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5-2 8:45am Tommy, Kentucky Derby

May 2, 2014|

Tommy talks to Mike Diliberto about the Kentucky Derby and a Louisiana horse racing

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Write and sing along. As the University of Louisville multi. But he singing alone. -- -- -- -- That's -- they do at the beginning of the. It's like derby. And then ending its two weeks from now you'll have the preakness in Maryland where they sing oh Maryland my Maryland. And then as for the Belmont he -- a zany side westside now leasing. Frank Sinatra's New York, New York always great to have a deliberate on WWL and with that we welcome N. Mike Gilbert I don't like doing great. Well and regular July that the race -- that the racetrack we human around race horses all your life and and the industry. Com. Actually -- where would you uptick in fact you get that cheap chic at the guys in the program you know like real yum -- exact. Everybody told that it ought to read although program are no goes towards that now. A -- get to the Lee -- that the horses in the odds and jockeys and all that well let me talk about that event because. You know there are certain iconic things in America where you'd you'd just suddenly realize where you lord what's going on. Any of that -- runs up yours mine and I would think the first time you go to Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby that happens. Definitely. -- horse racing and it does pop band of sports in general. I think you owe it to yourself to at least go one. Just experience. You know that did the atmosphere -- is slightly guys down. That -- he would -- stated that the night you know when you're a mile away you'd you'd feel organize now on the rule come from the stadium that factored Japan is. On derby day I mean. And it's such an exit. These days because there's so many celebrity's and I'll -- -- see constantly. Every way you can walk in and just really great man. And it's just so those things that don't like it happened once a year and a lot of people look forward to. You know it's funny we talk about Rosie no prob make enough. Course in the fairgrounds -- yes unfortunately you know by pole position you talk about him first. Yeah the object is in trouble I think he isn't the problem mean that is -- -- -- -- really -- ought to get out and get her position early. And that will probably you know hurt him in the later stages of the race. And there was some reason he doesn't -- talking get -- build and he's gonna get eliminated everywhere -- -- my response to push you know that they get to. It is on the first try to get position on that first turn so. Eight -- think Vick is in trouble -- that does hurt his chances and epic the mob -- and hurt his chances anyway so -- you know. Wouldn't be totally out of the question where in the -- rose he's done some great things in the last several years but I think he's got his work cut out part. Mike unlike in the flew into the horses and I appreciate you your expertise -- -- -- -- 55 to twelve when Anita jockey. Pat back. You're. It'll be anywhere near the lowers. The only thing it would be to do is carry the course of its not only well. A lot of weight the better that's been out there we have an auto -- caught the do they have a look at the -- that real small ankle so. They carry enough we're just on the world by. They would have an armed guards say stay away from the whores don't even going to give him or hurt your eating habits tell me about. Him and her and colts and fillies. Well you know. Told the gently you know you know just like in the human race probably the silly about it Billy you know mature -- so what you would make two year old and -- You know they they can -- you know. Run competitively with the boys dot it's funny in this country exists. Then that they have kept them applaud for so many years but over in Europe the Phillies can be right in the league with the -- and do quite well also mean. Certain facilities you know -- called silly getting involved with that we're seeing you know some pop up when Kentucky Derby over the years so you know you know. It's it's not you know Vietnam but it is -- you know quote totally out of the question either. I telling the top three here and and data yet to pick a winner who would -- -- Well I mean California chrome that would be the favorite at the end and anything wrong you know wanted to -- -- on. Very impressively in all of -- but you know. He looked like ought to -- that might be party -- in the does that rate is where to me I want someone that. Improving now that this property that we noticed this you know losses improved several listed as a matter of the week or two that are on the disparity that really the jury and then. You know so California -- -- want to be if I would take shots that meeting -- think noble would be hands. Who. Have been away without play that you wanted to tap -- and America for many years now and I unanimously Aussie is lawful and one. And Natalie illegal order 11 list them on the opposite derby he blew the field away and almost it's in a very good car and so. This -- all that looks like he's the light went off and he's really spot in -- All reports that extreme and exceptionally well. So I'm gonna go with them before it and they just couldn't look like that's taken that next step all in a remote controls as great. Should be very tough in this race another one. Number twelve -- with the with that's the call local coming in from California but he chipped in. Story in the blue grass on the poly track which that the difference there is but we've seen animal kingdom when the Polytechnic Rebecca won the derby but. In newspaper he's 41 point in his -- orbiter he ran second in the grade one. As a two year old and then again eliminated in the Breeders' Cup juvenile so -- -- races as you'll get two wins in -- -- And yet that partnership that really big terms -- he went from like seventy today. So our cinematic shall appear global 62 mile big -- to speed. He's -- it wanted to program he looked like all of that is on the improve also also would -- you know. If you woman you're about to upgrade before what -- twelve bit with state and then you can they would -- chrome and. The only known today -- of the go to one of these off track betting parlors be careful would you bet because I thought it was bad in fifty last year and turned it a hundred. But here made it really have like thirty seconds of you remain a a hunch bet and if so what was the strangers one. Well. -- -- You know -- You've you've got. Number. Number my daddy it's been everything that he loved -- -- -- and -- -- for some -- -- it's always what you numbers. And nineties -- a couple of big league acted bout that wanna avoid must now. That almost. They've got to would treat the Muslim -- deductible went down. And the announced that I don't like anybody has raised that way it was a mistake -- that the that you will bat and he ended up with him within that rate. Way if you're dead right this time might it be great is Vickers in trouble is the one horse and -- for thank you so much free time have a great day in a weekend.

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