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5-2-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on the state budget

May 2, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with political blogger C.B. Forgotston about Louisiana's budget shortfalls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And on Fridays it's Don going to be -- for golf and -- thanks for tuning in with us on what is going to be gorgeous lead in date of the week and while you got some outdoor activity plans like duke -- boy -- going to be gorgeous weekend to get into the great outdoors while before we get of that. That's -- issues to talk about today I will be closing out the think tank program. With a visit from Sidney coffee the senior policy advisor for Americans wetland foundation talking about. Should money that's been a set aside for coastal protection and restoration ever being used for purposes. Other than its original intention. There is a bill being proposed to stop lawmakers from France flooring. In removing these monies for other projects. Louisiana coastal areas aren't. Dire need of protection and restoration and will be asking you this question are you willing to stand up for the coastline. And stand behind this bill. Which this is actually horrible larger issue where. Dedicated money supposedly dedicated monies have been taken for other purposes nine. Hook or crook raids or whatever you wanna call and in the real problem it causes when people or passed the voters. To put. Self imposed taxes off the ease off permit money you know to be put aside. A specific uses there's no more trust in the government that will be specifically used that experience -- that. Right now with a bill that's trying to get an increase in the fishing license which nobody's supposed to have been a long -- that -- and an increase. On the money could be well spent well use the fishermen would owe the people I'm talking to. And polls and interviews radio shows but tell me that they really wouldn't have a problem with the amount we've got the best fishing in the Gulf Coast. Stands to reason you would my campaign is highest in the gulf calls to do it. But there is no cross that the money will be used for the purpose intended and that's with a Robinson's not just that as many other examples of that. Also we're gonna talk to Louisiana State representative -- Pinto he's taken some time away from the session. To talk to us about his bill that he has now amended you may recall we. Visited this earlier in the session. Talking about changing the method of XQ action in Louisiana. Getting harder and harder to use. To find and use a lethal injection. Chemicals. That problem now has been even exploited Morin expose about what happened in Oklahoma earlier this week. -- now. You know do we continue to go on and at some later date assume bringing back the electric chair of the 'cause this could mean that justice can be served if the the products on available or there's so much opposition to using them as cruel and usual methods of punishment. We may not be able to perform. And executions in this state talked him about that. But this hour we bring in a familiar voice on the station's CB forgot it was an attorney. Political watchdog the king of submissive blog visits ground. Mr. James deal CB forgot that joins us now to talk about the state budget. And also the state of Louisiana's economics. What brought this about. Of this topic was. A -- Listing where. When Bobby Jindal took office in 2000 neat he inherited a one point one billion dollar surplus from Kathleen Barco. Whoever succeeds Bobbie Jindal will inherit a two billion dollar shortfall. That's at three point one billion dollar revenue reversal in only eight years what the heck happened. And what really hit me hard this was the -- that was Washington national newscasts which was was typical. You know Republicans are slamming the Democrats saying then that fiscally responsible in the state of the country's economy. But yet certain states are doing well on the Republican leadership in in the list was Louisiana and go wait a minute. I'm here and we get problems with the budget we can't make ends meet with taken money in rating on the farms to robbing Peter to pay all. Then is going to be this three point one billion dollar reversal. But yet is that the impression the rest of the countries getting -- governor Bobby Jindal Woody's gonna made these news news towards national tour. They believing that you know he has reformed the wheezing and fiscally and in great shape. Well I'm trying to figure out mode no better person to do with the NC be forgot and zinni thanks for Joan. Thanks for having announced its get -- is that you a couple of questions to clarify. Wait a minute I'm supposed to be asking you the -- now Goran if this. He just grabbed me in -- -- did you say -- out -- submit the so bursts of OK. -- resort to make here. I don't but none and none of the -- look at the other -- I'll go hide them mining and fishing license. Is the increase in the fishing license effect on well I have 12 -- and I suspect but think about it. Well but again there will be. If you trust the ambient expensive but again is that money going to be -- You know a year year last topic with with -- coffee. It is it is something that we probably ought to talk about two while -- loans. You can ask because the you know yeah that top. Often. About the pipeline of BP money and other federal monies coming down dedicated to the coastline but it's really not dedicated. And the week we've been told that -- and that there's a interest same thing that because nobody can figure out how the next governor is going to pay. To keep government running at the same level. With and and you know balanced the budget what they TB and now hold it. And and be more and more it appears. That that two billion dollars is gonna come from that BP money and out of the coast. Well that's certainly one of the targets and I'm sure there's a few there is -- -- and trying to. You're right in that -- you can write in and out talking because you have you have to help. Tightness. When we've discussed in the past he reached out to your audience to tell to be where and they have. But. And the capital a little money intact but it's you -- this session as they're trying to wash if you. Million dollars for the coastal fondest and on other things that totally unrelated to the coast. So the the general administration it's just not necessarily anybody else promised that Jindal administration is doing much. Do you get them being there at the same impression and I do that the rest of the country things greatness well here in Louisiana Bobby Jindal is on a great job and we're very in great fiscal shape here. Yeah and I understand it but they don't fall in the -- down here that. We usually win national. Things break. Some -- Just to own my name popped up on Google a lot. I always get policy and national media to discuss. These issues well. You know that they're not doing that and not talk to other people that same position I am people like Bob -- -- of professor -- achievement by it has speaking I think not a -- getting calls from the usual suspects to verify. And so I I can see that happening in fact I watched it happen when Jimmy Carter was running for president. He came -- bad memories. And that public today as speaking engagement and there. And I just heard all kind of wonderful things about what was going down in Georgia. And that was probably in the late seventies. -- -- -- That's good -- get some tips. From and we can do some of that stuff -- elsewhere in this chief counsel for the house preparations. So I had. I counterparts and now the other states that net. In national with national groups. In chargers went back to my office directly commitment that picked up the phone back problem my counterpart in Georgia. And acted it would -- on the course and is would have he should -- -- that we you know step CP possible. That truly great he is now it's not right he should not have it work. But if I had picked up the phone and called my friend in Georgia. However believe that things will hunky dory in Georgia State. Well that should be -- a standard operating procedure for media particularly trying to get to the bottom of the issues and verify that you know was being released and put up to the public. By the press departments. A staff of all of elected officials. It is -- alone national story go go to the home state did around find out from them communal asked the questions there and you'll. You get a better more accurate. Well that that's you know. You -- India over estimating. That media that suggestion. Significantly. -- lower your expectations. And otherwise you'll be constantly disappointed with the. He would -- here -- what you know here's the way it usually comes if Bobby Jindal ever. Got -- and did double digits on the pole and among Republicans. That candidate for four president. Pocket this year you would begin call from the campaigns of these other Republican contenders. But he has so far now on the line nobody's bothered. It is like when Mike Foster got elected he would run and at the bottom of all the polls would like to offer run for governor. It right. While polls so nobody bothered to be anti who might thought otherwise and whether he really was a tractor driver well there all what does he what the rumors. And multimillionaire. And so nobody elected and apparently we will he made it into the right now. And he was run out with a black candidate and so it was a it was a no brainer at that point occasionally had 30% black vote Malaysia. And so he got elected gap without finished Britney. Bobby Jindal has been elected twice. Governor of Louisiana. Without any scrutiny we don't even know who Bobby Jindal plans were in hospital in that race we know nothing about it. So my point is until Bobby Jindal. Gets to be a threat to make another Republican. They're not that the. They're not gonna dig into -- if if they decide to. It will be very easy in fact I got a call when he was when people really thought at least not. Not necessarily need that but there was some people watched and thought that. And did in the last -- presidential right that he was a serious contender for the -- vice president I didn't think that that. People watched and did so -- get a call from my. And again and Washington. A reporter Sandra. If you look at like Bobby get those will be the vice president Japan that it. And no it's not gonna happen he said well we think India's. And not just one vote I wanna get down the list to talk to you early because you can be the most popular guy with the national media. In the country. Because you have all of his voting record. And compares -- an -- compliment does not happen but so I didn't have. And and it was dropped because he didn't get to be bought and he's still not any. Not hold my breath to see these gonna -- -- and -- it. But Canada have all the information available it's just basically saying. Here's what he's and usually via take in his own words and then showing the factual results. That index. Well I'm glad you do but I don't think you can get up. Great and so he will go away with this may have -- and a miracle in turning this around and you know. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that there's no losing and a miracle the losing and a miracle is. That we are still flowed after seven years of Bobby Jindal. Handling money. Well -- in the studio we come back -- take a look at some specifics of things that you think go -- the calls of win this budget shortfall was coming from. I think consulting in the consultant from hiring is is a big part will be right back with CB for gas and if you wanna get in the conversation. Couple ways to do it simply shoot me a text to responsibly and 87878. Or pick up the phone and call us at 2601870. RH 668890878. The Friday edition of the think tank on WW well. Welcome back to the Friday edition of the think tank with a as the CB for gas and now political activist attorney and now we're talking about what the heck happened to Louisiana's budget governor Jindal inherited a surplus from Kathleen Blanco in the period of just a few years eight years is turn -- from a a big loss of one point one billion dollars to a two billion dollar shortfall. NC BM get a lot of interesting text with a lot of comments and likely to get. One of which will get -- little bit about someone saying the legislature is responsible for the budget not the governor I know there's an interest in. Relationship between those two but I want them to stay on track with the the consulting firms. And -- treasurer Kennedy who is someone that certainly has size his finger on the pulse of the State's economy and expenses and and then the money that's where it's going unfortunately he couldn't be with us today because he's he's out there volunteering his time -- he's getting paid as a teacher in the public. He doesn't get -- and that's incredible -- he has no obligation. Today that. Well blessing in sorry can be where this but that's about as good reason why isn't anybody could provide one and not here. But anyway I know he was very big on on pointing out the consulting contracts as soon as being a a form of expenses that to the state. The one that really blows my mind is this one we got into with the New York consulting form of Alvarez in -- now. Now this was. Actually. You know laid out as a five to one return on investment where if we paid them four point two million there we're gonna find 500 million dollars we can save it doesn't sound like a bad deal bit. Didn't turn out so welded. No and you know part of the question has to be -- Why do we have to bring in somebody on the outside to tell -- -- to save money. That's the job every agency is in every department head in this state. That's -- -- we have the undersecretary. In every department whose job is just to manage their budget. Now if the people sitting in the middle of the agencies. Can't. See the problems. Our don't do their jobs without it is far -- It to me if I had done it -- run and -- company. And and and you're running Indy. The boat. The boat part of that company -- And -- You gotta cut back on your budget you know I don't know how to do that could you give -- dramatic burst. At that yes I can't and the expert will be taking your place. -- well you know the thing about this was -- as -- who haven't drew up this contract in this arrangement with them should be fired because they don't know what they would do when you pay somebody four point two million dollars all up front. And then you don't get any you know maybe there's some companies out there that would do on a performance based arrangement at the very least. We should have been provided with periodic updates and then we issue them scheduled payments upon completion of that. This thing what we gave them a check -- said OK now will we wait and rock report on how to say 500 million -- and hasn't shown. You've got to stop acting like a businessman and start acting like bureaucrats. Yeah. Not that it's not their -- right people -- -- -- in these kind of this is our mind. OK so -- even worse than that the the original. Contract required. That deliverables. Meaning the 500 million dollars in -- To be brought to us. At the end of April which is all right pat well I was bad enough but -- and and and the cars they drive the budget hearing about it still. Would have been. But that they realize the budget was getting back they've now delayed. The deliverables. -- and -- How ingenious damages yet of the legislature will be gone down home but that there's only thirty days left in the session. But after today so. There will be no even if -- Roberts all had to step there's no way to use it for the the budget that against you a lot more. And is no way to go back on them and say limitless playback on that four point two million dollar to live today. Note sanctions and the contract -- -- it just it to get like who didn't do we know the division administration. Kristi. Nichols Tuesday as the vision menstruation she's she's won an iron into the contract on behalf of the taxpayers. She needs from the negotiating lessons. They may stay we got to go to news here we come back a got a lot more stuff coming up on the -- what the you -- address with talking with CB for gas and you listen to the think tank. On WW. And welcome back into the think tank we're talking with CB for gossip about Louisiana and its budgetary problems. Policy be among all the text that a common and -- and mean you have just -- -- -- Bobby Jindal on yes they understand that this questions to be asked on these things and it you know he's been invited to come on explain that he doesn't. All we can do -- ask the questions and speculate about it until we get an answer chromium. Said that dine out this -- I have offered numerous times. On that -- idea to sit with Bobby Jindal and debate everything we're talking about. Well he's been invited to come on this program numerous times and it's gotten to the point was not even worth the effort as we've we just don't get any reaction but among those. Complaints and accusations -- some some good stuff coming in there. A one saying that one getting back to the one about the legislatures got the responsibility for the budget this is true but with a line item veto a lot of that falls upon the governor and when he is actually a lot of controller explain how that works. Well actually it doesn't giving -- much ballot legislators like to say that ten bottom line is if you wanna blame any. Any branch of government for the situation. We found ourselves and with the state budgets for the last six years. You have to blame the alleged like. Under our constitution not one -- can be span from the state treasury. Without an appropriation about the legislature which that requires a majority vote of the house and senate to expand a single nickel. Bobby -- job is to so many. A balanced budget. After that he's out of the picture in mini states. The legislature takes the governor's submitted budget and they have a ceremony. And and after the ceremonies over the camera of the appropriations committee of that equivalent. Goes back to. His office in -- that budget in the trash cans and they break out the legislative budget. And that's what they work on and passed that forces line item -- yes he has that. But he can only. Bill lead a specific the last item. So. You know in order to say change the budget for the department of health and. And human services the one the biggest thing he he could Vito. The entire budget. But there's very little that he can line item apt. Okay that it it's not as easy as it sounds just not that out even more so. And the legislators. Can override that and suggested to them without any changes in the law or constitution. How to accomplish that and over and prevent his veto from meaning anything. All they have to do is get the -- two -- have. They get the bill to him. In the last three weeks of this section then he will be required within ten days to exercise his line item veto. At that point the bill is returned to the legislators while they concession. And they can vote on each line item Vito and vote to over rat. So. It -- it's not as powerful as you'd think that because the legislators. As they're doing now. Really just take his budget and China and a few little special things do -- that land that not even knowing what's in the budget. And then when it did they drag around for no reason. And then the bill to the governor after the. The deadline so that they and he has twenty days after the legislators adjourned. To do this line item Vito. And then there's an automatic veto session which we've never had. Because. The governor tells the present -- and get twenty people to write in saying they don't want recession and that's the end of. Now he also uses that line item veto as a punishment -- and obviously it is off the record tell me that they're afraid of him. In what he does is that he you know he may not be able to control their vote on the budget directly but indirectly he comes back later in in in and takes away some of that -- in -- an -- makes them look bad. In front of their constituents and they got to do his -- Yeah actually right and that's saying no other reason that they wait. Till the end of this session to send it to -- then in those crucial last couple weeks of the session. While the really important legislature. Legislation going through. Jungle while the Vito. Over these legislators heads for and the legislators are relating to anything in the budget. Is -- a specific. Which is easily pan out and easily beat. And it doesn't if you don't vote how I want you to vote on Ali's reception -- vehicles will be though. Europe 1000 dollar for your boat ramp in ovals there's. And it ends up. That -- again. He can make -- -- threats he won't let. It feel like myself to be intimidated. Then so be it that thousand dollar boat ramp to use is is more important than your integrity and. You know. Just kowtow to -- All right CB's they would -- take a break will be back gets more text messages come in and you got a question comment we invite you to call in 260187. ER 866889. Zero right seventy listening to the Friday edition of the think tank on WW. And welcome back to the Friday edition of think tagged -- Dubuque and from Garland Robinette CB forgot that is I guess we've been talking about the Louisiana state budget how we got where we aren't. What might be some of the remedies to get out of this problem will be face and a two billion dollars shortfall. CB you know is -- called Bobby Jindal when he was campaigning in when he released talked to the media directly he was one of his his. Platforms was you know he aboard the idea and would never use one time revenue for recurring expenses now. I guess when you start raiding funds that are supposed to be dedicated on a consistent basis and you do it in perpetuity I guess is no longer a one time. Income it becomes a recurring expense because he certainly has done. Well repetition doesn't make something at by definition recurring revenue. There is currently in the proposed budget for the fiscal year beginning July ones that 180 million dollars. And finding that is not going to be available following year. That's a lot of one -- money. And you couple that with they'd be in dollars according to state treasurer Kennedy that's owed. That funds. From which Jindal has been taking money to balance the budget each year and you come out with to be involved problem. Which. You know to me that quickly says the only choice -- god is -- used the the coastal fund money to fill in the hole. That they the concept of recurring is not this is Jindal that -- of recurrent. I take out of find aid this year a thousand dollars to put in the budget that balances. I take out of five BE. A thousand dollars. Included in the budget to bounce it. Those are recovering funds because we do at times -- -- two different times. But each -- has a limited amount of money it's just that game that Jindal placed. The fiscal stance leave all politicians out -- Other ones that calculated that there are 980. Million dollars. In. -- proposed budget to begin July 1 that will not be there when they began work on the. Last general budget. For the fiscal year when he sexting. -- they would just about out of time -- just kind of in summation. What do you see is it that the quickest best chance remedy -- reduce in the budgeting getting back into the surplus and the like who worry years ago. A new governor. And -- new legislature. Who are willing to come in and forget. About looking out for themselves. Being one camera. Reduce the size of government is far -- can. Remove all the tax exemptions and credits and everything from the sales and income tax -- the rights. And live within that budget and set priorities. If you wanna make. Fishing ramps the top priority and you don't wanna build. Don't -- take care of -- higher education and healthcare. But whatever that produces about removing all the exemptions. And lowering the rights. Then you live within that budget just like you and I have to do it. It's -- it is it's -- simple thing but it can't be done with people that don't have political courage. Which includes the current governor and all the legislators. Justice limits not their money to deal. And it's never -- everybody -- -- will let you know but listing -- Statement. Lousy deal last question this comes in from the text that -- mean as Q what if and when you might run for governor -- -- -- -- -- Shared detract and I -- a -- that. David thanks for the info and thanks to -- was as always we appreciate -- time. -- CB for us tonight coming back right NAFTA this but it was coming in the next now in the think tanks on WW. I'd coming up on next hour we're going to be talking with -- -- -- about his guilt to changed the method of execution in Louisiana to the electorate jail -- amended that now we'll talk about them remember the impact -- -- On executions here in the the state of queasy. -- right now it's a 1000 dollar vacation cash contest code word this hour is. Catch seen any TU CH Texaco word gets to 72881. That's 72881. For your chance to win a thousand dollars nationwide. Without ever putting down your phone your chance at an easy 1000 dollars vacation cash. Is just one text away listen for the next code -- before the top of the hour news at 2 PM. We never charged the text but it individual plan text and data rates apply. Good luck from Smart radio intercom and WW now. Will be back with representative Joseph the -- your questions calls and comments on the Friday edition of the thanked.