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WWL>Topics>>05-03 8:10am - The Garden Show with Dan Gill

05-03 8:10am - The Garden Show with Dan Gill

May 3, 2014|

LSU Horticulturalist Dan Gill talks with WWL callers about all things gardening.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning things were jointly and so this morning. Talking gardening for the next couple of hours so this is the time if you got a question of something going on. I hear a vegetable garden the pure lovely flower beds. Oppressor. Thinking about the working on your long on this week in the hour. You got divisions landscaping planting -- choices insects diseases we problems. I get all kinds of questions on the show will be happy to help you out with whatever's. Happening in your landscape by -- -- obstacles to six so. 187. If you got a question for me this morning it is a lovely day out there that we. Treasure. That's what does this time of the year up yet. These storing these beautiful cool mornings. Because you look back on this probably. Later on this month -- and fortunately. Had you made everybody welcome to the month of may. -- -- only transition into the mine these and so two months. That -- graduated every year but it also contains some really lovely weather. Options in the early part of the month -- do realize that the extreme heat has been -- -- in these beings but I'm surely regularly. And that's -- cropping up this month. And move in the full force in June so far. Lovely spring weather we've been doing since late February into march April and now Leo in the may. Wolf finally becoming doing and in Jordan that's what they're quite a lot. Give -- give some great things that you've got some. Labor intensive -- project she's thinking about the ones building. I'm on the putting in -- -- vegetable. Sir. You're building a deck or you're putting in some new. You know the bad preparation inflation. A lot of work involved in the sweat equity goes in the those projects and so if you don't like that in your mind. Don't put it off until were in the -- these so much more pleasant. To go into labor intensive jobs. This time of the year. When it's -- high school slowed to a dispute before we committee agree that we can -- all kinds of stuff. In your garden that we'll tell you if you're have been -- complaint intimate Visio -- about. About to the point were pointing to made his. Now is getting decidedly on the ladies side of the tomatoes that we use -- not sent through well once you start hitting. The ninety's during the day and the seven staying in the seventies night the flow forces do not pollinate as well. And you don't get too much for successfully planted to natives of the more traditional types that we plant. Will not fair food as -- about time they're getting old enough to be in the starts setting in the crop for yet. They're going to be in the high temperatures later on this month so most of our tomatoes -- plant just said during a late April. Through the month of may. And a few cute -- wolf that later on in May -- the early part of June. And then those from the harvested in mid to late may through June. And then -- -- harvesting usually -- about early July if not is obviously -- so. Our tomatoes seasons the policy of the world wiser for the Roosevelt and procrastinate about this would always a lot of good ones he's invincible you plant. As the weather gets -- as -- -- -- -- -- to -- it is hard to be aware that the cherry tomatoes produced well he. The outpaced. To me it is of the moment type tomatoes produced fairly low heat and heat tolerance means Flexilis -- -- heat wave. Are also good for full plane to New York -- displayed. But even -- in effect of these pressures it to be pretty heavy. Roundabout. Made some talent and as well. I think -- regarding questions completed jumped on him and that. Let me help you with that let's have the problems that first up this morning is -- back calling from New Orleans by in the good morning. Hi. I'm I'm. And you can actually lying -- is. -- -- Anyway a lot of blocked them on all of the trees. Except -- -- entry so I'll leave after the last three. And lead them back. No. Way is. The block. The -- are seeing a little. On it which is that true. This year I see there issues and it means that their brains and impact did elbow -- No actually it's more like the cold impacted the trees this year I mean the line in particular blog it's hard I -- -- -- has been through with the -- lost all of its lead and goodness at this point should be going thank goodness you're still alive line -- -- glad you have polish take a year -- -- that you didn't rule law. And so I think it was citrus trees even though it didn't show. A lot of being image what did suffer to the cold -- and it got called up and stay cold long enough in particular. Two with the twelve re Catholic and so. This is in -- and try and I'm getting from a lot of dark on the auction their -- dollars up there. They have nice trees and getting some decent fruits but I've really gotten. A number of emails and contacts from people saying you know but the big crop looks like. It's going to be light this year and so I would tell you that rather than the weather during the time blooming. It was more likely that the stress from the trees because of the cold of winter. I didn't believe. That we're in the keen. Should I. And I -- a -- to have nurturing and they said that look like Korea. Sure and they recommended die for it but captain Jack (%expletive) -- even now fortunately. Walid. Depends on if you're an -- problem -- You know as partners to be able to do it took to discern between old -- and that's good. Happened on wall back in new game which which indicate just something that's -- going -- we -- -- -- it doesn't. Actually no good to -- old image. And so the crumpled leisure seeing and being thrown at some point in which is called by. Should just -- liners and they're not active this time of the year their active in the late summer Fletcher broke. So it's highly likely that the clinical lesion is still seeing trees have been there. -- At this point. And sparring with an insecticide is not to make those -- looking better and much of an active investigation something it's just a waste of time effort money. So again and make sure that if you -- trees and see leads and pulling out from -- today. That -- commitment problem treating would be recommended. And these and those in the captain Jack is effective and so we miners. That's not groups but if you just if you watch the tree and there aren't known wrinkled these social growth is no reason to treat. -- -- in fact I treat the new well yes in that -- should be healthy looking at. -- -- that trend story still. We're going to win. Immediately -- it's in the in this dead -- them until. The end of June. But otherwise I'm Nina cycle point you're trimming the trees. And that she's definitely went to war -- -- LA -- Play. Our side and thinking and thought. -- -- -- they appreciated our playbook that kind of take a break back with more of the Garden Show writer activist. Good morning and surge army of darkness -- we are talking gardening and that if you -- -- Gilani here -- the moral landscape Longstreet -- Indoor plants herbs such couples flowers what -- I welcome it. The agreement or an element in his dream girl -- you know your question thank you achieve the information you need. To make those plans were it was giving you want them to get back to default -- are all up from the should be called the morning. Good things forward and it euphoria. Completely. Oh wow that I won't completely trust while. Bamboo tree completely. To a degree -- some egyptians. Do them differently that would say that discriminate is it true. I would say you know crawl and transplanting can be Dicey. You know a year dropped them plant and if you don't get enough root system that they've wandered -- So that -- Serve well anything other and choosing -- -- -- -- small -- global war on that sort of has a -- to the small root system to allow a -- we get most of the groups. And in doing -- really good job of being -- giving most root system so first. That is getting most of the system percent stepped. Is doing at the right time of the year. And that is in the wintertime and the plant -- Borman. Because -- our our drinking water more slowly you disturb the urge you to Serb applicability to drink the water -- -- -- shall accept a disturbance to -- system. Better when it's warm in the winter is cold in the streaking herbal water and if you try to do it as a child like right now we're getting warm plant and action group. And that ultimately saw children in the winter like. These timber January early February choose smaller plants. Don't -- totally beat Korean ones and small -- They transport successfully. -- -- double because at all. I was in the recent failure. If you want three of them transplant bureau's six of them assuming they get a 3% barrier. Question he can move. This. Well -- control attracting. That is the most humane way to get the squirrels. But detail where you're out of the well your rules and regulations then labor government in local tensions are. Your pellet -- and being used as well believe the most humane mysteries straps. Okay great. Article thank you can call appreciate that and -- in -- calling from Guerrero -- morning. -- A couple of questions really quick on the pricing is -- and well planned trip to me it was at bat. That's -- on its -- that you brought. And I would suggest you view that you definitely should get out on the water in the -- and about again -- more easily you know in some of the -- you know. -- -- although it won't just make sure it goes in -- shouldn't you do. All. -- you know I believe -- -- -- has worked well for you and your experience urged Gartner. You've done this for years -- you've successfully grow more crops of tomatoes -- person may -- And you developed a water -- being at -- wolf for you. I'm certainly not -- any one issue there. You know also it works don't fix for the October that all the time. I've been doing it all these years and that image is what's beautiful about it does everything -- -- offered them the wrong thing. What you want to do. Doing the wrong things so sojo. I would say. I am at. After having shed that arbitrator watering it very it's very labor intensive and not share. A should be able to war vegetables -- Couple three times a week I mean if you really raining all you wouldn't give them an Election Day in propaganda war -- Baghdad we you know I don't remember what we do water trying to duplicate natural rainfall. And so we -- we want more deeply and surely in the walker. What I'm not go back along party and certainly not later that day. I am not even every day we wish you and vegetables such a way. I deeply in early in literally have to give up their water everyday. So. Ngo that's more wealth for your striking gesture and the military that the wrong thing to do -- works for you keep doing whatever were schori. But for the only policy talk to a new Gartner. Yeah I would say water deeply in early or three times a week trying to keep the bowl which draw if you possibly can. Using soaker hoses were ruled the world to do that and it actually -- to get away from the point. Other routes are concentrated electorate the base of the stand or goes in the ground. The roots grow up grow from the -- to four foot back. Ask so you can focus on water on the entire area under the bush not just be a part where Dustin Brown. -- that -- in the plant food. Like any little plant liquid diet. Our species she put that. I'm just ecology using -- if you follow the label directions so if you -- liquid plant food like Peter's or shall -- real world or something like that. You read the label in the -- to apply it every two weeks could try you'll -- Leach. Also every two weeks would be the recommendation for a particular kind of fertilizer but it future Wrangler lies are like 15510. Or sixteen or eight. Some don't want the struggle. Last for many weeks -- put him down. -- and put them down our assault and so again how often need product fertilizer and on the kind of problem or pitcher using. I've actually -- -- I think I'm old you don't know -- know what about on and on an -- because -- there the crowd it is right now on long time to plant now. Are your perfect on the Oprah we expect final briefly -- as a reluctant. Leadership might be appropriate to stride. But not in the and we try to plant literally began planting corn. Is early -- late February you know that certainly volatile -- -- -- -- We're giving our plant and regional command that we -- that early and learn. -- will reduce problem here -- the leading caterpillar. That our people on the ears and -- call for many years if we lately to plant a court until now for engines you have massive problem the cornea warms you -- is a lot of factors are -- Spent most. Seven there'll be used to control. On the -- warms you complain organist played the withdrawal weather issue intricacies she's doing -- court the slate. Be prepared to controller -- -- warm. And objection church that OK and try to make you gain -- again. Thank you so much for the call appreciate that. -- -- people -- your questions coming here and now again the next 2 o'clock o'clock so. It time to chat about -- in Jakarta courses are right now. I think a little quick break and we got on -- in the newsroom to get a lot going on. Around the area and around the world on good morning things are Jordan in the her initial this morning we're talking guard. And it would be happy to write him junior guard and questioned -- looked at all and that first. Call from. Christian pop -- the morning. It's that it did you do. Good thank you before you today on a full up thank Carl from Mississippi. Asked the question you know inept and used by about transplant blueberry pat summit pots. And Nawaz a lot of admitted doing a bit in the pot chooses Lieberman the -- -- out of the group right at that point now. You might go it and think about. You know not disturbing the plant all except on construe would be a good idea and if you -- way. Are you might also just wait for the weather cooled down a machine -- on -- -- plant that during a cooler weather now than Clinton and all the strongly opt. -- -- -- Yes and you -- if you do man. Or you and them -- back in December January or February or march problem been going that way. I implant them -- in November -- weather has cooled down. Okay let me ask one other question booties. Put it low low fruit orchard amount of mutants to be Oreo. Word deterrent for the the good thing be used. Well -- -- -- -- -- coal oil and meet arrive alive from a petroleum. Our sources or plant sources a lot of clinched a produce oil and those are sprayed over the plants primarily to control. Variety of dementia next time they're good because they can suffocate the infection control them. So loyal to their liking -- lifeline -- my shall pills undermines the control. I infected -- people trying to caterpillar or. A capital a Libya are controlled. So that'll be something that will help with the -- controlled Portland we spray. If we have in effect on the and they don't really bill solely up protect -- -- -- because of the melting Arctic. About the oil. I don't be sprayed on the coat and -- -- in -- you're trying to control. You know at this point -- feel any interaction. Like David and stuff then. Then treatment is optional at this point. Well a spot them and put the that we've -- all of it looked pretty ego involved -- retreat. All in all directions. Now. Absolutely. And -- all the fruit off the trees and about three year old trees have been -- got a program. It sure. I got some pretty cute and compare them to blondes in them apples and apples in an element beloved yet -- but probably -- -- should. And the first year or so will take -- from at all. First year or so link himself to approach is important early on now. It just inflation on -- true peachtree. Country -- nurturing Altria sorting. That we -- train -- start while the plant a peaches for instance the first Google street you know planted it's kinda bad. Sell about two feet from the -- -- We we we forget that currently the proper care for trees starched formidable with plant them and sorting answer important. -- -- From trees and shall do research on man you being kept you do now. One of the organ of corporate big -- -- -- battery work ever currently. If you take any -- appreciate call. Our ROK. So let's move on next one is scrolling should be paper is reporting on the show. Mr. accurate these -- history here it and now I've been within several you know -- the over the years. It's the small work trapped -- Right from under. The my whole panel. Not eight the ball gulf oil boom they cannot do what our security a late start not being or rants. Apple also -- and -- nine Eaton is upbeat and looked under and ignore. Calgary that appropriate light bullet that took about term so what -- need what is. What does that term by. The villagers are you thinking this is what -- -- -- -- No shortage that he -- -- candidate -- He wrote -- -- most likely. Yes but in order would be -- elder there. -- virtually all of the the around the -- Polls on and things like -- also on the regional -- Thousand might explore the possible that goes in your area like -- yulia. These are underground room there are essentially on roots groups. I guess I. If you seen. In the indictment termites but if you don't eat right and and as a week ago this year. -- -- -- -- Appreciate that call. Thanks so much and let me go let it slip Jolie and here are calling from and the -- -- -- HOO. What you. You. Well we -- -- restrict or went about Jericho. We talked art paper at -- surely will surely. -- -- -- it like started to are proud that they'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And at that point I'm really considering. It -- operating habit like we I think I'll Wear it when they ultimately. Our neighbor. That I appreciate that -- -- -- you go if we do group they're -- rock. I it's important -- joke on this despite specific. -- are unpredictable. In the landscape I've gotten to where. I you know I don't recommend impersonate. I'm -- you know slightly leery about people while playing -- Connecticut and so imperial and what you are experiencing Leland is not uncommon at all. I can happen during the fall after a wet spring when -- got -- get a lot of rain into drainage is a perfect where they're planted. Bankers marketing group brought issues on the lesion that shut the -- as well. I -- those are also worse and -- weather's so upbeat presidential. So unpredictably in because they're so often times. I have these issues you know I'm really leery about planes and then sold at the location below there to do is able to implement a higher location location. -- better -- may be beneficial. Item to something else back in their pure privacy screen all industrials and Barbara. -- other number of other tribes and Wiki news for privacy screen. You can -- recommendations prepared. Billy Castro street barber. Elliott finished our. Three popular forces from that. We're pretty high street -- -- well I. Only grow. -- Well everything mentioned he was sent scrolling it would be popular they -- As yeah and it people want people privacy yesterday. -- about it so but remember what you planned to -- planting and we're looking at about three years in a culture of five years. What do we begin to get that really great screening that we're looking for children the long term process and put lanchin before we are really big fool you know -- -- -- what the astrological. That I gave you are considered the trash girl. -- concrete that. Welcome to the Hamptons -- instant. Charlie. Privately centers or option I think the party don't think -- a pleasure to call articles -- and if you -- regarding -- this morning. -- -- One family is that the call will be back with what regard to show right after this morning thanks for joining me on the Garden Show. We're talking gardening and I'm real hope that regarding questions you might that phone number in the -- so. One a seventy all right delicate line -- a joke just calling from Algiers. Your next also look at the euphoria. I have no problem with Mario. The metaplayer movies have been did you know. Not from drought -- more revenues. Are put out of bounds -- turn you know. Well it is something to think about Joseph outlook. -- leaves as a whole planet has turned jail or below the -- achieve a lower in the upper part plant looks icing green and healthy. -- -- Relentless from yellow. All right local group and maybe you're. From Brooklyn. Who perform them. How can definitely on just one point. Know you're some some also the plan has turned your outlook has a -- legal. And at that. -- -- its targeted by well sometimes the problem we accomplish our own calls. But I have been just yellow legal plant Joseph is like a feeder and a person. If you call your doctor into the photography -- to the doctor would know something was wall. But it -- couldn't tell you fall because so many things called achieved. In whipping it. I went on inflation. -- yellow -- is fraught with -- I just can't tell you -- it could be fertilizer can be over water under water and communal. Fungal diseases like our early -- support at least. Just all Lee's summit has been an -- that's for awhile now and we expect -- start seeing the Little League. -- plant just getting old and tired and why I chose yellow leaves on the very bottom of the plan. You know like Justin broke it often -- total at Bristol it looks fine great. Stick look at it so it's it's hard sometimes to evaluate. How severe in the -- going to bring it all means it must be pretty severe charge take it seriously. If you lower the lower ranges so to speak on the radio we like it is great -- -- on the rest rebels agreement LP. All lies just sort of popular -- they can do with a camp that off color I'm not a -- -- kind of yellowish color the color but it could be. Is struggling hadn't and and provide it was -- fertilizer and -- -- 44 allies plan. You know if you -- starting giving -- and fertilizer. I don't make sure that it is and have a good color you don't you can. Confident that it is unjust and it does what you want to start putting -- out. And that would be is that those yellow leaves touched on all -- problem brown spots or browse blotches or. That sort of thing on the leaves little injured clear up. Pretty just like yellow color. That doesn't indicate that these problems so get it I can gather around and felt a complicated about a question seems so simple. Yeah will be able to make -- can't watch I'd do it shifted to there's there's nothing about what you should do. In that symptom because it's called partially thanks. In tune. -- it from. The movement -- Are well into. It is abundantly -- -- -- -- you wanna do is is called a few of those leads into the queue that and the -- the nurturing. And that that -- take a look. Signed me -- there and vegetable of these detrimental to good vegetables and -- out for dealing Carter a copper based on decides all and I'm useful likely to Koppel copper fungicides. It earned in particular are on -- -- took the little all right until that you can always email me. And that just go to. My web site that get my email address it is what it is is just to do a better search for -- deal. LSU and sugar and you'll mail it should actually a page pop click on the link by email address that age type in your email program. And -- I mean no pictures of the symptoms Libya take a look at. All right let's take a break don't go that we will be back with regard short right after this morning there's some great things going on around here that she should jump. On and take advantage of the -- first ball and war and I'd be endorsement -- regard as a chart. Wonderful financial going Obama they always propagate their great collection plane -- terrible garden. You -- -- -- than usual odd things challengers or are roses a local law in question great -- branch -- control but not o'clock this morning and Iran and shall do. And -- taking place at the pelican greenhouse and that on the injury Thomas strive. -- -- -- or -- -- and crosses are pretty Parker -- away again. And packages and brake plant and support to channel -- dark shirt. Henry Thomas drive in the city park. The -- but he on court actually and have -- room should be your real life and and too old and New Orleans. Familiar inside -- having leaders fail to date. It's a wonderful opportunity to -- -- break from aliens and of course want to look spectacular and he used to grow. The flowering indoor plant are great for patios porches on to the camera this -- gear on the greater or as. Brilliant society answers silently -- shopping center on better. And that will be to -- from control mine and that tomorrow from 11 until 3 o'clock in the afternoon and agreed to Poppinga. Those people are permitted to try to learn about remotely and by brake plants as well he'll hold other -- -- come -- -- ought to real long and I'll give you an extra hour stay true or the guard -- Are coming up that schedule up all the latest breaking news.

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