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5-5-14 12:35pm Scoot: with author Ryan Holiday

May 5, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and talks with author Ryan Holiday about his book, "The Obstacle Is The Way."

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Good afternoon happy cinco demy you know -- -- for -- today here's a quick update on our WWL party general opinion poll everybody says two -- is changing for the better. Are things better for you. 61% say yes and 39% say no. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot delegates -- text here in just a minute tonight on the -- show we'll talk about whether or not supporting the legalization of marijuana. Is a conservative issue. Or is that a liberal issue if you support the legalization of pot. Is that. Something that liberals do -- of the conservatives -- will talk about that on this Scotia tonight. Eight to midnight right holiday young authors are in our studio he says just written a book titled the the obstacle is the way the timeless art. Turning trials and tribulations right welcome to the show thanks for having me. Yeah it's interesting that we talk about this of the dated -- land through it was justice sworn into office for second term and Davis inaugural address to the city. A time when he was talking a lot of doubts. What has happened following Katrina and New Orleans has agreed to San. Of how to take an obstacle in turn into something positive yeah I think so and and I think when we look at our own lives. When when you look back in retrospect you see things that were not pleasant at the time but of course. Now if you could go back and change and he probably wouldn't we have we all sort of see how the the things that challenge us make a -- You know the -- saying about that which does not kill us makes us stronger but I but I think that's true not just for for people vote for businesses for cities everyone benefits from adversity just. It matters of course site how you look attitude of the worst thing that happened you -- the best. Now and sometimes if it's hard to tell the difference between the two would you want -- we -- some serious changes in my life and I would never have wanted to go through those it changes in the things that it happened to me is some of them were not my fault at all. But I look back and I realized that it made me who I am today of course I'm unhappy about it absolutely come. And I think that's that's what all great people throughout history have done Tuesday. They face circumstances that were outside of their control again we don't control what happens this -- but we do control how we respond New Orleans. You know decided I was gonna respond to Katrina there's characters in the book that work -- -- -- in. Based in in New Orleans that throughout history that date you that you choose how you respond to these circumstances. And that goes back -- that the book is rooted in in stoicism the -- philosophy which was. Which is based on this idea it says you know look the world is unpredictable can be awful can be vicious. But we always choose. How we're going to respond to those events -- we determine whether we wanna see an art school as an obstacle or. Potentially as a as an opportunity to practice excellence practice creativity perseverance whatever virtue wanna put in there. That is always up to us no matter what the circumstances are I guess one of the great aspects of this is if you are going to a tough time right now it's always easy to look back you go okay we'll see I went through this obstacle to this tough time. I dealt with the challenge it looked like became today what we are going through it though it's hard to look at that as a blessing but he really can't be sure yet that there's a steady -- talk about in the book where they looked at these elite athletes overtime -- just undergone some sort of traumatic injury. I'm -- at first you know their -- how do you feel the athletes felt sort of worse about their talents that fell. Isolated from their teammates they felt. Like they were never gonna recover. And then when they spoke to those athletes again a year and a half later after -- recovered. They felt better about their teammates better about their own their own prospects and they fell. More connected to their sport and there's that this psychologists have a term -- called adversarial growth -- post traumatic growth. And so. If you know that's how you're gonna be after the fact you might as well. Get some benefit her work feel that now there's no reason to wait ten years later to have some perspective and then finally be gracious for the things that happened to us. My holidays in our studio of these senators have a book signing aunts and garden district of books and that's going to be tonight around -- 66 on gap's stock okay UB will be there signing his book. And you could talk to a bright young guy the book is titled the obstacle is the way that timeless art of a turning trials into triumph. I you're a young guy who liked triumph what trials have you gone through what would obstacles have you faced in your life inspired to write this book yes or so that the book is based on stoicism so does this isn't. Necessarily mean he's sitting here saying this is what I've gone through -- -- -- about it it's it's more. Now from our although I have how does experience and dropped out of college announced nineteenth started my own businesses this my third book. And you know I think we wrongly tend to assume that. Adversity is something we experienced only young in life that we experience that once. I think the reality is every day we wake up in the world does not exactly how we want it to be situations are never ideal they're never the way that we intend and to be. But we choose how we're gonna respond to that we choose whether we're gonna wake up and answer that challenge every -- We're gonna get better as we go or are we gonna sit back and get frustrated or. Wash her hands of these things so so for me this is sort of a constant reminder of the philosophy that I got when I was very young. That's help me be successful. So here I am at 26 on my on my third book. Tables -- talk about these things not just as. As a researcher -- and someone who's sort of studied in this but also as someone who's who's had experience with that in my life as well. And it's maybe you haven't gone through. So many deep dark challenges that many people who have gone through did you see a need to tell people. About this process of getting over these these challenges and seeing people who are just so adversely affected by obstacles they did realize there's a blessing in that form yeah I think you see it most. Problematic -- in the millennial generation which is my generation you know. My class graduated. In choose the recession into the financial crisis. And most of my peers did two things either move back home with their parents when they went back to grad school right now -- emerging again in -- things aren't any better so it's this idea of you can't run away from their problems yet to face them and and actually with in those problems are certain opportunities yes. Might be a negative economic climate but it's also been. That's are seeing New Orleans never been cheaper and easier to start your own company to do your own thing. And it may be that. -- seemingly adverse situation is actually a chance for you to do something that if things were exactly -- they are supposed to -- you wouldn't be able to do it. Gonna continue our conversation with author or right holidays says this young authors going to be a Garden District books tonight 6 o'clock signing his book. Really fascinating book I'm looking forward to reading it. Obstacle is the way the timeless art of turning trials into -- Is another book which titled trust me I'm lying confessions of a media manipulator. Imagine this manipulating the media. Yeah Ryan -- called in stories service essentially they weren't real and he found out that the media actually followed the story taste not a surprise to me but that is the surprised a lot of people. We're gonna continue our conversation with the right holiday when we come back I'm studio for garlands and this is WL. I have to admit that when it comes to reading and the very shallow person I've I don't read fiction I admire those of you who read fiction and nonfiction I love reading. Nonfiction. This is exactly the kind of book that I I would pick up it's it's titled. It's titled the obstacle is the way. The timeless art of turning trials into triumphs. Written by Ryan holiday season or a studio he's gonna be a terror garden books time Garden District books tonight at 6 o'clock four a book signing. What can I talk about -- shows -- -- do Ryan is is personal responsibility and the lack of respect we have for personal accountability through the summary aspects of our society. When something bad happens and people are always looking to blame somebody else and sometimes somebody else is to blame. But I love your attitude of you you can't control what happens to you you can only control what you do about it. And I would think. That there's there's a lot of a lot about personal responsibility that's part of this book yes -- I think you know weather situation as unfair whether it's reasonable whether it's expected. All may be true but it's sort of irrelevant in terms of what you're immediate response needs to be so with the -- sort of talk about his. Is they say there is no good or bad there's only perception or is Shakespeare's and he said neither good nor bad but thinking makes itself and so this it's this idea of you know. Lead the analysis for after the fact right now just look at it objectively for what it is in response. And and that that's sort of makes obstacles seem much less more much less intimidating than Nate and the first of the year when I went to a really difficult -- -- I mean I've had lost everything and don't go to those details organized by talk about a surprise on the air but what I had lost everything. I actually knew I mean maybe I was just insane thought I was. I couldn't wait for what was next because I knew this wasn't going to be it and I knew for whatever reason. God wanted me to go through the as I was going through this and it it it happened and it was a decision that somebody else made not me. It's sort of with a long relationship that broke up I was actually. I was actually kind of smiling it was tough but of sex kind of smiling thinking I know something's gonna come out of this edited yet as. There's a Latin phrase they use in the book it's a more foxy which means a love of faith it's a sort of this loving everything that happens to you because really don't have any other choice you can hate it but it's still happens. I tell the story of Thomas Edison his factory burned down he rushes to the scene. He 67 years old he finds his son and he says to him his ex son go get your mother all her friends they're never gonna see a fire like this again is that actually excited about its back river down I think it's great. Give us a read from the book dasher -- sort of decently from the preface in the year 17 -- at night in his tent on the front lines of the war in Germany. Marcus really is the emperor of the Roman empire. Sat down to right. To himself for himself. And and a scant 84 words he said. Our actions may be impeded but there can be no impeding our intentions -- dispositions. Because we can accommodate and adapt. The mind adapts and converts to its own purposes the obstacle to our -- and and then -- concluded with powerful words I think deserve to be a Max and he said the impediment to action advances action what stands in the way becomes the way. That's where that the book comes from is that. That the whole book as the meditations sort of on the -- that single paragraph which I think is very powerful. This book should be for not only people who are. Over there tough time because you never know what an element of culture but I would also think that the spoke about -- obstacles the way it's about overcoming things and it's about -- you know finding the blessing in the tough times that you go through. But I would think that this is particularly for those people who might be. Going through a difficult time right now share yes I think so I think we all we all need help service. It's like you can give great advice to a friend if they were in the exact same situation as you but in -- in your own life it's much more difficult so I think that's really important and then I think. Just anticipating that life isn't gonna play out the way that you wanted to and -- when you get through one situation not to be pessimistic but. Don't fool yourself into thinking there's not going to be more there's a Haitian proverb that -- that says that behind mountains there are more mountains. And I think if you can prepare yourself for that. You're not gonna be continually disappointed or shocked at much rather be pleasantly surprises something didn't happen and then on pleasantly shocked when it did. You know I I'm interested how you have gone back in and I think about this standard is quite often I think about it. Great thinkers of the pastor and philosophers in Greek philosophy of societies in the past and it it does transcend time cherry -- so there's the -- -- trees in the book that says which stands in the way becomes the way then there's a -- saying which you know develop completely independently many years apart oceans apart. That says the the obstacle is the path so I liked this idea the -- will be in the way the ups closed the pat if you're zen buddhism and stoicism. Opposite philosophies. Zeroing in on the same timeless truth. Very quickly with your other book I trust me on line confessions of media manipulator -- You gave stories to the media and they ran with it even though the stories were not true yes sir what that book was an -- -- of the of the sort of the problems of this new media culture that we have where. People publish first and verify second and a kind of wanted to show that the consequences of of following that and basing your life for a and it's not fun. And your conversation thank you practice discredit good luck with your book it's called the obstacle is the way the timeless art of turning trials into triumphs. -- holiday he's going to be a person is signing books and Garden District books uptown at 6 o'clock tonight. That's Derek all right -- suited for Garland and who will be right back to wrap up the show here on WWL.