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5-5-14 10:10am Scoot: on the Mayor's inauguration

May 5, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and talks with WWL news director Dave Cohen leading up to the inauguration of New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

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Good morning obscurity in fort Garland today it is Cinco De Mayo and that's always a good excuse I -- to go out and have Margaret -- and god knows there will be people drinking some of those today. Big celebration here have been huge celebration places like San Antonio and Dallas and San Diego Los Angeles Portland Seattle. I I think our Saint Patrick's Day is is bigger here than it is in those places mystical -- it was a little bigger there will talk more about that a little bit later. Also I'll be back to do the discussion tonight and our talk about some aspects of -- of devise innovative come up in recent years. In terms of freedom to where American flag T shirts on secure device will get into that tonight. On description of -- you know what a great weekend I hope you enjoyed it did the weather was beautiful both weekends for Jazz -- every day. And and it's time if you you'd never know when you're gonna run into some showers and last year was just washing to one particular day in and -- was a lot of mud the next day. But the weather was she just phenomenal it was so crowded for Bruce Springsteen and that that is rated -- people's Saturday I don't ever remember it being back Crockett. And it seems like I say that every year but I really don't ever remember seeing that that primary people were all the way back. With their shares all the way back on the -- the track. Did it all the way back to the back of the back of the track which is a little bit and usually. -- better than his -- was that was phenomenal Foster the people were good Bruce Springsteen. Incredible is as always. But I'll be gone out and had a good time also had an opportunity both Saturday and Sunday to go to the is natural so boring affair. The Richard -- industry and and I just and its own many many nice people. Especially on distorts. -- really enjoyed reading atlas is the shorter regular basis and when Erica all of you who that it says hi and -- it believes it was it was fun to be there and it's is still a quaint little. -- festival. It was a lot of fun. Right now let's go live to Dave Cohen who's at this anger theater today mayor morial and some other officials at city hall and -- while I guess we're going to be sworn in today. They tell us what you see this anger right now. Well it's a packed house here's the thing theater nearly every seat and they got it to him occupied and the elected officials are just now. Places on the stage here of course we will away from mayor Mitch Landrieu to announces. Second term beginning with his inaugural address that maybe another 25 maybe thirty minutes and not real sure exactly how long this will take introduce all of the elected officials have the indication the presentation of colors National -- and so on. The oath of office today and the mayor now being announced. Arriving here at the same here. -- dumbest statement we'll wait for. The store clerk of civil court. Criminal court. Quarter to be sworn in person than elsewhere in all the City Council members. And then mayor Mitch Landrieu will take the oath of office delivers inaugural address and we'll bring it to you live as soon as that happens right here -- BWL -- All right thanks David -- live at this anger for the inauguration of the mayor and cement city officials cells so sheriff -- and here's what we can talk about in and around all of this win when new leadership takes over it's it's a good time to talk about. What is the city doing right. What is right about New Orleans. And we ask what is right about New Orleans you can't help but also ask what is wrong about the city what is wrong with this what needs to be better what should change in what should be a top priority. For new leadership -- -- WW project -- -- pull this morning should everybody -- -- -- now everybody says the world is changing. And everybody says the world is changing for the better. But are things getting better for you. Yeah it's it's a personal thing if if the city's getting better but things are better for you and that doesn't do you any good. If things are better for you wouldn't -- a better for the city -- Wheldon doesn't help the city so everybody says new worlds is changing for the better but are things getting better for you. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com we'll give you an update on that is for tractor pull through on our show. I said today mayor Mitch Landrieu and several of the City Council members and -- Grossman will be sworn into office. -- you know as a New Orleans native I've had the opportunity to live and work in cities around the country. And I've gained a greater appreciation for the uniqueness of New Orleans. But I have also come to realize that the year there's -- -- tendency in this city. To accept the way things are done in New Orleans. And sometimes that can. Can prevent striving for excellence oh let's just the way we do it there's been an acceptance of just the way we do things here. And some things we shouldn't accept. Pride is incredibly positive. Unless it's stands in the way of recognizing what can and should change. When I moved into new worlds a few years ago I noticed physical changes in the city. But I also. Got a glimpse of -- change in attitudes. That was really the most impressive thing to me. Hurricane Katrina was devastated physically and emotionally. And exposed to degree of local political incompetence -- to us but also to the nation. America also watched as the federal government. Prove -- cities like New Orleans are easily treated like step children. And don't receive the immediate attention that bigger cities would receive following a disaster. But for the depths of that low point. New Orleans proved to be a city with great character and perseverance. We generally -- ourselves but we've pressed the nation. Katrina was a turning point in a modern history of New Orleans. The national coverage of what this -- that he was dealing with. -- also gains a newfound love nationally and a newfound national interest in the city. Many of those who came to help the city for comfort they they stayed and they have contributed to a changing attitude especially in the downtown area and I see it every day. Musicians who already were in love with New Orleans became even more passionate. About RC. New businesses. The construction of major medical center new growth and technology. Are all part of a thriving metropolitan area. Locally those who live in the suburbs and only see. The city through the daily news may have a negative in jaded view of New Orleans. But it's quite a different view when you witness the daily progress throughout the city. Bad areas continue to be revitalized. And that encourages neighborhood togetherness. I'm thinking about. Magazine street and the -- city area all along Carrollton there have been a lot of things that have been a changing. A lot of things that have been have been better but yet there's more change still to come. If Georgia and Russia with a comet as we await mayor -- enters a speech after being sworn into office our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. Text number. Is -- 7870. That and make a mistake it's a memorial. The beacon might have made that mistake I make that mistakes at times -- mayor Landrieu please -- -- -- it was just of you know I am human and I'm skirted the girl and we'll be right back under every WL. New Orleans is changing that's the title this group blog today it's on our website at Demi WL dot com we'll continue to talk about that as we get ready for mayor Landrieu too. Give out his inaugural address after being sworn into office if you just joined us this morning -- hope you had a great weekend it's another beautiful day just sensational weekend for. Jazz festival of festivals and payers and if you went to do anything outside -- I just hope he got out and enjoy it because it was a really great weekend for. Here's a WWL pretty general opinion poll this morning everybody says New Orleans is changing for the better. But are things. Getting better for you give -- your opinion by going to WW well. Dot com and as we've anticipate that the mayor taking his second term of office and being sworn in. I think there are a number of things to talk about concerning the -- -- a lot of positive things going on. Via the recent high profile corruption trials in the publicized suspension of police officers for wrongdoing in all of this cast a shadow. Over the acceptability of of of corruption and and the tradition of that in New Orleans. But that shadow also comes from the light that represents a positive change. In the tallest of the status quo. Things are changing. Now mayors can't solve all of the city's problems. Sometimes I think we look to the mayor to solve the problem win sometimes it really comes down to us as individuals. An individual members of our community. We'll talk more about it -- -- in fort Garland on this. Beautiful Monday morning and here's -- Dave Cohen talking with the merely intrusive they're gets ready to except his second term of office. As mayor Mitch -- Halfway there you begin your second term now in offense -- -- -- I feel very helpful the other people of New Orleans is so unbelievable. -- through everything through thick and thin I mean not only of the people who -- stood back up. But we came together as a people and really got unified and decided to win. And I'm really optimistic about the future. I think we have a lot of challenges ahead on this but I have no doubt that because we have a new way in New Orleans and working together as a once he once fight. Really making things happen I think progress in the last -- years has been significant we have a long way to go but. We should not lacked confidence that we can actually get things done now because we know we know how to win and I hope we keep doing it. Now there are a lot of details in your inaugural address coming up -- in a nutshell what is the next four years. Mean to you well I think when we got here four years ago we win and hell of a mess and I think we pulled ourselves together and I think we'd we stop the bleeding we turned around I was moving -- I think the message that today is that we can't take that for granted. The reason we're winning now is the guys who have gone to gather and we'll put aside our differences have been tough my availability we will -- to make a sacrifice is willing to do that. I think four years from now on I 300 anniversary really gonna be proud of the city that would produce for the rest of the world and insider Trinidad great thank you so much. I it was a caller with the -- untrue and -- As saying right now waiting along with a shift gospel and and three City Council members to be sworn into office. It said the beginning of new term for the mayor I will be talking about this on the show and as we've been here with the mayor has to say when you think about some of the things that. There are right about the city but also let's not be afraid to talk about the things that are wrong with the city. Your criticism is often the first step in making things better as sometimes I think we're we're reluctant to -- to even hear any criticism about our city. But I love my perspective is at New Orleans native who grew up here at once it here. But I've also. Been fortunate to live and in other cities. And sometimes we shouldn't tolerate status -- I've stood for Garland and we'll be right back into the WL. Today melee Andrew begins his second term as mayor of New Orleans here's a -- have you a pretty general opinion poll everybody says -- -- this changing for the better. But -- things better for you. 83% say yes and 17%. Saying no give us your opinion by going to our web site to -- if you don't outcome. A date code is alive at this anger as we await the mayor. Giving his inaugural speech after being sworn in -- And right now the corner of the new coroner doctor Jeffrey Rouse is taking the oath of office and the City Council members will take their oath of office here at the singer. And I've just been handed a copy of this -- the mayor land crew will deliver maybe 510 minutes here. Ten pages long and echoes many of the theme that we've heard throughout its first time. Creating the city was always dreamed we could beat New Orleans answered with a 300 anniversary. The tri Centennial the city of new world coming up in four years in making -- New Orleans the city that it can be very proud of it will from the mayor shortly. All right Jim we'll be back with the date code and the mayors of speech life here into the WL. Right here's a heavy WL news updates with Chris Miller it was a beautiful weekend last weekend and this weekend for Jazz Fest better than as we did a great job Saturday afternoon like they always do. I've screwed it for -- here's an update our RW dual party general people this morning. Everywhere says New Orleans is changing for the better. Are things getting better field. 81% say yes 19%. Say -- Give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com coming up right before the top of the hour news at eleven listen for the code word in your chance to win a thousand dollars nationwide. In a 1000 dollar vacation cash contest. I'm Dave Cohen is live at the center as we await and its -- through being sworn into office of military guidelines and in the mayor's speech. Dave. I mean obviously this is. This is a celebratory. Moment. What's your sense of the atmosphere there is good center. Well there are a lot of happy people here no doubt in the fact -- swearing in the members of the City Council announced here five of the city councilman six now the City Council members have been sworn in all the council members are dressed all in white. The mayor's -- a black suit and that audiences filled with people all different ages and races and backgrounds -- and police officers and firemen. Businessman members of the community. All here and there with a musical selection that was played prior to the pomp and circumstance of the actual swearing in getting going and it's a celebratory day. And the mayor is preparing to deliver what is in large part a celebratory hand page inaugural address. And he'll touch on the challenges that the city still faces of course but he's also celebrating all of that they made over the last four years. Dave affected this is at the sinker which took so long to be renovated come back after Katrina. That's just that makes this even better. You know I think that is emblematic of what the mayor says that he that he and the city and the people of Portland have accomplished over the last four years. The singer reopening during his first term in office. After it was looking very bleak for a long time for the future of this theater now that it has reopened. It seemed like the obvious place to mark the themes of his address -- her success so far. Work to come and a great city did will be celebrated in four years when the city is celebrating its 300 anniversary.