WWL>Topics>>5-2-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do in NOLA this weekend

5-2-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do in NOLA this weekend

May 2, 2014|

Angela talks with WWL's Ian Hoch about what's happening in and around the city this weekend. They also visit with Mark Romig of Follow NOLA about the second weekend of Jazz Fest, movie lover Jude Borque about what to see at the cinema, and 3WL host Spud McConnell about his upcoming performance in Driving Miss Daisy.

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-- the end of another week in paradise and such a great weekend had a great wrap up of jazz bastion and a lot more but we always began. With this fascinating world of -- what's happening co host Ian what's happening guy. What happened happened well -- tell you what's happening I'll -- very quickly. Couple weeks ago was mom -- inmates means ammonia. Wonderful lady and today we have that yeah I'm on election. -- they get they love coming to visit me it's a cooking it and moved it stark bill or something like that as -- I mean I'll respect the stark -- but I'm might not have as much like getting my parents to come visit I think it is wonderful that you do and welcome. Very very important that we as we all we start this show. What is -- doing this weekend after I leave here today I'm going to take these guys down the crescent park in the bright water just to show them that because dad's big plane to work and he's -- just really love all the stories about how that all took off. Then -- we have and actually told you this we're gonna cook dinner home tonight. Instead of going to fancy restaurant wise and -- is home now which is preparing some salmon and experience were to happen nice quiet and we just have never -- And then tonight we're gonna go -- sweet crude -- -- period there's some French folk bands that are playing down there on saint Claude. Three Bank of Japan and tomorrow we're going back to -- are heralding yesterday. And I can see some great photos and videos at WW dot com feel like. And then not tomorrow night I thought we might go check idea fest. Which is that Mardi Gras world it's it's to benefit the roots of music -- -- is to -- crawfish boil. With a lot of really cool -- Donald Harrison street near. Revivalist are going to be area the roots of music is -- excellent things support so we're gonna -- it's and crawfish and support that cause and then on Sunday. We're gonna go ride our bikes around city park maybe -- see how much that abandoned golf course is still. Still open to cyclists and end up probably also rent some of those kayaks and go paddle around and -- a little bit into the sculpture garden. It's gonna spend the day out there will be Easter Sunday this -- so hopefully piece of crowded. And then also. This will be news to you dad on Sunday night we have a really exciting tradition of ordering a pizza and watching cosmos on fox. With -- -- -- is now life people can. Ha ha -- yeah and you're doing it and yet and it's pretty it's it's fun there's always so much to do there's never I never have -- any difficulty thinking oh well how to entertain myself over the weekend special guests in town that you know everything so special. Church able to touch such a variety of things which you did mention something that the course is Paramount this weekend which is Jazz Fest India and who's there right now but our friend. -- -- Mark Roman history no why would mark the and it Jazz -- Well you know. Great truck out there that's what we want to hear them and where it's going from Janice passed. Right well we we are. Position that 3101 esplanade avenue right now. It will be there tomorrow and Sunday but Monday we hit the road and -- taking -- to Houston Austin and Dallas. And -- the food truck is obviously to share similar great delicacy in this case we -- parliamentary. Partly -- restaurant born. Located at reducing you'll be with us and we -- cooking demonstrations and we're getting -- -- thousands of samples in Austin Houston Dallas two hour. Our -- that in such as we love Texas but we love in the come to the war college and spend a vacation time into war and so technician on the road. Mark for India and jazz trumpeter look at big eight foot. We will kaleidoscope -- that people can stay and it's got the -- compass and you know Rogers yeah it's. It's pretty exciting so the first I would try this we're gonna do with Texas this coming week. Don't national tourism week -- and -- I think count that's gonna catch on -- so -- that we can now we can do in years ago. Well I think that the food truck will travel is the key and and if you're taking a thousand samples Texas will never be the same and Texas is a great place but let me tell you it's not our food. Well actually went to see a little bit and invite -- Different from Texas two in the world that -- -- is the second largest feeder visitation to the war. Next to Louisiana. And so we were there to remind them that would just a short drive or fly away from those cities and we've got a great. Some opportunity with. Hotels. Great restaurants that you -- great attractions. It's it's a family -- -- as well. You know great music to 24 -- city. And of course all this is. Fueling the economy we have 78000 people men and women who work in the industry who depend upon. People from Texas and all the parts Louisiana parts of the country to come here and support restaurants hotels attractions that they get. Maintain their livelihood and that we can also grow some more jobs. And how very Smart to need to be right outside the Jazz Fest and I'm sure you're getting a response there. -- -- that we should be activated this morning at 1030. And has the shuttles were dropping off. Jets' best patrons. Aren't there esplanade and no word -- brown run and -- they were. -- across and they were coming over there -- their -- they were engaging with chief Donald -- Indian. I try and enjoyed the victory built in the Victor go the the national where Portuguese in and then brought. And was was cooking -- Greg crawfish dish and us letting people sample so we were quick credit crisis there I would say. Well next week is national tourism week and this is what it's all about and you you set the standard market have we always will we're lucky to have you. Belly yet to appreciate -- and yet talked about this because it does underscore that thought that this is such important aspect that our. Should be our economy and we have to do that because the competition is great out there we don't talk about the world in a positive light. People make their travel destination. When they hear they feel like bacon bacon. I'd be attracted to what we offer and we need that message out there are still put the resources that we that we do it we try to do it especially like it's -- truck. I see you guys got this great hash tag -- over there follow your -- yes. Wreck aspect you know it's it's a great web site YouTube if you -- -- know that could really. Get into it people are staying longer on this web site then that a typical travel destination web site because there's so much to -- and do. You could see what other key influences that we call a special personality like -- -- -- -- -- Spicer and out and and folks to. Follow that and they'll probably. And their itinerary so. It's all about sharing we don't what what happens here stay here we want people to share with the. -- thank you mark mark thank you so very much. And Wednesday with this we're going to be talking with our movie guide -- Bork and also a special guest his name is spied on after the well another glorious weekend in front of us and it's exciting and and is were waiting for -- are wonderful lot movie man. Let's talk about some of the things that are happening. Not just this weekend but Tuesday and I'm always pushing these because they're free and their glorious and then there's our wheezing and a symphony. Or -- gas LP though what is he doing a pretty. While offering your parking of the artist and it city parks the whole orchestra you bring your blanket to bring you wine you bring in John you bring it down. People bring. Literally oriental carpets and chandeliers and it's a Lara and it's such a beautiful concert to which this Tuesday at -- -- your park at 7 PM. And I hope everybody goes out because we have a glorious symphony and we we need to thank them all the time for doing what they. And your attendance does that. Tuned here here I'm at peace I -- Had a half hour ago today. How you learned it's -- -- on Friday and it got really have to Tokyo about today -- -- -- That's doubled and forego the copper fell over the next films. It stopped their run a lot of new film coming out -- -- little transition period because there are coming out and there's only one blockbuster that coming out. Spiderman and choose opening this weekend. Beast and then when you do that. Well but it and it's the second. -- read view of Spiderman and so it is for people who really like the comic book really like these action movies. It everywhere it's going to be fun to be great popcorn movie but not a character everybody. -- -- -- It's like Spiderman five then isn't as they did the first trilogy with Toby analysis the -- I presume they're making a third one. More Spiderman -- know what to do with. Exactly so you know it's it's not for everybody I think that. But but it's government that kind of money we know that we know it's going to be successful. But I mean that -- everybody so there other -- -- two or like suggest -- you. The wiggle into the before we go into the second half I just wanted to send that the one I'm gonna have to see that -- in the promo for them but three times. God shall -- got the lions got to seek a deal and I -- we'll talk about that next week but the the Promos border fantastic and last week I think it was she talked about the real -- When -- see that and was overwhelmed it was absolutely magnificent and Colin Firth. -- was just so moving into probably will win awards but it shouldn't because it was beautifully done it's a true story that. It doesn't have to win -- war tells us and that's the great thing about movies is that. It's like great book sort of bookstore yesterday and their books everywhere and in -- pierce dory it's now for people. And you can enjoy them different partner right. Right person the right story. I'm I'm very sorry -- -- -- that that great and got. A lot of our but. Very acceptable -- -- that is here and aren't going to -- last week -- -- -- opt -- -- intervention now. This week are making a pitch for different festival entries just. He is you can't make it. Stop appropriate. The crawfish festival brokerage has been named the best. Small cities comfortable in the lead -- -- It is a great trying is that their -- triple -- but it started in brokerage. Take exit one -- in enjoy yourself. And great great great tribute something different different. And that's the. The last thing real quick -- forgo. Portal with a movie that won an Oscar for its lead actress and put the screenplay at the -- great movie. They have a TV series on affects right now -- small mini series. It's going to be a complete story it's not gonna go on and on the new -- and television where they have any -- in episodes. Of war story. And -- -- read in the that later on and its -- has nothing to do with the movie except. -- in Minnesota. It -- people with quirky accent. They're evil people that are committing murders. Of these incidents -- people that are getting caught up. And it's wonderful. If you haven't had a chance to see it. Is my third. Commanding -- here quality. Billy Bob the if -- great. Places people man who calm throughout. You don't really know what his motive is why he's doing things he's not just -- monster. And we're slowly finding out a little bit more about is tax story. It's a -- story error and I think its proposals go guilty pleasures that people could have in the springtime and. So what was the name of the woman who won the Academy Award for Fargo them. I can see her clearly the Frances McDormand thank you very much mark Menard who. Yes atlas from mark. Her her what she did defend the -- -- the line I remember issues getting out of the police god -- She's getting sick -- I'll ever. Accomplish what you there. Yet she should've won for the which I'm convinced Jude you make things. Do you find them and you make -- fund the -- let me -- you'll actually -- it has it has nothing to do the movie right so does article -- they have eaten like they're in there or anywhere on their -- There executive producers and ego and and today today. -- didn't write the stories are not directing it I think page you're using and its lasting because it's that good. And you audiences that they enjoyed the movie they're gonna enjoy this series. But I got around. Okay thank you so much you'd think -- just. -- Beautiful -- thank you film much. You know like I did double feature last week and talk but the real -- and very moving story of of the World War II man who was just brutalized by the Japanese. And then finding the same man who would be then and tortured him. And they're sort of reconciliation. Unbelievable. And it's you cry in and you think this really happened to these people. And they became very different given the whole thing way but it's just it's worth saying. Then to contrast that went to -- the other woman. I was gonna say -- if five million at all it's that you went to go see another movie right after you want absolutely and and I said to my husband actually we flipped we started with the other woman -- and it. And I -- early because this is going to be sort of a chick -- -- Richard good sport you can handle yeah he was. He walked out until what did you think about Obama and he says. It was a little bit like watching high schools. That we don't have high expectations right yeah and I but then we went to the serious violence. And that was the correct order. It was the -- it was Dolores or the -- -- and then the railway right -- if if you go out on the awful or stories. We're -- -- with the canal place that yes went canal was just -- -- a good. It's a good date the it's great to do you do you get that -- order food are always again. And like ten counts of -- pizzas it's you know ridiculous. Yeah. Yes ask them I don't know if you much -- drinker but they sometimes have these off menu piers that come to you in these big you know 32 were 36 out something in its. It's much cheaper appears. Two smaller players. See it because when you go canal place probably or on a little bit of a budget anyway let me tell you this is like Ian is in my life. As he tells me the bargains -- he can get the cheaper Beers so we get the tank of beer. And the ten pounds apocalypse we allow the -- on a dollar an an permanently until -- this is breakfast lunch and then. -- ha -- Can be Saturday. Absolutely it is we have a lot going on and again our super -- has -- join us and the Pentagon the newsroom and we had a bunch of other announcements of things that are happening. This weekend that if you don't have your father schedules so tightly maybe he can -- You know I've pulled up the list of all the things that they're selling epic -- crawfish postal brokerage it's not we should talk about a million okay that's ultimately. Wonderful stay with us now let's go to the newsroom. Well money. It's extra crawfish -- of -- -- -- Broadcasting live from the program's coffers fastball where they're serving crawfish it is thing. Crawfish ponds. Crawfish -- Crawfish and it's rebels fried crawfish tails off for stocks -- mr. on the line. -- -- -- I -- balls roughest not to proficient trumpet. Proficient from pristine. Triple was cajun pistols once cajun pistol. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look for -- animal and yes it is Cologne it is despite this he's dressed but. Well -- has just left the crawfish festival. But we are so thrilled to have fun. What -- crawfish objective -- it was a joke that we did about profit vessel brokerage do you know if you have any crawfish yeah. Another -- recipes I'd I'd almond eyed boy really well put frank I was gonna ball Sunday actually it's gonna go out from Sunday. But I have to have tech for a drive and estates so I'll tell throughout stage all alternate employee Playhouse and -- port. Janet Shays miss daisy Lance Nichols has spoken playing bowling. And it opens a week from tonight him in the ninth Russert from the first that by Playhouse in -- port here on the volume by -- not this weekend but next. Opens opens a week from tonight. Beautiful yes it is going to be an explosion and then tell us about that theater. The bite you -- houses is the old. Building that had like the operated though the locks in in Laporte which they don't have to operate anymore but it's right down with a big circular thing is open and close Burkle. And it's a little hundred seat theater they managed to salvage a David did tremendous salvage. Some seats from the singer when it flooded so this it's a little hundred seat theater. With singer seats and apparent Martin helped he founded. He's got a direct -- king fish and along a purgatory and the Christmas count just -- about the stuff is he directing your story as well this one and I'm telling you about what he's blind community. A blind who dance theater direct. Couldn't tell us -- got plenty -- work to it and use the insight that he and and and the -- it is. Yes you know what he's legally blind he can hardly see anything. Put that makes him you you know have the -- even more you can't cheat. With the physical stuff -- the physical stuff its there and he can see enough to see that that you got to sell what you voice so -- He's a pretty is a remarkable remarkable guy and a Smart to grab you again only that your character for those who have not seen well this and the army saw the movie. Morgan Freeman played -- off Broadway it's a fact. Day they started off off off off the way and they work their way up to the John Houseman theater and that's where I did king -- 1000 New York. So that's about all have in common with Morgan Freeman -- The show ran ring and there before they made the film out from. Dan Aykroyd played him in the movie I think you won best supporting defeated -- he certainly got a nomination at America. But. In the movie there you know there are other characters in the play there's just the theory. And bully is you know. In my adaptation mine. The way I'm approaching this actor he's a lot. He's a lot more. -- page. You know I mean he he jokes and he -- -- like Yellowstone is multiyear duke Obama. But he also pokes fun matter and they have a much fun relationship and I think -- and then in the -- Basically because I don't wanna go carbon copy and he's a friend of mine -- -- were. But I don't wanna go on and half ago. Roy played him do that every choice that he made academics. It'll be a spud McConnell interpretation yes and it's and it's the same thing with Japan and the same thing with Lance Nichols planned -- I mean it's it's nobody wants to mural the performances and everybody's on the movie. So we're going to be just as intense. Justice comedic justice friendly justice said but just from with different. And when people go -- port. And the performance is on. It's 230 on Sundays and 8 o'clock Friday that some people go there and have dinner. Not it's not a dinner theater which you do have to pass if you go on from here who got a pass ball hours. A home on Friday so hello and I mean -- restaurants that -- port to -- -- but I mean -- sports -- -- -- the Gartner does -- you can stop its bars the joke. It's really mean from from basically Orleans parish Jefferson Parish line. 45 minute drive and nine yet on the front nine -- -- Known Dennis Walter and has done things actors when he talks about you know loves the water and just -- could get -- their lobbyists basically a deck that stands out over by food shipments and ancient you know real Tressel brewery it's right across the way and it's a shipyard in the as a I don't know -- little -- by you park that kind of dynamic superb goes along by EC. Sit up -- turner is the votes the wardrobe. It's -- -- -- If you get there early enough they have like some very cool museums right across the street small ones. But you know with all kinds of old stuff from from before both Paris and boat making up and -- got a they have a new. That they found out in the swamps that league -- like 15100. -- that's it doesn't Indian blogs and Cyprus. That there and in my idea that's -- and conserved is that -- now a lot of -- lot of cool things that will we will look forward it starts a week from this weekend yes we went and that'll be for several weeks children. And how he performs just so well I mean three you know typical Friday Saturday innocent man. If that sells out maybe expand to Thursday's but that almost plan right now to run through the first thing. And then. I got to shoot a -- -- got to where he worked you know. Mine puppets did you read that I didn't grow from mine mine puppets I don't know I'm only issue detailed but we put like this I have to Wear a tuxedo -- -- -- -- -- you -- classic take it from there -- I -- -- opener on -- let me say it's worth the money for the ticket just to see him in a tuxedo in the -- yeah and and at a canal please note -- -- one of those religious that we know well that base again enhanced proposal my aunt living isn't that nice tan and brown -- similar cast me -- the uneasiness of -- it's. Yeah I don't like. To have such a reputation. I got just the guys for. It's a -- bathroom humor eligible well if you need you know an alien half breed nor. Drug addict or stupid college kid that can that they call me so you know it's just as bad you know yes. And what are we going to be onstage together. Enough that she is seen. That would be tremendously. Is actually you I don't know. CUNY and Fannie take the world I don't know I don't know enough I think you're both adorable to stop that tie for. He started it two guys in the bathroom and a toxic. Now we're getting somewhere doing parent impressions -- -- Let's go to do OK I miss daisy driving miss. Daisy and you can see Scott McConnell steal the show later on well it'll happen yankees but stay with -- everyone will be right back. Will we are back with in hope and we're talking about all things this weekend loved having spied on. And he is a tremendous actor and I know you know it took I want I don't think he said it while it was here but if he is somebody tax that in and they want to know where to get tickets and it you can go to buy -- Playhouse dot com. In order all the tickets there. And you'll not regret it and it is nice -- got there he was actually correct I didn't know about the museum is open but that's fine. Yeah yeah escorted you know Cripple Creek almost did are the play that we did -- last fall possum kingdom we are very serious about taking it out -- by Playhouse and logistically just turned -- not be possible but it's a gorgeous space and we were gonna do it outside you know. So people can sit on the grass and then the guy comes along with a bow and pulls up just -- -- -- Louisiana -- beautiful. You know what this weekend is also very very important I'd love this project it's the lemonade day. Lemonade day was started to help. Teach young kids you know how to be -- indoors it's so Smart how many of us had lemonade stands and if you talk to some big business people in town. That's how it started I guess I was 67 England and they got 151000. Kids in the state. Gonna have lemonade stand this tomorrow. They all they register and they know all I didn't know that setup and then and what they're teaching them is how to run a business and then they have to give back. So they're teaching them the whole concept. If you're in business and -- hopefully you'll be successful yet you have to know how to treat your customers in the when you make your profit some of it might wanna give back to community that's already there is so cool it is it's a wonderful concept. And and you'll see him all over town until I pulled over real quick. -- little girl we've got the best known as one down streak is they're incompetent right there'll. No we got this -- hours -- your -- heart of organic. And I think gimme the -- a kid yeah gimme load me up. -- -- -- Also very important on Sunday. This is the third annual I think. Guided -- disaster bike tour and this is that fabulous woman. Sandy Rosenthal who started -- dot dot org and it was just here last week right there with her son was dogged. In trying to show the federal government the what happened to those Lebanese and by golly she did it. And they -- anyway so they now have this tour and it is Sunday it starts at city park at 9 o'clock and and you really get to see. Where it all began you know along by you saying John but first stop that Easter breach of the London avenue canal. Traveling alongside the canal the next up western -- London avenue canal. -- they go to like -- train seventeenth street canal breach. We have to keep in mind what happened I can't believe that I planned out my weekend of biking in city park in this this didn't I -- talk to you first Tunisia protests Bono exteriors tricks and look they've finished today started warning color -- looks like maybe both -- get -- -- -- coffee after you -- -- to have your strength to do the bike in the need to. Have a treat when you get that's so cool. Good for them what a great idea it's a wonderful idea and she is she's just an outstanding. Outstanding person now accomplished could also wanted to remind everybody about the ring side roast. Starring John Young junior of course is the president doesn't care how he's good he's -- historically for that yeah he will be wonderful and they have some. Great people who are gonna be roasting them. It is at the Eiffel Tower it's next Thursday which is -- bringing an up now. Next Thursday at the Eiffel Tower. Top pick a party at six dinner and roast at seven. Good luck John does this say on the release that are who they're inviting to roasts and mr. young I think it is going to be Marcia hardy. Spud McConnell I was -- hello I knew it and Charlotte Randolph who is the president of Saint John -- cool. And look at that Iran can't read they can make parish president jokes that are. Yes they can multiple I think it'll be to react. And again on that doesn't doesn't humor I'd -- those shows politics with the punches all as a -- time at the rifles and yes yeah. And also just want to mention on Sunday it just got this yesterday and they're really appealing for people who need work need a house it's that are too small business. They're having and it's called the annual fair for all. It is this Saturday I'm sorry this Saturday at the all souls episcopal church and it's needed job me alone need to grant me the house housing rehab. They're gonna have all kinds of small business help the gonna have people -- some attorneys. -- business owner and workshops and banks just to. Whatever your need is you will be able to plug in with some but again that is this Saturday. Only from ten to two. Also suppose we'll church which it -- 500 saint Claude avenue at camp and great talent right down the street from me or are you going fasting at all. This weekend I am not just know I'm not win this issue which I'm sad because the weather's been so beautiful and heaven knows drugs weapons GO lobster and this is not a year but I am going tonight -- assailant a wonderful friend her name is Catherine a minus she is having a one woman show. Such a talented artist 25 years old. Was born with brittle bone disease a good story with her because she trained dogs. She is in -- -- she calls her 75000 dollar wheelchair you graduated from honors from Loyola. And in his incredible artists and she had gone to Ben Franklin high schools so the big show is tonight from six to nine. At Ben Franklin high school and I tell you I mean I have -- for works I will get more. And unbelievably talented. And this show is all about animals of course and oh yeah you're all over that but she's she's just talented and she's Smart and she's written a book. And it's about her experience living in a wheelchair and it's don't feel sorry for me sure. Because I'm moving on with my life remarkable root for her and everywhere tell what's her name and -- -- minus Kathryn -- opponents -- parents veterinarians are lost a father a couple of years ago the extraordinary family. And so we cheer her on we're gonna take another break we'll be right back. Will we have had a wonderful. Yes wonderful what's happening out with yes I'm sure have and that we are so glad that dead in front arrive we hope you have -- incredible weekend. Yeah it's easy to when you know -- I wish the site you know I think I'm glad that I get to go spent time with family but like I wish that I could stick around -- next hour -- that sounds like that's going to be really fun let me tell you I look forward to this this is tales of the cocktail and started by discreet moment in New Orleans and now is in three countries -- -- it is incredible because we are at the beginning of the history of the cocktail you. We're gonna talk all about that and the art of the -- and there's the science and the art. While I hope that they can bring you know like physical demonstration. Something that appeals to the senses a little bit of a mission they could describe the perfect cocktail what I think for us to really understand their -- patient I think it's called show -- -- yeah. And Neil if you're listening it's not too late to its narrative writers bring it up. We hope that you'll join us and is anybody out there loves a special cocktail and wants to talk about it please give -- call 2601 in seventy. Have a great weekend everybody but stay with this will be here for another hour. Enjoy your thanks Angela what I.