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05-03 11:10 am Home Improvement Show with Scoot & Paul LeGrange

May 3, 2014|

WWL's Scoot and home improvement specialist Paul LeGrange talk with WWL callers about home improvement tips.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the home improvement show on this beautiful Saturday morning we have an abbreviated show today. LA issue with in ten innings and beat Texas CNN last night palace station five to four LSU was leading for nothing going into the bottom of the ninth. And Texas CNN just open the bats and scored four points in the bottom of the ninth LSU came back to within detaining a five to four. A pre game is at 1131 pitch is at noon today welcome back to the home improvement show from -- Terry you're on with Paul Le grange on every WL. Calling. -- a quick question. It. -- and architecture in shingle roof now you're happen. That same time -- her daughter and my route leading on line under. I have you know -- them and bleached -- a loan debt that. That -- Get the bleeding opt for my wife got I want -- Any thing you can suggest that I -- Once. -- -- -- -- It brown it's -- -- data underground. I have seen some times when him. What when better when that occurs but typically. It's not initially from the roof it's from algae coming off the roof. I don't even know that this product is that is available. However I do know that what prevents. Algae and focus growth or -- its copper instinct. So those two ingredients I would ask you to look for. When reading them the bottles of solutions available at -- stores is look for the components of copper and zinc in see if that will take. That graders Brenda sustain a soft but you know that's stable can come off the face she wire cutters. I won't and although. It is it kind of public. Citizens and all the league and every moment like that from the track that I don't. Think. It's. Good luck present during have a nice weekend. A from Covington -- -- on the home improvement show with Paula grange. Hi -- a -- the room that hand or wallpaper. And I was wondering what could easily wait ticket -- Are some that do for you are. Tennis there is no easy way of getting off particularly if it's a very well here. However let me state that and Thomas Perry you have. I would ask you -- strongly consider. Courts and equipment rental place and eating all papers steamer. In this look at laws UT's. The steam off and that's probably the easiest. It is you know depending on the -- Porter you have to remove it may -- cost of the peace in the -- Speculating it's you know it's twenty the forty books today. So but that would be easiest. I have taken open before. Which yet that they too slow roller and -- on top with -- wallpaper in little corporations in the holes and come back disparate solution to lose in the ease of that is each award for particularly if the installer of the border. You have very good -- and you could quality -- that's well just use this team. I think they've got a ticket on -- meant to do eighteen anxious with the work. Well with a steamer. Steamer. Why you know let perhaps you wrote the love the ball the border -- people -- been. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll. Do you -- could you -- a -- coat -- Well. He you can paint or wallpaper I see folks took all the time the that this disadvantage in your situation. It's you could have that line at the bottom of the border as it transitions in two years you rock. Are so -- -- build accurate that wants to be very obvious even if you -- Oprah. Government since you're happy steamer. Would I would suggest you do is actually take a little tool and roll over the top of the border. In make those holes of perforation and let that I'd steam to get to that he's that may help got a little bit. Harry is right Janis look at that -- if you're -- stay -- -- -- coming right back with more of your questions. On the home improvement you know I'm Stu Miller construction consultant told -- -- she was worth the greens consulting. The website is LaGrange consulting dot com and the phone numbers 985845. Tony -- 48 sister company's energy and -- solutions web site is ECS dot GS. Phone numbers 9855904167. Jazz Fest this afternoon. I'm looking forward to -- Foster the people. They're gonna be on the the big Samsung galaxy stage which used to be potentially stage. Right after Better Than -- says better than has about 345 and Foster the people's somewhere around 515. But -- all of them on the other side of the fairgrounds is Bruce Springsteen but I like these guys Boston of people. We'll be right back with -- -- the of the -- I have great memories of those very early Bruce Springsteen concerts at the municipal auditorium at one thing that always amazed me was the length of the Bruce Springsteen concerts. He loves New Orleans and New Orleans loves him right back to Springsteen's that are to a three and a half percent. At the Jazz Fest this afternoon on the big actors stage. I'm still without construction of consultant Paul Le -- this is the home improvement show on WWL and from -- Harry Euro with Paul or good morning. The law the long ball longer ones there. It. Got to make additional work that was done about reform we go to knows postseason sunlight. All coming in in the rule when I was in. In the attic. And it then had to. Went on. Oh without the rule had expected it knows those built a futile that. Peace to pick up my own rules those solid reason of bad. That they -- more about the move well pieces of that probably would make it has done exposed. A look at all the people up on this product in the -- an area. Called. All. Probable. Have you that you know seeing these. Computers you know you do would. Is it like now toward enemy would -- on the -- outlet changeable thing outlook that I would want to get to rule would be bill that would. This effect is real easy would would with GOP you know confirmable. So privileged which you don't -- your. Do you have a poly Jack -- -- the pipe and operating in the old rink between the -- in that Jack is to Terry you see light already there is that correct. Yes. It -- it rubbed his theories serious really did in general put on. Like credit -- Katrina but. They're -- not -- dead but that wouldn't -- that -- a non musical. I would be surprised some on the sometimes a little -- rare pretty quick. As so it's possible. This giving them the benefit those positive changes -- checks. You know -- enough for me specifically the protocol -- boot. But I have seen quite a few folks. Take a product you're gonna caulk to. It's called blackjack and you actually seal and caught between the though. The ads at the black -- that's there. In the pipe that goes towards the top of it so instead of using a dream rubber O ring. To sealed between the -- in the in the than you actually -- in this blackjack product is that is department Buddha a similar product is about for me with the. -- Days apart department -- -- up it's somewhat more durable. But the whole big piece of plastic. That hit on top event. And you put in the only feasible. Before you put it down -- -- the polls and all of the -- that you put another piece on top it may give real tight. And a piece of quote you on video you know look it up on -- Who couldn't. And yeah a lot of -- -- about it and it's -- -- it's a really good technique -- All the more -- did just a figurative black. Blackjack you talk about that yes there is to do it and looked like he bit him out on all that. But definitely be more risky. This is that this would be like if it's -- -- -- war. So this is actually spat over your existing pipe and -- A debate and I am acts on what's ahead on the Internet right -- and indeed indeed appear stuff like that. I like the approach. This era I mean -- heal properly but do who do -- the allowed to have a man of your expertise with Cuba -- probably really Indonesia also what she gave me so many good ideas. The recommendations. In the field would. I don't want to second -- myself but I it's appreciate. You coming on and you'll. What we need your opinion about it. Harry you you're quite welcome like Saddam on the Internet right now are looking at it didn't in the alike that. Alike that the at least the idea of what it's gonna do accord over the existing Jack in their plight. It's gonna -- so. You know the theory of the works well good luck -- thank you very much all right yeah emigrate to Lincoln. A provoke -- -- tenure on the home improvement show with Paula grange. I look forward and I know -- war on Marco toward. I am about -- brick wall to vote so he knows it was not such a Cold War -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm closes the gap about age. Older people well well well well we're not connected to but now. In. Order now hold my -- it worked -- 10. On the court. And put on hold up the world come and. -- not that I'm aware of there is you. I don't know but they are great on the fumble and it's typical -- concrete or. Corporate or. What you do. And now and an and a scene folks try to do that it doesn't always work effective sometimes it makes more vote. The bigger -- User anyway you can change the direction of drainage. Well this -- inside because port never buy -- all went outside and I oppose some reap what went right outside New York. The -- trying to Warwick. I'll never Oscar awarded not to work commitment from the -- on the -- Well like gap is between. Israeli we got to take a picture that in any militantly. Sure what to do that that will have a better visual would try and explain in and it can be with a different idea. Slowed. -- -- militant it's Paula the greens consulting dot com and I'll look at -- -- on TV email. Paul at LaGrange consulting. A good deal. Shipments aren't -- elect at a shell that ready we've got time for a quick question for Paul Le grange -- -- W well. I guess I have a column about an hour ago all about Tom. It without problem yes and I -- -- that have similar problems showed up. The other day it I'll probably at camp you roll. Our top war and made several. I'll respond to that problem. But what I wanted to comment -- was expected. It and market it looked like. What he didn't want to. Clean the some. Can't get out at stake in apple do. Randy and run at a time -- about a specific question. Well it it looked like he did that out that brought not kicking -- in my case where. It's really strong and -- -- got -- wanna look at that at all. Net -- that's that's a good point ready to get it so that the actual finch said is too -- to allow. Enough thickness of the ground and allowed to brick apartment that he brightens. I am well -- -- a little -- and erratic and you know I haven't looked at bat cricket and to create. You know to put it back. That's great I didn't think of that appreciate you -- -- are ready thanks a lot out of it. Our right -- this has been a home improvement show we have an abbreviated show today because there's been a change in time for the LSU game L issue pregame starts next LSU Texas a and the first pitch. Is it -- today here on Debian bureau -- once again thanks we'll see you next week. My pleasure thank you -- public ranges are construction consulted with LaGrange consulting the website is LaGrange consulting dot com. And the sister company is energy copper solutions and the web -- ACC has -- GS or Jazz Fest. Saint Charles -- -- of -- -- affair which is going on industry and lot of stuff going on out there have a great weekends I'd -- love you New Orleans.