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5-5 7:45am Tommy, relocating your family

May 5, 2014|

Tommy talks to Brenda Harrington, a relocation expert & President of Adaptive Leadership Strategies, about tips for moving your family

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And listen handled it. Temptations -- classic Motown Shelden Williams Shelden Williams bring in this bag. I believe we have a winner and our ministry mom contest. And we'll have another win for you coming up later this morning right now let us congratulate. Nor deep -- thank you won a fifty dollar gift card to pro flowers. Dot com -- will have another employee later on this morning general contest rules apply happy Mother's Day from the station at love Zoller moms WWL. -- Harrington joins us right now an expert on every location and president of adaptive leadership strategies talk about that new Gallup poll. -- says about half of the people here in Louisiana like a move out. Dylan Brenda. I'm well. Good morning very well thank you know this time a year seems like a lot of people get the orders that day and scattered transfers so the end of the school years upon as the houses go up for sale and and people begin a new life -- often happy with where -- where they go or does it all depend on location location location. Well comedy movie is definitely. A family affair and interestingly enough just like this. Missing in the military it's not only that -- -- the orders but by. Mom has also given -- quite a bit these. You know it it was terribly sexist of me and I shouldn't set. Night -- and tell me about it how hard is it and mom ages because 40% of people surveyed might wanna go somewhere else that doesn't include the whole family doesn't. That's exactly right and it's really important to have a competition with the whole family about what their concerns are around the move. One big mistake that and we make I think it's trying to. Just recreate the light that they had back home in the new location and that model is. Possible. So it's really important to it yourself in the new locations beyond that one to two day trip that you get to take things like that. And figure out what life is really going to look like for you in the new city. Or country and how it. You mean like you almost say vacations and a couple of days there but but not as a tourist as somebody that would actually live there. Exactly exactly tried it yet. Tried to get as close to the reelect experience that you possibly. How do you do that -- and a hotel. Well you get out of the hotel perhaps that the company put you and then maybe on your own dime. You know get a vote -- that -- and neighborhood or record township -- interested in moving to. And just try to do the normal things that you do at home to see what it's like. You know walked in the supermarket. You know what let me tell you. My daughter and I were lucky enough to take a trip to Hawaii last year and went wherever we -- I'm on vacation allowed to do that -- to go to the grocery store about 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Because I think then you get a real feel for what the place you're visiting is like. Exactly behind the chamber of commerce -- the right right you didn't feel. And you also get a feel for what the areas like because you see some that this different things in the cases. You know they're for sale -- its legacy -- here I -- all right right and wonder what else some other things it if for example you have the means if mom gets transferred. To build a new home should you build it exactly like the one that you move and out of -- that trying to take. Area a with -- area B and has not deficit. I think you have to be mindful of of global. You know preferences for example you know there's some areas of the country. That are more traditional more colonial but so you don't want to. Build a home that it's not aligned with the local architecture because -- that you have to sell right. Yeah generally speaking to people. Like their new location of their ever been any studies done on the answer is that the yield grass is greener thing. The other kinds of studies on. Relocation and assignment acclimation and what things contribute to. A sign of success or failure. And one at the big issues that contributes to say here is you know the challenges of the -- you know children not. Being around their friends anymore not being able to participate. In normal activities. The person being transferred is engaged with the new professional opportunity right. And so the rest of the family is kind of left to their own devices to figure it out so that's why it's really important to focus on what -- Hate it. You know what can I find it that interest me what you're opportunities exist here from me as opposed to holding on to the past and it's hard. But that's the best way is to make it work. Any indication that manage -- better than women the other way around. I think generally meant to adapt better than women. Because. You know yes men and typically do adapt better there are couple of all the studies that point Tibet. Nothing that I have seen recently and the. So I guess a tricky is if you think you wanna go somewhere else and -- their first or at least come as close as you can. To living their first before you make up a big bad decision. Welcome its closest she came to the real life experience even if it means testing for a little bit more time because the assigned the. North corporation want this to fail right -- a lot of money that goes into moving. A family from one location to another. It's a super I'm sorry we just right on time ran a supermarket and maybe three -- afternoon their bodies after work -- school to finish -- and miles. -- recreation -- it's what you like doing your free time you know go to the movie theater you know take a drive to the park and things you do in your hole location that represented interest. Try to -- but that looks like in the new location. That you appreciate your time I really do -- to have a good thing you know we talk to you again thank you to.