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5-4-14 12:10pm Kristian Garic: on the NFL draft

May 4, 2014|

Kristian Garic talks Saints draft history.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Several by a half hour ago Ellis pregame baseball at 1231. Pitch in game three that rubber match. Of the series with Texas in him at 1 o'clock Kristian -- to a -- draft which at the Saints do with a 27 pick in round one. Straight up stay put or trade back that is our party at our opinion poll line. And beat him well dot com and yeah the GM -- which on the clock he call with your selection to 601878. Seoul Korea 866. 889087. California -- win the Kentucky Derby odds on favorite and first California bred horse to win there since 1962. California chrome bought 8000 dollars a bad investment. That trip -- a may fourth its star towards Damian fourth be with you. I'm my future Star Wars -- so take your phone calls media your favorite. Star Wars episode were 78 and nine out here pretty soon. The -- your favorite Star Wars episode it for the top of the hour there were breaking down. The Sean Payton draft classes then that's going back rewind a little bit -- Six course. -- actually seven starters for the season eight. Or Utley Rob Ninkovich but I've forgotten. That Hollis Thomas was traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the world seats and draft. As well and also added Jeff Faine Reggie Bush Roman Harper Jahri Evans rob treatments actually mark schools that three of those players meadows six draft still. On the saints' roster and undoubtedly it's the best draft class -- history and make that argument fresher and it might be. The overall draft -- the best draft. Class and an entire OC strap across the sport all 32 teams. He might he'll make him -- go back look at. Every team selections. The -- they're not. Number one there's certainly top three. Of the best draft classes and those extra altogether so it's not the 2008. Or center -- is that your seat straight up. Tickets at -- money list at number ten treaty with the Patriots -- of the seventh. Tracy Porter also mentally draft Mario Presley Carl Nicks -- off an -- -- that he may wish they use. Ager and Eric and the letters the Michigan news media what the pre season Carl -- for four years light it up and please would this year. Regular season but look at it that -- nine draft of course that's the season. Winning the Super Bowl they picked fourteenth overall. The first round you know it's elected Malcolm Jenkins. Ohio State with first round selection. He's now with the Philadelphia Eagles. Left the country to this story. Chip on a fourth round out a week for so long Staley -- Linebacker. In -- fourth round out of Wake Forest that years well and of course Thomas Morse did in the fifth round at SMU. The partner. He's the only one still on -- roster only force elections that year but honor. The only one. On that -- roster and oh by the way. Maybe that's the business and when he was selected. Ever that makes count -- what you do it's like that on. But. The arguments election now. Nativist party game and can change field position where it would weapon Thomas -- turned out the way. -- -- -- -- Going on to that 4010 draft the courses -- coming off their support him it's that season picking last in the first round. Number 32 overall Patrick Robinson a quarterback. At a Florida State and I think some this was a bit of -- structure to a degree out of that Patrick Robinson was necessarily on a lot of saints' drew mock draft experts radars. Charles Brown going in the second round that year. Tackle out of USC he's now with the New York Giants. The crown jewel of this class. On question. Jimmy Graham tight -- out of Miami Florida. You're never played college basketball at Miami one year of a college football experience was more red zone threaten anything yet Miami and we all know he's turned into. With the new world sees the best cited in the game right now Jimmy Graham selected third round 95 overall. The top selections and Al woods the states though theology defensive tackle in a fourth round one point three overall. He's totally to the Pittsburgh Steelers. And of course Matt Tennant the -- out of Boston College selected one of the eight. India fifth round and -- out that class Sean can't feel left handed quarterback. And reports state the seventh round. 239. Overall he's definitely all met him but. Patrick Robinson Charles Brown Jimmy Graham out -- Al woods. All still in the National Football League. So not that class. A league did not want the Saints that's on Sean Payton but that eleven draft that went eleven draft might. Yeah because of the fireworks that it led to of course Darren Sproles came the Saints and it -- free agent class 2011 but Cameron Jordan. Number 44 overall in the first round seats trade act into the first round members electing. Mark Ingram the running back at a Alabama now Cameron Jordan 21 and half sacks throughout his career. First round draft pick and he he was certainly. Steal at that point 24 overall lot of -- -- in going and the top fifteen at that point eleven class Marquez Wilson linebacker seven seconds. Overall so obviously pick overall in the third round. Out of Illinois never really materialized lot of high hopes for him. A lot of felt like when Rob Ryan got here he would be. One of these players that would benefit the most from markets from a rob rise to listen march's goals and getting released last year Johnny Patrick. He cornerback animals like that same point eleven draft class 88 overall never relate I'm -- he's -- the charter that. Really a disappointment -- Johnny Patrick and his production -- round corner Greg real obvious that alignment and a Pittsburgh. Really just beset by injuries. Detours they -- twice with the -- Saints. And and were never really got off the ground eight plus the linebacker spent one season in the National Football League he's still hope -- is to handle it he gets out -- Witness the FL Utley -- last year year before but he policy to earn 43 selection. Out of Illinois the Mayo Mort says Wilson seventh pick this topic last election for the Saints and had eleven draft class then. The point twellman 4013. Number point while listening to go out that bounty scandal issues that is not have a -- second round pick and of course it lost the first round pick. That the previous year by trading up to get Mark Ingram so it's -- until the third round at Phoenix. At a Regina college. With the 89 selection overall. And this player Hakeem Nicks looking back on it. -- -- the Saints were very very Ohio and were just hoping and hoping he would slip to. Only the third round and he did I think a lot of folks they had to do this draft all over again he might all hired to the second round. Perhaps even a first round pick in this is one of those sending players for the -- season and you're asking me. Who could be a breakout candidate had a breakout year for the safety line. -- Odyssey defense -- to -- -- what powerful players -- got to be in. I think the sky's the limit for him he's going to be at companies it it's been along with Cameron Jordan nick and also selected. And it went twelve class fourth -- 122 overall. Jury's out on him -- he was inactive for a large portion last year and of course the point twelfth season news hampered by a foot injury. So to get on the field. Nick to exit and I think to make or break year essentially threw his third season with the new policies -- amount of depth they have at wide receiver. And other pictured and that is this draft class so it to my most players -- die down and OT season. -- camps and on -- you know -- fight for roster spot Corey white at defensive back. He was drafted as a strong safety. Out of Stanford that has been moved the quarterback Corey light thrust into the starting role last year. -- Jabari Greer went down he was picked on that first game against Atlanta about -- settled -- played pretty well but of course the -- experience competition. It -- Champ Bailey. This season court -- will certainly be -- that makes it into utility offensive linemen -- Syracuse going in the sixth round 117 idol world a year. He's no longer on the saints' roster he's with the Chargers are Marcel Jones the State's practice squad running at that point while class. He was just like that Nebraska. He's -- practice squad so you look at that point while class not too bad when you consider it -- to the third round. The the -- Phoenix to court like Marshall Jones so four of those five selections. Still on the saints' roster. And no one of them I think. Attributing that maybe weigh in communities on it in on Hakeem -- for sure now going back -- going back to last -- point thirteen class -- Carroll the top selection fifteenth overall and never with the outside linebacker that's thereby figured. It was Jarvis Jones outside linebacker out of Georgia he was still there is it gonna pick him or was right there on the board. At fifteen with a statement on the clock and regret it Garros -- Texas and hit his season cut short by a foot injury but. Then what is impressive players this guy is. And the impact he had on that c.'s defense I thought. Was immediate look forward to us see what your ever to grace park into account that nasty streak -- the greens. That Saints defense to run Armstead the eventual starter at left tackle. Selected in the third round 75 overall. Arkansas Pine Bluff course at the Charles Brown had a rough game against the St. Louis Rams. He was -- and it was run on that the rest of the way the final three regular season games to post season games I think on Armstead. Might be a long term it through there at left tackle though. The Saints are extremely high on his -- might be one of the real find at that point thirteen draft class dungy in the -- traded up back into the third round that there. -- Chris Ivory. To the New York Jets again the fourth rounder. They package. Their 24 round picks -- the third round against John Jenkins a bit -- tackle Adam georgians he played. Small rule a pretty usual player let's see Stevens line rotation but at times really stout against the run Kenny stills. Pretty solid rookie season 32 -- 641 yards and five touchdowns. For the fifth round selection 144 overall out of Oklahoma. In a -- -- with thirteen class -- Johnson spent via. When he thirteenth season on the Saints practice squad. 1830. -- sixth round pick and a -- Tuesday and Novo Rob Ryan -- glowing things there about as Johnson is. A potential ceiling. As an outside linebackers reports schemes so we'll see. While the Johnson does in his second season -- -- likely to potentially great that it was well so that's recapping the seats. Draft history under Sean -- eight. Classes in the books of course. The ninth class coming in this Thursday when the Saints go on the clock with -- 27 overall slow actually state put Lee trade up or -- back will see 260187. Vehicle for 86689. 087 in what -- the black Eagles it's a sport right here on WWL math and WWL -- I welcome back to it's just sports winding down here for -- baseball David -- cell phone you're on -- B well good tournament. It will go out there. Oh I agree what well we got wind you up on that contract. I agree he -- Ingram. Yeah Mark Ingram Chris I resume the New York Jets -- Allah and I are -- of that as quickly as I possibly can hear Mark Ingram they decided. To not pick up the fifth year option. For the running back and that makes him a free agent at the end of the 4014 seasons they've picked up the option. The fifth year option for defenseman Cameron Jordan that was a part of that CPA and allows first rounder and a fifth round option the club option of course Saints did not. Pick up the opponent fourteen option. For Mark Ingram nick thanks to a mark Bernard -- controlled David Potter as well hellish baseball coming up next to a -- in the it to about eight or sixth at 9 AM tomorrow morning. On double -- him to a thirteen fifty.