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5-5-14 11:10am Scoot: on Landrieu's second term

May 5, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and talks about what he expects from Mitch Landrieu's second term as mayor of New Orleans.

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And good morning -- studio for garlic today mayor -- drew has just been sworn in for a second term as mayor of New Orleans. Its inaugural speech was very positive. He pointed out the many changes that have taken place in the city. But column but the fight does continue to be the best city that we know weekend become around. And essentially that the mayor carried the theme of this song by this relatively new band American authors this is the best day of of my life. And the mayor talked about having that attitude every day thinking about what you can do to make it the best day. A -- life what excites you about the changes in New Orleans over the last few years. And what are still the biggest challenges. That we face. If you wanna join our show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines nearly seventy. -- numbers -- 7870. Due to a your text here in just a moment -- -- an update on our -- -- -- opinion poll. Everybody says the world is changing for the better. Are things getting better for you 68% say yes and 32%. Say -- Give -- shipping by going to our web site to review of Comdisco blog which is on our web site. At WW product on his title -- the world is changing. And they're there are people who resist changed there are people who don't want change. But in some ways it's it's the preservation. -- status quo. It has kept the city from being as great as it can be may initially -- sworn in for a second term now. A stark contrast. With the past and the present. Mayor Landrieu is being sworn in for second term -- former mayor. Awaits a prison term. The past and the present. The -- brought a fresh positive attitude and the city hall and continues to lead the city and in a positive direction. But the -- not perfect. And mayors can't solve all of the city's problems. The mayor can work toward putting more police on the street. Toward making it a business friendly environment. I can demand honest leadership in city hall and in the police department. But a mayor can't solve the crime problems that are the direct result of poor parenting. And a systematic problem of communities protecting the young criminals that live among them. There does seem to be some positive change in convincing communities that the young thugs they protect our most likely to hurt them and their children. And there is a sense of more community cooperation with NO PD in that needs to continue and I've certainly open to us. Too often citizens look to politicians in office to solve problems that can only be solved by individuals. Within communities. New Orleans appears to have the right leadership at the right time but that doesn't mean that everybody agrees with -- election. They're -- you disagree. There were played -- who didn't vote for him in the last election he was overwhelmingly reelected but not everybody's gonna be happy. That's the way it is with elections we see that on the presidential level we see that on the -- -- -- seat on the level of the mayor of the city. The lifestyle. Of our culture and really the atmosphere of New Orleans is indeed around the world. But those who visit our city have a great time and then they return to their home. We should do more to take pride in making our home our city better for those of us who love living here. And the mayor talked about that. I think we can do a better job demanding. Excellence. From ourselves. As citizens and voters we must hold all elected politicians accountable. To the point where they know that they will be voted out of office. If they except pass corruption. And shady deal says well that's the way it is in New Orleans. One thing that is so infuriating to to citizens although they don't always hold politicians accountable. Is the sense of entitlement. You do you get into office and it's almost as if you feel like you're entitled to to certain things. Even thinks that arts part legal -- that's just the way it is. Well that's an aspect of New Orleans that should change just because this is the way it has -- -- in does -- mean that's the way it should be. We must demand that our city do a better job with its money it's really sad that our our city is such an incredible tourist destination. Such a great destination for conventions tourism is absolutely thriving -- worlds it's already businesses downtown are thriving. But in all of that. Our city's broke. We must bond this community's. And be vigilant against crime and youthful behavior that's that's a symptom. A future criminal behavior. As a city we should understand that. That even seemingly insignificant things are part of a much bigger problem. I know this is a small thing it's something we've talked about a lot recently. The acceptance of throwing cigarette butts out of a car window. Or on a sidewalk -- the downtown area where where where the -- Rome and or aromas of resident and and you with you hang out as a business person. Or as a resident. That -- don't want to be tolerated. And it shouldn't have taken a law. To make the casual an accepted practice of littering with cigarette less acceptable. I see an astronomical number a cigarette -- every single day downtown. And -- businessmen and women. Just put their cigarette butts. On the sidewalk on the street. Again that's a small thing but it's a microcosm of a certain mentality. That should change. We should expect more from ourselves they don't do that and other cities. And just because that's a thing we do here doesn't mean it's right. No -- perfect. But the city's thriving. In many important areas under the leadership of -- for. Who fits I -- mold of what we all expect from city leadership granite. Michelin to as a politician. That he appears to be a politician. And this is good. It is building a reputation on advancing the city forward rather than taking advantage of opportunities for personal -- that's my impression. -- to reflect changing New Orleans. A city that is changing in part because of the new life that it has adopted our city as its own. We should never. Never changed the great things about our culture. We should no longer tolerate. As normal the things that should change. From the perspective of a suburban street looking toward the downtown area. The visual of the old decides the obvious -- French Quarter. And end in the backdrop the tall modern skyscrapers. Instantly reminds us the struggling new world cents. It's. An ongoing struggle of preservation. Vs progress. We must progress as a city. While protecting the precious history of one of America's most below cities. I don't think we should congratulate. Mayor Mitch later today or the city officials let's congratulate him on that day they're sworn in. Let's hold the congratulations. Until the end of the mission. And hopefully they accomplish. While they're in office. What is it that you like about the changes into warlords. And what do you think still needs to change about the city. If you and enjoyed our short numbers 2601872. All 38668890. At seventy. A -- -- estates have creativity are skewed in fort Garland and we'll get to your comments here just a moment also a number of Texas coming in. Here's the text yes or no one is perfect. And no leader can make. Everyone happy well that's that's certainly is true. But if you look at the progress and the attitude change in this city over the last four years and it's not just it's not just Mitchell intro. It's you it's me it's those of us who live here we deserve some credit as well. But we have been given some good leadership that does seem to give us a stark contrast. With leadership that we've had in the past. Our numbers 2601872. All 386688. -- nearly seventy protection receipts of creativity what do you love about New Orleans. And what's still -- to change. -- execute for -- and we'll be back with more here's a WWL news updates with -- it's a beautiful Monday morning it is -- Oh demise don't think anybody's gonna be having Margarita anywhere today or during a little tequila. And agree we get for Jazz Fest or roller festivals that took place saw all around the area I'm student for Garland do you like. The new New Orleans do you like the in the direction the city's going do you like. The new city we are becoming if you enjoy an issue with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- -- -- taxes except the case every effort tenor Jose on WW on good morning. I'm good Jose. I doing out there well. I'm real attack in years -- in and out. Beautiful. By app for the -- went there Italian all I did back then you know. There public and double it you know but now. Well I like 1010. What do you called off. And that wrong I don't know if Bennett they're able. Ordered that you know lines -- -- prepared you know law. You know. Well Jose -- knows you know police can't be everywhere. I I think police presence is really important and I talk to somebody the other night about this. If there were more police on the street if if if police were able to have better relationships with. People in communities and neighborhoods it would be better. I have to be honest with you I don't have a problem being around the world and tonight although I have become very cautious about where -- ago I during certain hours. But if you stayed for the most part in the the crowded areas. I think down to satisfy. All. That was. Yes -- model. Don't want it would mean. -- Yeah Jose has its. It's like any place in America you know you just have to be vigilant around your eight year your surroundings and the people around you and you know I was and jumped 1 morning going going to work filling in for Tommy Tucker was 4 o'clock in the morning while it wasn't my fault I should have been in that place because it. Something happened dial I allowed it to happen by being there so I'm no longer and that treatment in those situations I'm a little more careful about that. -- all right Jose you have a great day -- a -- here's a text of -- I think the -- doing a good job but I disagree with. -- statement that students deserve college education. Nobody deserves anything. That's the problem with kids coming up. They don't deserve anything they must work. For whites they want and that means every one I totally agree with that. Here is comments text major and may your speech was one of the best I've ever heard almost 61 to get up and help with something. Go mayor ago. From Alabama Jay -- on -- WL. Thank you protect Michael's spirit and I'm a smoker. And Obama thank you -- straighten me out I've been guilty many a chart. The strong mark sugar but on the ground. And it sure wouldn't checked out much of their community. To do some other way but a cigarette out a trash can you know whatever and dispose of the -- And Gerri appreciate that or not I I defend your right to smoke I'm very defensive of a smoker's right to smoke Camilo Lotta people have bad habits smokers have become. Just I don't know it's so anti. Social and I think it's it's actually unfair because it's something legally that you you can do. But it just if this is something that you you haven't been cognizant of like I appreciate you being aware of the fact that -- it is -- earned. I was leaving church the other day in and a woman said scoop my friend -- to tell yet that he's never gonna throw -- bottle aground again. Well I -- -- -- that I've been hypocritical. -- actually -- things about people stronger. Hamburger -- out the window on things like that yet here I am George cigarette butt down and like -- -- just too many of too -- people like me better -- and I wanna go to. Do what I can't and not do it any longer shall thank you straighten me out. -- we appreciate -- know it's a beautiful Monday over mobile thanks for listening if you enjoyed our show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text number is 877 he hears it every WO party jaguar opinion poll this morning everybody says the world is changing for the better but are things getting better for you. Give us your opinion by going to -- W -- dot -- I'm -- -- for Garland and we'll be right back with more of your comments. On WWL. They initially -- is dead this morning for second terribly carried the swearing in ceremony and also his inaugural speech live on WW we'll just a few minutes ago. Palin -- said that we all the same thing. But the only way we can do that is to work together. We have changed. Where a city that. It has chosen to light a candle. Rather than curse the darkness. There's a W to be offered general opinion poll everybody says New Orleans is that changing for the better. I think changing better for you. 66% say yes and 34% saying no give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com. Forbid city which has been an area where there's been a lot of improvement in the -- recently Michael welcome to WWL. You have heavily on more well know oil creative and there you have a lot of things. And the war between like there's been a lot of improvement about white guilt -- It's yet they want what what's most that ours are about -- could open project contests the greater. Katrina. And without partners like -- out there were well prepared with that you looked like sports so that's one example I think that you know question. I just wish that we -- -- -- where where where from the war debate in. Don't worry about -- -- -- there which is part sphere with educational equity here others that. Well that's a fear I have that you don't living downtown in the decrease about a time that I live downtown my risk going out and -- I'm not far from the new medical center self. Apartments in our garnered become even more expensive -- hope I don't get priced -- -- my own neighborhood. -- well. The holy spirit so real fear people -- -- -- you do that the property should probably you know they they got the move that more checked our property. -- -- Welcome the change thing must work whether it's. At the restaurant scene and -- club scene there's some things that happen for a street amazing you know who else. All that dot you know call the. And Mike are you see a lot of stuff in there and in this city area I mean that that whole area is is being revitalized. Of course you I remember when you know. Being brought up here you -- courage of artwork by order now the -- was -- you know -- out. Yes everybody needs to be careful especially later died -- You know there is there. There are so many different aspects of this city and and yet so many. Cool little neighborhood areas like you know for -- and and magazines than you see in this city area. And all of this is bringing neighbors closer together if they're places I am thinking about Harrison avenue and as well which is always been kind of a busy spot there. -- close to city park in and lake view but there there are places now there are cafes there'd be -- their their places that bring people together. Under the coffee shops. It cause cause neighbors to get to know each other. Yeah -- are. They were in agreement -- But it's important surrogate. It -- quick and our market better they re on -- on broad street right now I don't but it didn't like that brought. Yes. Our political children's actual listing and I'll let your positive attitude. Here's a -- reason I was a French Quarter fest and I watched a family to adults and three kids tend to ten to three. Are open crawfish and throw them on the ground in the street. Or everybody was sitting. Garbage cans everywhere people all around looking in disgust. I restricted dust -- and a broom. Swept up while they were still there. And they still didn't get it just lazy and ignorant. And this is the part of New Orleans that needs to change. And this is the part of our culture that is not a good thing. Which is still have fun I love with the mayor of San when he said that you know we've we've we've party we celebrate we have all the stuff going on and somewhere in between we we actually go to work. But when it comes to when it comes to littering -- talking about Bergen street on blow a weekend night or even if there are a lot of people. During the week really clean up urban street on a regular basis not talking about that. But we've had a mentality here. Really throughout the year in the suburbs as well. That has has been far far too tolerant. Of -- and just the idea that we had to pass a law. Telling people that there's going to be overly serious fine if you throw your cigarette butt out of a car window. The fact that we had to pass a law to alert people that this is is littering. I think really does address the problem. And this doesn't exist in other cities I'm from here I love this city but it doesn't mean that we should accept and tolerate. Things that. That should change. And -- shouldn't be littering we should expect more of ourselves. If you wanna join Russia -- your -- deal like the new New Orleans. Because this is clearly changing city. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy our text. 87070. I've scoot into Garland. And we'll be back and -- WL. Yeah happy Cinco De Mayo a beautiful day -- -- -- great weekend for Jazz Fest that we get for just about anything. Here's a WW a pretty general opinion poll everybody says -- or is -- changing for the better are things better for you now. 65% say yes and 35% say no give -- opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com here's a Texas says I just. I just. Yelled at a guy about thirty minutes ago on orders for throwing his cigarette butt out of his car window he seemed to become embarrassed and hopefully won't do it again. From Metairie Larry here on Debian Euro. Now hi. I again I chip program and they're not the program. And -- my opinion. I've I've been here at 35 years. Did drugs at the fault of everything happening you're using it for four years olds. Have been. I don't think they -- keep children in school. Until they graduate. And just be there and that they -- and old school. You know why -- In jail so -- computers school until. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they can do anything to do and -- -- LA there's no question that drugs -- problem it's a problem here but in every major city across and and even in in small -- -- -- -- -- -- a huge problem -- throughout rural America so. It it it is an issue although it's not dead he seated just to keep kids. Why -- into color and why he can't physically you can't always physically keep them there. -- apparent they got to keep their kids at school. And they're alert school because of -- -- not he can hit the big gentleman. Well you're right but if that if the parents are teaching their kids the -- I Clement -- And the future -- they can do it. And policemen watched in street. Understands school instead -- -- I mean. And it caught stigma on it think it. And and school day at school and they'll learn that they'll -- When you leave. It actually. The big problem it is not the drug. I knew that the problems now you'll get a lot of difference. Try it trite but. But -- Ignore it -- start -- program. Maybe -- -- -- to -- about war about who or. I have a problem is drugs. I appreciate you calling Larry we do have a problem with -- drugs. But the parents who you want to. Tell their kids to stay in school the very parents that are setting such a horrible example for their kids that they're not the kind of parents that are here and tell her kids. -- to stay in school I'm student for girl ever come right back report your comments I've got a number of text to get to including one that sorts out. When Andrew is wiping the city clean for the influx. You know we'll get to that and more when we come back after the news on WW --