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May 3, 2014|

Join Tom Fitzmorris as he shares his restaurant,food & spirits expertise!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

870 kill cycles medium wave. Fifty quadrillion -- watts of power emanating out in it's semi circle. The greatest number of -- watts allowed by law. Since 1922. This is WWL. New Orleans first radio station. And WWL FM 105 point three New Orleans first FM frequency. And this is Tom the Taurus with the second course of the food show. New Orleans longest running talk presentation. This may affect the longest running radio show any kind in a woman's. How does that happen. And don't know. Well it's nice to be here talking with you about food. That's the only thing we talk about it's it's really a one track mind that we have here -- Pretty busy hour last hour but -- -- starting over from scratch the -- if you were trying to get in there was one point there where I don't think you would have been able to but this hour. Go -- -- 2606368. -- -- number that they do that all the time the reason is that I do. A show like this every day during the week on thirteen fifty and that's the phone number for that just can't -- -- that's sort sort of like automated. So actually the real phone number is 2601870. We have. Another number is 866889087. If you wanna call -- free. And you can and low also text us and you -- conduit you can get in -- would love to hear from -- where have you been eating. About the jazz festival food. You know it's funny. I've been bringing that up every day this week. And not too many people have much to say about it. Everybody has his or her favorite dish at the jazz festival but that's about it in the often try other things. And I would put myself among that crowd too but why should you because it's so hard to find the -- that the rest of the year. What would love to hear from you -- any restaurant you've been to lately that you thought was really good or really not so good last night. My daughter and her boyfriend and I went to pass scales -- restaurant which had not -- -- and while. And I wanna give them up pat on the back. I'm I often give them pats on the back because there's there are a lot of things over the years that they do that are anomaly very good but -- usual for example. But you know but their barbecue shrimp and that he can't tell you -- that is known need me to bring it up. They have a -- that I'm told is even older than the barbecue shrimp. It's called the combination. Pain in the rose. It's oysters. Crab meat and shrimp. Sometimes they buried it up a little bit as the seasons ago you know when you read that there are times a year would crabmeat sort combined trip to anyway. But crabmeat. Oysters and shrimp in a little casserole. And the base of it is. -- like a bash and now that's what I would seem to. Although there might there be any cream and and all it has a premium will too but it's not a rich rich rich fish. The oysters that killed the juices of everything just get in there it's -- a coded over the top with some bread crumbs as a lot of green onions and that it's infineon. Last -- Love it is an appetizer or is an -- And they do oysters Rockefeller and was used to be and bill is good news as well as anybody I know in fact at some of those last night. But. They have always had on the menus far back as I can remember. And in fact I have. Some old books of menus Romo but forty years ago that show this on there. It's it's a -- They call it the in the Solana. Month -- McNally salad and what this is is what we called around New Orleans. A you know at an Italian. -- there there's another name for it. Which is almost gone -- I know of two -- three restaurants that use its a three letter word you know what I'm talking. And the reason -- imagine saying it is that some people are very offended by that especially if they came here from. The northeast or Chicago or a place like that to use that word is a late word. And it never really meant anything around here because it was all the Italian restaurants that that had that did should use that expression. We're all Italian and so you know home -- what's that all about. But anyhow. For some reason admin alleys they never called that anyway they they called that the salad. In Salina -- Mannelly. But the way -- spell that word that first word was the end. SA LAD. Eight. Which is the Spanish word for. Salad. What they meant I'm sure because they have an Italian background they're all the way. Is INS AL ATJ. Which is the Italian word. Wars salad. And it's a confusion that a lot of PO I know I do and I'm in Italy I start speaking Spanish but Spanish and Italian and not exactly the same but they are very similar. And it's easy do you get yourself confused but I saw yesterday was so happy to see who's I'm actually written about it for a few times. That they have finally gotten rid of that one Spanish -- one Spanish word on the whole menu it all the rest of its Italian. And they they went to the Italian spelling so now it's an insult locked up -- -- -- and I had won just. That thank him for finally correcting that. What are the things that I have in my mind and a why don't I -- why do -- waste so much time on stuff like that I don't know. My wife tells me do. But we agreed dinner I had. Additionally if I ever had at -- before. I didn't remember it but I'll tell you I will have it again and it's just about the cheapest entry on the menu. Chicken board goalies. Which which you probably know you when you -- for Italy's in New Orleans you mean a different thing from what you mean by board -- somewhere else who has. The board releases -- referenced the Bordeaux region of France in the main product of Bordeaux region of France is red wine so if you have. Anything call aboard lays you almost certainly would have some red wine in it unless you're in norm in which place. We. Call anything with olive oil or butter and garlic and parsley. That's more Italy's that's New Orleans shortly. And that's how they -- district and it was I do it's it looked like to me either one really huge chicken -- or who smaller ones. The deep ball in the dispute but still a big big pieces not in little chopped up chunks. And the garlic and parsley and the olive oil and hits impostor is soaking up the seems laws. And we'll parmesan cheese and some green onions I think and it was really good I really enjoyed that I'm gonna enjoy that again some time. There's a restaurant. That doesn't get talked about nearly as much as it used to for one thing. And or deserves to I would say even now. And and -- -- medianews a few days ago was writing an article about the restaurant critics of New Orleans and what influence we have on this city at night I would say that not very much influence actually. But. Brought up that that that very question. We'll have. A 202606368. To -- and I did and again to 60187. Bob this year. Bob. Welcome. -- -- Andre it nurtured -- question of the day year -- and those will be the best question to. Career. -- -- local wishful more. A lot of people -- the black. So you know the fact you -- -- water and -- It's not who. -- -- so it's -- it's it's probable. No more Killian I don't buy it I just. Crawfish and shrimp I don't even pay attention to and -- and I haven't died yet. You know they did this is it's funny this is a city. We're generally speaking although we took a poll this right now I'd be interested in seeing what other people have to say about it. We don't really take the the vein as they call it out of -- it's a much bigger issue was shrimp than with crawfish. But we don't we we just don't worry about it. A lot of people they they purge crawfish by putting him in salt water it's turned out that they were just of something that came out of LSU. That said that that has absolutely zero effect. At all. It's it is so if you been purging crawfish all your life you can stop doing it because. The guys at LSU who really do know what they're talking about it they have a research. Department about seafood here that is second to none in the world. And they say they keep doing it back and forth back and -- both ways taste test no difference at all. -- is purging of police. Supposed to get reversed some other. Yeah now it's well it's the use the word alone tells you what it does purge -- her. -- what else would you be purged but that but. -- it's not something that you'd need to worry about this for goodness sake the stops and boil. -- or good it's our -- -- -- Okay. Thank you very much they -- thank you -- -- by. Anybody who believes that. The shrimp crawfish ought to be deep vein before you don't call me up and tell me why you think so. People who come here from out of town. Who when they get shrimp they've more often than not get him from here although all those Asian -- of the economist and uphold that. But they. It's like a big big deal with these yankees you know they want the they -- -- being taken out of the shrimp. A single issue fool -- that. The better off York. Talking but barbecue shrimp when I make barbecue shrimp and homer when that run into it and harassment and get it. And I can only do that but twice a year now because when you either really good order a barbecue shrimp you either stick up. And I know would we get to a point where you just can't do that and but. I don't I don't even pay you know I'll pull ahead. That's it and they eat the rest. So you did the issue of whether you have a deep vein and that doesn't even come up by -- the whole thing. 260. 187 me hearing is Stanley. Stanley welcome. They'd while -- Do we are out there tonight court -- Annika like or in courts fish profit Monaco. What does that. Let's uninteresting dish it but was invented by Monica Davidson. Who is a personal friend of mine. Her and she and her husband run an outfit called -- -- kettle foods that makes sauces they Emeka. They do a lot of stuff for a lot of restaurants. To make a long story short. Anyway. When they first started their business they were making fresh pasta that was their first big deal. And so Monica and Pete Olson who was her husband. They're both in the business together they came up with this dish. That is a creamy saw us. With creole seasoning and at that -- gives it kind of a light orange color it's really you know very appealing. Looking dish. With a lot of crawfish tails and that menu toss that with the pasta and and that's -- that's crawfish Monica. The the only place wellness not really true anymore and they haven't at the -- got there they are every year. And and it's one of the most absolutely the most popular additions at the jazz festival. We'll certainly have -- next there I think you will is a wonderful finish. What questions should give it it mentions crop has been. About three years ago I used to buy our. Local more or somebody else. Bonded you know anywhere we imply that broke this story. -- -- own remote well you're unlikely to find it at this time of year although it's starting to come into season crawfish biscuits up. You can't even make it the whole crawfish season because you need you need crawfish to have a little bit going on in the ones with a little pony -- won't. Won't let it all. So. I don't know anybody who sells it that way. You you give them the most likely place would be. But supermarket with a really good Delhi. Like adorned -- comes to mind immediately is that they do which removed and they do more cooking in the kitchen door next in most restaurants to. They they make tremendous amounts of stuff that's exactly the kind of thing that they -- And it. Then eventually to buckle. All they really do I would it's take a look at them. NC there doing it but and keep listening because somebody might no place where you can get a gallon of -- this. I think you can see why didn't wanna do it himself. In my cookbook. -- -- -- -- Blurted out. Mike Cook book the title which is Tom Fitzmorris is New Orleans food. Was that a shameless plug. -- The the recipe for crawfish this is the longest recipe in the whole book goes on for three pages. It's. No that is not the kind of a dish that you do. Just off the -- you know it's got the so that's why it has to go one when you make crawfish as you're making grew. You're making crawfish stock you're doing your stuffing crawfish heads -- -- -- do it my way in which case. You have all the advantages in the under the disadvantages of that. -- great issues time for years been looking for crawfish is right now. The food show will resume in just a moment after first -- this up. -- even out but I don't know we'll hello there the -- show continues here on thirteen -- don't know on the big 870 WWL. Compass or it's great to be here -- talking about food. Every day -- vessel big big food weekend. Have you done your share of eating there. 26063. Succeed if you have anything on your mind about that. I I only have the same thing keeps coming back to me every year. It stays the same beat good very good but. I always have the feeling that work in May be feud new dishes once in awhile it really of them that -- But. The food is good so who cares really I've got about how I feel about it. 2606368. Anybody getting any good crawfish lately that is. Has been brought up by a few people. What you do when -- Or anything else you have in your mind we talk about all the restaurants in the city all the time. And though we don't. We don't have a lower limit we don't have -- a Portland. There's a new restaurant that I have -- opened up while I was away I was on vacation two and a half weeks. And when I got back. There was a new restaurant open that I knew was coming because the owner Rubin has been talking about it for the last two years. At least the last two years it's called square root. It's a spin off of a restaurant in the warehouse district a very good and very creative restaurant called distinctly route. Although it's a much of looks it's kind of a warehouse district council place but that's cool these states who won. Anyway this square -- place as I understand it is going to do. A multi course dinner every night and when we -- multi win that just talking about five things were talking about may be. One the issues or thirty. Or more. You have to reserve and I think -- the pay in advance or at least give them credit card numbers some like that. And it'll be very in it'll be expensive. But it'll be interesting to see. Whether the dining community here will support that because once I am seeing in the restaurants. Is that we are getting more and more casual all the time. And the restaurants that are doing traditional service with the where you would kind of dress up a little bit and take a couple of hours to eat with a white table cloth -- the good China and silverware and all that. Disappearing. Quickly. 2606368. 260 menu. Right before I I left on vacation. Like two days before that there was a new restaurant that opened up and in. In the lake view on Harrison avenue. It's called. Hoffa CA BC AA. For those who remember. There used to be a coffee substitute. Out here. Remember who made it but the name of it was KAVX com. -- the -- was it was like acid neutralized maybe it wasn't fake coffee remember what it was it was not normal coffee let's just say that. Anyway there's no connection. And this CAV eight conflict. -- is a word that in Spain means the same thing as champagne doesn't end well maybe maybe not exactly but. It's a champagne style wine a couple of I've made in Spain. And they use different grapes more than once that the use and champion of the method that is used. Where they. Make X sort of an acidic wine first and then it goes through a second fermentation in the bottle and gets the bubbles. It's a lot like champion in that way and the best part about it is that it's fairly inexpensive but the quality is very very good if you ever wanna. If you're putting on a wedding. And you while some bubbly wine and you want it to be good but you don't wanna spend a fortune on it is you know you know real bottle of champagne is 304050 bucks these days. Try those Spanish confidence they are very good and here is one person. Who serve them all the way through. His and her wedding reception. And had people coming up the whole time saying this stuff -- solutions. Of my own wedding 25 years ago when when we got married I we went through. Ten cases. Of -- Cook. And everybody everybody loved that. So anyway. There's a fellow by the name of Danny Millen MI LEN or is it new line them -- ask him fixed -- nice nice guys in in the restaurant business for years. He was -- -- he was that restaurant August he was at the wind according -- for awhile and a few other places. Anyway he has been the man. Who put. -- -- Look for ready on the map in the corner of camp and common that has been one of the best new restaurants -- in the last decade that it's. First class restaurant old school. My kind of eating Mike and cooking my kind of style kind of pointless. Anyway Danny was running that for I think but for years now he is left the diesel. Or or has he left and I can't get a straight answer that he seems to be still associated with look Hillary and subway or another. But. He is open his own restaurant on. On for Harrison avenue to block city park side of of canal boulevard. It's the building that used to be arrest and coldly entries maybe you remember that it's had a few other restaurants in that this was not -- When entries that chain out of Houston this was a local. Restaurant and before that -- it's small number of people remember it used to be -- goes. Although wasn't the same Drago is Drago. That we know today. Although that Drago used to work there is it's confusing enough yet. Anyway. My wife and I because Danny is my of my wife -- any. Are very very good friends who abused a friend of mine too but I have to keep my distance -- and this is what I do -- have to be fair to. Give everything even -- but that my wife he forced me to go there. Much sooner that I ordinarily would have. And that we had a lovely meal with two lovely place and I. Think you'll like -- it's called. Com CAV day. 2606368. You're real busy last hour where is everybody -- call me you get right in his nobody had. 260. Wait I'm giving you the wrong number no wonder to a 601872601870. And we've -- to talk with you but it would do recipes we do the whole thing. And we're we're if you have been -- -- of the known. I have. A newsletter that I publish every day every week David Hill. That covers the New Orleans dining scene. In the is something big coming up on its soon you know next week and his mother's. And if you have not made a reservation for Mother's Day and your mother is expecting to be taken out to a good restaurant. I would strongly urge you to get on the east right now and make that reservation. And if you don't know where you might wanna go with that. I'm sorry again this is. Slop over from my having just got back from vacation but I'm gonna have a list of the hundred best places to go on Mother's Day. Probably by Monday or Tuesday I'll have that ready for it said no menu dot com and while you're there you can sign up for the freedoms -- Do restaurant reviews recipes generate the whole thing myself it's not coming from jumped sources. Gerard welcome to the food show. And -- on. Well. Thank you. -- who operate before. When numbers look good or something in my mind should not cancers in eagle so in and that did -- -- back here it. We had some really get Barbara but we also pork belly that was outstanding -- Hitler by Portland. You can buy pork belly of the store. I don't eat it get out in port all pork bellies. Is bacon. That has not been sliced cured or smoked. And you have seen this for years I mean it's just sitting in the case now there is. Air quality differentials there they've -- the usually when you run into pork belly braised pork bellies the most common way of finding it. In in a restaurant. Of the caliber where you typically find it you know examiner herb saint is kind of famous for the and a bunch of other restaurants do it. They tend to behind you and restaurants and they tend to buy it. From some of these farmers that specialize in certain strain of pig that makes this come -- especially good. But you could just go to the store and buy it right there -- and it's the exactly the same stuff you may be used to use I know I used to use it. -- for throwing -- a lot of red beans you know just big slab of bacon and had been smoked security. OK and OK -- and -- and -- -- didn't think that was ready. That's what it is. And I do appreciate it. What thank you so yeah. The food show. I frankly I don't know home that dish ever caught on here is Paul Paul welcome to the future. -- -- My god one don't -- unity and -- Pharma that won't run. If you like a nice brunch it would be nice it's these the ruby slipper. Is that kind of a neighborhood sort of a place it's not a big deal big deal like Brennan took commanders or something like that. Not that there's anything wrong with that you might want that but and they but and they do very. Very good food if you like you know poached eggs with crab meat on top of that kind of thing they do that. There they have several of them I would say the most. On interesting of them is the one on canal street in the building that used to be the old were Rory east you remember that. And a canal street at the corner -- on the it they've done a beautiful art Deco renovation of that space and that might be the best one to go to. You know it's good place -- I've enjoyed it it's very casual though it's not a fancy restaurant. And they're all good enjoy call me back until we don't want. Yeah thank you. The ruby slipper. Opened up. Originally three years ago. I might be underestimating it. And it looked like a little neighborhood place that was you know had its act together pretty well they certainly drew a lot of people focus. If you go to the original one on south's. Corner of all I get a better way of telling you where it is you know where you know where. -- -- -- The other end of the same block that mean Venus is on -- just the other side a block away. That's where it anyway on -- weekend people standing out on the sidewalk waiting at the now our tables that's how popular this. But -- of that one. They have won in the -- on and off the units in an old banked really cool space. They took over -- restaurant space on the corner of common and magazine that has been many restaurants over the years nice looking place to that win is is a good when. They recently opened this one I just W bug in the form of breweries on canal street right off wood Gundy. And there's one on the -- Where is -- Can't remember but all the so -- five of these places. And you know I'm not nuts about change but local chains using local ingredients and doing local color New Orleans kind of stuff there's nothing wrong that. Player welcome to the Puccio. Well so I'm calling them a ball around the restaurant that I went to then absolutely secure. -- Happy Italian pizzeria. Oh I I. I almost went there yesterday the guy who owns it -- -- mean you know who it is he's. He's a big guy whenever you meet him every time shaking hand I feel like if this guy ever gets out of control he's going to squeeze my hand to hold a good. You know he's like a big strong manly kind of guy. Anywhere. He's been in the business forever in the seafood business mostly nice nice Fella. And he has the gizmo -- that he tells. The first of its kind ever in the city and -- -- pizza. All of them. I had I'm looking forward to getting over there and trying some of that. (%expletive) it's going to be -- pizza is opposite world. I think that you were talking about not using the wrong word out they can't Alec. And her. Thought I love I love that salad with olives in the insure our. -- -- -- -- -- -- And it it really -- on the menu you will not seek its supply is still a super job. I believe yeah yeah he's a real food -- long term. And my second favorite thing about it is that it's right across the street from the school went to when I was that age. His. On the street who grew at a really great -- at some basic. -- -- -- I it's on my list. Well thank you thank you it's gonna wait what's the name of it again I always get that screwed up. He picked out the happy. Now yeah all right and I I had I'd get that on the count them. Eight -- eight. The Italian pizzeria. -- -- -- Street that. Oh yeah it seems like he's got a pretty big menu for one that's. Well thank you for bringing you know. Yeah you know what's interesting is that Harry and I grew up in and around Harry. And that would never -- restaurants there there was Charlie's. That was body it. And all of a sudden the last two or three years they're opening. One after another that's another pizza place right at the street called the O of the think is the name. That's got a lot of people. And here is Jim Jim welcome to the future. Among fund is wrong here Obama you. More. Regulation you're talking about your -- may be put in the -- oh. And across the new urgent. What I'm sure your committee would. Oh sure. Not that warm -- veteran owned food company and kind of -- you can tramp. Or whatever. And so a lot India. Are on our doors are all fees last year what we get to boot it would have no way you know. So I had a barbecue pit putter currently in there with char go and grilled the -- lightly. And do. And you can smoke. It's it's great -- -- and there are a few places around ten -- doing this the smoke Buddha it's wonderful. Well that oh come now we should all. Become crunchy. You another report and optics -- -- I heard her use. -- how. -- I'll bet you do. Oh I thought there -- well thanks to bring in -- it's a good idea. -- -- To buy you know there was a Korean -- not long ago. 345 weeks ago. A place that served. Visited dot com -- Chicago -- And instead of putting rice and they've put booted. Out of the case. Which it's mostly -- to begin to all that good I don't know why. Everybody doesn't do that -- a lot more people. Here is Marie. Moon read. The dog is pretty skiing all in minority I. Use you know that's on that was. They aren't right I'm sorry to do this -- you can put you on hold and I just realized I'm putting myself into a corner here in terms of time or would you mind. I'll hang on -- -- -- we'll be back with more of the -- -- after first -- that's. And in. Hello the food -- roles or long here on thirteen -- on the big 870 WWL. It's nice to be here -- talking about food restaurants and cooking and all the rest of the that seed here who's next. It's Marie oh yeah we yep that's right -- a story. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't hear what -- oh yeah I'm curious to find out if you have any. Championship out. Google and a trip there. -- actually -- out I think. Okay and I appreciate that thank you so. What one should just put him on the phone. It's an a weakened. -- ask yeah hello -- here's what I think about San Francisco. I don't get this I used to go once a year but that's not even often enough. -- go to the bookstore. And by a guide book to San Francisco they cost about fifteen -- the two best ones are fold doors FOD all our. And rumors are all M and and yet the 2014. Edition because they put it out every year. -- Yeah and what other a guidebook to San Francisco -- -- all you need to go do is go to wheel of good size bookstore like a Barnes & Noble -- a place like that. And I and and believe me you'll get much much better advice from that than you will from a guy like me who only goes once a year but. I'm sorry -- I'm absolutely serious because the people who write these I know because I write I write guidebooks like that for New Orleans. They they are they are all the time they -- in San Francisco every day. And they covered this beat constantly and of course they're -- no -- lot more than I can tell yet. So that's that's what I would that's my first recommendation for you. But I'll give you a couple others. When you go to San Francisco you have to eats in San Francisco food. One that I like kaleidoscope boulevard it's. Pretty close to downtown -- -- what would be the equivalent of the corner of uber villain royal in New Orleans. Polaroid. Boulevard -- you know you LE VA RD boulevard itself. Get a reservation it's very busy very popular with the locals. You you've got to eat some Chinese food because they have Chinese food like we don't have here. A lot of it. My favorite place for that is in you can you can only go for lunch. Is a place called yanked. YA NK seen it SI NG. And they serve what they called on do some parents like nothing but appetizers and they roll up courts and they just have all this stuff. And it's just great. And I tell you more except I gotta go the clock tells me I have to let -- -- that guidebook really that's the best piece of advice I could. -- Are feeling it will be back but more the food show after first -- that. Up up and up bump bump bump bump bump below -- at the food show we are sponsored today by career in sport boys. In a as I have globes -- my entire adult -- adult life. Enjoying roast -- or boys one thing that I notice is that the places that do the best. Don't just with a multi they actually have to put them together toast the bread you know. A put all the ingredients on in the right amounts and that takes care. And you will find that if you go to -- or voice they might make you wait a few minutes because they're making the -- -- especially for you but if you want to get around that if you're in such a big hurry. By the way why you would such a big worry about something as important as eating. You can no text you're ordered to them right on yours your Smartphone you text it over to them they'll have it ready for you when you get there. Everything keeps moving on an upward. It's parades for -- 3939 veterans highway just -- Cleary. There -- open every day for lunch except Sunday and Wednesday through Saturday for dinner to all afternoon. RR a an apostrophe as separate and or voice. WWL. Radio New Orleans WWL FM the -- New Orleans. Where the news is next over most of the same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system at 5 o'clock.

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