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5-2-14 Mike Diliberto talks Kentucky Derby with Deke

May 2, 2014|

Mike Diliberto from the Fairgrounds talks about this weekends Kentucky Derby

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports so he indicate he can't -- -- he will be with us. -- later down the line always something new at -- BW OO dot com. A street -- previews Christie Garrett talked about what it's like to talking wide receivers in the first round teen bop A bags been doing a phenomenal job breaking down obviously his Forte. I'm an Allen -- you'll find a more expensive piece. Inability to lift the team Bobby -- -- that got that status he small bucket right well he gets sentenced last week and I got who he thinks the top two quality to get to that break it down the position of offensive goal. The feature a ticket out plus a take on Kevin Durant now that and hit -- has seemingly backfired on Oklahoman. Instantly spot we must stop the nanny state mentality. It's all on line it going to be that you go. Dot com the always excited we're talking about. The -- but especially tomorrow the run for the wrote my Villa Brcko joins us now to talk about. The 2014. And they're the twins speier at the mid June looks. A few years ago Mike I noticed they got a 101000 year old glacier. From a somewhat out the water and you could out of mid June with some of that ice on the glacier at Kentucky never thought about it grain that's a hell of a -- gave him my. If it caught the ball without you know it got to be -- all of -- ready. Rude man he could get ago I would -- drank my -- what is it about. The Kentucky's Jeremy people who are -- -- -- you don't really -- knowing -- about a sport that note Mark Few could be TV on -- going like. And it's coming to Jackson movie star that's active exit -- -- athlete mean. That -- -- who's who of everything tries to -- in Kentucky yesterday all the way through solid. Not that you like that the -- percent right that made people. It's a place to be everybody knows. In the United States that the place to be vastly a lot of the movies are a lot of those sports taught not Peyton Manning Eli Manning and -- -- on many derby than they'd like the derby and now. Lot of aptly the bat. Also earlier article out today was all -- welcome and he was not there at Churchill Downs but I know a lot. You know very well celebrity's. Being athletes all movies cause. And yeah I guarantee you when you rocketed derby you can't walk 2030 all about spot someone that you know poems in on television. California chrome -- five to two favorite looks like carded a week Micah is that still the numbers and let's talk about somebody's these big time that you think got a chance and -- they're beatable. Well he he's going to be newspaper and as of right now these are the two instant favorite and you know it's hit right below the line to really good races and I want one world to race in the men outstanding races. But you know. I'm looking at all that may be any party -- he might be at his best are ready and so Pete does one back those races. He can still win with this that look like their movement -- And we ought to this comedy at least you'll make Giants. Movement with those of these losses make that next move than negative you know when you want to -- on the -- for the money. Looking at a few of -- and that's all that came on and no I mean coming to obviously like. -- not much. He's been one of the biggest things in there are all boarding won the derby off -- record so you know. -- Maybe get one back to that -- will improve you went out and race. Got to be very strong content in this race so you know I gotta think you know he's gonna have a big shot that that there ought. I'm not all that a little brittle and not know our people -- California. On number twelve dance with great. That's the cult that released to go to. Big burst of speed he went from all it took -- in 18 the one call. In the -- it makes anyone on the wind rate that money let the record as. Now that work on track and you know most of his went to you know to it would -- -- -- He has performed OK on the Derrek Lee looked like that may be improvement and movement ball would. What the went -- stroll on -- trying to win a couple of dismal races you know in Florida didn't run them well. Then again not you -- -- different scenery and you know a few months later. And you know we're all going to be great opponent work more drawn away and looked like that Pittsburgh on. But more like it's so well some of the main contenders and they're going nineteen in a great opportunity that's -- and the 21. Decided dated one going in and so they are going to be in nineteen steal more. Might give us of those some of those wanna get -- welcome to the winner of it was the win at least they should. Well armed with games -- moment. Danced with. Fate as my plate and I'll Torre called it the third loss in -- -- -- -- some -- back you might get lucky. Might have Alberto man knows he's talking about. Our morning -- make 8 o'clock at the fairgrounds to Monroe is the Kentucky Derby I saw there on federal. All right Mike Attleboro you know it's always time to talk about the ponies but Mike is in the house is with a studio Triple Crown to. Come -- at the air when it Rose LSU baseball tonight that Tigers taking on that Texas Stadium College Baseball right here on -- did you go.