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05-04 11:10 am - It's Just Sports with Kristian Garic

May 4, 2014|

WWL's Kristian Garic talks Saints and 2014 NFL Draft with WWL callers.

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Separate by our number two it's just sports here on WWL am FM WWL dot com crushing -- leading up to LSU baseball at 1 o'clock against Texas stayed in the College Station. The rubber game of that series year right here on W -- starting pregame coverage at 1230. Meals Sports Radio network NFL draft four days -- got questions sent in my way probably do so on Twitter at Kristian garic one. Also on the phone lines at 260187. They told 3866889. Nearly seventy. Text the -- at 8787. Region tax on the air. Sean Payton eight draft classes as a Saints coach but. He look at what they've done three times they traded up on -- gentlemen -- Loomis in round one. It should they trade up state put our trade back. To me I think you wake up the other draft board falls out on that Thursday in. There's going to be a surprise pick I mean I know we don't have Al Davis anymore out there. To. Upset the draft board with -- they -- -- -- like that but there's going to be some pick out there that's gonna. Or maybe two or three picks that's gonna surprise some folks that -- it was that early and it's gonna push some of these players at the Saints might have targeted. Righted their -- potentially point seven as a that you wait. CL draft -- -- don't pull that around fifteen. It is Ron on wide receivers which I think the Saints are targeting. They post that a lot of these pre draft workouts with -- The wide receivers the marquee sleaze. Etc. And I think it. If they see Ron on this players than him. Put together a package and move up. You'll get one of those wide receivers but. If Teddy Bridgewater still on the board the quarterback out of lol he can cause things to slide -- and a lot like the 2011 draft when Cameron Jordan was expect it long on. But -- Saints like the way it for a year. And he ended up -- right now laps. And then of course if you're at 27. And -- still that cluster of players those wide receivers or maybe even an outside linebacker. But defensively in that you might have our quarterback. You might have a rated pretty highly valued draft board. And if he's still there. And that 27. And -- Teddy Bridgewater still on it then maybe consider. Trading out of the first round getting some extra picks and you never now -- on the silly. Know which player rule will be there -- bit of a low risk or gamble. But you could end up with a guy like may be right she's there who's figured to go in the first round but he could slide out one about. Now CJ Mosley. Alabama linebacker inside linebacker. At number 27 he would fall right in your lap as well so I think it's ultimately I think they had -- sitting still they'll get a player that they relate like. It's a really deep draft according all experts so they might to sit still select a player they -- draft picks. Every team is probably -- it even more so these days because of that. Amount of money it's so much cheaper. This year arm in read recent years last two or three drafts because he's not paying guy. Thirty million dollars before even takes a snap in the NFL because of the new. Collective warrior green about how your phone calls at 260187. It's all 3866889087. What you want the Saints do with that. 27 overall pick in round one and they may fourth obviously and it's Star Wars day. Made a fourth be with you. I'm a huge star or don't -- right -- -- watched every episode at least. If the times -- at least. And what got I love Stallworth trilogy -- -- -- would have among lifetime or them on wherever stars or what have you. He is. Put on a Star Wars trilogy and all week long -- it from a DB in and watch. Put. Are you a stalwart John Q what's your favorite. Episodes return of the jet guy empire strikes back about revisionist since the course episode seven coming out. Pretty soon the 260187. -- 3866889. 087 -- several might co -- in the morning Steve Bobby -- he's huge star were not as well. While talk a little draft what you Bob and also the -- Tigers give you. A unique perspective on a few of those players that are coming out for the point fourteen NFL draft that is this Thursday night catch all the action right here on. WWL which is sports WL IMF MW to do well dot com welcome back it's just sports. Four days away from the NFL draft Clarence in Algiers wanna weigh in the morning class how hard it. Ada dot quick it and -- the main sport we whipped your. You have not. Q I I think different style course today without. You director artistry in Barca mark receivers and -- -- ask a question about Pedroia a quiet. And I can't you Darrell -- Richard Richard Brooks. It seemed like if you let you know the team that finished -- -- they first here's -- rewarding mediocrity why why reward key. You know this belt outer space and anger. When they needed they needed to be reward because they were terrible. Now it's the way that it's where the structures that -- Do you want the rich get richer every -- -- the NFL's tenth. At least trying to level -- the -- -- -- again now whether a team can actually fulfill. And and if it hit all those draft picks -- that's not the NFL's problem now. Well. It is stout up the order like that episode. And I chin and out. Not that they're on it and they just announced like a Mark Campbell in Jerry. What I'm. Young and you know you know returning it -- -- Patriot gold. Where there are very important part might Michael Young man and am I ever used it sure you don't believe that green trying to put on that charcoal tee it might appear. -- network you know. Might it might though this year Chirac that pretty well last night -- thanks to phone call -- enjoy hear from him. He got a -- what's up the road how has bachelor Bob. Weekend. It's been durable. Insult them certain. Could you talk a little. The cool so over the what. When it was bad on a hundred dollar on the it is in trouble yet but he. Split and so unfortunately. I lost on my mind that you -- out the gambling games. I will say that it was usually the most fun of Gatorade derby watch in the derby it's it would it was great. California cruelty only 140. Running up the derby and -- double get back to the derby here in a few moments we'll get to the stalwarts conversation and you pointed -- me back on Friday 80 -- show on Sunday it's may fourth with may fourth be with Hewitt of course -- are stalwarts days that are you and I on double covered him. That's about our our football conversations them. But I have kind of morphed into. Stalwarts conversations but well. This NFL draft -- -- We've done a lot of talk a lot of conversation about it and in not sought. I would we watch that Johnny meant so quarterback camp with John yesterday in. I don't know I mean I could just tell that this is something about this guy granted it's a lot of it's about that but we've talked about it I just think it does nothing. Then that leads me to believe he will not be its success I don't know if you change your opinion over the last month and half that's the draft as a starter ramp up. Probable. Constantly change straight number one -- delicate -- how right. -- -- -- Did you. -- on it's host to go crazy. They'll be -- John Hill all the way it will forty years and it. Or you take -- and look at the child. Now I mean I -- years ago I might as well -- changed on the like that it could go out and is that what late. On in the fourth quarter ended the year that you can't -- and I think he's got the tools. Tressel and and you know people question -- -- but I -- of their position questions about his ability and best. -- also will be in the -- and you get used to be. Yeah little things here -- there and just -- He about it a look at it's at least LSU players that are coming out obviously -- -- bird Jeremy hill in the -- two wide receivers and note they'll Beckham junior and Anna Jarvis Landry which one of those two players do you feel like. Would be -- benefit for the Saints -- I would be Jarvis. Well. And do it as were smokers -- he'd produce in. It's one where -- ago -- that Berkeley and the greens are. In the respect opinions. But -- either of those guys be extremely. As successful. For so resolutely entered yet the salukis group and now he is not -- over the middle. That great dignity and respect. Yeah guys. We go. About it but at work which can't go wrong there. Now. Go get. Much going to Wear one that means that the when he. Combination. Old he -- Well you know. Well you know is -- you change the. Now you have a pretty good friendship with with -- Denver have played them. The -- -- with him in senior quarterback in the college level watches his growth. Over the last year year and a half -- Cam Cameron and segment burger. You feel like headed not that that ACL injury he might be in this conversation with a -- water the morals. And also. I think that it I think it back -- -- also. It was. And -- field in the second inning kind of points towards. You know just how talented. He -- that people are there. You know -- day. We still believed it could be out here it's so quarterback prospect. Rightfully so on and so did. With one here. You know route so trojans and the -- and he seems like he's -- Going to true it is your career strictly moving in the direction. Now the Minnesota Vikings were drooling over him. At the road day back in that earlier in April being. And the execution. You know late in decades. But we're also in the long state -- -- -- and -- up. One that tickets and so on the group of words. Don't think it's likely the hopeful talk to actually. Yeah. Belong out yesterday which there is somewhat -- -- -- insults -- -- like the city is ready. So repugnant about that -- members -- out. I hope it's it's a team that doesn't necessarily rely on from the start this year but I do think that he's a player because of the injury that might not be. At its peak until you know at that point fifteen and so hopefully he has an opportunity could be Arizona. Where yeah. -- great in video it currently. Put it to the guys replaced compliments and you know obviously. Like -- players ever reliable equipment problem I have heard the scores. Hundred now I can be very fit and our -- Wouldn't you know probably -- as well whatever and other post you. On multiple being although we are indeed and then you know -- played. I'm no matter where there. It just in the brief time that I minute -- them they could tell that he's not. Sure on any kind of confidence he goes out and you know. He does his arm. He believes in his arm and that's -- that's apparent that he could see him the ladies that football Jeremy hill. The -- -- talk like that real quick before we go to the news though. On on you know that the running back this has been the emphasized in the NFL but. If this was any other draft -- -- 45 years ago he'd he'd go in the top. Top 1015 picks. Yeah -- -- sitting there and you know it just that you should be -- -- 230 pounds ran 4540. -- you know it's shown. -- ability to do at all between the tackles. And one outside that they will probably a bit. But it. Can gain that. That you won't want it to -- The it won't call war war world. And recently there's been some really good and so I think it you know -- been fortunate for abilities coming out that you would have -- it has been. Devalued so much but whoever it is gonna get -- now. Talk NFL draft -- getting the perspective on the LSU Tigers that I gonna hear their name called next Thursday Friday or Saturday here with the about eight there we come back in the news them. You gotta hire are gonna keep routes install or -- it's may fourth may the fourth be with you of course stalwart they were huge. Star Wars geeks though left of fun caught up after the news headlines with Donnie you can win as well your favorite Star Wars at the episode 260. 187 Neitzel 3866890. Eights having done names those and on his headlines please. Welcome back it's a sports here on WWL IMF have a DeVito do well that top one invited check me at T about eight there. Out each weekday morning sixth at 9 AM on double coverage. Three of to a thirteen fifty 8 AM in three to do well thirteenth at the dot com. It -- about it let me now we talked a little NFL draft broke down the LSU Tigers one -- which says. He -- as. Pretty neat perspective on these Steelers coming out in this year's draft class twelve to fourteen in. Also may fourth Stallworth -- -- the fourth be with human -- about what's your favorite Star Wars episode. Note that stood out. Yeah so. Poor. In the beginning like. My first part -- out there -- what. And yeah I'd really like. There -- remember watching Purdue. The first car and -- released. Portland's six in two years in the mountains. But better to be at school the day to heal. Completely. He sort of all sort of new -- commitment -- And obviously in -- Terms and I girl and two but. Man does you know there's been good to win duo. Right now and like Harden call. Is the individual he used to so. The original masters experience. Was saw slow. I I instantly became addicted to it as well of course now the first three witches are now 456. The only issue I have with them. Honestly is that technology is better cook and in light that. The graphics are better in in the last three which are the first story so that excellent and it's kind of lighten up misfired fuel. I completely agree actually there. The technology level to be so it's 12 victory which ones. I thought the pain. You know I think with Lucas goes through and whether people like it not. Is that you like special back -- England and the limited all. In the sense that -- better technology. Both wore observed Paul but they wanted to do some things are. So quick graphic. He's so that is an agenda and I want to the best that -- So -- I didn't have not been won yet so it wasn't through -- You won't know they get a lot of capable of so we -- ball really be especially. Out of that what you. Probably not the problem is just. Portland states it seems like empire has been in power forever like they're they're power -- pretty solidify. And yet in. Oh and what twenty years between. You wanted -- -- the cards that that's probably. But despite that I mean I'm a big dance series like did you start threats. I like JJ Abrams the director. -- -- -- That they -- have made such a really cool picture of Asia news possible I wanted to let you know once been released but great. You -- you have a favorite character and running of the six. -- -- -- -- -- -- When I was young girls and so boo. And he spent. Cool -- it. Like rich weapons that they're visible. But if it ends up although that was really cool -- ball obviously. Was great as a -- -- I would doubt it won't. We know -- -- -- we don't currently. And this is an easy one it's been -- -- for whatever reason and you know and that's the dark side of the field I can choke somebody. Which is you know canals to snap their hand at making it choking. Signs they can -- -- choke somebody like that from thirty feet away. And that's cool. That's just give -- Your boy your bones. Yeah yes and daughter are my favorite character and of course you know I think. Harrison -- is is on solo lose. Just tremendous Hughes also uncork the will humanism program. You -- I thought in in the first. Which actually last week but yoga. Tremendous though the outlook that the it would episode is that needs. It does it. Where he and the emperor really. Glad it and use it the chambers. Of the aerial so it. That at that. -- -- like the however he needs that all the wrong reasons. So we've averaged engines. Couple that -- In the political structure. He got a fair which go for us that a statement. One kebab couple hours scored them. We were the top of the order. That's about it a little. -- -- it all night and you're watching game heritage you -- Nice guy well. That's about weekend coming to a close though on the exceed that house clean for -- is nothing more than -- that if he comes home with a very -- house. There are now. The other two got to figure doesn't. I keep -- we'll see you tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock. For a double coverage -- to be all draft pretty much all day tomorrow sixth at 9 AM all three of to a thirteenth -- the thanks to about. Right to about -- there might goes on double coverage. Each and every week it point six and tiny amount read it to a thirteen 53013. That the outcome. Your favorite Star Wars episode and it a little saints' draft discussion which at the black -- do with -- -- -- -- pick in -- -- trade -- sit -- Our trade back in. Who's on your radar moving target in the Saints GM I'll put you on -- clock he can make this election 260187. It'll 3866889087. On the text that 87870. It's just sports on WW well I anathema WWL -- California grown coming up with the one -- fortieth run for the roses the Kentucky Derby. In Victor. Espinosa. On the horse he's the jockey. I think this one hasn't like I if I mean that last line. And I -- I was young then they're really 89. I was gonna shot. Of course he won back in 2002. It's the Coburn co owner talks about the victory. This in this dream come true that -- put so much blood sweat and tears. Are savings or retirement. In this course. And seniors horse in the Kentucky Derby. Like -- I have no words. 8000 dollars believe. It cost -- -- California grown he's given up on it was a bit of a run so apparently -- gave up on him. And not a bad investment now millionaire Corson with -- seasons that are winning the derby. -- what a huge investment for. Calico Steve -- the older 260187. It'll create 66889. Generates annual -- that would come back. Or break down each and every draft class of Sean Payton Eric not. We got the the winners and losers and they hit on who they didn't it's just sports on WB well I anathema W well like now I welcome back to it's just sports here on WWL math and -- that we do well like on Kristian -- I shot -- first draft class 2006. At first it's -- second overall selection in 2006 court one year Mario Williams with the Houston Texans course. With Reggie Bush right sharp pains lap. So. 2006 will look at each draft class and shot the ball 2006 Reggie Bush. Roman Harper in the second round. Jahri Evans. Ran a four year 108 overall. Rob Ninkovich 135. Overall fifth round selection and Mike -- and shots away in the sixth round. 171174. Overall Zach -- 210 selection. In 2006 in the seventh round in their last pick in the six -- doubts extra -- At 252 -- -- -- selection. Of course. You look at those it was a six starter for the states at all. Including Jeff -- -- they traded. For Cleveland Browns so excellent draft class for -- season Rob Ninkovich out starter with the Patriots though. Technical about it seven starters out of those. That draft class seven and a good night's elections of course it also Adam. We have Jeff Faine and it makes me so now that draft class and all 2006 the first Sean Payton. In 2007. Have a second or first round they went with the 27 overall pick. Wide -- Tennessee Robert Meachem. Has worked out obviously. I'll lectured his best but it's been years -- he made them maybe the the plate in state history. Back in 2009. This boy years in Washington. When Drew Brees throws an interception. He stripped the ball away and credited for a touchdown to Robert Meachem -- -- young in the third round 66 overall that year. And and some young at a Kent State. Bounced around the league with Cleveland. Also the Oakland Raiders believe last year. Andy -- The guard him out of Akron the 88 selection third round that season Antonio Pittman. In a fourth round that was the Pierre Thomas. A year as an undrafted rookie free agent he came in and beat out Antonio Pittman as the fourth round draft pick for the running back spot and completely -- on special teams in the subsequently. The rest is history we know what Peter Thomas is done in the -- uniform. -- media best. Overall running back on the saints' roster but. -- bush trotted on the fourth rounder the season on at a thousand college. Won 25 overall. And David Jones. Cornerback -- -- wing gate didn't really stick around Marvin Mitchell linebacker was bit of a special teams and roll player and at 2009 season he went on to I Miami after that but Margaret Mitchell a seventh round draft choice at Tennessee 228 overall. -- seven draft class not a stellar. As the 06 draft class but still nonetheless not too shabby in 08 Sedrick Ellis you largely at the consider him. A huge disappointment. He -- a news -- and as a rookie. Had a good year on nine plays drop off that point and it went eleven and really. Did you know we hit free agency signed with the Bears last year -- was and announces retirement right before training camp. Tracy Porter also coming in at 2008 draft in the second round out of Indiana fortieth overall. He can't argue with Tracy Porter that's election. Allah his production kind of prove that look you know I was worthy certainly worthy of a second round pick and certainly good player -- the impact he had. -- 2009 post season on within a certain Brett Favre in the AFC title game to force overtime when. Vikings were driving pretty much fuel range. And Brett Favre decided to not throw that ball only -- it -- -- -- mentally different outcome but. -- Presley offensive tackle North Carolina State also selected in the fifth round 144 overall Carl Nicks a global. Offensive linemen they found him in the fifth round out of Nebraska I -- that draft specifically. There's so many folks. Saying that he should have been a first round draft pick them because of two weeks before the draft to -- to. Bit of a fracas had a had a run in with the law on frat party -- some sort party -- party is needed that didn't thrown an -- should have been in. And caused his draft stock to a to slip a called makes a great selection in the fifth round of the draft tailed off the kicker yeah nights you -- Wisconsin assistant or in and of course -- Eric in the pre season Garland for about three or four years. Never really to catch on the final roster. That -- nine draft the point and it won eleven point twelve and thirteen will break down here next hour to 60187. Told 3866889. 087 equally -- which is safety with a 27 overall selection around that number one -- here. Until 1234 LSU baseball pregame coverage at 1230 it's text sane in game three series tied at one and one is just sports roles well.

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