WWL>Topics>>5-2-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on the wetlands

5-2-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on the wetlands

May 2, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with Sidney Coffee of America's Wetland Foundation about whether money set aside to restore the coast should be used for other projects.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I -- topic this foul want to discusses this and that kind of relates to what we talked about the first now with CB for gas and using. One time in come to for the state. For recovering -- and now with a special focus on money is being set aside in the -- to protest connection and restoration fund. And joining us to talk about this as Sidney coffee who was with Americans wetland foundation Sydney thanks for joining us this afternoon. It -- you have been -- involved in on the coastal protection and restoration of Louisiana from a several different venues explained to Lewis of the people that might Olympic Committee with America's wetland foundation. A what is the foundation who are -- what did you mission. Wetland foundation players starting. Eleven again. Not hold -- was he. Public. Help right where. What was happening on -- added to our debt say law act and partly -- attacks every T and not just absolutely. That what happened on the -- -- -- -- the treaty act and should. And you can't -- -- Atlanta. We're occupancy and terrific impact. That would have. More of what we used try to bring everybody to be able. Where we're neither fish or -- each day we see we answering to. Operate. It's horrible. Are you -- there. All the interest -- Care about because it can't have a vested interest yen making sure that we -- as. And -- the word com or -- and. Very good Sydney what what prompted -- to invite you to come on -- one I received a copy of on the -- to legislate -- that was sent out. Are requesting support -- house bill 49 explain what that bill is in its purpose and and why the letter to the legislators requesting support. Again we work a lot partner's -- a partner. One other Ngo partners -- working on it and make our. Usually. And we're where asked me out like like sort of -- how it'll or Nike on that in the old pot or I'm. Like. Me protect hacker in Louisiana coastal and I eat. And law and -- -- A couple of the well their allowed. What could be -- -- looked on. Yeah yeah. Past buried deep commitment to Al thank -- We. As a foundation. Every week and -- is important. -- -- -- protection and restoration and me. Helped pass on backpack and islands and I was would say. It has to program. When he does that help. -- -- -- -- Sure that it -- Protect him and he for that -- And that did it or it comes back and play and practiced. It is not something should be duly. -- not yet active and are being UPR. Jet. And an awful racket. Out there are you allowed -- -- Is this strictly go on preemptive move more is there a history of either successful or unsuccessful attempts. To divert some of that money that is intended for coastal restoration and protection. Well for the last year. They're not in and out and and he's -- -- -- well not not. Art department. Magic act. Like it. And pack pack and we can add in all of our yeah. And it sergeant Akbar will. -- on. And CET. Today did you are now saying. Technique and then -- and not be able to. Money backing. Off this big money are eager to be patient and many many matters Tuesday. This sacred eat it has to be -- credit -- and we shouldn't. In time. And implement an extra point -- -- very critical stage saying now. We don't want that message is anybody out there especially our federal partners debt debt. That it would be and why the disparity can be achieved torque are typed out and not reply as. Well. Not so fast and alert people not in the yes it is important. The eating candidate to step in -- the need for the purposes in this historical art. Yeah this certainly would give an argument to anyone you know the -- -- gonna solve this problem on our own in Louisiana we definitely need federal partners weathered the private business so weathered the help from governmental assistance. Not to bring back this coasters tournament continue to maintain an end you know to show them examples of them to quote examples where -- you know you have this money that came to you from BP. And here's what he used it for and then you come and us asking to replace that money. That could be devastating to our call. Kidney and and we are not yet in the -- but underneath we achieved this week simply. Let it. The lack. Important as the coastal fund which is totally dedicated person but today I don't let. C statement now saying mechanism of the patch. Up that not that -- Very good with talking with Sidney coffee -- comebacks and I want to tell us if you've gotten any reaction immediate reaction is has only been out a couple of days to legislate tours. And also tell us what private citizens can do to have some impact on this will be right back listening. To the think tank on WWL 87 VA. Now welcome back into the think tank our guest is Sidney coffee a senior policy advisor for Americans weapons foundation. On the foundation has sent out a letter asking for support. A house bill 49 -- to legislate towards this would address a problem a possible problem by ensuring that the cultural fondness is -- money that is coming in from. BP will be use for the purposes put their -- coastal restoration purposes. As intended. It'll certainly I'm wondering why that house bill may be didn't. Go moral largest scale to include. Other types of funds in funding it certainly is focused on the the coastal restoration and protection fund which will should be even just wondering why they didn't encompasses too cumbersome. Some other areas and that could be in jeopardy too. Well I keep the form. -- like anyone led by -- I don't know I eat at. I -- I do initially and why. Get -- this was product and the importance of this particular plan. And especially. Guys are certainly on top of the list of priorities for sure. Right. Sending an have you gotten any immediate reaction to this letter hasn't been sent out -- along and I would be surprised if you got a tournament but if you had any initial reaction from the legislate towards. -- yeah we we have gotten. We act on it there's a lot of support for the deal. And hopefully it can get one more tool. You that it can help encourage. And he. Yeah and maybe not not decided yet out of the deal. You understand why your whole whole lot of people out there he is in the field theory for support it. I think it matters and eat at you were asking earlier -- what individual gate on. Can help support this. -- and actually do much like -- getting in touch with your. We hear I can enter in your static record and black and part it's important. You know -- their foundation the American flag and dared. A poll tightly do you -- reach the -- Just take the pulse of where the public -- on certain things and it was 74 per. And the people statewide poll consider. Our coastal land locked crisis and coastal restoration. -- -- let you know like. Me. A lot when number start getting that time. On things on and he got it back in pregnant. Especially on a statewide poll RO a lot of those people who pulled probably in not directly affected by it because -- live in the coastal zone. Well the fact that the matter is you know we're all I'd greatly error are higher on the tech inside -- aimed -- we're about it. It affected by cannot get our constitutional amendment that would have to get okay. -- -- -- One person spent a lot at Gary Gary -- support. For the knee and because and far out of state trying to -- it on it is extremely important in -- everyone. Now this particular bill for ninety. Mister game and has introduced there this would bring about a proposed amendment that voters. In a state wide election would be able to vote on what would that they be asked of volatile on if this is approved. Well he had a white -- and are. Up in. -- -- that would look to see it you know. -- the language -- TV. Forget it get -- I -- -- And you are about to -- -- recall -- that would allow me he could count. Against. Those legal these matters about a left up to those people who draft the mop and understand what else is where I -- that this does in fact close loopholes. What that shot that that's exactly right and now I think in guilt for voluntary. We we wanted to. He -- acting like like shortly -- intently -- court. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is there any thing on your website. That would needles and provide more detailed information about this that they can visit. And I think that our web site and you see the message that we haven't hit and it is a little bit more detailed yet. And that website addresses. Inside. Daddy daddy and dot com Eric compared. With the best American. Web or your. Dot com. And I'm sure -- folks can find out more about the the foundation the organization itself that they won't even get more involved with -- is finding more and more people every day. As you said finding out and wanting to get more involved in this issue. Absolutely yes we have a wealth of information on our web site. We had eighty. Why it -- you connect with other organizations and other efforts that are on Allen. Can help fight your current. All right Cindy thanks so much for spending a Friday afternoon -- as we appreciated and all the good worked at the America's wetland foundation does well. Friday that is Sidney coffee whose. The title actually is the senior policy advisor for America's wetland foundation. And again that web page if you wanna find out more details about house -- 190s quote you can go legislative website give. A detailed text information the status of the bill but if you wanna find out more about the the theory behind it in the purpose in all about the organization is simply America's wetland. Dot com.