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05-03 10:10 am - Home Improvment Show with Scoot and Paul LaGrange

May 3, 2014|

WWL's Scoot and home improvement specialist Paul LaGrange talk with WWL callers about home improvement tips.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's another incredible Saturday. The weather the last couple of days is being almost Southern California like -- is great it's gonna warm today during Jazz Fest or. The change say Charles were Mayo affairs it's going on. They are a lot of affairs officials going on the -- going to be nice but he is going to be warming up now. Many view are forced to go to Jazz Fest some if you get to stay home and work on your house. So if you have a question about the job which -- gonna do around your house repair renovations maybe it's their job you're gonna do our job you're -- have done -- some questions about it. You want some consumer advice on who to call to get something done and maybe something has started to happen to your house and you're not exactly sure. Why it's happening or who to call to get it fixed called only prove -- of -- bureau are numbers 2601870. Tool free 866889070. -- number is its -- creativity and once again we welcome our construction consultant Paul LaGrange with the greens consulting and also energy and comfort solutions Paula good morning. Warning -- a court Tuesday. It really is unity unity earlier to feel badly for those people who are stuck going Jazz Fest or going to one of the festivals fairs around and you know it does not everybody gets to stay home and do work around the house. I tell you where -- your chest vests are working outside -- a great day for at long sleeves and sun screen. It's it's could be important to protect yourself and stay hydrated. We always talk about three Israel for the show would talk about things that maybe somebody might wanna do this week based on this time of year. And the winner Ernie thoughts for today. What this is the time of year when folks start giving ideas of pressure washing their home you know that -- the oak trees in the in the countries have stopped. Drop -- appalling and it sums almost complete so the so well the good -- -- offenses are decks or at a house with a drop way. And there are some cautions that should go along with that so if you if you considering that gives -- calls of the apocalypse in this cautions -- you know some things -- -- folks too often. That beat -- I cringe when I see it is is they take that high pressure those. -- that pressure washer and notes thoughts bring to the bottom side of that open anger that soffit. And bright where at that attic ventilation air intakes or whether it's so. You know one of those you know square rectangular -- air intakes or over it's appropriate to follow soffit. That is that waters because through that vent in the Dickens -- attic. In the may even if it stays wet long enough maybe -- down your -- -- wall so lot of damage and a corporate president so that in the caution vote. You know how. You know crescent GQ with the pressure or share. New windows and doors and and other building assemblies. You know -- he does is take some caution you some common sense of you know the -- pressure and how much what is into the -- -- if you have a question there regarding your home concerning home improvement are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy at a Texas a 78 Saturday. You -- we've we talk about this every week now especially this time of year it's it's -- warmup this afternoon and I've had to click my air conditioned on the last couple of days. I live in an apartment building so it's not a concern of mine but if you have a house and you're responsible for your AC unit. Far better to be proactive and get it checked and serviced and clean now. Before you get into the season because we don't guarantee that you might actually prevent it from breaking down during the season in the heat of the summer when it's hard to get some way to come out. Absolutely in fact I -- to friends and called me this past week saying. Have -- Mac edition I'm having some issues can you give me some advice. And this -- the time when particularly if you if you had any gas. Artists and you've been using gas cars on and off throughout the winter and they actually user recognition more regular basis that their conditions and sitting out of the most of the winter. As so net net you shouldn't use it more regularly. Some things are some components of breaking. So it you know this the time of year when you want to be very proactive if you have a party head and it commission system. You know -- service that this is a good Tom a year for two reasons just much like some let's let's do some preventive maintenance. But secondly the -- -- dealers -- okay critically busy right now that they can you know your request equipment service your equipment. This time next off they could be so easy repair broken machines. That you know it you may have to wait to get your system serviced. And what is the average service call cost. You know it's it's it's fairly inexpensive. You know there's some special -- efforts and on and on L specials but on average should probably talk -- 150. Maybe -- 180 bucks on average. You know if you if you need free all know if you need US replacement parts I was at some additional charges. It is well worth the investment to -- -- -- proactive with their preventive maintenance because I have to tell you what your condition breaks and it's hot outside. It indicates. It he gets very miserable inside those very quickly so let's let's be proactive and prevent them from at least -- weekend. -- one beach Mississippi catcher on the home improvement show with Paul LaGrange and every WL. -- thanks for bringing up the pressure -- Washington. That in -- and on home. -- topic at my house summit in Italy and cannot act would best light yet. Agreeing multi -- northeast particularly the and external and electricity. Yes so here here's a solution that I like a lot pat that I have been used for many many years. And it just works well. -- so it's a three part solution. One is outdoor bleach. Clorox makes into a -- -- you would use -- in cleaning your house or for you washing machine. But he also make an outdoor bleach -- definitely use the outdoor bleach for the outside projects particularly when you try to remove. You know follicle growth like you describing you know the black city in the green book and you know -- looking stuff so it's it's a mixture of outdoor bleach. Water. And Joseph Max. And you would -- followed the Nixon ratio on the back of the Joseph Max bottle. It's very this is something where worse not better so you wanna make sure you follow the correct mix ratios. Looking at that have X bottles so what she got that solution mixed up. I took the ticket garden -- and I mice completely saturate. The volatile siding or whatever service you're you're can -- to clean with this regular Gordon water you know garden hose water nothing in it. And if you have people escaping underneath you may choose to covered or also saturate that with a fresh water. It then I'll take that solution and all saturate that surface. With that Joseph Max that out to were bleach in that water solution and helped keep it on there for 1520 minutes. Because if you have a green and -- that you try to kill. It's got to stay on their for at least 1520 minutes has got to stay wedding -- trying. Once you've you've got past that twenty minute did you come back with a garden hose over the price watcher and can thoroughly thoroughly -- fresh war. I. How much bleach and how much quarter -- event percent of -- That's where you have the re the Barack Obama -- -- but if if you read it back about who -- viewed. That Nixon ratio. And this is that this is -- Tom would Mort that Federer spoke very well put what's with bleached. That that actually hurts more than helps. And like to plot an attack occurred pressure watcher. You can put it through pressure washer this special tips you put on your press Washington those. Or if you have one of those little pop up insecticide you know bottles like the exterminators you as you can use that is welter. I -- that helps you. And absolutely ankle iPad and great. Governor weakened and Paula I'm getting a note of here from our studio producer Dave potter says be really careful with Joseph Max because those burns hurt. Yes now I guess is talking from experience. This what's your question. About home improvement repairs renovations a job you're gonna do our job you're gonna have done it may -- don't know who to call to get something done to get it done right. Called home -- which are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86689. Is nearly seventy. In our text. Is -- have the -- have adding I'm still with Paula Granger will be right back into the WL it's a beautiful day you might be heading out to Jazz Fest right now if you haven't left your home yet we've got the full Jazz Fest schedule or you could put up on your phone. On our website at WWL dot com for battery paddy here on the home improvement show with ball LaGrange. Thank you. Thank you all caught. Are not. -- -- -- -- We thought we are. Year. -- -- -- To. -- Yeah. If you have been there should. It depends on the -- broke that it what you have -- gas furnace the thing and daughter. Works for the heating mode as well as for the -- -- by minorities. And when you are seeing a lot. And I'm not sure with a twenty includes umi -- The entire gas furnace the fan vote and they evaporated cool. Which is a separate components specifically for air conditioning. I just don't know so with without having the whole. You know whole story kind of sparked me to comment on. -- Well. -- that. Program. This -- say HTC -- that is familiar with the unit's been servicing for awhile. The person payments or your home with him that and servicing equipment for quite some -- -- Okay. I love shall loyalty to the folks I use. In if you have a relationship with them that they've done you right in the past a policy in recent shopper. It's been my iPad -- a good day. And from Baton Rouge. Not -- all the -- on WWL with Paul LaGrange. Good morning two quick questions one. I need to restart but mart brand -- -- they'll -- here. I get your opinion about what you do model -- it won't be wiped their work and second question -- -- a building. That had some luck and I want from you wanna go in the hole. The whole thing so what are kind of blocked ever grabbed the standard content -- -- split. That concert. Okay good read on you found out what products you use to clean that probably statistically. That the tubs or and grow so. And those surfaces or or fairly durable. But if you get too aggressive of a cleanser. You can scratch atop would go to finish so. Whatever product you know use. On something else what do you resurface. They are companies out there that that would have been -- repair scratched or whole or go to or resurfaced bowl. So you know just be muffled factor -- -- repaired so this series our recap which in which you could that have resurfaced that. You don't make sketches again or they'll finish for the middle building the very heavy rust it's built up in and it's kind of flaky. You need to remove the -- that offers and it broke Roger at what you do for the the lights surfers trust you can actually installed -- rust neutral officer. And you keep the brush or -- or spray it on but those trust neutrals would take that light circus -- And -- allow you to put a new thing product on top of -- without any additional crest of standing. A we're getting very close to news so if your -- stay with this it would give you chance to ask all your questions so we'll wait till after news account for connect more of your calls. Beliefs is a text and asked the question how long should you wait a disdain -- pressure treated deck. Well it depends on the sunshine that new pressure would that it is getting that the ultimate goals and needs to be -- -- -- -- force on -- In the -- it's gotten a weeklong sunshine typically is that as long enough. And I don't give me some very general terms if you have any more distributor. The vessel -- as the probe that would in different places in and measure the moisture content of the of the pressure treated wood. You would like to get around 15% or less so that's the -- you -- does make church -- try. Before -- install state. And -- here is some advice and you could confirm this if you like to the text -- You know I haven't. I haven't come across it yet so walk up to do some research to verify if that's -- in also depends on what type of chemical that the experiment used to treat termites as well. We have an abbreviated jeopardy because of LSU baseball pregame starts this morning at 1131 pitch is at noon last night L issue. I'm hung onto -- they'd hang on to win -- is was an amazing game last night with Texas a and amp. -- issue is leading four to nothing going into the bottom of the ninth. Texas -- and scored four runs in the bottom of the ninth. And then L issue came back to win it five to force so that series is under an exciting start. I'm so gave to is this afternoon offers beaches of doom and are a pregame starts at 1130 submit your questions in about home improvement are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points or seven Texas a 7070. Are skewed to a construction consultant Paul LaGrange it will be right back on to be WL. Here's a news updates with John name's -- just this afternoon I think about 345 better than answering it's the the big stage -- Samsung galaxy stage which I believe in the past has been that Chantilly stage. Love these guys and I love them that yes there has to be listening for some of their new stuff like crazy lucky when their new songs coming out of the CD. Either later this month or in an early June but. Alaska was shows it seemed a bit of an as a they open at the show with their -- New Orleans it may totally changed it today but I always love seeing them -- -- -- I'm still without construction consultant Paul Le grange this is the home improvement show us get back to your questions from sliding oil rich -- -- on WWL with ball LaGrange. That's I don't follow. Morning well. Problematic condition and not what this award on. I'm like -- -- you know noise you know. And when he kicked Obama keep it in between -- -- room. Indian not a -- you know wanted to -- about it it -- recommend that. Might change that from. Riches is that always been the case or it's gotten worse as -- progressed. Yeah it's a dollar indicates and I'm just criminal trouble eat free on and so -- thinking about. Treated it out and. -- well here's the thing about that the noise when them when machine turns on it is -- You know that typically -- there's two reasons for it to return air intake is too small for the saws and machine. That that's one reason another reason they could be is that. The location that fame voters in the Stahl. But the optical unit that famed motor is right near the return air intake so yeah actually hearing. -- the air on for a -- here in the motor itself grows so it could be sometimes you can you can put some baffles and there and or offset it. It and that will help the that it won't publish from you have to move things ran out. Of the times if you giving their a new unit UD a higher quality usable more quieter. There's there's certainly that's an option. War and I would also suspect that your return there may be too small increasing the -- the retain an air intake. Is also in no way or another way of -- summit sale. Now are you changing your unit. This is the time to get all those other things address so if you do some framing or parts of reconfiguring the moving around now's the time to keep that. Right out on the issue that you have anybody can recommend for that type -- You're called Slidell is a corporate spray. Okay outlook contact Albers -- out worse they do Phnom job and your back right there's. Layout. Yes argument I'd rich have a nice weekend. And prevent -- -- junior on the home improvement show with all LaGrange and WWL. You guys high on our week and other question -- got today -- our guy argue that where reverently. And got that'll popcorn ceiling in Warren move. Am correct griping and removing the way to go all Jews somebody's about handing down student accent. No no jemaah most times you can take up popcorn ceiling and you can get a it's saturated and now we use like a upon. If I'm not doing aren't -- to do it is going to make sure. What they tell me is that correct that. Yeah go ahead and saturated and that you scrape the dale and soccer which is water it and what you script you know that you come back in the rental. All the spots that are damaged Munich at the tape floated but I don't I don't like. That's where they give it an even out everything and they say they can report a light all. He ordered the right word almost Helio and its grip on ought to keep it flat as well. Outlook preferred orange peel. And you know. It into the reason they call it feels if you look at the texture of the skin on orange or eleven you get their critically look that's the Texas could put on there. Factor that's similar to what the walls there are -- -- yet. Okay that's where I needed so thank you very much. -- -- Oh wait we get people a case echoing the show wanting to get rid of their their popcorn ceiling is which was that -- construction full -- from the past. I I'm not sure -- a full public it was extremely popular for many years. And I also remember that. They're sometimes. If you would have green I'm sorry you would have also Oracle's sparkles. Yes I can pick and there. Yes so that their -- two back to the seven -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which LaGrange consulting and the sister company's energy and comfort solutions -- to graduate this on this Saturday morning if you are heading to Jazz Fest. I'm going to pull up the Jazz Fest schedule on your phone it's on our website at WW real dot com Bruce Springsteen this afternoon. Has a three and a half hours -- which is really long purchase list for coming right back aboard the -- provincial into the WL our remind you that after Jazz Fest it's the WWL. -- -- It starts Thursday at 4 o'clock Thursday Friday and Saturday we're gonna be on everywhere so. Be listening you can see it's and you can hear it's all life and -- -- Euro. After Jazz Fest it's the WWL draft fessed up from Baton Rouge Dave you're on the -- -- -- show with -- LaGrange. You know 1. Good morning. I -- home in about group. -- has one of these shingle groups and has the chemical or nick or whatever and it promote bird numbered years. And of course where there's any medal on the road -- -- where -- doesn't collect but could keep adding. Killing ordinary in any site later reduced that cover that that dark world especially on the north. Yes little northeast northwest nor can. -- that there there really isn't. You know their their -- product she can -- that same. Chemical that they install originally -- -- singles at the very religious group. And when it rains it trips failed however is it's not typically -- to recover and clean the entire roof. So that people should you you know you've mentioned that it. You know that it -- originally headed to refinance its not really functioning as well or they. You know with the with the new -- we have today. It with a inhibitors they put within the yes vote single. If you -- the feature it really does work it works for a long period of time. However I would not suggest you. Try and remove the mole that's what you -- -- with it's it's actually lifts off focus but with with Leo. A pressure or short or any chemical or anything like that because you're -- of removing aggregates. That's protecting your -- -- single. From and you -- useful life that singles would that do it. Potent at killing what you're. Not pressure -- -- like you if you you law. -- It is but it doesn't how would that do to your roots though it occurs due to deteriorated inside. -- sir are a -- would not and you know -- this is Tom and when scoop Nike the advice of you know keep your cold drink and sit in you know or -- sitting opposite direction it -- just pretend -- didn't exist but I understand. Yeah I understand and -- you look prettier animal on. Did I appreciate. I didn't I'm on a night down participants fill in during the day you know love that I shows due to rescue showed giving annually to midnight so if you -- me then. From Moreira -- your on the home improvement show with Paula grange. All of her night TV talk -- you adopt like she'll all of that -- I have it probably would do grow in my hot. -- chat like old. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To break up pretty reasonable. Record that probably would you know. On the whole Powell was the right. Really switch gears. Do you have any cracks in year. In your towel or Q would you tap when you tell your knuckles -- union union halls spots are different styles aren't aren't that. Okay because typically when you have growth that's you know is older Jewelers in it's been solid all this time and never had this problem in the past. It's it's mostly movement that would cause the -- to break up. -- a decent house publicists and tells get a cracking. And allow the growth of the Africa it that's most that's the only thing that would cause it after it's been there and -- you know stable honest. If what we're -- -- like you know not to rule. Don't all work out it to my kids are on in -- involvement RO. I did give you if you -- took your finger and scraped it on the route itself where it's incumbent was -- holes. Is it is a chart he or isn't solid it's it's got holes -- it this. Ordered. An Oprah tour is great if you -- grow with a holes or is it short he is it lose. -- -- That that that really unusual. And it's been -- the entire time to recent. -- Okay Petit Jean you're stumped me on this because if it's if it's not a lose oh was not a cracked -- -- movement. And it's not soft and -- where you holes are. I have no clue why it's historical -- and in the past he changed any part she used in the clean your floor. No not really anything you'd have been used the moment now in our. What does that. Extend. Name on the right so it's not a bleach it's like well. -- -- -- -- -- Elect mr. clean or something like that so. -- it dummy that that's the part that product users -- username correctly so. I can't relate you know connect the the damage gratitude that product you're using. Okay what about. Away you get. Dig route and put into ground now. Well you there are times when you can actually -- -- -- and -- addressed the lose ground or or the growth has holes in in skimmed right over it. However one thing under the caution you about is the new ground. Although maybe the same -- was -- is to look different that would you'd have now because of all you know the last six years that an existing drugs got dirty it's changed collars. A security threat to -- year old Florida getting uniform color. Right now you don't get -- come already dumping everything out on July in Dubai and Mitch up. Mix it up -- war. You would have to mix it up so you by the same color grout in mix it up with with water and getting to the consistency you need you control and on top. When it's a special trolls is trolls like respond to the bottom of -- we hope that helps you know. -- opera scarring that sort of agree weekend. If -- hosts say witness -- skirt without construction consultant told LaGrange. And we'll be right back abort your questions on a home improvement show -- WW well. Welcome back to the home improvement show I wanna be fair to all of you who are on holds we're getting very close to the top of the hour news so I don't wanna start to get to a a question and then have to cut it short so if you -- -- stay with his recovered right back with all of your questions. On the home improvement show there's always something on our web site WWL dot com we've got our Jazz -- guy with all of the music the shuttle to bicycle information. Directions to the fairgrounds best way to get there which you can bring what you should win here. It's going to be beautiful little warm so -- that you've got a -- or or sunblock or both. Also what our web site as we count down to the NFL draft and the saints' draft we've got a lot of draft previews and Steve Geller. A talks about the top linebackers and defensive backs and kickers and T Bob de beer has a close -- look at two top guards Kristian garic. -- talks about why the saints are targeting receivers in round one and -- is still been trending god is so last blog that I wrote. We must stop. The nanny state mentality. And it. Was inspired by a conversation the other night about how. Bars and bartenders are held accountable -- drinks too much all of that is on our website at WW dot com and we'll be right back.