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5-2-14 Bobby Hebert Saints worst first round draft pick

May 2, 2014|

Bobby and Deke discuss the Saints worst first round pick ever

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back LSU baseball coming up. At 6 o'clock tonight -- Tigers taking on. The Texas a Damn Yankees welcome back to sports talk talk about worst number one number one draft picks. For the Saints in the 47. France they have taken right now all poll 30 -- you -- with Ross or -- -- it was an emphasis Ricky Williams 25%. Silly to Arkansas Donaldson bill -- Randy on line -- -- thank you for calling Debbie did you. -- -- Just a couple comments about the number one talk about Ricky Williams because of what he he gave up in the in the in the draft and absolute absolute. And then a call or call earlier simple remember who they got water to expect so what do -- Deterrent in so enter the equation now your last caller. Stated that that thought -- the worst because they couldn't and right. But you said it's all about the pick itself out who could it so doesn't that equate to Ricky Williams. That. -- seeing the. What I say well we we will we were talk about the actual play and call it the call that out and up and almost peaks in the unit and our -- call Randy if we could put in the air like. If you break in okay worst number one vs OK the whole the whole entire you to answer it. Who would've thought. The deal were excellent when you treat you treat -- with the way NFL MVP but in return. You want to given perhaps the greatest left tackle at the plate -- It was great it's it's the way things go about Barack Obama ball he's nowhere is thought the player himself that it just production within one team. Even with Ricky would all Rickey still has some good seasons he. It's yet -- -- -- -- -- cup but that team with the UFC offensive player of the week but remodel temple -- -- seven sacks this season he was the to a probable he's been in no way and he he's one of the worst -- think that made them one on any -- Well but but again I'm looking at ethnic correlations and when he says he cheap credit it would you have wrecked. But the hit a terrible thing if you're if you're say that because there was also -- -- the Saints. Could hand -- it is this was saying if they would have taken that we don't even though they've taken their player. Eddie George was there one year Alan Faneca was there one year. Mean the list goes on and on and on but when you look at it just that player production that you say number one picks worse. They would remodel -- is in agreement clothes I mean you -- have some validity immediate add -- his first year. It's sticky with a Pro -- -- thirteenth six enhance accent and sacks six sex. You know you want to -- 42. And -- have to -- taken him that you wanna sleep between production. And -- You go to Sedrick Ellis. Yeah well I have sex. When he was here. Remodeled terrible with the Pro Bowl play the Katie -- embody a -- Jarvis now cajun cannon talking worse. You know -- think although speaker either go over that Allen used ovaries you've done -- obvious he can't have those numbers. Going to be a book by Trent. You know could be way better and property get directly it's in -- mark when he when he -- on salaries. Oh look at the consistency in the number start not to be up they you gotta be like Sullivan. Yet to be like children night. Just need to learn. Well that was the thing is worse -- and his life. I mean strong night BYU. The pocket recall when they were playing together it was apparent hatred brought. Also I think is the number one draft pick with the wrinkles and take him out at night pro career. But I think team and so work by blocking Jason. That I think one -- one night he went -- Nobody even -- is -- I mean ET get not -- its peak shall lead the and now I remember reducing. I just call him out with a pink and Pittman out practically you gotta be -- and -- -- LP. Nobody would look at what you look at him because he take on the restarts but I'm looking in here through the NFL -- him -- -- him -- got. A risk you know kicked out of the lead. I don't know if there there any number one of them on number one from one with thirty to go back to say he was the eleventh. And not even twelve months later. It was another team team they don't even if the players -- they -- at least wait two years maybe three vicinity here I don't he he he can. There could be. Yeah. Sometimes seen a flop by Obama and he did it -- greatly. Benefited now and you might -- -- four year. -- one night you know we we traded chart that we got Gregory he was on board -- Perry if you play within a Bronco. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Figured it -- be polite no court. And then at -- -- So we already they already -- gonna get some super hero return -- know. Yeah it is seeing media. You know I'm older it well Greg Greg and so on night that they would make much noise and -- -- anywhere you like. Be going well then they would. Anyone think Arnold and Butler. Is that you know and Rikki Cason Ricky -- a good season here. Eaton Rickey was this because what was given -- -- for Ricky and you still got some on the back in return but the. -- didn't seem like record by hitting. Now it would be a hell of people at. Tackle with Hewitt Ricky Williams will appease. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like it. And I think the thing about it when -- is that nineteen if you if he is like almost like a quarterback going to. The Ravens team -- -- 49ers team you say all man what he you don't have to say that TV just got to be be apart deposit. -- -- came to a defense that was great aren't yet it would just stated here in the good he could even do. Sean and I couldn't get it in the rotation beat. I'd never seen a player at a point not an -- need to recruit and I and I think in point. I've never -- -- -- Iguodala you know 101. Run and pass protection I'll tell you. You know the good thing we have Korea in the -- great public so -- -- -- -- the -- ball which -- -- -- -- but in in. I don't think it -- Good. Like -- -- available out of art for a immediately truly if it was that. And and at that time they would have -- Rocco and he. Thought they were trying to make them work. But about hitting it it was to be as body that's why he was all over I hit it on the ground. Before both fall before we get to -- -- -- week in the NBA Bobby in TNT promotes forty games in forty nights that's the first three rounds. Bobby after Saturday is not counting what games going to a game seven of the three games exit tonight. After Saturday's game it would have been 48. NBA game playoff games played. In fourteen days with the possibility of them getting to 51. Before we move to the second round we are in the midst of perhaps the greatest first round we've seen no ever before have been -- game sevens. In one day we'll see that tomorrow. Well it began. It's gaining. Now that what America indicates that I would that none of the Grizzlies the beginning you know -- -- -- going down the wire. It may be taken last year. Last night. Also won't -- the hope now that bill. Here they -- they eighty sports -- -- -- -- with three minutes left -- and you're an -- that they that they felt the pressure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a big -- on the ball game whether they're in the pelican you know formula like Chris Paul would be good where are -- deal apartment. I mean truly unbelievable it is called for people that look he's -- -- there's not a leader put it that you don't want it back again and the pressure. And I usually well. Powell often network that we could -- be aware that you're tight intently at -- city connector outlet in. And didn't -- is that good of Butler and rightly proud Mary you I would talk about. The don't look like he's out and whatever but he -- Oakland's. Let it immutable. Albert why. And we win the game and and you see what. And -- you've -- -- -- Indiana and the Jets on the next trial. All right -- can't we'll talk money as we get ready for the draft. All right coming back do you call us LSU baseball at 6 o'clock -- -- -- it -- time it's 530 to go to him and.