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May 3, 2014|

Join Tom Fitzmorris as he shares his restaurant,food & spirits expertise!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Move them both of them. Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump. This is the jazzy voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris and this. Is the big 878 WWL. And WWL 105 point three FM. It's not time for the food show that's what I usually say. Because usually we're on at noon and we get off at three. But it's this week because of the baseball game in the you know on the goings on. We're going three hours starting now. Until 6 o'clock and -- here view it 2606368. -- wrong number of first one right out of the box. Sorry. 260. 187. That's our number you can see the reason that I just gave the wrong what is that all week long. On the other station thirteen fifty they have a different phone numbers that just comes spilling out of my remote support can even think about it. Anyway all we do is talk about food on this program it's topic a in New Orleans I think. And the jazz festival is the big food event of right now. I was looking over infect you know I just got back from vacation list. This Tuesday night. Late Tuesday night 24 hours of constant travel if you ever come back. From Europe. You'll you'll see how true that is it doesn't seem like it should take that long but it does anyway. I EO while I was away in it occurred to me. That I had not done my guide. To the food. At the jazz festival this year have been doing one of those. She since like 1975. Or 76 or something like that I've been doing a guide to the food festival. Every year they just didn't do it. This year. But I was back and we had a whole another weekend of it so I sat down and started working on it in the Thursday morning. And they found something that surprised me. Only one new. Food -- Popped up this year since last year. There were -- that I found that have been part of the program for quite awhile. That dropped out so one new win too old -- gone. In other words virtually no change whatsoever in I took it even farther than that because I went down. The list of all of the food booths that I got from the festival organization. And I checked it up against the what I what I did last year. And it was exactly. The same except for those three things that I just told. And -- did you know I don't think there's anything necessarily wrong with that because. We did a poll in this few days ago. To the effect. That. People go who go to the jazz festival tend to eat the same things they always get in fact. All the rest of the year. People call me up or email me and they want to know. Where can -- get -- won one major example of this where it can get crawfish bread. Except you know outside the jazz festival time a year. -- good question because as far as I know there's nobody who serves at the rest of the year. There are few other things on the menu at the jazz festival that you just don't see too much. So people list and they're good enough that people look forward to getting them there and then. There would be very disappointed if they were to show up and not find them and I guess may be -- all these years the jazz festival. Has come down with those. Items is being -- the rock bottom although they've changed the music over the years two and got away with that. So -- maybe a few little drugs on the food -- -- -- I think that's a little overdue maybe but. That's if that sounds like a criticism of the food at the Jazz Fest I guess it's a little one the mud -- big. Thought about it is that it's not all that big you know come -- for me. That. It's it's a pretty great thing. And there are a lot of dishes that have become famous that really would hardly known. Before the jazz festival started selling it. Selling them. For example. I remember in the early years. I've never had booed in my life. It was not a New Orleans thing you know you if you were from Lafayette sure you knew about it. And if you ever went to Lafayette went to the cajun country you'd almost certainly run into -- -- somewhere but here in New Orleans itself it's not something we ever saw. And I was look forward to getting it is ordinary things that is -- but anyway. It's it's as much of food festival as it is a music festival I think you'd agree with that. We took a survey yesterday to find out. How much people spend. On food at the jazz festival. The just sort of randomly picked up three numbers do you. -- Spend twenty dollars or less. Around thirty dollars. Or. Forty dollars or more. And it wound up. Dead even. 13. For each of those so it's somewhere around that. Which is as much as you spend in a restaurant those on a per person basis are met with everybody runner -- with. 2601870. And the idea this program. Is that we talk about the restaurants varsity. About the food that we -- around here we do recipes. We do anything you want and it's up to you. To call me in and tell you about it. Because. The if you. Now wait for somebody else to bring up what you wanna talk about you might wait a long long time because that the food that you eat is different from the food and everybody else -- Your favorite restaurant. May well be the favorite restaurant a lot of other people. But it is very unlikely. That the dishes that you get when you go to your favorite assessment of the same as what everybody wants it to be we all have different takes on the -- things. And so it is inevitable you know about some restaurants that nobody else knows about but you really -- issues. So well share that would cause we'd love to talk with you but that 2601872601870. It's a funny time -- be on. Jazz festival panel yesterday. I was. My my daughter. And her boyfriend and we're gonna have dinner. And we were trying to work hard and try to figure out where we were gonna go and allowed this would certainly on Friday a normal Friday. Would be dictated. By how bad traffic is whose job might -- the studios in new my officers down in January of and you know it's like if you if you worked downtown particularly getting home at 5 o'clock 6 o'clock it's -- -- there was nothing. The Jazz -- lightning. And a lot of people taken today off I know a lot of people who use vacation days round. The jazz festival just so they can go out there and enjoy it on Friday which has always been and the locals today. Well let's go on for now and they here we are. About halfway through today's offerings and an all day tomorrow tomorrow. The the years in the last Sunday tends to be the big -- biggest day of ball. And I hope to see you there to 6018782601870. You know had a feeling we would have a little tough time getting the show started today. Is we use this is of really really this is the a caller driven program I could come here in and tell you about all the restaurants I've been to and all that stuff. But really I'd rather hear from you so a close if you never called us before. Even if you have what you think is a stupid question has -- especially. If you have a stupid question. Call me. Because what we have found over. Would you believe it -- -- six years into this program. What I found is that. This -- people who call me with a stupid what they think is a stupid question have the best questions that I hear all day so lean on -- 260187. We'll hear somebody. It's. This out what what is witnesses say Joseph -- Is that your name Joseph blow. Women and hearing it here maybe who will strike that. -- -- Are you there. I don't hear anything. We'll put him on hold and see what we've come up with the later I'm gonna try over here. Okay. Let's see Joseph blue. Joseph -- are you there. -- -- I hear nothing. Now own problems such as what we need. Let's see let me try over here I don't know who this might be. -- there's nobody there. Yeah 260. 1872601870. This is food show we'd love to talk review by a seat eating and drinking I just got back. From. A trip to Italy. We have one of -- Once or twice a year. And this one. This first time we've been to Europe in a long time. -- the last time I think was 2007. And it was an interest been crews that came up with the caught a lot of our attention. One of the places that we. Work to go to. -- Tunisia. On the African. Coast of North African coast. Which might seem to be you know pretty exotic place to go on vote on a cruise that otherwise who's in Italy. But it really isn't if you pull out a map and look at -- we're Tunisia is in when -- in and look at where Sicily in the rest of Italy are. You see that they you can just. It's just -- right across the little piece of water there you are. So -- we went there. And discovered once again. Something interesting about Italian food to me in is that it is and the food they even Italy. Is absolutely. Nothing like what we call Italian food in this country. And I'm not saying that it's better or worse or anything it's his fifth. Right let's see we get set -- going here Glenn we think Glenn. There is Sutton wrong. Me a -- you hit it hit what you use of UB you do it and put it on the you know let's see we do what we. -- or try the next when there. Okay where you want me to put tomorrow OK -- I think I did at all right now you punch. Yeah I got yet it's all right is this some goofy room with this are Glenn welcome. Yeah we got all week we do thank you. Is anywhere wall and worry it might fresh incurred. -- But potential won't want to build -- catch on the -- I think they've got some ground no gumbo. So nearly hit like fresh ones an obstacle crap what. Yeah yeah Alaskan king grip. Yeah -- there's a very very short season as I understand that there are two times a year. And it's only about a week each time that these votes can go on give him. And that at that time of year you'll see a little bit of Alaskan king crab in the restaurants. One rest and I know that does it almost always when it comes in. Is GW fins. A threat across street from our areas in the press -- And but it is not commonly found -- -- because the demand for it is pretty high. And there are parts of the country that -- a lot better than we do from the West Coast for example opened on the West Coast love this stuff while we have the great good fortune of having. Much much better crab -- locally here that stuff. And so we -- that tends to crowd and IE. Once in awhile will hear about a restaurant doing it GW -- does it pretty regularly but even they only do it -- -- 23 week. Period where it's in the market. And that's I don't know. Now it's this is one time I think is a little later than just a little. But I July. Is a time when it comes out there as as I remember it anyway but I don't think there's any -- now. I think casino. Who pays all of inflation. Yeah I have -- problem frozen. Yeah and that I its own penalty you know. All right -- thank you thanks for putting up -- this 260. 6368. Let's see if oh no 2601 -- -- any way to -- -- -- -- that's not working again okay. I'm gonna have to let you do it over there which. It. Oh lead is that right Lito. Yes that's. -- -- I'm fine -- -- and he started talking about again after I was there last week with my sister -- a wonderful time. And we had an absolutely. Fabulous. -- I'm gonna say it wrong its support its -- on the way. -- on delay yeah sure you -- just about exactly right. And -- strange but they used was excellent. Pork was excellent there had been called on it take to get to court transition which. Is very well yeah. But it when you get restless on it -- -- Yeah -- a little bit are out there for one thing the people who make that. -- run a little barbecue joint I would -- New Orleans east on -- boulevard it's called. It starts walkers thank you very much into -- start with a W could remember Walker's barbecues they were in pain boulevard they're just great that barbecue is fantastic and they have. Kosher and -- seems to me most of the time the only problem with this places that they make as much as they can every day. And when they sell out all of that they close the naturally happened at like 12:30. Or 1 o'clock in the afternoon. But besides that it's another restaurant that's kind of famous for it affecting -- the whole rest -- an effort coshow. Pieces in the warehouse district on -- -- -- at the corner of Andrew Higgins. It's. Real easy to -- once you're on in the warehouse district you almost can't help but see it. And are they have a there all the time that's really a major specialty for them and that's always pretty good. Thank you be. My pleasure thank you -- a -- 187. -- -- do we need to break it notes you've gone is the Joseph -- wait I'm sorry Jo -- will get this right yet. -- -- Hello there welcome. How are your -- border right yeah. My pleasure come on then welcome sit down what what. You're not on the phone today Euro on. A connection over a computer network that doesn't have any colors associated with -- at all. All outstanding in the machine. I -- through portable. From Bora Bora just. And here I can be the are -- crawfish. The that it. I did not at first but but it tasty. We. Court to -- on -- we -- Out what I do we. And on the monkey as well -- -- in Baltimore you like that. Above often wondered what monkey tastes like. Well does it. Army parity elected. If you do any monkey brains. Of the is that it is bad cruel -- to -- But what we truly. Would you bet he would like to. And the best part that all multi cast votes believe it or not. You know it's been very interest in talking to you and next time you run in the me -- who you really are. 260. 187 we will come back with more of the food show in just a moment after first -- that -- bump bump bump by William pop up -- -- Hello hello it's the food show. It's the big 87 EW WL and WWL 105 point three FM and this is -- that's -- has -- and you live we really are. I'm over here at the cool water ranch with -- beautiful day kind of chilly. Jazz festival dates a big day for that whether couldn't be more perfect. And let's see who's a hole here I have -- waiting over here on the green phone nick welcome. Hello I'm wondering if you can recommend places and -- make really good grilled cheese -- -- used equipment -- But -- invest in that little girl is gone now. -- knowledge -- anybody will make that for you who make sandwiches. One place it comes to mind immediately is more wine cellar. It's the one thing they have a lot of great cheese there. They're they may as broad. And a selection of sale which is as I've seen anywhere. And that they would do it pretty much the way you want. Unless the way you want is what you grew up with as a kid and you know those like processed American cheese food or something like. They probably wouldn't have bet. They'll make you a good grilled cheese sandwich there that is for certain. All right thank you the key food should. We rule and we talked to -- -- let's hear what rapper Kanye. The I know what was in my life would listen. It's is when we got an ugly -- count on the current dial up we do. I'm calling and you can crawfish for. That's. You know you can kind morning. Cities are. You can kind of thing that you -- is. Something you. There and name. People what I have never tried it I do it myself but I've never tried that a lot of terrorists get it is wonderful. And it. Don't have it in Metairie. Morning call and yes and not closing -- found that out now focus that but there. -- -- Old and concludes when I found -- That year by year should. Baghdad the Crockett spread looks good and I think it's eight dollars apiece I'm not sure. Okay because. They come and they. I think an oddity. But it out and it can say yeah and the which she the one with -- -- you know why I I've seen that end. I was not moved and it seemed to mean the main reason they put that on the menu was so they can do video poker. It. And I don't know if they do they are but the but the one in -- did and I remember when they first start putting all that stuff on the menu. That. That's what that's what happens soon after that they had video poker machines. OK Judy Clarke is in the -- business with it reconvenes -- ride. -- that there in the morning via they. Got him. That's good as it's -- that's a great looking place it is they always did have the best coffee and -- -- that. And they're not to get sent him back -- a very nice about -- them -- again. But. They are packed at all times. Then I don't know how to get on the tour buses -- you I think in the air. And you don't wanna be there when they all did -- -- in time. But that sun has they have the crawfish bread haven't tried it may be out and. Okay have a thanks for telling me about it in the united know about that thank you Iowa thank you. I nice here view it is wrong and -- over here on the yellow phones. -- I -- kind of appeal were injection. I wanted to know welcome to the show. Years and years and years and years ago as a child number one shot and I don't remember I would -- on -- useful and I really like that only. -- short trees and sure you like -- like this Sheldon I don't know culture trichet but he just sounds terrible night got. It's it's kind of a dark ish kind of mossy green. It's it's named for the color of the look her. OK. I -- -- I believe. Problem. That and that -- would cruise and let -- -- program and the question Mars. What makes a gumbo but gumbo. That -- The -- And the -- and they on the on this -- -- and nobody in Ottawa should they should go wrong. So as to come -- -- -- so. No I. Questions she today -- in in -- like what porch that's what it should go vote go vote should pursue. A child torture hour and a -- there's. -- well let me let me take this backwards is the the first the last three you named are a lot easier than the -- Number. It's that last one was what makes a charter chowder is that -- -- Oh chowder is almost always have potatoes and part of the mix and usually a little bit of -- into that kind of and it tends to have a little bit of cream or milk. And that the potato sort of in the soup up a little bit that's a child. That of of course there are exceptions to everything because ships are constantly making -- at home lodges that one on one thing or another. -- -- -- On classically. Is thickened with race. In classical French cooking now you it has evolved over the years to. Becoming a very creamy thick soup but then you get crawfish -- The way we make it and we -- and that is neither one it doesn't have any rice and then not to speak of anyway English and rights to it. And it also rarely has cream it's usually -- -- group kind of a thing at least cajun style. This is some but that's kind of an exception if you look in the French cookbook you'll find the references to rice in the creek or or -- And then we get the soup which is just the generic word for anything that you eat with a -- pretty much I -- all. All these things are soups but not all soups are -- -- go go oh he could spend the rest of your life. Studying this question you ask because. If you get a hundred people a hundred cooks in line and tell all of them make them. And believe me I've actually sort of done that I've been judges I've been a judge and many many -- competitions over the years too many really. You'll have. If you have a hundred people doing it you're -- have a hundred different things they're gonna have different flavors different ingredients. Some will have -- some won't some will have oh Chris some won't some will have sausage somewhat. And somewhat of seafood and others won't. The funny thing about this is that when you eat gumbo. You know. That it's a gumbo or sometimes you know it's not a go. Crazy just doesn't have that. Gumbo something but what that something is. Is almost impossible this. And -- because no kidding I mean it and everybody makes it a little bit differently. So it's definitely not The -- what whoever made that question up. Was just going with the fact that. The word gumbo itself is a reference it's an African word that means oak. That's that's where that the word from. But as you know there are plenty of almost out there that don't have and the okra and all -- -- any of -- that don't have any rule either believe -- and I -- annual -- good ones that have no true at all. Oh yeah so who knows. Country now I worked for three all in the third quarter for. About four Eurasia and my. That you learned a few things from that guy he 01 -- a great great teachers. -- I wrote this book by I don't stick stretched out and shot that prior to being worked in -- cable network to cable after Katrina. And -- -- stick to Katrina so it worked for people that worked there for years and a worked and ultimately it was like going to college I would -- known new wood up on rational what I learned cheap calls I would have been. -- -- more special that we were. -- a question at all Miller and I asked -- -- many current and Obama become -- one particular -- In India Japan which show expanded -- still when they were finished. But it -- to work what what next creole creole and agent agent and. That another -- I mean -- this is something we have been arguing about it in this part of the world for as long as we've been cooking. What's creole food and what's cajun food is. There they are their tool answers to this that I fine at least a little interesting and most of the rest of them don't have any meaning whatsoever the real food is basically. The city five food of new war it's. Critics it's that the the city of New Orleans native cuisine. Cajun food is the food of the people with the rural people farmers in and fishermen. Who live in the cajun country and as you know. Although both of these groups spoke French. And have come from a French culture ultimately there really two completely different bunches of folks that the the people in cajun country came from Canada. And the people who made New Orleans who founded New Orleans and started everything here. They came from other parts of France and principally Al's -- but also all other. Parts of France and there their cultures are just different. But -- the only. The only thing that I've ever come up with. That gives a good concrete is example it's actually two issues -- is one of them. And another one is jumble idea if you get a cage and John jambalaya or cage and gumbo it is very unlikely not impossible but unlikely that it'll have made when it. But if you get a creole jambalaya it almost certainly has to -- to -- -- Orioles especially -- seafood gumbo. That often has tomato -- it to not a lot but it usually has a little bit. And that's not -- BC really in cajun cooking so that's 11 difference there but that's just two additions. Would you go with the rest. But at -- OK so you can have them just like bomb those -- ball. -- too long and Eritrea were willing to get there OK thank -- Well I don't think I'm in the same league as a chef Paul either one of them but but I appreciate you. Fool you for a moment. And then Lance -- little little -- yours you know -- couple -- about LE 23 little barbecue joint and don't chase and did you know bought -- is is. Executing their extreme heat once Eric may be mine six week may be true moment. Well it does little place just I go there once we got on the airs 678 -- and Lance so they've been open about two months. And Michael it's just like they've been fantastic basis. Really really really one of the barbecue place court to -- in the city. It just whip yesterday actually -- or immature and very very. Very good -- two -- a good job and a bunker. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well that's news to me but you never know -- my wife books those things and she never tells me and. OK what -- -- you -- you could be on the production terribly that the world could well be cool. Yes all right well thank you so you. Regulator bites of food show. Oh let's see let me catch up with some of these people here is this no it wasn't Norman I -- Norman over here I think. Norman you there. If I am. Gonna -- -- you that good gritty here good crew and was. Okay. A political operation off. For Easter Sunday. And and we got into a discussion. -- your air or Puerto. Got knocked over quote unquote bishop never club or undercooked in my life. But well. It will give. You must admit some mushy cross it that's how it comes out now. -- never do all of quote all you know look I don't the government. Should. Okay -- it would require the -- across the lakers a it got -- without the air coming in on. I'd -- one of those there -- -- marsh grow up that world record for -- my in laws house. And I do OK. If there are -- -- -- struck out real quick. Anyway but corporate -- -- -- -- and remember rhetorical pressure on the ball life. And and we got all involved is more of what. That was reviewed different not after they use the same amount corporate -- back to -- Crawford. The same treatment and I didn't change anything. And then it dominated. The war. That could be. I know I've I've I've noticed. All right a live over here in the -- -- springs where my water comes out of a well. -- -- my -- -- waterworld or and and in. In the the city for a long time I had an office right behind the superdome -- where it was. And I I used the same kind of coffee in both places. The union coffee and trickery which is what I've been drinking or practically all my adult life. And I in fact had. Tool coffee makers were 24 cup coffee makers that were exactly. The same -- the snake a even gotten from the same place. And the coffee in town was distinctly. Different from the coffee on the North Shore. The but the water absolutely makes a difference is -- is no question about that. About the electoral record of the year record is that -- -- the -- counterfeit. That -- I'm up by the -- got a brand new well 140. Feet down. In the important penetration numbers they've ever -- got into the waters greater topic at hand this is good water. Now truck -- -- over like if you -- not should. Well I I wouldn't blame -- because I think it did definitely makes a difference good or bad but they're definitely is indifference there. Uga -- by well by would you put into clusters ball double what -- got to be it. -- -- Iowa you and I thought -- It is the food show we'll resume with it in just moments after first pleased that so low hello it's the food show its thirteen fifties known -- notice and it's the big 870 WWL sorry about that. Bobby I only have about a minute here -- welcomed. And Bobby turn your radio down Bobby. Bobby. Happy here your uncle Tom wonderful Saturday. You have one minute and ten seconds. Why that it. What it is not. No we just have a break and you need to gentlemen here. Sorry I am sorry I wish I could stop a clock is an act have been said that my face can stop the clock but did I don't think it's true. Was so so what's up. What about that type quite interesting of course it's like you didn't agree with them but -- Nabisco -- -- anyway. For. That morning call on -- part. Three point six it is it is to the and then later the 24 hour and had been right there at that -- -- -- Obama's surprise who would. I don't know what -- -- bill under about seven months ago ended -- equity but it's a copy detonate but that got a apartment. They -- to a crop bridge. And it won't lead to a net proficiency. Well let's let's hope so but though that's great to know instead of that when -- third order putting the road when they put the food in the with a place in in Metairie. Tried a little bit -- I the -- let's just call. Hey Gregory sorry I gotta go -- -- again if you want WW WL radio will be back in just moment after first please this. We didn't even attempt on that none of. Hello it's the food show. It's the big 870 WWL -- WW 105 point three FM. This is Tom Fitzmorris our show sponsored today by Koreans or bullies. Horrendous. Hands a lot of food on its menu it is not just a great maker of roast beef -- boys it is that by the way they -- in -- -- make room gravy from scratch and peace prize some of these shops don't do either one of those things. And they just put out that great roast beef every -- but. They also do just about any other kind of poor boy you can think of and my favorites this is something new you may have never had in your life. Because it sounds a little off try it someday Italian. Style or voice what they do is they slice meatballs. And -- the Italian sausage or upon any deal for that matter. Put on the red sauce melt some mozzarella cheese over -- put it on French. That is good they also do platters of all those same things tallied platters as well as seafood platters that's always been part of their menus there. It's a -- -- boys -- at 3939. Veterans highway they go all day long today to about 8 o'clock tonight at 830 or thereabouts. Close tomorrow and lunch every other day every lunch weekdays. Except on Sunday and then Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. They stay open till around -- issues serving all that. All the red beans and although poor boys and all the rest of it's -- New Orleans neighborhood restaurant. In -- 3939 -- just as Cleary. Ranch -- boys remember you're. Europe or Asia god. C a bit of good about a minute here or do lose you about a minute let's talk let's see we get Bobby in this time Bobby. Bobby. Yes hello with a two -- -- there and I -- a minute though cola. -- quit my son -- daughter in law and Italy right now so important one year anniversary. -- the and he can't read this yesterday told exactly which is that the -- or not. You think rocking cause. These mean big Mac who built only you. Know like. Epic economic -- and kite but tomorrow -- I do recommend that this sort of number one ball movement. -- -- all a dish for the American and where are they what where are they exactly. -- good in Florence. In Florence all in -- It's called -- show CA CIO. Deep Pepe and that's all that time that I just remember that or call me back if you needed again. WWL radio New Orleans WWL FM HD one -- New Orleans it's 4 o'clock.

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