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May 3, 2014|

Join Tom Fitzmorris as he shares his restaurant,food & spirits expertise!

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-- -- -- -- -- -- He did you do -- both -- them by being a welcome back to the third cores of the food show on thirteen fifty who'll -- a -- and again. Let's start over. This is Tom Fitzmorris with the third chorus of the food show. Here on the big 870 WWL. And WWL 105 point three FM. And if you have the special radio for at WWL. HD one. On 105 point three FM. Well anyway here we are I -- yet passing as cultured person and it's nice to be here with you talking about food that's all we ever talk about. In the book to do with you 260. 6260187. Look at this rate to 601870. Did you did you did you cute cute cute cute cute where have you been eating where have you been what have you been cooking. Can help you with a recipe can you help me with the rest. Tell me. Something you've done lately that is just terrific would love to know. And if you can't quite figure your way through recipe it's not just meet here we have all these other people listening. Who are capable of giving you some great advice to -- them. As simple as we'd love to hear from you 2601872601870. -- that was something I want to tell you but today. And keep forgetting and now and I forgot it again. It's something that well this month Tuesday that wasn't it but the Mother's Day is a week from tomorrow. Mothers today. The the best wisdom I've overheard on the subject of Mother's Day. Came from the mouth of Ella Brennan who for many years. -- commander's palace and before that Britain's royal street. And she said once that she thought that mothers they ought to be banned. And to get rid of it. And replace it she said. With mothers week. Well Ella Brennan was a mother herself so she -- you know good perspective on it also a real root -- -- -- pro and I can see her point because. If it's only one day you feel obligated to take your mother out on that day. Valentine's Day is the same way. Mother's Day is the busiest day of the year for white tablecloth restaurants. And for also for a lot of casual places to. So you have the plan ahead on this I'll bet you. That the major players places like commander's palace for example. May already be fool. It's never. Bad idea call you never know you sometimes you get a reservation in place that maybe has been booked up but had a couple of cancellations -- you get -- But anyway I have a list of restaurants that are going to be open and that I think are good. For Mother's Day I don't have it up quite yet but I will. -- -- by Monday Monday or should have it up on the website if you go to no menu dot com. And you click on Mother's Day. Don't do it now focus its not there yet. There it'll be you know have book a list with the addresses phone numbers were kind of food they have in the ratings for all of the restaurants and links to the full review. That I have on my website we have but 507. EU web so. 570. Full very detailed restaurant reviews. And we don't shrink back from giving the -- it was only there -- only two people in town that are giving restaurant ratings these days. And I'm pleased to be one of them. 26063. Groups almost almost 260187. Here is Troy Troy welcome. -- here. Well yes culminated. Brought a lot of you know. Or do. You have. Remote. Yeah. It's a good. It was great pop pop. I'm not on the map on. Opt not. To map out. So followed. How many up before you serving about fifty. Well -- know what. Or app or -- -- -- Arctic air up. Well good good that sounds like a very -- kind of addition got a lot going on there. The put it mildly. I'm a -- found Paula. -- -- -- While cute thank you very much for calling with that today I'll tell Monica next time guys here that use brutal wrinkle longer. All right but there -- so yeah. Yeah crawfish Monica which was of very very popular dish back in the eighties that Wednesday. And then it's sort of faded away although never completely united in -- enough people make it that. Its reputation remains tight -- it's just deliciously. I know Monica personally. And she. Has of one. I think that she lives by among many others and that is that if you wanna serve crawfish Monica you have two choices. You can buy it from her. If you want but if you're restaurant you wanna put it on your menu. Or you can think of some other name for it because she has registered the trademark and crawfish Monica and I don't blame. 2606368. You know you cannot. Copyright. A recipe. You can copyright the words. Of a recipe. The exact words but if you rewrite the whole thing. In change a little bit here a little bit -- Chances are. No whoever it was -- -- originally can do a thing to. And I'm wondering if that's -- him maybe not a good idea. Why should. A recipe be the sole. Property. Of one person. I think I don't spread around a little bit do you know who. Had a real good idea that was Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin. Invented a stole. In his lifetime called the Franklin stove it's still in no use here and there. And it was just a completely different design that got a lot more energy efficiency out of burning wood which is what they were burning in those days. And he would it was a celebrated a lot for this and he was a very clever guy made a lot of money in his life Benjamin Franklin did. But today he said this -- this help so many people I'm just not going to registered trademark on it at all copy yet trademark. On the designer anything its public. Public property anybody wants to build that go ahead and you've got you have my -- On the other hand you know. You know and another example that is the Broncos drive goes invented what is without a doubt. The fastest growing dish in New Orleans. Every restaurant in -- has it or tries to habit. You probably had char -- oysters somewhere but the original Israel goes. And they they don't even keep the recipe is secret -- that it's out there you just ask them they'll tell you what it is. That Tommy -- it's always tells me. That I can give you that he can give you the recipe. And that's the real SP and he's not kid around about it but you cannot get -- oysters. Because he has connections. And gets the really good oysters and by the way. Oysters right now all right just great I had. Him twice in the last. Couple of days. Went to redemption. That's the place that took over the church that used to be Christians right by chains funeral home just off canal street great restaurant. Greg Nicole -- was there he's the ship he sent in for me while I was away implication one day. And we we were talking about things and I said you know as -- this was like -- -- year two after I got back from vacation I said that whenever I get back to New Orleans. There are two things I want as soon as I could possibly get them. A conveniently one of them is oysters and the other one is red beans and rice. Haven't had my red beans yet but it did have my ways trees over there and they were big big delicious this is a great time a year for oysters. And the fact that we've had this continuing cool weather. Has made the oyster season -- -- one even though there is no hard this month that they -- there. There -- But who really care. If you can eat oysters like -- -- 260636260. Menu we have had a very busy first hour. We have -- mostly busy second hour and though as we begin the third hour of our program. We are sitting here -- -- thumbs because. We're waiting for you. And you're thinking well. Oh sure you do look just tell me what your favorite restaurant is or your favorite dish. And that will be news because. Nobody. Has your taste or experience. In eating or cooking. Everybody does it differently. And so some place that might even be famous. There there's -- but your favorite dish over the or something that I hardly anybody ever get you. And we don't know but and yet it's a great nation we want you to tell us what that the issues would you. In what restaurant that is. And if you think what you have to say is says some trivial. Petty even stupid thing. Please take my word on this have been doing the show. For 26 years almost. And whenever anyone tells me. That they have a stupid question or stupid comment nor a goofy whenever -- Whatever. I know -- about the here at the best one of the day and I mean that sincerely. You know who who asks me stupid questions people who call up thinking they have brilliant questions those little ones I gotta watch out. Janet. Is over here on the purple phone. Calling from home. Hello miss Janet. I'm I'm doing just fine it's a lovely day. Over here at the cool -- ranch we got the kid who lives across the street to take fifty bucks to cut my lawn. Well my my lawnmower is broken and we have a lot of -- to cut. So was it's worth that believe every -- I'm sure it's -- as I'm going to find out if you know while they cook the potatoes. At the whole elbow it. Plantation brush stroke. I do. It. I I I do indeed. That that where that recipe came from. Is. The mosque is actually an if you want even begin without cooking yourself just over ago most is is actually. A no written no kidding that's the way the family pronounces their name most. Well everybody else's -- most. It's you know where it is coaches are nowhere. OK -- you go over there. It's the same exact potatoes that they used to do with the elm -- a dozen eggs because it was you know that the chef at the elm wood was nick Moscow. So but what you basically do is you. You can either boiled potato or you can be cute but you don't do it all the way. News and what you're looking for is that you take your kitchen -- It's been boiling for relate maybe. Ten minutes. And you jab your kitchen fork in it and it still is very firm in just grips on to that potato you pull four straight up the potato comes with that that's which right here. Can't let him cool. And then you take the skin off which will probably come right at that point you might even have to use appeal. Or -- -- And then you heat up some olive oil and some Rosemary in the Pena enough that when you -- the pain and back and forth and actually flows but it doesn't slot -- you know. -- season up the potatoes with some salt and pepper. And you you have this hot odd thing. And you can either do it on top of the -- but I think a more effective ways to do it in the oven heat the oven up to about 425. Degrees. But the potatoes in the -- on top of the stove in the olive oil just roll them around until they brown a little bit then put them back in the oven for by the number. For this from AFG appeal it they go back into the oil and they brown it all over in the and they put it in the of -- and then the that hot oven for 25 is enough you and little brown crossed the wonderful but you know just. It's been a long time that the -- -- plantation has gone. To New York -- has changed. And your memory. Has made that seem like a better -- than it actually won so don't own future hopes to -- I'm serious. Try went thank you steal it. Mucho. I'm being told to take a break and I'm not going to bay. I'm gonna talk to Robert. And furious Robert welcome. They say there are. Used. With. What my -- -- -- like one special on it does not. You love all -- That guy. He is such a good cook. But I think he's trying to I think he's trying to ease out of the the business are you know his his son is running the place really these days but. I tell you what he. Even something that doesn't really belong on that menu and it's mostly Italian he doesn't crawfish this would kill for. But -- -- poor crab soup to get that I want -- why did you. I always debate split they would do an -- that to. Totally the -- -- It's a good but its original hike until at least you've ever seen medically it's him within barrels. One of the accident. Great guys. That you don't you know if you look at the great great about -- that preceded -- That would. Like to be you'll see you looked like that would that's like it. Let us. Stop -- that. You can -- he's got too many other good things of the they need to get the same thing over. -- -- -- I'd try to rabbit is what's not really the list -- It's all that you never know what he's gonna hand -- -- foods really good that's attached to rip the Grossman doesn't look like much. But. It's totally do -- it's recordable -- -- yeah. Especially. That. Want to open -- big situation. -- -- -- -- I couldn't agree nor her. Or him I'd it's a fantastic. Always says. What what thank you the rest when he was talking about education this that is Vincent's there are two of them. Owned by the same guy ultimately but he sort of franchise the one balancing Charles avenue that might the exactly true but close. And then there's the original location is on chance at street that's one blocked past. Transcontinental. -- just off west esplanade history which can. And delicious delicious delicious delicious issues if you if you if what you want from harassment is really really really good food. And you don't hear all that much about the fancy atmosphere any of the wine list or anything like that. This is the police view I never ever do anything list but he enjoyed the daylights place. We will return with more of the food show -- whose -- will come back with more -- just a moment after first -- this. But on pump pump pump pump pump pump pump pump pump pump pump lol it's the food show. Thirteen fifty no -- 870 WWL. -- WW -- five point three FM. I have Joseph waiting over here on the yellow phone I think they do. Breezy and. -- Or -- calls back -- you without there just as I was going to. 2606. At 2601872601870. Call right now you'll get right and you know as long said the -- in this program I just realized they've just hit me while I was driving around picking up laundry and stuff. That I never ask. The most obvious question. For a program like this one is your favorite rest. Everybody has a different answer. To that what is your favorite -- Toll what it is. So obvious isn't it or is it. You might have to think about it. My favorite restaurant is one that I I don't know let's send a lot of people do. And that because of trying to keep an empty I wish it was we're busy all the time. What and it usually is actually. My my favorite restaurant is and one's. And strangely enough although I'm but I write reviews and I'm thinking almost entirely about the food I'd hate. Really not all that much attention to atmosphere and all the other stuff. Becomes -- with service is important but food is like 85%. From me but -- is such a pleasure. -- -- This is not a commercial by the way I just love the place. General what's your favorite tell me. What's your least favorite that's. No I don't know we would do Jim welcome. -- won't lose -- Thank you. In not calling you view citrix or at least. Blood. Just finished. So rule full year. Schools or school. The only the and crude. Q so in that seemed so here's the -- The -- to make sausage if it's not. A low period that is at all -- becomes. Some kind of spoke sources. Here's the answer to this question. If you if you go to in Arctic. You'll find that you'll find that conditions or a lot different there than they art in Ecuador. And every place has its own set of characteristics. And when you're talking about food. New Orleans is almost not even part of America really we have a native cuisine that goes back. 550. Years at least when they were already writing cookbooks on the subject. A local cuisine and the local cuisine. Where every -- Is the best thing to eat and when you try to get a dish that is important local cuisine. At least when it's as strong as it is here or in a place like Italy. Where. If you -- if you. Go to southern Italy you don't even find the food of northern Italy let alone. He'll bossa -- just to pick one thing. That's the story. -- there is no place in the world that has everything. And I'd you just it you just don't find it much round here than there -- national brands. One when it comes in my mind although I don't know who sells these days as this use tigers outfit of Milwaukee. They make a pretty good Q -- That's a that's what we have very much on the other hand up in Milwaukee there crawfish Sox. You know when I mean. Yeah. OK -- and that's or that's the story okay go ahead. In dyslexic will be even more difficult because. Recruited grew up with. Is city that's in the trying to put it past the school. -- by Jolie said yeah -- can get you can get that all over the place to Ottawa Andres has it. And -- in a stylus as it sometimes not all the time they make it pretty often. -- Tony Angelos he has it on as -- -- pretty sure. It but again you know there is in a New Orleans Italian style. Almost the most of the people most of the Italian people in New Orleans to Trace the lineage back to Sicily. And yeah yeah that's a cuisine unto itself that's culture unto itself. I know it because I just got back from there I was there a week. -- You know. Don't go -- -- total Andre is go to Andrea since you went past the Majoli soup but hopefully he has it on the -- all the time will be happy to do. We'll go enjoy thank you Haas applause tool is just a -- slaughtering. Of the of the dish -- the -- Jolie which basically means pasta and beans. And that's what -- -- Ernie welcome to the future. I'm a favorite restaurants very grow. I like to which when you like. The ones. Here agree. What -- -- Tunisia. Okay -- a big old big warehouse where your house factories. You know you'll that's. Always sits. Under article. And you. Know pretty light. Nokia which the -- cut with the serve. It was. Hopefully. Pulling you never had a stake here never thought about getting that but I next time I go on trial. I was going to say -- -- game that was so it for pelican. Lumps but what the most out there to eat and almost didn't go to the game because. -- For a while they -- a sushi born there in I don't know why they took I but they've been pretty good job with that. They make they make they make guacamole right at the table -- Room via. -- -- What should look -- their ballot and all of Barack. And bill which included. Goodwill and from long ago. Why not an excellent service to. My degree. Outlook that you think -- -- report. Regarding the food show. And now hole it's Jennifer. Jennifer welcome. Hi. Well yeah that will be. There. Then that it was and you live in prayer hoping you can a year. On his. I'm at all -- caring what the hell is he likened. -- absolutely. That's that's the that's the biggest food event of the year here. And it's. It's at a gourmet level although it doesn't have to be. The most casual part of this happens on Thursday. They have what they called the royal street stroll. And but 89 blocks of royal street from Brazil to. Or -- or maybe even -- blocker too far there. The galleries. And the antique stores and and and their fate or royal street is famous for both of those the antiques or usher in the yards gallery Sonoma. They have open how loose and they'll have wineries. Being represented oftentimes by the owners of the winemakers. And they're pouring wine and the all of Morse of the locations will also have some food out they are usually brought in by some restruct locally. And it's a lot of fun this is very casual you can dress down T shirts and shorts and flip flops and you're good with that and it's a lot of fun. -- -- I don't mind at those gallery is Ali and that -- Combined could really. I absolutely. In the light of parties so that. But that's the most casual things they have the most formal things the night before where they have what they call the -- near dinners. I think there -- about forty places this year doing that. It's a wine dinner the Weiner again the winery has a representative there are you some sensors to wineries being represented. The chef builds a menu around the wines. They get up and they talk about it and it's it's nice it's not dressy particularly but it's you know a little more structured than the the first thing. And then they have that the two grand tastings on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Where they just you know go to the convention center and that's all I mean does seem unbelievable. About a wine and a lot to lots of food to it's a great event. Absolutely no I couldn't agree I couldn't they'll recommend it more highly. Would make -- any saying that we. Trying to do -- should be. I think so yeah. In this. As I say this a little something for everybody. They have an event on my Thursday I think it is on Thursday called. Being you'll alone when it would has been no that's it. And this is where they roll out the really kind of high and winds at ticket costs and the like hundred bucks to a ten. But for for people who are seriously into wine you get a chance the taste a lot of unusual things. Why don't I don't have to go to. It could be fun when it is really enjoyed it and it great ideas. That -- -- -- thank you very much. We'll see their -- all over the place at the Iowa and I don't like thank you and I know that's coming up. That begins on the 28. Of the month the New Orleans wine and food experience if you wanna know more about that go to NO WFE dot com. And we will return with more of the food show in just a moment after first -- S thirteen fifty. WWL. New Orleans first radio station. What are my doing on this station I don't know I'm on every day Monday through Friday. From noon to three and it's the same shows same thing we talk about every day is you know recipes cooking restaurants the whole thing stimulus in which you. And I will give you something in return namely. Channel numbers and some good information and also some bad information -- Our glitzy over here is Gregory. I say. Over here is Gregory. -- really well welcome culminated. It would never run for a prominent Olympic -- but now. We want you don't ask that question almost -- -- here than I mean but not in the long it is sabor restaurant. It's a challenge. It's a gallon but the. -- but I agree with you level. They -- -- parliament on those commandments. -- my. Another another way of asking this is what restaurant. When you think of going there. Makes you feel good right off the bat. This week yeah it's it's -- it's one you still love -- all these years. They're demanding a canal street. Yeah yeah well they've -- they are really good you go in the and get a soft shell on the Indian in -- and business you know their soup but then they could make. The oyster artichokes and I think that's the best. Best of its kind in the city. Not there so generous with their fortunes too late yeah. For example if you work for pro life I mean it's up I -- permission Obama so we don't share it yeah it's a huge. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- report out like Ramallah outlook read view it argued that people aren't -- aren't I can't I can't replicate that. What are white rebel odd that you over there -- it's not hard it's -- it's -- manes creole mustard lemon juice with cheers saws. Responded I think. Well -- be -- literature oil but I don't think so. Anyway I would I would broke there an element call fair broke com. Went -- Q what mark reference with the Spanish sport which is set up the road in and actually that automobile I -- pretty good food themselves but. It's part now is concerned it -- -- -- plan coming and you know well. Make all the ignorant and it could not -- -- -- -- that one ball. If you still burning and in the structured event especially. Low street stroll in the great state in adult and don't. Really we do well -- very proud. You know -- I get up do you brought on there right. I have a no you won't because his son that you know this time when I'm on now it does make any sense does nothing happened. And we. Are we don't know her I'll be there and I'm doing a seminar. Don't read only. -- -- his -- off at a new all. I know I'm always forgetting about it too which can forget about it forever. That it would let you know it's up. For -- for. 30. Yeah that. Its first class. Yeah yep we can have and if we can have weather like this boy Benjamin. Anyway my restaurant in May indeed at number two on the number three events on back. -- on him three back whenever they're from new C. Aren't sure what's your favorite restaurant here is Joseph. Oh. There. Hey I'm elected -- is let sanity. And it was. -- -- That guy that guy can really cook. And the all. The only possible negative by could throw at him. Is that he cheats a little bit and by that I mean when you get for example that great platter with the lamb chops in the quail. Grilled quail and grilled lamb chops on the same plate. -- -- with these sloshing. Waves of butter. -- guy he has no shame -- -- load everything up with butter and cream and it's wonderful and you know he let -- get away with -- and that that's cheating a little. But a -- I love his love. I admire that and -- the street this freeware app. Appetizers straight Syria doesn't with a -- -- strip an incredibly. On. Don't tell me UAE that by yourself. Now I can't go back and I certainly well because. You're pretty good. I didn't want I didn't -- on anybody amity I'm Iman Ali it'll but it was so. An -- all every part of that is wonderful. Yeah everything is it. So and we. Pop and I was the other thing we -- data that but that was it it was it was just great. Great restaurants and I don't know why keep bringing -- these negative -- to guess just -- reality. Going feet on the ground and all that but yeah. Getting a table there you really need to reservation. On the week damn sure but. That's don't even think you're going there without reservation and mothers anyways you know that's going to be a mob scene. But great yeah so. -- about it it was it was a lot of great. It's a little out an area that seems like residents that way now it drives me crazy. Thank you see the restaurant we were just talking about is Gallagher is -- Gallagher is -- Is on. Taylor street. Through the old main drag of Covington. And pat Gallagher is run restaurants around the North Shore for years and years. And in between he spent. All couple three years as the executive chef at Ruth's Chris Steak House in Metairie and ever since he's slick quadruple the amount of butter people that's a things but I can't really complain about it. Anyway the cold the welcome. There. -- -- around like through. And under Chinese restaurant called for wondering who. No right -- I wonder where you -- just our one export trying to. Okay. What there were a lot of restaurants that would be a good answer to that question but the one that comes to my mind at this moment is mister b.'s. On the corner of the royal in -- in the French Quarter. They do what I think is the best version in town of whole bunch of very important issues like -- And barbecue shrimp and -- including. And grilled fish over woods and mule with a menus -- is nothing but good food on that menu. They're shrinks or doubles it's a fund kind of easy going sort of place you know have to dress up they have life piano players you know it's just. But that's where I would start that the by the first one I go to. If if it would be coming into votes for the first time but how would they know -- that. Faced little unique be confused. All right well well well let me know if you do that and how it came out. All right thank you. -- running out of time here it will be back with more of the food show in a moment but first if you will that is. And alienated the duty to above pop pop pop pop pop. Hello it's the food show on thirteen 53. WL. And Tom -- it's great to be here with you talking about food and stuff. We out of we don't time. I think we're -- A minute and thirty seconds to we have all we and we above model oh just thirty seconds. But you'll meet let me see hello and goodbye to Bob because that's all the time yeah Bob. But now I there. It would. Add to it. And what that. And a lot of them pompano -- -- the issue with that -- they'd be. They know. Sounds good to me banks -- Sherron. Emulator -- That's all the time we have I'm on every day Monday through Friday noon to three on thirteen fifty. On FM on HD on sky wave and on line this is WWL radio New Orleans and WWL. FM and HD 110 -- New Orleans. Where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia. Broadcasting system.

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