. Detailed information about how they claim that's not true but anyway let's just do sports here on the feet of the well. As we switch the subject Steve please rescue me Steve Geller on this Friday morning I'm happy Friday everybody. Lets you baseball's charter flight experienced mechanical problems. Closing the plane to turn around after being in the air for 240 minutes as the tigers were on their way to College Station, Texas. The team got a quick practice in and then flew out of Baton Rouge finally -- after destination after midnight. First pitch for game on the tigers series vs the Aggies is at 630 our coverage starts at six. Quarterback linebacker wide receiver those are the positions mentioned when analysts are as what this they should do with their first round draft pick. Former saints fullback Heath Evans though would go in a different direction. My mindset is still so formulated around how we were able to do -- was such great consistency you know not my body is hey it's often so blinded by the way you keep number nine healthy you've got a chance to win every single game. Boosting the offensive line could also help the black and gold rushing attack which finished ranked 25 in the league last season. The Cleveland Browns who were in desperate need of -- quarterback. Have signed a player who hasn't played in a regular season since 2000 eleven's. Remaining question is free agent Vince Young the thirty year old is 31 in nineteen as an NFL starter. Well for the first time an NBA history there will be three game sevens on the same day which will be Saturday to decide the first round playoff series here's how's that how that happened. Indiana captured a must win game six by winning in Atlanta 95 to 88. Oklahoma City stay alive by routing Memphis 104 to 84. Kevin Durant led the thunder with 36 points and ten rebounds he says the entire team just rose to the occasion. We're down 32 we need to win this game. That's just more motivation. -- anything so our team responded we got to do even better job of games have. And tonight's final game saw the Golden State Warriors just getting by the LA clippers 11099. Opportunity the second favorite at the Kentucky Derby is out of the race trainer Bob Baffert says that the cold has it left front foot that is sort. The scratch means that public a -- -- run in the derby as 850 to one long shot starting from the number twenty position for tomorrow's race. And -- -- lost six to five in eleven innings to Nashville. Today -- four on sports -- who is the worst saints' draft pick of all time high and Steve Geller and -- early morning look at sports. Mr. -- burden. But he actually called on the broken open the Kentucky Derby. To me that's it's quite an event according unique event -- a special event is definitely on my bucket list of sporting events I must attend a lot of fun and never had a mint julep and I guess maybe I would do that -- -- -- Kentucky here I'm a big fan of Bergen would love to go to all the distillery is there as well it's a ticket to work he had to do that after the race does it beat it before the race. Maybe you don't remember the -- so much they will not forget that landing the LSU baseball team today. In banners airplane takes out they're -- and Bryan College Station to play Texas and a M this weekend. And the flaps her mouth and I don't know a lot of offline applied. I'd leave that up to people who have much much you know many many hours of training and so forth but I do know that when we land they always you know activate the flaps to create. Win each drag to slow down the -- right they could do that when the LSU baseball team landed in Baton Rouge last night. So they said it was a -- usually fast landing. I think some of the semis says that. Far faster than the pilots would prefer our. Yeah Cody -- -- at a picture saying hey we landed safely but they weren't so sure he took a picture outside the fire trucks were outside waiting for -- you know -- -- see that. Yet when you're living you know a cease fire trucks lined up on the runway waiting for the plane to come to a rocky start to the weekend for the tigers hopefully that gets some other -- media out of their way in. Pulmonary called the practice while there with for the second look anywhere that busted a practice in taxes right says that I wanted to go back at LSU will practice there. Everybody calmed down some action on different plain Smart move kept them loose I'm sure. That no thank you heard of that but thank you -- -- vote of the -- will look at the Texas that way. -- the -- that with -- entertainment or sports here at WWL AMF and the fact that they finally got off the ground and got this. Bryan College Station so there will be LSU baseball tonight here please WL I am -- and a -- there will be a forecast for the weekend right after this a lot of forecast. On this Friday a cool start again in the fifties and lower sixties with a slight warmup in the afternoon highs today about 75. With some sunshine -- tonight mainly clear skies and it gets cool again. 49 north of the lake and 58 on the South Shore. And for the weekend will go with low eighties both Saturday and Sunday expect to see mostly sunny skies both days from the Eyewitness News forecast center -- meteorologist Clark talked. I'd start out our Friday morning with temperatures in the low sixties across most of the most of the region partly cloudy and 63 at the airport in -- 64 and Ottoman park or -- you fifties like Al partly cloudy. And 54 degrees they're really do you hope you have the opportunity. To get outside and enjoy this weather this weekend it's so rare that in May we have this fantastic. Conditions that it can really out there and spend time out that that weren't about -- humidity and heat. In all that thank you so much start your weekend with us here on WW well put a bow on our conversation. About does the vehicle you drive tell you something about yourself. Or can you judge someone based on the vehicle they drive some people say absolutely not decisions in the what you driver so complex doesn't necessarily define your personality. Either way have a great weekend. Buckle up.

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