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05-04 10:10 am - It's Just Sports with Kristian Garic

May 4, 2014|

WWL's Kristian Garic talks the Saints and the 2014 NFL Draft with WWL callers.

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That's right center -- I hope the -- and wanna fight you and your family well. Welcome into it's just sports on crushing -- type of action coming your way for the next two and a half hours leading up to game three. Of the LSU Tigers in Texas a and M Aggies in College Station on the baseball -- Tigers and Aggies. Split the first two games in College Station in the Aggies won yesterday only walk off -- to -- NFL draft just five days away camp questions can fire away. What should the Saints do with the 27 pick in round one trade out statement -- straight back. And who you open. The Saints land -- 504260187. Years old 3866. 88 ninths nearly seventy Texas and 87870. Charlie Campbell senior draft analyst for Walter football dot com. Visited me at T -- back on Friday on double coverage talk a lot of the sleepers in the draft and who has bust written all over. But latest on the Saints during the draft. And -- leading up to draft check out our all our stuff Steve -- Deke Bellavia myself. At W -- -- -- tons of great breakdowns for Steve breaks down the quarterbacks and linebackers some peace some folks feel like that's the position of need. For the new world Saints also. Coming up throughout the next two and a half hours Jim Anderson was the -- weigh in on the thoughts. His thoughts on seats in the draft 11 o'clock hour. Have a little fun and most of but he talked about the draft also -- -- baseball along with a may fourth and a star war Tuesday. In the fourth be with -- I'm a huge Star Wars ski so ST Bobby bare like -- on double coverage and haven't known a lot myself and -- house and watch the entire trilogy in a weekend so. -- from. Folks out there their big Star Wars ski season. That he had that trilogy and what's their favorite episode 260187. -- -- three. 866889087. Now but they'll look at Sean Payton draft classes right. Eight at all as Saints coach. The top three. Of Sean Payton -- a quarter mile like this number one the 06 draft. And pretty much laid the foundation for the team. And their sustained success here through the route 4013 going at that point fourteen seasons hard argue that a six class look at it that it six starters. The Saints including senator Jeff Faine who was acquired on draft day trade. With the Cleveland Browns and don't forget about Rob Ninkovich the day he bounced around the league for a couple of years didn't stick with the Saints he's now starting for the Patriots though. Actually seven starters. Canada 06 draft six for the Saints. And a of course want for the Patriots and 08 draft optically loaded with great picks but. Without Carl -- that year in the fifth round Tracy Porter in the second round. Of that draft pulled away on of these Super Bowl 44 -- his game clinching interception. A Peyton Manning not to mention interception AFC title game. Against Brett Favre and Vikings that stopped a scoring threat in the final minute that you know crow crawl and it was on the all pro. A member of that off at the line. That that was dominant 2009 -- since went on. To Tampa Bay it's not a big league contract with them and been hampered by injuries but the recent draft the 2013. It might rival Los six class for starters -- a year ago topic CP can McCarron in. Entrenched players that run -- at left tackle eventual starter there by season's end and John Jacobs in the middle. And -- that you remember any relief it's not -- as a part of it Chris Ivory trade when they got to picture it. The fourth round pick package that. Now there are other fourth round selection moved up to -- judging offensive tackle. Out of Georgia also the world staking Kenny stills in the fifth round the one receiver out of Oklahoma went pretty solid. Rookies season. California -- winning the Kentucky Derby odds on favorite. The first California bred horse to win the derby since 1962. Writes that 260187. It told 3866889087. Texas at 87870. Which at the Saints do. With a point seventh overall pick in the first round should they trade up if they're targeting a wide receiver is that a guy like marquis still. That's going to be there O'Dell Beckham junior would be nice there's a couple dollar receiving names that have been kicked around there. Getting hot. Starter really. -- Latimer out of Indiana really started to heat up his stock Alaska weaker so what should they trade up to get that receiver. Or they sit tied at 27 in the of those deep threat receivers are there. They selected defensive player or trade out of that spot you tell me and -- some names that you like to see. Land with the world 6260187038668890. Point seven text me at 8787 it's just sports. Right here on WWL in -- and WWL dot com. California grown take -- home. 140 Kentucky Derby Victor Espinoza the jockey. Right now the victory for the first California bred horse to win the derby since ninety and 1962. Welcome back it's just sports here. On WW well MF and DeVito do well dot com 260187803866889087. In May fourth. Star Wars day and also course saint strapless and five days lately NFL draft on Thursday night which -- the black and gold to that point seven pick in round number one trade up. Sit tight war. Trade back. Very very deep draft class especially at wide receiver. And that's an area of need certainly folks feel like for the new world Saints to the phones go Ryan in New Orleans. On line -- -- on -- be at Bryant. Number -- -- applied the Brian. Law. Sorry as well -- it's all Star Wars not they won't. The empire strikes back in the the only one. Buehrle agriculture Jia an opening weekend. At opening day. -- -- It just -- -- want -- parts of China won the script was written by a couple of professional script writers. Lately it in the orange came at him. And the great upcoming episode seven -- -- and that gonna write the script not -- Yeah. Yeah an out I'm excited about episode seven you know what I didn't like the only thing I -- like a out. About the new as the new look but their older ones with the technology was better in the new -- but older absentee balloting. And it was that was supposed to come before the first three start -- -- -- In part strikes back in college and I but those the ones that before that had better technologies I was only -- -- was off about the entire trilogy but nonetheless it would of the seats go with the draft. Point seven pick in round one. -- What you're saying that Antonio Richardson. Our offensive tackle. It's sock thing is that good chance should be available but he's seventh pick. Actually it's. Likely in the -- and in his career and they need to get someone. Blows it -- -- one blocker. Good pass protector. As well in there are still issues once he no longer starting world. They Brian out here you need to keep a lot don't disagree that it that it might look at. Drafting. You know offensive linemen they always do seemingly every year's draft one -- And I'll give you need to keep and I am on -- -- in fourth our fifth round out of Kansas State corneas fluke it's the offensive tackle. He's -- right tackle big guys six foot eight 300 plus pound -- a lot like -- actually -- of the Saints have expressed a lot of interest. And corneas Lucas and oh by the way with at car Iceland from here in the world so. And that's -- -- to keep and I am not necessarily in round one I think because of the -- to that so much history. It's sad is that finding these these are the -- linemen starters at that. And the latter stages -- middle rounds of the draft I'll think that's that's lap I'm willing to say a first -- with some degree of certainty certainty. A first round off but the linemen. Just doesn't make a lot of sense for me in -- when I'm looking at trying to predict where the -- ago. He which is saying that -- -- -- haven't heard you say it on the broadcast but do you think about the second round change ago. The second round -- by the pressure on program. Tough first round -- ethic I think you see how the war in. And does that sound -- But at 47 you've got to wait to see if some of these players are gonna fall the right I mean. Teddy Bridgewater for example might be that big wildcard in the first round if he falls at that point lets -- slide one of those players -- whether it be. An offensive player at wide receiver or defense of player at linebacker or corner. I that the eighth Bryant appears -- thing you wanna see Teddy Bridgewater slide into the teens and instant points. With that bush is a player. You direction but I think that when it's all said and done I think they sit tight point seven in the draft and outside linebacker or. -- -- -- -- out of football now at the trade up if they do make a move. They're going to get a wide receiver. -- -- -- -- you're gonna have to do to get the likes of Randy Coates wore a guy like -- Beckham junior or skylight marquis -- USC. Well I hope they they don't do that because it might well into the thing trap the Falcons did with some way they. Yeah I think the -- did get that thought that. He gave up everything for. Yeah having to have as expensive but man Julio jones' turn out to be -- -- of -- player who's -- last year -- they -- -- phone call. Have a good and have a good start to your week and rest your Sunday games at home are you on WWL James. It's got you here and talking workers and then enjoy here or there and another. Thank you my call. I found out who the true center they're cute that you apply pressure on. Between Beijing ghetto and I would hope the saying it's like Lisa what goes. -- it doesn't fall down -- Will you go on a stretcher and reaching for a certain guys. Fought back into the second round about the first top ten picks and that is so on the restrictor round draft pick maybe Witten in that equation and get Mark Martin from new century or that our kids from Colorado State that that. -- and it and some of the secular receivers -- -- -- -- -- it on the straps in the short around with it with that already predetermined trigger OK but I grew up a -- from Mississippi. In stall. And -- that much in that -- and -- would be. Straight out -- and if you don't see a guy I mean I'm Cameron Jordan falls short she didn't -- We all know why they're you know why Cameron Jordan fell that far. Much like the scenario -- -- laid out a couple minutes ago the previous callers that there was so many quarterbacks that fell. And that and in teams were clamoring to get those quarterbacks so it pushed Cameron Jordan down -- right to the saints' laps and so that's why. Ultimately you want to see these quarterbacks. -- linger a little bit and hang around hey look if the first two picks which very well could be in terms of the little Mac in the in Davie -- if that happens like that. That's good for oral -- we won at the role. If there's a surprise the that the players say that jumps in there in the top fifteen that's good for the Saints. You and how it goes quarterback when he came in needing quarterback's passionate first round those guys are going to be. And catching it and that B yeah trade bait on -- normally meticulous cigarette here or a book there and get in Beijing and an endless well the -- Yeah me and it has played this game will be all right so you sit at point 700 my gosh Teddy Bridgewater still on the short. Bumps -- dangle that hey what are you willing to give up their Cleveland if you passed on one Jacksonville you passed along with the first round selection. Who who wants his quarterback. And a lot of folks feel like hey look we've seen quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers slide well into the twenties. And teams. Go grab many of have been terrific selection mean. I handled pitchers. Was is certainly a better quarterback than Alex Smith who was number one overall that years so yeah I mean this the Saints I think aren't aren't great position. To -- Louis Seattle war shakes out form and if they like the receiver in his a run on receivers and a -- they have in addition to trade up. A few slots and go get that player or they can sit back and out and watch these quarterbacks. See if they push as a defensive player. -- there to there they're spot at 47 or. If they wanna trade package go get a as an extra picks. And he'll get a guy like Dante mind creep or Jordan Matthews the wide receiver out of Vanderbilt later -- in the second round and collects an extra picks in the process. Yeah so. I appreciate Jerry and I'm sure. James and all the thinks about meant to 60187 it'll create 668890. It's only what should the Saints do. With that 27 overalls selection and other two wide receivers for the -- tires which one do you think will be a better fit for the Saints. Oh they'll -- computer or Jarvis Landry 2601870. 038668890870. It's just sports coming up traffic on teams delivers the news headlines welcome back it's just sports here on WWL IMF and -- WWL dot com Charlie Campbell seniors draft analyst for Walter football dot com. Have a seventh round mock draft. At Walter football not common. I visited with him along with -- got -- there on our show in the mormons on -- -- -- thirteen 56 -- 9 AM on double coverage that on Friday talking about. The busts are who has bust written all over who are some of the sleepers in this point fourteen and draft class take -- listen Charlie Campbell. All that. Draft analyst. Joining us now on Charlie who has bust written all over him in his draft class and there were some of the sleepers of give us two and two. Well you know -- Corey question are weaker girls you know I think. Just standing in fatal Ian and I think you one and share hill -- -- few years ago you would first round there. There and first -- Because that devaluing about running back position and all that -- you might think you're gonna be steal because I think he's gonna. The brain power. -- and -- and all our helped. -- closeout team and controlled game on the ground and I think you Israel you know the difference maker another guy. -- -- strong skills that -- gonna go on me too it ought to structure engineering in. The tight end from Washington and -- are you well and some have questioned about it and they got off the field. But I think one feet fault -- -- and I'll wait -- I think getting. College in good. Now that's the year that do a lot more common in she's gonna steal. In they're there and tie it and while potential. It's a tough call and I know the amount. Well we're we're we're. Bill chuck well quarterback from -- -- what. It's physical skill you can either the potential for some -- few short he would have -- well pocket. You really it's gonna need to improve after -- -- ability read defenses and stay in the pocket. Not scramble. 180. Q and distribute the football so I think they're gonna be a big issue -- -- raw deal he got a worm. You know and you -- obviously focused on football he's about to get paid a lot of money. He already -- law you know they shoot the distractions. So I think it's going to be you form a lot thirty consulate being in the NFL quarterback. And the last one that. Throw and their help him and I think there's initiated their -- Speed and separately. That they for state wide receiver well -- five to forty. He keeps seemingly gear and that might well I am sure why I'm. And there could be an issue form are getting any kind of separation from Matta well or better so I think. Benjamin man now has some real potential there who -- it. That's risky when you're talking about the ultra. We're gonna Charlie Campbell senior draft analyst at Walter billboard dot com here are double covered Charlie. I don't want to ask about the player. As much as I'd just wonder how a situation like this happens Teddy Bridgewater. Arm obviously is stock Barry -- beginning seasons -- kind of fallen. Throughout this offseason but even just recently these last few weeks it feels like you know just keep being negative thing -- -- negative thing. Go and it's a ground -- that are that are. Is this -- like at what exactly is causing this fall. Oh is this a case where maybe the media is catching up with the scouts have always been thinking or is it something else. That's negatively affect -- Bridgewater. You're right they hit a -- church and not sure what well. Was thinking about virtual water all lost our little party back in on number. Open last year that that an all lunch at the scouting community. Well that way they operated out of there elite quarterbacks you know him do. Effort and true lock these guys that are on number one overall Archie three who'll only one. Number two because -- another career quarterback in class so. She would not creating out. Speaking routine. I would talk that the college scouting director of a couple of weeks ago that they great about rich walker at second round pick. The end of the season and -- got better throughout the whole week up to the trap. Pro days and change their courage for him so I think get the fact that yeah -- great college career. The media -- him that great quarterback prospect. Without really checking an -- team if they keep it that way. And down and spent a bit of a rude awakening when they've found out thirteen that you don't feel that. Charlie we got about a minute and a half left I asked for his big moves on draft day do you see anybody trading up and has been a lot of Falcons. -- get cloudy talk. Well yeah I think the Falcons are in there that they -- -- -- and there are a candidate to move up a little. You work to worry I think they -- if they can't get either of those guys like that need to -- now and hard hitting Anthony farmer. But another game to keep them you know the San Francisco 49ers they -- a little. Not a roster spot all the text. You know last year they looped up for Eric Reed and I could see them doing it again for another tiger adult or junior. Charlie Campbell -- football dot com. Thanks so much of the time we appreciate it will visit with -- one -- next week before he gets underway on Thursday thanks much Charlie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I Charlie Campbell Walter football dot com senior draft analyst of course heard there. 49ers. Loaded eleventh selection yet they might be target yet another -- tire black shirt on there Reid. And of course this year maybe their eyes might be set on -- Beckham junior 2606. 2601870. Excuse me -- 3866889087. It would it would Saints to do. With a two point seven pick in round number one trade up sit tight or move back also have a couple of text messages to get through it 87878. It's just sports you're listening to WWL -- MW WLI. Welcome back to -- his sports. Jim Patterson avoids the Saints also visit him in the -- -- -- earlier last week they'll listen Zia he's ready for the 2014 draft meant. I'm doing good Christian how you do it haven't seen it since the end of the -- Yeah I know enough I know your. Beside yourself for not having seen you in since the around here you do ideal being a part of these things in a game day brought -- last time I saw Rondo is on a plane coming back from Seattle -- unlike my god I. New Orleans the -- -- -- -- dive right in that we're talking about. This Saints biggest needs in your mind what holes and say that bill Edmonton next season. Well I think he would say probably cornerback. -- wide receiver who it was deep speed. But I could see them going in a number of directions remember last year when they took can have a -- at fifteen. We're an awful lot of people who thought that he was going to be the pick for the that was the greatest area of need that. They -- obviously concluded that Roman Harper's better days were behind him in. So -- made that selection now at 27. So awfully difficult to project -- that player might be though you know -- everybody's got a few people in mind around police. Honda and you get. This question a lot I know I do. Which is the Saints need to start looking for that quote unquote heir apparent guys -- -- Behind Drew Brees once drew. Decides he's finished whether it's in the next three or four years. -- I mean do you subscribe that that needs to happen this year. I don't think it'll happen this year Christian and I conceded another year to and we also don't know exactly what -- think of right Griffin. They truly think that he could be that guy. Certainly is a quarterback rich draft but if the Saints somebody's sliding into the fifth or sixth round perhaps they might take a chance there. But I don't think that's that's -- need to. Just be -- just -- I think probably they'll wait if you know the year to hoping that certainly the drool maintain good health. The voice of the Saints Jim Henderson here on double coverage three WL thirteenth at the in three of to a -- did not come. Jim Abbott had a chance -- since Darren Byrd arrived here in the world is a free agent also Champ Bailey -- -- Give us your take on the two players. Bulger has -- you know has some contract problems in Buffalo but he's a ball hawk and -- you know on -- about and anybody who's watched the Saints in recent years. I mean I can't remember the last time they got an interception and I think that's probably one of the big reasons why they allowed Malcolm Jenkins to go elsewhere. Was the fact that the the Saints just don't force turnovers that the opportunities might be there but certainly the safety position they -- step slow in getting the football. So I'm excited about that selection I think -- that that move I think it's gonna really help the team I was a little surprised the Champ Bailey was picked up. But certainly he's going to be great influence in the locker room. And maybe has a year to -- and perhaps you cannot help but the safety position to you know. Around grand prizes those kind of players those kind of players who are our versatile and can fill a number of roles. And they must think he's got something left in the tank. And that pressure was probably a product of the injuries that he had. You probably know who we're taught you that it is beautiful -- tone toward Jim Henderson boards saved. You're double coverage and Jim the schedule office -- just got released five. Primetime games imports are the only two at home what do you think about the same schedule as a whole. Well it start to this season I mean three out of four games on the road to begin at the first two on the road the payback going to Atlanta built this season as they came to no problems last year opened the season. Then go to Cleveland go to Dallas solid at first month. It's going to be a really tough start to the schedule I think usually most the time you look at in the quarters and that's an opening quarter of this season's schedule it's going to be really difficult to -- and hopefully things get through that three at one. And that was so many home games coming up after that it's gonna it's gonna really help them but that'll be a tough start -- the schedule no -- I'm looking forward to it so. You know last year the big narrative was that that -- can't win on the road. Let previous last year they actually had one of the better road records in the NFL. Do you box then the Saints are not a good road team. But to look at the record you'd have to say that's the case and I think it's particularly glaring. When you look at how good they are at home to be undefeated at home. You know most the time people think if you can go undefeated at home and split on the road that you what you write about where you need to be. And I think the Saints have proven that they're capable of doing that. And I expect that to continue respect the the dominance -- home to continue. And I expect them to be perhaps a better team on the road is certainly a 500 team on the road in an era where you wanna they. Jim I know I haven't seen you since the season ended but heavy. Any contact with our our illustrious engineer. Robert Carroll and -- seen it lately. I had thought -- a number of times on the phone he's been touring the world because like on a cruise and at a good time there. And those services schedule -- released a set of a couple of notes to us start working on our flights and he's so good at that so he's having good Nazis and I've spoken with. Okay a couple of times but I haven't seen him we're going to be part of a fishing trip coming up -- A couple months down almost doubled in fort. Sort of charity events so. It'll be good to get the game the other so it's fun for me to get back together with everybody -- addressed this for the most part. You know like he said we haven't -- it does since week. We departed at the at the airport following the Seattle lost so. It's good to get back into it and excited buckle up to west -- that should be on -- status of a beautiful property in. So we're ready to go I think almost everybody that follows the team is after a week or two. You're grateful for some time off after a week or two that I can feel it amongst Saints and so I've been in contact with they're ready for the season to begin as well. It won't be too long. Jim thank you so much for coming on double coverage this AM you wait a -- by the way. Sounds absolutely beautiful wherever you're at birds are chirping I am not quite jobs. I'm sitting on the back porch appeared beautiful part of omens it's probably go out fishing again so. There's an art for me to get up that this with that kind of got attuned to getting up at sunrise. We've been doing so much fishing and having so much fun. I just vacation and South Africa which was on as well -- -- shouldn't be ET the. I I let it. Yeah exactly the amenities that -- as bad as normal that it good I don't smell as bad penalty yards don't -- the words women's perfume -- little on them but that's okay yeah that will lead to run draft day night so much -- -- Jim Henderson a voice of the Saints here on WWL IMF MW WL. Dot com it's just sports four days eight hours one minute and three seconds until the NFL draft but who's counting -- the Saints do with a two point seven pick in round number one. 260187. It -- 38668890878. Straight up trade back or sit tight Castronovo right there on line up pretty network of people and a below. Dot com or call us 260187. Till three. 866 inning nine is it awaits having it's just sports. Rules on that next hour.