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WWL>Topics>>5-5 7:15am Tommy, panhandling bill

5-5 7:15am Tommy, panhandling bill

May 5, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Representative Austin Badon about his bill that would crackdown on panhandling by prostitutes

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So we're talking about a homelessness. In Orleans and Jefferson parishes are ready jaguar opinion poll on this inauguration day idea. Approach next four years and loans with optimism or pessimism and almost 70%. And optimism represented at Austin ban on joins us right now to talk about. A deal that he introduced at first we thought it had something to do it in handling. But maybe it's prostitution represented of his and the cleaners it all up right now morning represented of what you do on. Yet tell me what it is that you're addressing and and does it relate. It was that was the impetus for this one particular part of the city time. Well it took that would really walloped by the two action. And you know real tribute with pain in the union where and so you know it -- took -- that situation it. Also but really but since when law enforcement reached out and you know it would you. -- That's illegal now is -- now that's an annulment applied the new deal. You try to get a -- ready for school over there yeah god bless you. In India you -- If you do represented. But but tell me about the the about how it's different than the prostitution bills on the books right now. -- The Asia right now it. Good work there an aspect in which it is long -- not -- -- -- want you to. Be privy to. -- -- and or we. In a statement. People want them to all parties are all on the also the look at it in the away. Where these. To all of -- did not implicate you want on you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're split in the -- They're going slow with there with zero. In Malaysia in broad view of what we do is. Issue. Where the play now Cutler now by the people. In the and -- -- in the you know what -- up to that. And that we have a real problem koala. -- about the pro -- -- -- Europe and are -- -- and -- you know partner tree in view of the -- -- the opportunity to. -- and basically. These individuals who are our quality like the city. And oh loss at Portland that are the opportunity -- -- look we know that you are actively soliciting. Or opportunities. And what -- do we can do it. You element -- -- were listed to -- news and and and -- I've -- So look for you have a freedom of speech issue here or not because how do you determine. I mean when you come -- to wave and Danica card. I understand alien forces against my problem because. Maybe I'd understand the behavior that's going on now prostitutes actually waiting down people and trying to get them to stop. Yeah they can do to -- week. You 22. There there openly. In public. In -- -- issue. There along the prosecution prostitution is illegal but we -- threatened in the act. No you know we. Elect right now police as a way to cure these two individuals in the year. -- they would get speak. Undercover operations. For you know -- You work with and use that as a winner. Here. -- the and so now we have quiet the who need a true to your. Schedule you. Work of the. The -- about about speech has not the Supreme Court ruled that panhandling is freedom of speech. -- -- -- -- Good -- of the Supreme Court on and I have to change the BO ROB player to do that. They have proved you know people hear -- money. They have the right to do you have the right thing -- However. If that you probably across movies here in the United States so we got to -- that you put that into something with it. And what happens is if you know. How. And a lot of -- -- -- You know problems we expect it to go to senator as well. I appreciate you time to -- on ready for school. In order to do give it you know all she wrote in the victory in the UN a little cut I'm glad you did -- thank you sir. You are represented in -- data on.

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