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5-5 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

May 5, 2014|

Dave talks about spider in the shower, Landrieu's second term, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the fifth of may 2014. Heads mind very. Indeed but it is cinco de Maya yes. Way holiday actually bigger in the US -- in Mexico. And I think in strict. Definition. It means drink margaritas to. That ball that's what really games today that congress. In the United States that day for everyone go to Mexican restaurant to draw. That's about right. No further significance in the US and that generally and you can put on a big funny look in the hat -- -- once you -- it's awesome girl. And by the sound about that music that once this is a Matsuzaka mind matters is not that. The current -- It. What a weekend. Whether it was well I know a few people think. It was in the mid eighties and humidity start the bill back in the awfully nice. So mornings they're -- it again today. About you but I have my routine down Lewis. Yeah I mean every single moment alarm gets off the game rate goes off at the same time it's news that same number of times every morning. Get up at the same timing in the shower at the same time I'd leave the house that everything the same time everyday it's it's down -- The matter of -- yes it has to be that falls out of place anywhere in that lineup. Of getting the key skating the briefcase skating the wallet getting that thing. It could really mess well my routine -- -- -- I don't know I was running ultimately. Wasn't -- -- Lots. The -- in my shower this morning on my god davis' bizarre I had one true no way I'm serious flaw. Conflict this thank goodness this happens extremely rarely but what do you do when there's a spider in the shower. You that to get out get yes and toilet paper or shoes. And do that or you say that's just gonna sit there it's not gonna bother me out does not worry about naw I couldn't get in the water with the -- I just couldn't do it. -- I got big wad of toilet paper and smash -- and I. Washed it down you get them on our home. It was balled up in the corner trying to. Being a big bush is saying I don't know gobbled up and I'll look area but it is prized as a quarter when. I was pretty users but then. So I just -- -- -- that I am worried because at first it put its little legs on the exit and I have you know those the little holes in the drain. So that -- Harden Gaudin iron on yet it's editing on the edges. I'm one of those -- Some glass -- it with a shower out there well then I'm always afraid it's gonna come back. And you know I actually can't step on with your bare feet obviously this is my house and it's -- bankruptcy I feel like adults spider legs or something I would -- a whole shower thinking about it coming back -- -- it had to die right there certainly is gonna wash my -- -- -- guys in knowing it's open your -- Beckett wanna open. That your. Because -- beyond your toe. Though I am idea as part of -- is being cute -- -- in this that is toaster and today legged friend in the shower with me and that wasn't a good thing no. Let me ask analysts speculated that if -- do the right thing Blake and a lot of toilet paper and wished it yeah. In this object we watched motion and spider make I don't know I don't know why it. I want to Marty in the shower I'm like -- -- wanna give back to the toilet paper knew that yeah I and I wash it down the drain is waiting yeah. Were you already in when you spot and yes OK sea ice ice time before I climbed in the in the top. I'm standup show with the doors open and there are no way to look at. -- I had a little a little heads up yet. -- we do that right gardening. Thank you to him why I wasn't. The thing I care about fifteen minutes more purses -- WW. We killed -- players restored -- The picture now spider and mean there's been others occasional times of the via blog and nervousness by them -- Honestly they. -- -- The forecasts. That we get things started for the single day in my -- and the rest of the percent of the work week after this sports with Steve Geller LSU Austin SEC theories in baseball now. -- Sheldon -- actually joining us this morning on -- -- -- -- a thank you Sheldon master control for. Bring them both include in my music text messages today 7871. Person says but they would like and I -- byters and our showers this morning because of Spiderman two. In -- we should've let the spider bite and then it becomes super -- Probably. Not a presences itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout out went down the water drain in my case -- lives -- says it was a government spy cam. That would be clever. Little tiny spiders with cameras and on spying and I don't really think that the government has anything that's in -- -- I could be wrong. -- -- definitely would have killed at both listed. Another calls mean -- -- -- along came a spider and sat down -- -- and frightened port Dave away you know well. The picture wasn't eating and anchored in ways let your forecast here and WWL. -- should not be an issue for the next couple of days as we -- -- warm and dry weather continues starting today with highs around 84 and partly cloudy skies. And tonight only dropping into the lower sixties on both sides of lake -- say a mild evening ahead. If you think go to my new plans -- Tuesday and Wednesday looking warm 84 for Tuesday. 85 on Wednesday both days partly cloudy skies. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- Tell clears guys both sides of the -- calmly and both sides did 63 in -- 58 in Slidell some fog around lesson of -- less than a quarter of a mile visibility and coma. And in Belle Chase -- and a quarter -- so you might find the little fog here or there Kurds in my by the way I know what that is pretty much cottage cheese and a half it. Let's have ever sat on the health and I was sitting -- on -- -- Steve Geller joining us to sports -- things like Atlanta's best fighter in the shower witnesses. You know when it no I did not that would totally bizarre -- for -- it would have been even worse I guess it was like a tarantula kind of spider -- yet another. I I wouldn't -- that down the drain and it would it would not drain off of I think I would have had to you know panic in -- screaming about it excellent -- Tiger fans. Time to panic or run away screaming but not cool over the weekend -- drop and its first SEC -- that I can camera while sports with Steve Geller. Well good morning everyone happy Monday missed opportunities -- LSU baseball team a College Station. Closing the tigers that come up short against Texas a and M. And I your guns you go to this. Striking out -- in the wrote down the first base isn't. That -- -- has won the series and games to one. The Aggies won game three by the score 43 by getting late in the her -- for the second straight day when third baseman Ronnie Gideon provided the go ahead run in the bottom of the eighth inning. With a solo shot over the left field fence off tigers closer Joseph Broussard. You're a Lafayette baseball team come up short in their bid for a sweep against Arkansas State. Kagan -- dropped game three but it's -- six before and are now 43 and seven on the year. Too -- Blake southern miss three nothing taking to a three games in that series -- efforts lost a slugfest at around rock falling fifteen to twelve. But the spurs and nets have advanced the NBA's conference semi finals Tony Parker scored 32 points. Among Ginobili added 20% Antonio and he won 191096. Pounding of Dallas. Joseph Johnson second half of 26 points in the fourth quarter. But the nets need Paul Pierce is block of Kyle Lowery shot to secure a 104213. Trial at Toronto. -- says that -- just wanted to help the team earned the win. Do you plan for your lives and do you got to sell off when your team to not really -- have a great offense again miles in foul trouble most of the night and sometimes you gotta find ways to help your golf -- away. Denny Hamlin took the checkered flag in the accident -- parents -- ninety -- -- cup race in Talladega Alabama. Hamlin won a drag race leader Kevin Harvick on a restart with two laps remaining there was Al from when NASCAR froze the field because of debris from an accident. And IndyCar has committed to bringing one of its open wheel races events to New Orleans in 2015. The race will be held at the two point 75 mile road course at the no -- motor sports park an avid dale. Today have more on sports talk -- -- the top three positions the saints need to address in the NFL draft. Then at seven it's the pulmonary show. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look it's. More -- -- treated on Steve Geller with you on your radio how concerned should Todd tiger fans -- the baseball team did not win the series. Over Texas and am how does that affect their chances of hosting -- regional and super regional policies. The tigers are deathly not. Out yet but it deathly hurt their chances right now because. -- the first series they drop since losing out Florida back in March. Now Ole miss has taken over and a top spot in the SEC west I believe -- she was one and a half games behind them. Just the tough outing from -- you who seeming seemingly having batting problems at the wrong times with runners in scoring position. They had a few situations at this weekend where they had a runner at third. With just one out and were unable. We get the guy home so not open every now what I'm gonna panic no not time to panic yet and again Alabama this -- Alabama this we have but now Ole miss is the leader in the division so. Yes pines do well this well this latency -- -- they have draft week. Yes sir oh come on haven't point five minutes in more -- him and ask you should the saints -- it -- have picked number 27 racing that you try to trade up. Ward trade away their first round pick for additional later politics and that that be our question for Steve gallery. 550 when we get American it was Morse Morse Morse sports. For me to stand Monday morning here on WWL Margaret text messages about the spider in the shower coming up after this and forecast. I play 6 good morning I'm Dave Allen on protects music Soviets and he says I'm scared of spiders that have torn the bathroom to pieces trying to kill it. About David Blake and I bounced fighters and showers this morning and Symantec and and it's and it's only today at a spider in the shower last night. Tonight a plastic cup that holds my wash cloths and smashed it with one of those and now I have the in kiwi and see spider crawled up the waters about song in my head. I it was itsy bitsy and I was naked -- this person and he means the and his and it's habits but I know I can each year forecast. A beautiful Monday ahead but a little on the warm inside later on with -- about 84 today look for partly cloudy skies and then not quite as cool tonight mostly mild overnight lows in the sixties. And right back up to 84 tomorrow and partly cloudy skies in a few clouds around on Wednesday with highs of 85. For the -- -- forecast center and urologists are backed out. Monies are coming back relative humidity 93% at the airport in -- clear skies all around 63 degrees. In -- 58 at the National Weather Service office in -- Allen -- estimated -- -- them Intel's mash unit told that story because now and you'd. People for the ethical treatment of animals I would they be angry at me for killing a spider in the shower I guess I probably should've caught it. And released it outside would have been the most. Humane thing to do to the spider. And I'm. In my routine and the -- sex it's everything that happens exactly right. I'm gave it the early edition of WWL offers an impairment -- -- the other office for a second term today you'll hear it live here on WW -- what -- is. Number one priority -- In these four years as mayor of new -- in his second term takes me about that as well on 877. Of Texas and every time you tell -- but he refused to allow 300 mosquitoes to live I was released spiders at bats eat a lot of mosquitoes do but I want them in my house either. And a -- if you kill a person if they came in your house of one on a spider. Bottom line didn't belong. A -- are always within three feet of a spider how does that mean obviously it. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this fifth of may 2014. Mining very I think what -- Gas as bigger holiday in the US -- is in Mexico. And here all of means is drink a -- today that's right that's not the literal translation but that it's become to me. So got to have some chips whether it's her arms and salsa ago Schumer may be little bean dip to. And let's get our whole -- a lot of other you go and it. Thoughtful and a lot which is part of and it's a lot anyway what does that I don't know congratulations. You correctly predicted that it was hard this week quite correctly predicted what would be number one at the box office Spider-Man came up. Slinging into the box office Damian went 92. Million dollars over the weekend that's a bobbled the number I was kicking around in my head and I said -- -- about ninety million -- you're right. -- -- it's 92 million dollars that fit Spider-Man movie. Of this current era over the last fourteen years. The female revenge comedy the other woman fell to number 100. And with fourteen million heaven is for real stick in his number three with eight point seven million you know experiment to really kicks -- the summer blockbuster season. Argue we have some very -- in May alone we've got -- still coming up on May sixteenth. X-Men days of future passed on May 23. Blanton did it would it Adam Sandler and drew -- mark coming up on May 23 as well on the may thirtieth Melissa sent. The new pentagon sleeping beauty now yes yes yes -- yesterday as Angelina Jolie or she -- Manning -- really looks Angelina -- place. Evil evil rich. Whatever yet so those are the evil it it's an and it's the characters evil it those -- the mean big blockbuster movies opening just this month with many more com. This summer's there you go inauguration day. Today about the you know we'll bring it to you live here on WWL I met them and act now from the -- theater when the mayor in speaking or gas and somewhere around 10:30 AM. Ceremonies start to handle we're just going to bring you the mayor's speech will meet. The ceremony seek and tune in -- that LB over there but I get a chance kept up but the mayor. And talked to about the day here's what he had to say. -- was New Orleans Mayor makes land room halfway there you begin your second term now in on this I feel. I feel very hopeful. You know the people of New Orleans is so unbelievable. Through everything through thick and thin I mean not only of the people who -- stood back up. But we came together as a people and really got unified and decided to win. And I'm really optimistic about the future. I think we have a lot of challenges ahead on this but I have no doubt that because we have a new way to New Orleans and working together as one team one fight. Really making things happen I think progress in the last two years has been significant we have a long way to go but. We should not lacked confidence that we can actually get things done now because we know we know how to win and I hope we keep doing it. Now there -- a lot of details in your inaugural address coming up good in a nutshell what is the next four years. Mean to you. Well I think when we got it for years ago we were into an -- in the past and I think we pulled ourselves together and I think we've we've stopped the bleeding we turned around I was moving forward. I think the message that today is that we can't take for granted. The reason we're winning now is because who have gone to gather and we'll put aside our differences have been tough minded that would don't we wanted to make a sacrifice if we're -- to do that. I think for years and down -- 300 anniversary really going to be proud of the city that would produce for the rest of the world. It's not address that great thank you so much a -- the underwriters get ready to be inaugurated. Today and again we'll carry that live Chris Miller be here. At the top of the hour with you give us some analysis. What the mayor should. And should not do during his second term -- here that Miller come and up. Asked about the Texas and it's 787 in not surprisingly a lot of people are saying the -- temporary yet to be. Further reducing crime -- murders at a thirty year low and there's been great success made him. And battling murder but a lot of people are saying that he still not safe enough and a PD is on demand one text messages about that ya -- in that's there it's amazing that we have -- had a turnaround in that department with a depleted forced him so well policy ago thank you David we'll talk to about twenty minutes more first -- Chris -- and again with analysis. As we get ready for the second term. A mayor -- Landers administration. Let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a good morning and happy single bit -- DOT yeah. Meteorologist Laura but now hearing appropriate. Today -- -- -- for everybody especially today it names them. Think the demand that it enactment -- -- am I telling everything with the -- everything yet every -- I'm. Right. In about a light kind of accident trying to -- -- I think admired today. Yeah yeah I am I think he would not literally Betty -- rough translation is drink a Margarita day. In my US anyway. -- that's how -- we do we you know most people don't even know what's into the bio is why we celebrated what you know what what it means all of that which is nice Mexican independence not that's right but having we still any excuse and in the drink margaritas right. -- apparently the hot yes indeed it's also my youngest daughter's birthday all well that takes precedent that -- black day 11 year we did go to Mexican restaurant that's what she wanted for her birthday. She'll never do that again two hour wait to get a table there's other. I -- blankly -- school chorus and shall never have trouble finding similar to celebrate her birthday there on the weather forcing go to Mal or my daughter's birth there will be fantastic. We're looking at mid eighties again today but still some drier air in place at that -- eighties they'll feel quite that bad and felt. Really beautiful weather much like the weekends sunshine no rain just -- crowd here there and we keep that going for a good portion of the week. He has a dazzling forecast for much the same as it was yesterday today tomorrow and Wednesday at their changes through Wednesday. But Thursday there is to change slight chance first shower Thursday and it we will see some scattered thunderstorms cut the more -- -- set up by the weekend so we'll see them. Up 40% chance or so by the weekend but up until then really get through Thursday aiming 20% not -- Getting the upper eighties and -- -- ninety's you know that those afternoon thundershower I generally come -- that -- While it's nice guy. And I have a question okay what are people. -- my commitment to peace in the pictures all over the Internet from Atlantic City. Dead Minke whale. Washed ashore in New Jersey. And then suffered further indignity when someone tagged with graffiti. I graffiti artist spray painted the dead whale on the beach. Walks out -- partly in -- Yet it's twelve to fifteen feet long. And someone decided you know what I need to go pack -- well it might. And I understand. The the -- like if street art currently -- -- the -- and claims that it. You know for the sake of art packets at. -- -- may have been a fraternity prank the people who are trying to identify the markings on the way. I understand -- and -- -- Graffiti at. What if people down now apparently is a happier animal story we have to animals. This family also -- you know -- from -- the ultimate in not Eaton town New Jersey. During super storms sandy. They're dog. Disappear. You know the dog was panic freaked out whenever it got out yet got out ran away. So they finally I guess get over the pain of the loss of the again and they decided last week to go to the animal shelter and get a new dog -- Amazingly. There in the channel at the animal shelter. Their dog and a named reckless -- in it they adopted back to their own dog from sandy. All. I just -- -- the -- there so we're in dad's the last. Too many questions that no advances hate it that's not me I don't know what and although I will mean people it's like protect -- yes he had an analyst got a few bucks and then -- in the dog -- -- yen making finds the right way but still that's that's an amazing story. Happy for everyone else happy for the dog be home with the family. Owners and prepared to happen and all but can you imagine. Exist and that that looks like reckless no I can't be reckless had to -- -- Yank your department panning and jumping Aaron had to prepare yourself just for an adult you know a lost -- our family dog and they probably -- A wild over that and here they are that's for tree. That is pretty great they went camping trip with the dog so I'll. And get -- thanks I have it on a leash on certain adult I've yet really -- my -- that I hope I I don't I think the shelters all these all right thank you are up but now live and direct from the Eyewitness News -- yes I believe what I asked the question what are the chances. But the chances are -- -- percent to get that actually. -- -- 5:49 good morning people are still texting like crazy day 7870 about the fact that I and David Blake. Both its fighters in our showers this morning had to figure out what to do about it I watch mine down the trainees marches with -- toilet paper. One person warn me that the people for the ethical treatment of animals on -- after me. Another president said that. We shouldn't kill spiders because they eat 300 mosquitoes each and now I've added 300 mosquitoes to the population. Somebody else that personally I'd prefer to be in the shower with one spider than 300 mosquitoes. I'd pass and had no we had to pick one or the other. I'd prefer to be in the shower without any insects and all of us at verdict in the shower alone but that's another topic altogether I'm not going there now I am going to sports. With Steve Geller and its draft week and LSU tigers played the baseball games over the weekend much Morgan mourns the. Good morning David good morning everyone Texas say NN's Ronnie -- provided the winning run for the Aggies. As a solo home run and eight giving help to take down LSU by the score 43. The tigers lost their first series it's a sweep at Florida in late march. And -- pulmonary says coming not coming through with runners in scoring position of course the tigers in College Station. It was a frustrating you know because I felt that we just got a little bit more because of one. Each of the games. LSU is now 3513. And one on the year and thirteen ten and one in SEC play. Do you well -- -- a baseball team came up short in their bid to take all three games vs Arkansas State. The -- dropped the finale by the score of six before and now 43 and seven army here. -- Blake southern miss three nothing taking to a three games in that series this effort loss at around drop falling fifteen to twelve. For the most powerful and intense NBA playoff seasons in recent memory. Has now has the San Antonio Spurs in Brooklyn nets advance into the conference semi finals I'm winning -- game sevens. The spurs closed out an otherwise tight series with a laugher as Tony Parker scored 32 points at 119 and 96 beat down of Dallas. The nets pulled out a 10421043. Triumph at Toronto Joseph Johnson scored in the second half with 26 points. But Brooklyn blew most of its ten point lead in the final six minutes and didn't secure the victory -- until Paul -- blog Kyle Lowery shot. From the -- on the final play here's how it sounded a Brooklyn -- radio WFAN in New York. Six we just. Right into the ball. -- so why -- they didn't allow we're. Well against Derrick Williams cracked well he's certainly. It was to -- -- -- gets back to what extent of it right the guy that's ahead. That's pride that. Over to NASCAR we're Denny Hamlin took the checkered flag and an accident -- parents for 99 Sprint Cup race in Talladega Alabama. It's the 24 win of his NASCAR career. And IndyCar will compete in the New Orleans area and 2015. He -- -- races coming to the two point 75 mile road course and know the motorsports park in Abigail. Today a four on sports talk one of the top three positions the saints need to address in the NFL draft. Then at seven it's the pulmonary shadow I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning it's. Board's size fifty Judith on Steve -- with you on your radio you know much about racing. Very little. Tied to what kind of cars will they be racing on the West Bank IndyCar is and you can be open wheel cars not the NASCAR type of cars are -- -- -- that movie with a guy from floor. I don't know who hit the Ron Howard movie. -- -- And I don't know much about -- hasn't seen that is the one with the guys in with a helmet I can expose the element to the big big tires on the back right one in the front yeah -- -- it's draft week. Some ask your question everyday at this time about the upcoming NFL draft arise should the saints stay at 27. Should they trade up. In the draft if there's a player they really want or should they trade away that first -- for more later. It's -- mean if they're gonna trade up there's only one person I would go after and that would be Sammy Watkins wide -- radical ends in. Drew Brees throughout the years has never really had a true. Number one wide receiver I think what can it be that guy in the -- really need a new infusion of youth. Will more used on the until I receiver I would there -- -- again I would think in the top five yet locked in so I would caused quite a package of dates that. So what do you think they will. -- all said and done I think they stand pat and end up at the 27 -- not doing anything they might end up doing a little maneuvering later on in the draft but. If anything I would seem trading back to get more -- even imagine Thomas like. The wheel and deal yet exactly that you just never know them I. All right thank you Dave I do know you'll be back in fifteen minutes more sports here on WWL. Am adamant that count we've got your forecast to get this Cinco De -- go one. -- -- I have to which is very very happy birthdays in mind. Second friends that. Who arrived on this earth sixteen years ago today. Happy birthday baby I love you. We're gonna blow it out this coming weekend and really have a big party. OK okay. Thank you very delighted. I your forecast from the at Wednesday's forecast for this Monday partly cloudy skies and warm temperatures 84 later on before dropping tonight only to around sixty on both sides Italy. And then warm again for your Tuesday with partly cloudy skies a high of 84 and Wednesday a few clouds mixed in with that sunshine and high of 85. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 93% humidity clear and 63 at the airport in -- 58 in Slidell visibility down a quarter of a mile and bell case because of fog less than that in home -- of thought. I think in my text 87870 supporting myself and David -- -- -- had to kill spiders in the shower this morning saying we get the right thing. One person that we've had caught the spider and released an outside coming. I was with Michael government pumpkin thing whatever you do and Halloween choose like six and a bunch of kids it around. And the kids at Ellis spotted elements as the spider this guy -- -- -- strategies -- huge guy comes up with a size fourteen and -- -- says all take care of it. And our audience what exactly kids were appalled by its way to get businesses and volatile -- -- some good and it's this little -- -- did you see this big giant fourteen booted it seems like went just as well and for the next four when he sits -- and -- made me think of it yet written about the inauguration obviously ready jaguar opinion polls throughout the morning are you optimistic or pessimistic looking ahead to the next four years and Crescent City. -- don't talk about dumb wedding season -- -- average gift you -- is how much people spend a hundred bucks. Maybe achievement I'm below aren't a below average when -- -- that a lot more common Tommy's neck that agreement and I am.

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