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5-2 9:10am Tommy, Redskins name change?

May 2, 2014|

Tommy talks to USA Today Sports writer Jarrett Bell about if the NFL should follow the NBA's lead and encourage the Redskins to change their name

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And Jarrett bell Lou joins us right now sports writer for USA today morning Jared you Dylan. Well let me clear this controversy up right now when it comes the -- Did not medal but the cloth -- that you pulled up and put in the bag camp -- I -- Cheap or expensive. Yeah that's the good ones now we've -- my -- back to -- some really nice 31 and so we putted pretty -- back. And the Yankees didn't. The F kids that you got to sporting events -- at -- I get up. Ligaments and their watch in soccer for three days I'm gonna spend the extra money. Yeah you know it's all about the portable you can really use themselves. I thought about you know trying to get the most bang for your box -- I don't like to throw away any saying. Well not only people do it on purpose but it's like you know what it's a -- have been drinking beer all the non sectarian -- Tell me about -- The Redskins in -- Snyder and Donald Sterling who as you point out to think of an NC coincidentally of the same initials but is there anything else in common with these. And on and it's really. You know it it's its threats and once senses. To try to put -- -- in the same ball. With Donald sterling and how wanna do that because they're different people. I would be. It's done if there was ever any revelation that's neither said some of the things that we heard from from Donald Sterling but. The reason why it's of course is debatable ones were progressive society dictating terms and as we've seen with -- so NBA game. Terms of how quickly. Saying Canadians come to life. And when you talk about racism that -- -- situations was obviously over in your face even -- the privacy issue but. It was right here for people is to die cast. That the situation with the Redskins has a lot different in the fact number one it's been going on this debate for many years. And you're talking about a subtle form of racism. That could be interpreted. In. You know as that to me and could be interpreted totally different to someone -- my slider and some and his supporters and some of their fans -- they don't know that is not. Race too insular or situation at all. So there is definitely a difference there that statement that the that the fact that. One it's kind of clear cut in you know it when you hear. Me audiotape and the other one is kind of and -- societal thing you know I think you talk about some of the you know native American people who have been outspoken about what they tell you hey this is very damaging because. It is one of those sub -- forms of racism when you hear a racist slur used to define union people repeatedly. -- -- you know it's desensitized. And so I think that's why there's the connection in the presence by adoptive parents are about racism wise it. Not okay -- there -- that form located not tolerated by. In the NF you tolerate something that could be interpreted as racist products -- but yeah. It's Annika as the column that you wrote now I always like to think of things in terms of -- -- mine mine word scared is Monica. A flow chart again here in a circle here -- Hydro lines animal if that this is nothing -- assailants and so I think this discussion starts with do you find the term redskins' offensive. Adding and going down the flow chart if not -- had an argument. If you do then at the end the next circular squares what do you do about. So. How do you determine. Mark had there been polls conducted about native Americans now I feel about the term Redskins I don't think. It's a term of of tribute now they have to -- some in schools as you know that -- outlawed -- things like warriors and I don't know that that's necessarily a negative term. If not the that the great point -- -- because after the game then what do pop in upgrade in the Cleveland Indians in. In the Chicago Blackhawks OK so I'll. And -- say who by the way has the approval. Of the Seminole nation at least that portion of a -- it. Exactly yeah her -- it is so. That's why not -- a cut and dry issue but does that give back. What you're saying about you know -- into the and to what level I think that's something that. You know I felt really. -- a lot of stock him personally is my personal opinion because I think when you start talking about the halls. Are something could affect you. Andy and not the next guy right we could be oblivious to it because. It doesn't. Impact sort does that resonate with maybe we're not native American enemies that we do it by the same so what you could be native American and let's admit that the real -- -- a hundred different people who are native Americans in particular have. It felt different. Array of a look at the right adjustments in the that the so crops and so. That's why so couldn't drive but the ones saying that. I cannot hang onto in. -- -- that is disgusting is the idea that. That it is anybody. In or you know -- certain segment of people and if you'd like the -- here. Hell a socially in a lot of ways I think some of the things there that has done in terms of at taking a stand against it in word and really just trying to get out to some of these editions on in accepting people we go with the sexual orientation coming all of these things which I think. Kind of -- -- where we're going with the society. As he has more -- I think. You know some of those efforts are compromised when you don't look -- up a bit deeper and this issue and and so yet. -- -- It stopped the candidate pitted on Apollo because. A lot of people who may participate in the call may say it's okay but he really. You know doesn't affect them or their children and the thing that talked about in terms of it damages it could be easier psychologically. Because it is sub conscious. Met -- well somebody you you talk a person where. In there in the -- and it doesn't really matter to them then why would they fail to sense of. In terms of dominance you know you look at that. The percentage of of African American the American players in the NBA it's 75% I would imagine a fan base. At least is is 5050 black if not more and owners and bring in up. When he cut 31% black in them rob thank you you're in 31% black in the NF in the NBA batteries -- bring it up. Tom let me give -- a couple of scenarios see if I can explain in my own clumsy way of one and speaking. If Donald Sterling had been associated with the PGA -- made some kind of com comment like that. Or if for whatever reason 76%. Of the players on the Washington team or any NFL. Word native American and where where does -- figure in all of this and where it is. Fans days. Money in terms of sponsorships. Etc. if you understand Automask. I think ethically courses I -- do it it's somebody is farmers who wrote a column. They Californians as -- it's that kind of intimate that day. If there and should have an NHL hockey game right and -- rather than an MBA even if they and the point that -- so. Think that even at that point is wrong because we're all Americans I see that what we want the water. You know have a quality it was one of respect each other and I'll anticipate. That is one of these days in society of multi cultural society which is probably changing that would point to always have to deal with the terms of respecting the other person and their called. And as more people com. Empowered. And you know -- are five. The connection not you can have checked out with with technology and being able to really voice here. It's so -- -- -- the thing that's happened here is that we -- About. That the -- of people who are out of have been marginalized and and so I eat all of that. Incidents and a camera propelled the issue epic account went opposite either your quest. -- and I think it's all part of it. Yet you know what what does this really -- I don't know if it would have been into -- and operate out of the from some of the participant in the sports is it. Had been a player I -- and had been in the debt that was predominantly white but I don't really bad now. Bet it will have a -- outraged -- does that we're talking about National Hockey League cannot sort of pick and act boldly and at the owner saying it. And you don't have a lot of black players -- an odd yeah well that it would be. It's much outrage by. Realistically speaking that you don't have the debates -- The community's support for the players who I think it really so that they have a great deal of -- when you. Thought LeBron James and Chris Paul and you know players on NBA release speak up and get on Twitter and I'll -- that's what change that the game changing situation. He talked about long -- and I think you nailed it when you talk about march it was a marginalization. And clout because it you just have to wonder then isn't about what's right. Or is it about. Money isn't about cloud is -- about. -- under sentencing. I don't I don't look at it -- that it was -- pure. In -- like -- right. It seldom is it seems like it's always about money -- That that's about it yet that that's a fact but also the people look at the power. And the politics behind it and they all of those states cannot. Kemper but here you -- right when you say money have a lot to do with -- I think. When you thought about the India gate situation well when he's on those sponsors Portland home earlier this week you knew this would point to go to another level. I can't imagine that happening with the Redskins. -- right or wrong I'm just in terms the dollars. I can't either that something else. Happens that. Really kind of and feel the momentum. I think sponsors are always careful -- Who they associate -- and when you talk about responses in the NFL and at all of these sports. I mean you know that that that delicate relationship a lot apparently even when you talk about sponsorships with you know individual players and endorsements and things like that -- that kind of part of that territory though I don't need that as being something evident with the relative situation by any means but let's just put it this way. That the -- that -- the most successful franchises in the NFL when it comes to sponsorship and marketing and if this becomes. But an issue that is -- which it could be because what they set that trademark. So that's been -- right. Now -- spots that associated. With a I've seen that has. You know -- that trademark protection on the grounds of racial issues do you still wanna be involved with that change. That's going to be of course then perhaps. That sponsors that McCain might have to ask themselves and I think that's why. There's the potential for a -- blowing up on the Redskins offensively and I'm not predicting that but on this thing and today it's possible. Jared remember what they said in casino always. Always and always dollars my friend. Have a good day and I are probably. About you event enjoy the soccer game weekend bringing the chairs set up -- -- but I I Brady did cheers thank you are it will.