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5-5 9:10am Tommy, New Orleans outlook

May 5, 2014|

Tommy talks to Clancy Dubos, WWL-TV Political Analyst and co-owner & political editor of Gambit, about the outlook for New Orleans for the next 4 years

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Clancy -- joins us right now Debbie WL TV's political analyst and editor and publisher gambit and Clancy I know today is going to be a busy day for yet. And I appreciate you give me the time. Are happy to be with -- I need to correct sir I'm not the editor of the publisher of the political editor and my wife. Publishers adult cause any problems -- -- apple introduced in is that. Let me tell you let me tell you something Clancy Dubose before you come on every time because I always mess it up I ask -- boy wonder Jordan -- Jazz would graduate mine and not all across phones and what you're tightly as he always comes it up to Jordan listen again write it down and remember Clancy if you will please. -- political. Co owner and political editor gambit apologists you know our. Time out today inauguration day in. I guess maybe some of the things the -- you'd expect in a touch on and in -- Address in you know we've been asking people this morning are you optimistic or pessimistic look and they had -- It's -- -- next four years been pretty consistent between 6570%. Saying optimistic. Yeah I am I optimistic I mean look every city. Even the smallest little communities smallest town. Around has their challengers and your wallet. A medium large city has shall significant challengers but. Not -- we've we've got a good counsel and corporate raider. And we have a new car new -- show a lot of problems. Sharp has been reelected -- -- opponent former. Come under some criticism but he certainly -- aware. This situation. Doesn't need to. Spent any time you know at the learning curve for him on both clerks have been reelected so we have a combination of new blood on the console -- the corner office -- Returning experienced people in the mayor's office -- in the parochial officers. And not think the -- got a lot of things going for what we do have some major challengers over to federal cent decrease. The city has the judgment against support department pension fund is a lot of money every year. And the -- trying to reform that you have to pay department would be anxious there still something -- the -- board and he's trying to find ways. Raise some money to pay. The -- people ought to cut back services. Go to the challenges of bank that make -- optimistic. The cities -- want is a hot city in America right now young people coming up big numbers bring their talent and the creativity and their energy. Our economy is doing pretty well. Think better than their economy nationally. I'm murder rate has gone down for the second year -- -- -- also we've we've hopefully turn the corner on violence that has gripped our city. And I think everybody agrees that -- could just get that. Violent crime under control we would just take off as a city. The trend has very good so I'm optimistic up -- little people whose best days -- over and that's kind of a trite cliche thing to say but I really think in this great but the truth. Clancy -- -- the spoken before about a piece of property at Robert. 298000. Dollars and you know that I'm not trying to push a piece of property or anything but when you see that. To me it seems like the one thing C Ray Nagin was right about is when he said you better get yourself a piece aground in Orleans parish. I'm coming up all the bull and acting mayor -- right when he says that the luminaries to -- you should go. Dirk and and -- you write in it. I think that -- I think that. You know this is a real estate prices all over town booming booming. Yeah immediately view was of benchmarking and the Lakefront neighborhood where president meets city or skyrocket and that we go to LSU and VA hospitals going out. Not gonna car and as well or because not like a realist and spike in the big city area. You know you go to on the river but water even more on real holy -- neighborhood -- -- a lot of activity they're so. -- that's a good side of the net -- the place where people in past our property and don't -- here and live here. And brought that up because it's not so much. The -- instituted to me it seemed like in terms of hot places to live -- it is Orleans parish itself not just suburban areas. All of -- big topic this you know as the city goes so goes the metro area and you know they might -- little pocket here and there and a little bit better than other places and vice Versa but -- raw politics and actuaries -- When it comes to the political part of this in the -- working with a new council and we have -- three members and trying to remember in my notes and economy. During a -- right. Arm. I just wondered Jackie Clarkson didn't win any any political ill will there it is everybody just. I don't think you're not -- -- so you know the mayor supported ms. Clarkson did not support -- in rapid but he reached out -- all the new members of the council leading Ramsey. Jason Williams and -- bury Google should -- juror brought up. And he reached out -- all of them in the disease like two or three days after the election to get together at a meeting Blanche you know it's an original. Thank all the political stoppers in the past however it their all on the same page now and hopefully all the saint Jean. Because it's great that they spent part bickering like people do at Washington. People in our Washington folks they're they're fighting each other but there -- from a the council member epic over the same trees Gordon the same supermarket and -- gas station -- chargers and their constituents. And constituents are gonna get their faces of -- targeting. Topic would seek any kind of backbiting and infighting. That he's seen in Washington not think -- under after different is -- -- -- -- what they're gonna hopefully work to -- to -- or if they help real problems. You know I'm sorry a question about the next four years I guess that. Yeah got to factor in that is mainly Andrew to be the mayor for four years it will -- put his hat in the ring to run for governor we think about that. Where are gonna I don't like to make predictions I don't know he's going to do I think. He promised -- nobody promised during the campaign to -- order election it was terrible or year he need to keep that problem. And in terms of road bumps -- why we're looking at very positively DC some some things that. That decides consent decrees firemen judgment. That they're gonna have to jump -- pretty quick. Well overall. Issues you know -- straying from the consent decree preparing for the judgment. What changes can help keep -- in the street through the water board -- a lot of repair and upgrade. They're under pressure from the Fed's. -- solar system monitoring system right under pressure with their actual water quality. And sewerage and drainage issues are resolved. -- be very expensive project. Sort of -- orders in the middle of selecting a new parts and a leader. The mayor just -- some new people because of reform that would have to train the way that board members selected. There's a lot going -- there as well. Money comes a six in the streets and lake view much on a second we. You know we know how expensive is because of water is leaking underground you got to fix the drainage otherwise history continues to collapse and is second could that be done with his Miller deserves at some point is there have to be a changed it. Property tax -- new loans -- can you do that honey get all of listing here of. Well I think you -- existing intelligence. They were squeezed out of the fiscal turned -- but at some point you know a throwback to -- well. And -- with the mayor's doing and right now he's asking for permission to. I'll let the voters decide and do it. Then you will see the legislature if -- in the party. Voters. I think it's a debate and conversation that the voters ought to have with a veteran council. And just mentioned corner real quick it is at the kind of thing that a lot of people. I mean as for Simon -- long time we've been a new coroner of Orleans parish and I just wonder what. Unless you have -- trying to be flippant about this trouble with the officers it's opened up a lot of people legacy a difference in and yet. Well as they might actually it up close and personal unless they know -- below one corner office of autopsy but. Corn crop -- also has a great significant role to play in mental health. And doctor -- is. -- come from the mental health arena -- a psychiatrist and he's done. Incredible work a lot -- -- is one of the unsung hero trainer you get a lot. Work. Sacrificing his own time and probably a little girl you know trying to. Get medical help backed up and running and I think it's an under utilized under recognized. Aspect of that process and everybody -- lose a -- -- -- the death certificate and -- that an autopsy required especially -- much. In council a little more on the violence that's on the corner opposite pattern with the determination to pop -- and even testifying in court we. Are covered the courts I would see that. But the mental health inspectors also refute that -- and still had kidnapped American Katrina some significant little help. Issues. Continue to occur. Clancy appreciate your time plan to give those listen to this WW LTV political analyst co owner and political editor of -- -- billionaire right thank you Clancy appreciate that I really -- to thank you --