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5-2 7:15am Tommy, Jazz Fest

May 2, 2014|

Tommy talks to Will Coviello, Arts and Entertainment Editor at Gambit, about the history of Jazz Fest, local vs. national acts, and what's going on this weekend

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Doctor -- WL. Jon Fogarty. Credence Clearwater. And we -- Going to be on the Samsung speed. Sunday at 930 and in closing acts joining trying to talk about Jazz Fest. Only get your calls too and opinions at T six 1878203866. In 890870. Local BLO arts and entertainment editor for gambling morning well thanks for taking the time -- Com he'd tell me about Jazz Fest the evolution where we started now he signed an -- think as we look at life. I think sometimes is emotion as -- a snapshot when in fact it's a motion pictures started there. And progress to somewhere else and now we wind up where we are so. For those -- just take Jazz Fest for granted they give us an idea of how it started what it was like then and how it got to where we are now. Short. Just started -- -- I actually late this -- Thought about this is your thought about starting at only 66. No one we have now. Opposite person of the year and anyone that initially you're not Congo square. And acting in my heart attacks in their copilot in Northern Iraq that would Duke Ellington played out -- -- vocal that what we're at and the -- Cabrera and he didn't we don't think that as well but it -- it was pretty smartly. They basically that many musician that at. -- and you know to get people actually out there about oh which would. You know Congo square and operate the French Quarter but it. -- pretty. Earnest the all star. At that time will people didn't not a seeming failure Jackson or Duke Ellington. -- No jobs and -- that's pretty big names. I mean well I mean. You know convert or. Were. You know -- that -- certainly the -- yet -- -- to. True in New Orleans go to. I don't use -- Now that they you know they. Give people a little breeze -- in there in congress where. You know there -- wonderful picture. But all. -- start. Let me take a break -- -- come back -- a couple of minutes. I really -- -- -- history of this festival it started in and again where we are now and what happened in the two point 72 when he -- The attic comments we'd love to hear from you are ready jaguar being people asking -- She it'd be a smaller event that. Promotes local new loans acts are being national -- and I think -- news to do you want it to be in it to mean gathering in New Orleans sort. A world class festival which it is now will take you calls it a poll results in the second right now though it is time for. It doesn't go -- Then we go to Terrell Robbins. A chance this is week. I go on day two of the final weekend at seven when he sixes and chubby Perrier in a by use want to man. Is still hot sauce. Easy and Sunday at 605 on the fate of those states we're talking a little Kobe yellow line easy arts and entertainment editor for gambit. Let me pretty interesting to go back and see how we got from where jazz -- started to where we are today some 197071. Kind of square absolutely free million Jackson Duke Ellington. Relatively speaking pretty light crowd accurate will. And that's true. On what happens from there. It. You know ignore -- don't really cryptic -- China India helped it took -- arms in our current fairly quickly let's say we're not anywhere in years big bank in any apparently. And that type oh really you know hollered you know however you really honored. Which was your eyes -- -- Which -- as -- over ten years 1980 was known and your Europe air ground. You know again he's getting more and more brute fact from you know you're getting eaten in only. You know much bigger acting in -- on their current. Is that big. Curator here. Really -- -- -- GE EGB apart earning up and start you know booking the national. When was that it or it. The big -- so we're not necessarily chance. All right and don't you mean nationally known is that -- -- with someone book authored a column and all blue legendary. People the well known but it. You know a kind of a particular kind of business model arena rock impossible. -- are more she'd like word really started to shift John you know. Yeah. Opened. You know it just that the that it needs mission was to prevent the types of music. In the. There is you know -- Gave oral it's so much for REE. You know which -- much for rock that it is really opened up a lot of hype commuting or. On the matter production partly. But at some point and -- to take a break here and welcome back -- -- and join his conversation. It had to really open up or change for it to SSV featuring rob and stake in Christine and. I think a lot of people that it has a relationship -- there -- no way to really not far from. From what you would call mediocre currently he had. We need to their initial. Though is create well -- all and a cultural heritage there on the early in the ground in ulcers don't eat yeah. Nobody does it will be you know are now. -- -- -- -- -- Attacks accounts in Tommy knows that Jazz Fest in utero. Then never missed a year until I was 28 then I went Monday and it took an hour to get a drink another hour to get crawfish Monica you simply could not move. It was a -- Dave Matthews reformed and Lenny Kravitz joined him on stage. People were sitting on top of the -- let's see and sitting as far back as the rail on the track it was miserable. And those who wants a sacred event to me. Was stated forever apparently not a good experience and that's something else we've talked about with will -- LO arts and entertainment editor for gambit matches the music. What about the other attractions. Is it a pleasurable experience Sony from -- as -- -- -- six 1878. Still free 86688908. Semi of course on the other side of that text. He get to see Dave Matthews and Lenny Kravitz together. Sold technicals more tax only comeback right now. It's time for -- WL first news and for that we -- -- physically and David -- pretty interesting conversation with will -- -- arts and entertainment editor for -- did you know the -- -- started 7071 in Congo square -- no I didn't make -- -- Jackson Duke -- the free. Very light crowd. And we've gone from there to where we are today and but I have a million. Yen and in some texts from people that. You know someone's like the old Yogi Berra line nobody comes here because it's too crowded. -- that should be a month long -- have a local music session that'd be less crowded. You can see an act only if you stand near the stage for three to four hours previous. And that's not even be an up close and wanna be close goes straight to stage eleven stand there until five. Miserable. Nots not good and you know I'd like that concept in if they expand on that one compiled. I probably can't afford to say more than one -- may be two days of just local. Not big name Max to bring the crowd down a little bit. I'm unless we're talking -- too well about an up here from the audience it's music so your height 7203866889087. If you think that the people are saying it's too crowded too this -- that. Sometimes you know you have a better time and place is packed than when it's empty so will Colby LO is are these huge crowds necessarily a detriment you'd you would think that's -- -- a dumb question because they have huge crowds. Won't. There aren't a lot of people don't like that -- You know apparently. Partnered in being one of the air that we -- And their buddy -- You know the you have a trade off between the headliners that -- and last weekend. Unique Saturday on that you had really people crowds throughout the day people came early and -- -- Listeners and you know they camp out people camp out all -- spot for error you know our. -- Robert Plant didn't speak stricter. That happened. And yet. Definitely it just seemed like every -- is in eagle at last winter you know either from some more people here and blanket down. Are kinda looked at age or -- get away. At people. Fitting machine you know your critic could eat the performer you don't want to wait to that -- -- -- -- And wouldn't you know like. Giving me. The current actor hiring -- that. -- -- -- You know years ago. Tried insert. That in an important. I'm out in in terms of -- Then use it and in the infield in about full. Is there anywhere -- ago there's you know again the same thing arsenide. Something that's often -- it and it really ever come up with a solid answers. People through. I guess somewhere in street park would be viable -- -- all all infrastructure and how out of the air ground. It's hard to reproduce there's no other. I don't know another -- that -- You know liquidate -- sent out twelve. Ages. And you know city park they would have Thomas you'd think that progress in use one of the old golf courses for that does not Micah. A central part of some of them blew a big wide area is there. I think it was more like having electricity each you know sit there and took power -- -- all the vendors are really. There you go. Restructures parity with the fairgrounds it got you so so before it'd take a break you tell me about food and I haven't been a long time and how is the food evolved that's available or has it that much and I hope to god is not one of those funnel cake stands there or is there. I don't I -- -- You know what you're. I want the job done really well grounding local food and you know it is not who you couldn't speak for any other at all. And you know people -- Earl -- during an area where you don't see huge amount changed all you know being a pocket and. Who makes. That in -- are cheap and the battle every bit accent and -- is keeping it many Enders -- billionaire Kirk here and so. There is great ability there. You know you get it over arranger and agriculture avoid them you know sort -- -- or gumbo it's very -- later -- The only you know -- that it it -- international cultural. Is represented Brazil. And -- and I are actually prepared by a local -- Equipped with -- -- to the break come in in terms of the money isn't a lot of text and so about the Benjamin's all about money -- -- -- of big. The test itself and and all the vendors pay a fee to beat the Jazz Fest in and seller -- her due date. You give a portion of what they make some money get 5% how's it working. Night and in terms of running the event itself I know they do a lot of good work but uses up private event. And their promoters who assume the risks and and then make money off of an -- and no problem is they do a minute there's human risks of putting on festival and event. Or is it a non profit result network will always wondered about the money. Sure it can't -- allegation is -- prop it. And as is the NFL ultimately. The attack it looked at 30. Did it hurt generate -- outcrop and higher. Productions. All -- which propped up to produce. -- any idea how much. It brings in a year what kind of -- -- I don't think they don't give up that is her thank you -- you can't I mean you can you can go there there. That gender issues -- so -- or 99 you're Barack which lit. And -- spent. It is clear this up well you know I'm -- business and profit guise of you don't -- don't go if you. If you do go and understand how much it costs and in the people who put on Hamachi expenses on and ended at a profit that's what America's all about. When we come back take a call from Renee who wants to talk about marketing of the Jazz Fest out of towners more than locals. And now what's it about this weekend's entertainment will -- BO lowered gas sees the and again right here sorry will ease the -- Arts and entertainment editor for gambit are racer I want him back and take -- calls and more talk in Jazz Fest here on that VW. Tomorrow for fifteen. Bruce Springsteen's. On and no talking about Jazz Fest in traditions and how it's changed in. The deal like get. Better now than when it was an. I know -- will -- BLO the entertainment editor for gambit is that Bruce Springsteen becoming a part of jazz this tradition maybe you'll be they got to close it out Monday. People are gonna come. You can't kind of you know adopted. Locally and to wait for 4006. After. In on the comeback you're Katrina. I would -- much griping about him personally arena but. You know. Yet he just released an album in January and you know he expressed interest in playing that at -- so you know -- -- -- or are or were you know were people who were on tour and promoting record. Get it -- and you will now and we'll go below the arts and and -- editor for candidates gonna offend you but I say tongue in cheek I hope he does the news stuff. -- -- -- -- You just imagine he's endlessly. Again and our. As someone wanna teach -- -- And -- -- morning -- W well. Well that that political greatly in my. Comment. All of my friend we've been complaining about it. Country you're pre -- and Merrill. And took a big -- it's not a local constable anymore and it's not more market attacking her and her. More out of -- LGU and it's just. They don't know how to act like you expressed or they. Wait I am not a big Jazz Fest go I don't dislike and I just one reason don't go and tell me which you mean they don't act like you and I'm not arguing I just -- cleared. I -- pictured in my head what's going on. You know they -- chair out and played great Barry and not even be there. And yeah. We tell our schedule and at which we want Nancy and I am going this year I usually go. At least for today sometime or. Sunday during usually -- And it's just that a lot not this year is it's not as good as easily as. Renee in terms of traditions. Jan decent slugging it out to -- that's. A huge and -- it. Need to figure out keep that tradition. Right here album. There are. You talk to local and what are they saying. And they're not doing it anymore -- -- -- and that's happening well. It happened a couple article or general attitude. So will what do you what do you say it would rename it doesn't. -- that we. I mean I think are all ballot could yield. Point about. Her views you know is usually -- -- -- not you -- not revert back to elect. That at night I don't think we're gonna you know going to be able back. On the not to -- other improvements could be made about. Handling crowd on -- is. Well. I did that I don't not. -- national miners like into that. Widely viewed as you know by. And certainly bring in. More -- attention to the tool you know they like being mentioned in the national you know. Discussion about that all along with Coachella a lot more threats to the -- You know major media centers that jet that likes. In terms boldly to go in terms of money. Com and negotiating contracts with artists etc. if it's. A world. Classes and where they need a lot of explosion maybe like quicktime Bruce Springsteen with a new -- column records anymore album CD release I guess. -- it can get a better rate sometimes if they know they're gonna have more exposure and it'll help. Push whatever it is they have -- And I don't like a big act like spring seen some along those lines. I don't know. You know I don't they don't do anything about how much they're paying -- headliners. I don't know -- -- negotiation goes for. You know certainly. I think that even Oprah. Wanted to because it is best that I don't. Anything as far as getting as leverage in what they. Approves this is a big event in. You do know I'm Bruce Springsteen right OK let's move on well I'm glad we took that you took the time was morning and it was bearing interest and have a good day go.

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