WWL>Topics>>5-2-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: on executions

5-2-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: on executions

May 2, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with state representative Joe Lopinto about what method of execution Louisiana should employ.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it's done to -- with you on Fridays filling in for Garland Robinette Good Friday morning from the big -- seventy WW well this hour or are we going to turn. Our thoughts about Louisiana's. Methods of -- accused -- and is the subject of ready opinion poll question. Asking you what method of death penalty execution should Louisiana employ. The electric chair or death by injection. Right now it stands at 42%. Saying electric chair 58%. Saying death by injection. I'll kind of revisiting this issue but the beginning of the legislative session we were. Telling you about a bill house bill number 328 that representative Joel looked into old Metairie. Has authored and introduced. I had that bill has now been amended. Course this whole issue at that time was didn't come on the national spotlight as it has now is with regard to. What took place in an attempt of -- teaching in Oklahoma actually it was an attempted it was successfully completed. But it had some problems in an even brings to light more. Of the issues surrounding death by lethal injection is a means. Of execution and joining us to talk about the bill in the issue here in the state Louisiana. Is represented -- -- married joint -- taken the time and talking to us about it is. If you would -- explain let's go back in in why you wanted this deal you commissar problem coming on the horizon and didn't realize that this incident Oklahoma was really gonna make it blow often go viral but. I explain what the problem was in what you attempted to do the correct. Well Obama. Strikeouts 200 points are yours most states have moved to -- injection -- all they have moved only objection there are some states that. Secondary form of secure action. But it or not that is -- is the only objection well what would happen obviously anti penalty. You know problems that are trying to get -- -- the death penalty. Have increasingly tried to make it -- order in order that you goes through those lethal injection so what -- -- state and our alliance. On the third party in order to obtain those trucks and don't do. You know steadily again -- the correctional facilities. None of them manufacturer. The manager who needed to make certain drugs used in lethal injections. At the ball at all which drug choice for the last week or -- years. I was is is that legally available. You're Europe has made today. A big push. Actually. That you get rid of and a couple -- -- think there's only one year in nation so as the penalty. But the European Union itself but a lot of pressure. On the manufacturers of that at the ball well and that drug is no longer available at all -- So what states that do change in different protocol. The group that particular drug has certain -- So wants those wants. Stock all of those drugs you know ran out of of their expiration date that we had been moved to a different trucks and what would happen every. A state used a particular drug count on and an injection. That they've put pressure on. Whoever. Supplied that -- that them. You know they have toward trying to figure out and -- to wants. And many of the drug companies that may. Sell that drug you know sort it all right now the law course as. Well. Thanks. Not to wonder Jackson's it will sell the waters burst to correctional. Facility. Look at that even though it may be used to argue with them correctional facility it doesn't make it different they want so the correctional facility. In order to make sure that it can't be used in the excellent injection. So the problem is is simple. How do you -- the drugs so many. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you -- Jewish human would you repeat that again we would cut you broke up and we we -- and -- They're yeah go ahead -- There was let's take the break chance if we can establish shall better connection. With representative Joseph -- we're talking about house -- 328. To address a continuing the executions in Louisiana how to go about it. It would bring back the electric chair didn't seem to work we'll talk about what went on legislative discussion about that. And also what the amendment he is introduced will do will be right back you listen to the think tank on the big 870 WW. Now welcome back into the think -- with this is represented -- -- -- old -- telling jokes about his house -- 328. -- one that would have provided originally the -- it was written the use of the electric -- the return of that -- -- -- of the death penalty in the state of Louisiana. Reason being the availability of the drugs that are used as becoming harder and harder to get. It is also be in this some people calling it a botched execution that took place in Oklahoma. -- now a lot of the lawyers in death penalty opponents trying to halt the use of lethal injections so. We may have to come back and revisit the electric chair at some point but for now getting back to two representative look Pinto. Joy when you introduced the bill originally. It was to bring back the use of the electric chair and wheezing and how the discussions go in the legislature and why was it decided to amendment removed. A lot of talk. Electric chair obviously has collapsed form of future and we used to. So going back to that particular loans was easier for. The talk now between all of the states still up penalties. That -- different forms does and then. New stuff go in -- there and -- with the use of Christian like the sign again but the values and like nitrogen and ordered to do so. And that's that had been used in many in the state and it's. -- and the truth delegates in the states but that's something like gets -- In and -- change and -- they'll put up on the bill date has been saying. I'm not. Narcotics in the in its well against in order that you go through May of next year. That is when that. Ability will be able to -- because those will be expired so since we. Drugs immediately available at least until next year in -- one pending anorexic you shouldn't. On the horizon it wasn't necessary just you know all the organs Gary let's -- you know go back to the electric chair. Big news smaller pork -- don't figure out where this doesn't work a deal with this issue happening all over Stewart we're looking at the court the surge in gold all would stand. Or methods or -- I mean right now -- -- protocol on the federal Burton each of what we're gonna be true -- ball in -- -- What we're looking to see how the courts you know work -- work our way through this issue. And that obviously will adjust. Oh. Looking at the amendments that would adopt about a -- one of those was the provision was added -- of -- -- confidentiality. Of the identity of the person supplying the drug lethal injection and people who participate. In performing their -- accused and howl that impact the death penalty by injection. -- it's in. The standpoint of what state law placement that is not a public record. And then not mailed or persecuted them public or where these drugs. And then the files suit against the person that you know manufactured drugs so. Right. On the other side though. State law can preempt federal law. And that -- -- law. The current federal law. Case has. Has decided that the state it was -- That is different from those that some states are. Allowing for the count and it's now only some sort of our -- make sure that they simply have to be provide. Also others accounts in different circuits around the country. And is that Clinton that the Supreme Court and the -- on the future. So I'm making the state law provision but obviously that does not. Apparently this a case that that you you mentioned the one its upcoming Christopher a sample bottle believers to name. Now a convicted child Sheila I'm sure that -- and in his attorneys will be pointing to this case in Oklahoma. In trying to get this. Either reverse that turned a preventable whatever. In this case I guess this'll be the litmus test as to whether if in fact is there is a ruling that comes down that because of this the the incompetence on the potential to not be an effective means to do it humanely. Maybe we might have to revisit and looked at bringing back another forming the firing squad hanging or electrocution in the chair. -- From what I understand may not be correct them and believe in case -- Oklahoma they used to different drug protocol should be here. Bunker so so it's not lethal injection. In and of itself that has -- -- botched it is certain drug programs. That video you're about she's so. So I don't know that specific case will have in the back. All on. On the on the car -- that we -- the but I mean obviously. At different jerk are you make -- future. A spokesman. About this and this is the big problem that we. We're not even talking about the guilt or innocence but first we were were talking about that. Wait a follow through with only objection. -- after a jury you know you're so it dispersant would be put the so so those fights are being hit right now just a method of execution. Not -- and he'll. Serve so. Well you know got some information here that says that that drug is actually used in Louisiana that the one that that that yeah. Was the one that was basically this additive that -- killing drug sold those may be different but I believe it's called mine dazzle -- And that one they use a hundred milligrams in Oklahoma we use ten milligrams here in Louisiana. -- Florida uses 500 milligrams of it but that is really to render the patient unconscious and from what I understand happened. Which is vein collapsed so he didn't really get the dosage of -- you know to take effect and do its job. That was the problem not the failure of the drug itself. Yet you didn't actually argument more matches. I'm not aware of them that's what you probably. And veteran commissioner about it right now. Well judging from the discussions that went on do you think the death penalty in Louisiana is in jeopardy of being reversed and removed or do you think that you're. Cohorts there would support and stand by it even if it meant going to what some would consider a more rule in. A primitive method of execution. No I mean I probably in the people Indiana in the legislature so I'm. Now Latvians are there issues with the yeah that's what we don't get that figure out where we go from. Unfortunately. So fortunately them on how you look at it that you know week week make a law torture -- the this Supreme Court -- in the courts interpret them where they are. And sometimes we need we may not agree with scorched. But we have to -- -- citizens that would may so Alter our our laws. In order to make sure -- You know is consistent with -- or whether you agree with them. So your bill now as it stands amended wherein what is his status right now. Right now -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll arched so that it it's definitely a lot last but I would. That doesn't mean and it's not coming back next year you know that that the reality of it is an additional. Consider -- drugs and and stock. And the other stamp or news with all these cases -- all the Smart or hospital ship typical. Wait and see attitude. You know not -- something that would just these are currently on. That's what she would go out -- and deeply into of the smaller. So must status Amin is -- been passed by the house and turned over to the senate now is in RER. No we tested so we've tested on the and I house committee administrative. Floor vote on -- probably next week -- -- -- -- and the we'll go to. All right again it's house bill 328. A representative looked into the joint xmas -- Tom was anything else you wanna mention on this whole issue before you go. -- -- have a good day weekend scored all right and I stuck with the GOP take ten.