WWL>Topics>>5-2 6:15am Tommy, speed cameras

5-2 6:15am Tommy, speed cameras

May 2, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Representative Mike Danahay about his bill that bans speed cameras on interstates

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- senator Mike Shanahan wanted to hang on 12 to listen to what David has to say hey David you Dylan. More good would tell me -- story were quick -- into the represented. After a quick satellites longer you go by Shelby GG one mustang two years ago on the institute so and the very first weekend that -- -- came home and do not want it. 1 o'clock in the morning not well -- by either. Between endorse and -- -- 55 and. Well yeah well most common content and just there was nobody here and I don't let Iran I got a six to sit here and two more years ago put on the floor of that so popular -- -- 180 and 165. And -- -- -- -- -- 140. Did you did would it have gone when any yardage is not a -- it. David appreciate you being so honest and listening and calling I am a freedom. Thank you -- and now we go to representative. Mike -- today. Did talk about a bill he he got past that would out law as I understand it right represented -- speed cameras on interstates. That's correct it was prohibits the importance camera device is -- understand. So when you cut and would representatives what's district's thirty represent our. Debts would be where are. Okay. I've already gotten a ticket in west -- issue Terri -- from state police and I always tell you don't speed in like an idiot I did but. As long time ago I guess when -- story like from. The gentleman just mound on -- 165. You don't see a need for speed cameras on on the interstate sick because it here's my thing I represented just say welcome front. When he hears stories like people on a 16550. -- that to me would justify speed camera more then outside of the school's counseling on forty on a 35 street locally. Well -- -- look at it is excellent. -- and honestly. What would it be stopped. The could be extremely circumstances that are that are not emerge people -- could be transported illegal. Are they could have -- father -- so it what was thought it was a. All that and Yemeni it's still do that with the cameras because you know if you've driven from Slidell two new loans through the east. I think they look at six years seven he has a minimum. And then from there you got people on ninety a hundred and I'm surprised that there aren't more fatalities every day because is. It I'm look I'm not a fan traffic cameras but I know from what I see on the interstate. In India crazy out there and all it takes is one guy did that that is going at a high rate of speed 89000 dollar weave in and out all lanes. Tom did to cause a pretty bad accident but do you think because of from the fact that you could catch more criminals of there was an actual police stop or. -- that there should be one law enforcement guess bottom line is do you think there is is speeding problem on the interstate -- so you would address it with more aggressive enforcement. The absolute the united. To travel industry record. And our most part owners -- -- urged. Are occasionally is one that's actually. Terrible behavior and that person should be stopped all of you know -- go to our beg the question is. And physically stopping somebody is that not a better -- example for public say -- then just. -- inside edition and now it's more. By Betty -- -- -- talked a -- one time a bug on Fastenal on what it had to say pretty prominent lawyer earnings and you know. You don't know at this statute is but if you agrees he says do not get a ticket -- you get arrested but I'm just wondering if drivers new. Animated clear that there were speed cameras here and if you go faster than. Whatever 7075. Whatever they deemed safe because if you -- him a couple of miles over the speed limit that's fine. I think a lot of people wind up speed and because they're trying to keep up with the traffic and if people knew there you get a ticket if they went over. I don't know eighty miles now -- interstate that I would think if you made it clearly sign and they they knew they wouldn't. You. Not not exactly but -- orchestrate their -- Orbit and that there's many examples of ignorance. Why they should be that. And I give you an example they do gentlemen here yeah got a citation -- And when he started to investigate which he had to do about the way it wasn't necessarily. On the side of the company's history he actually seek it out in record obvious. That the -- and give it to him was actually this same number on his boat trailer. That it wars that person's heart and California has been issued a citation in the that is. Should have been -- that attention now actually worked in the post and the Louisiana. It was just a -- clerical follow. -- That happens it's a government -- well on the ocean that damn right. Not necessarily but you'd be in a civil citation use you'd have to work as. Term -- problem you'll have any recourse you have is due process in the courts under the wage at these these operations in the belt. I represented the governor's cited energy think he will. Are are properly it will put on a lighter note Mike -- hey gotta be an Irish name it is where do you would you follow folks come from what part. Actually the men they thought it was no more -- Production. And then a little bit further back from Ireland. Article county cooler when we're -- in the summer I'll sail into the -- and we well at all but yet again today and I represented. A rigid time.

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