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5-5 6:15am Tommy, Ukraine conflict

May 5, 2014|

Tommy talks to CBS military expert Jeff McCausland about the latest on the situation in Ukraine

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right now we turned serious journal colonel Jeff McCall's and CBS military analysts and a friend -- morning colonel you don't. We were. -- tell me it's always good to have you tell me about the Ukraine and what's going on there and who's behind what. Latest developments. Well over the weekend we've expansion of violence in the Ukraine -- and particularly in the southern and very eastern portion. In this city it would that pro Russian ministers store police headquarters released about 67 detainees. That was called by. That's called -- massive violence that occurred on Friday which forty people died in the fire. Are resulting from volatile cocktail being patrolled by pro Russian in pro government demonstrators throughout the city. Those boosters now that they will come back and retake government buildings. This is a dramatic increase the level of violence obviously the largest number of casually we've seen since this crisis has been pulled. You know I don't know much about that portion of the world and I think a lot of people listening right now no. Albeit they don't really know about it and it is this the kind of thing where Russia. Causes trouble then they say you know what we're gonna go into. It'd be peacekeepers sort of settled the entire situation down and all of a sudden they take over the country is -- a civil war that's gonna tear itself apart. And and result in and it mass casualties like. Syria did tell me where it happens from here. Clinic badly anyway the -- is described as possible Russia has used that particular. Plan you know fomenting unrest and sending in peacekeepers and occupying force in the country. In a way they did that in Georgia they certainly did that Moldovan region called -- need treatment back in 1990s. It's certainly the possibly they could do that here they still have 40000 troops poised on the eastern border with Ukraine. But we -- -- ago with the -- -- and holding is really outright civil war while there is no doubt. In many mines the Russians are fomenting the violence we -- in the ancient portion of the country and in the desert. At the same time when -- got agree that a significant portion of the population perhaps not a majority of polls suggest is not. Are in favor or oppose the government -- and perhaps in favor these closer -- the Russian Federation. A government had a lot of problems when it comes to corruption did not. Massive problems with the corruption that's why. Of course as you Republicans the -- it was overthrown. Back there in February were talking about a country Tommy right now which is economically shattered probably at least thirty billion dollars is to get through next year or so. And there and economic reconstruction is gonna have been in the fundamental that will be rooting out corruption to board the -- that occurred over the last stickers that. Corruption aside what. System of government was evidently it was not a democracy wasn't. Well -- democracy in name only. They've done anyway he would argue that that would argue that often developed for this particular problem because president get a college. Who was overthrown and -- the country had been elected. Had been a very pro Russian Ukrainian income from the eastern portion of the countries -- overthrow his departure. Was the minds of many people least in the eastern part of the country. You know contrary to their best interest -- -- really was the start point for the virus is seen the last several months. Arms so. -- I guess ultimately I don't know you know it comes a democracy we found that in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood sometimes. You can help a country with democracy which can't pick who you want to win. Com what do we want it to happen years as united the United States and you know both economically and especially in Europe Bailey would militarily. Well the -- you -- -- -- and it happened for sure there's a Russian intervention Russian -- grabbed occupier. A good portion of the eastern Ukraine that -- minority beast destabilizing for Ukraine that would be destabilizing for the whole foundation that European. Security we do want is election that's scheduled to occur on the 25 that made it does appear. Those opening biology torrent of conclude that they would back there and establish a new government in the Ukraine to be restored points for the future. That we want economic recovery for the Ukraine and see if in fact over time the situation can be stabilized. And is there any questions the legitimacy of those elections and the UN I don't think rushed to let the UN and the look at any of those -- they observe any -- Well these that -- the other is having a gun laws at least so -- those buried the Ukraine under government control. But I think right now what's happening is. If it is violence increases that may meet means that the elections cannot occur therefore. At least in the mind of those in the eastern Ukraine the current government which overthrew you have accomplished. It is it is -- a Kia is an -- yet. The do we have things gone on in that nobody knows about some kind of yeah and and I know you don't know specifically about the situation but in in situations past where we might have some black -- going on get people on the ground for intelligence may be thrown some money around trying to influence things. We do a few weeks ago mr. John Brennan direct the CIA admitted to a quick trip to -- so that was suggest that. At least some conversations with political leaders in the -- about sharing of intelligence that -- culture that is factored current. There's no doubt about it that we've increased or polite. In terms of surveillance or Ukrainian territory so that has been at the request of Ukraine for sure. I would imagine the same time between a reorientation of water or -- Satellite focused in particular -- what's going on Ukraine but those 40000 Russian troops that are sitting on the Egyptian born the year credit. Sounds like there's a thing about that quote from No Country for Old Men if it's not a mess it'll do -- one gets -- colonel. I'm afraid that's right tolerated in -- -- -- get worse before they get better have a great day I appreciate you tip.

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