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5-5-14 1:10pm Angela: on Give NOLA Day

May 5, 2014|

Angela talks about Give NOLA Day with Albert Ruesga of the Greater New Orleans Foundation and a panel of non-profit representatives: Jeff Schwartz of Broad Community Connections, Heather Spazary of TREE, Donna Beltzer of Volunteers of America, Dominique Ellis of Easter Seals, and Luella Williams of Up2Us.

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We'll happy Monday and it truly is a happy Monday. I don't even wanna hear of somebody had a bad weekend it was too perfect a perfect weather glorious way to wrap up Jazz Fest. Everything just worked. I happened to walk along the river I just saw so many people and families. Just enjoying the weather in the day. This is a true spring and as you all know we don't have a lot of them but this was just spectacular and I hope it's the start of a wonderful week for you. It's certainly is for us and I'm very excited about our first Chicago. This is something I just in my heart so believe him helping nonprofits and this organization has figured out such a great way to do it enough runway in we're gonna talk about that. Our second hour is going to be one of my favorite people on the face of this earth we have become friends. Through this radio show her name is Jill Gardner -- she's the founder of manners of the heart. And if you listen to the show you know that she just as incredible things with our young people throughout the state and now she has sub. She decided to do another kind of program still talking about manners. And its effectiveness. On teaching. So it's about character building and then our third hour since we have inaugurated. Our new council and the the mayor. We're going to have three people in kind of looking at where we need to go the next four years and I know you'll enjoy that this will but we're gonna start with that. We're gonna think giving. It is a great idea and it's an easy way to get. Tomorrow is give know -- day. From midnight tonight or 1201. Till midnight tomorrow. 24 full hours. 300. Area nonprofits. Will be hoping that you'll give. Even if you give just ten dollars and nonprofits will earn extra. From the greater New Orleans foundation. Again it's a wonderful idea and here to talk about it is Albert Torres -- president of the greater New Orleans foundation. -- first of all welcome. To our wonderful city and you have been a while on board how long for five and a half years what relics have been that long yes yet. Oh my gosh I thought to that Barbara relatively new on that throughout your year. Thank you sign next then you know -- community. And you know that our community. Is John Harris is extremely -- yes. This is a wonderful idea because it incorporates. Every. It does and and not just people in New Orleans there's going to be seven the other communities across the United States are gonna -- participating. And one of the great things about this is that we get to show these other communities Birmingham. Atlanta and Houston just how generous we could be. As a city and as a region okay election Selma how it works. It's very easy this is a 24 hour and giving marathon and extravaganza. And what people do is they go on line to give Nolan got bored so give Nolan dot org -- It's a website that set up with the names of the 300. 0300 plus participating nonprofit organizations. They are profiles of these organizations. You could search them bijur areas interest so if you like the arts are too. I care about the environment you can find all those organizations that are working in those areas. You pick a nonprofit or more than one nonprofit and you make a minimum ten dollar donation using your credit card. And don't -- goes on to that tally for that non profit for the day. And at the end of the day we hope that we're gonna raise at least a million dollars world these nonprofit organizations are doing such great work in the community. And other top winners of the top. Money raisers -- fundraisers tomorrow are gonna get extra prizes as well. Nick prices and big prizes these are. Thankfully we're very grateful to both Brothers construction which has donated these prizes. And we've divided the nonprofits and to large and small so they don't have to compete against one another. So we have -- category for nonprofits have a budget of over a million dollars. And a category for those under a million dollars in budget. And the top. Money raiser tomorrow is gonna get an additional 25000. Dollars as a first place prize. Second place is gonna be 101005000. For the third place winner. And that goes also for the nonprofit that's able to attract. The largest number new donors are unique donors. Just 24 hour getting there. You know I've I've said for many years sometimes. I think that. I think people are basically very giving. But sometimes people aren't past were always kind always hitting the same people I think there's a whole pool of people out there who have not been passed. And you're asking them now and it's a great way to begin that relationship. This is a wonderful way to raise awareness we don't realize. How many nonprofits touch our lives every day. And the degree to which our city would suffer if they all of us -- disappeared. I mean how we wouldn't have our concerts we wouldn't have our parks we wouldn't have. But people to healer children teach our children now and turn children. So these are nonprofits and often do a lot of their work in the shadows. And I think this is so away not only to raise money for them and also to help raise awareness. -- the critical role that they play in improving the quality of life for. So I think you just said it perfectly just blink your eyes and they are not there you we would not have the community we -- it wouldn't be casino place -- not absolutely not. We actually have organized we love hearing from some of our nonprofits. Tough to pick them all because you do have so many glorious ones but we're gonna begin with Jeff Schwartz who is the executive director. Of the broad community connections. Just. There and Albert. Are you all pumped up for tomorrow. We -- we couldn't be more excited it's particularly honored to be -- factory orders organizations that are participating and I'm really happy to be updated to talk about it. Tell me -- group. Chairs -- -- community connections is hey neighbor to the change in one and the sixty that they -- streets. Better in this city and and we started he'd need to address some of their quality of life and and sort of -- investment market Asian achieve it. -- can -- a broad street after Katrina that we really where. Our. Comment that we work on a number of things primarily related to that commercial -- of broad street. And so you have that networked out and you have. Decided to tell all your friends in -- way -- vote vote with your wallet. That that accurately right in the we work with pieces of property in the bombardment that is your primary constituents they just like this and many of our wonderful commercial quarters in the city. I'd do it mysteries for everybody and that we do in reaching out to offer various partners and one of our biggest projects to begin again -- refresh project which many trucks you know it the whole huge market aren't on board yeah. On the tap project actually also had his -- all that 66 -- -- ten and few are actually all nonprofits. On the net includes -- can change -- did you think ordering -- for corner he -- in. -- -- Karen's first find schools which operates edible schoolyard. And that Crescent City community intra. And all of these -- partners are working aren't community revitalization -- community health issues. Armed India several of them are actually Alter participating in India north. Commentators there is an overlapping. Certain nonprofit partners on final couple. Well good luck tomorrow I know it starts at one minute after benign and you'll be up counting. Or. Thank you very much for for joining Austria. It. Everyone stay with -- we're gonna continue our talk about giving and that's what it's all about and we're gonna listen and hear from some more. Nonprofit to work very hard every day. And Morgan chairman stay with -- I'm Angela on WW. Well we are talking about give no holiday which is tomorrow. But think in terms of -- if you stay up elated actually starts at 1201. At midnight lesson one minute. 300 nonprofits and are a greater New Orleans area who have signed up. And -- if the hole. The whole idea is to help them. And to give -- -- as little as ten dollars and I think that's important thing you can give unlimited they'll take lots of ten dollars or you can give multiple. You may have five favorite charities you may look at the list if you go to give Nolan dot org. And you look at the whole list and and you're amazed that the number of great groups we have but it is as you said everything from the SP CA to goodwill to. Children's groups to music groups to the arts it's everything that needs help. I'm absolutely and giving. -- in the United States has been flat really for over the I guess for the past forty years it's been about 2% of the GDP. And in these times when -- a lot of these nonprofit organizations depend on people giving from their income her. And at people's incomes are not rising. The way that they would like it's really it's really tough it's tough fundraising environments and he's great. Groups and I know being involved with some of those fund raising groups that. One when the economic crash and then in 0809. It just -- people to Benito is a disaster a disaster so -- hopefully they're regrouping from that. But we still need to bolster them. Oh absolutely and today and tomorrow give -- that is not the only day for giving obviously this is a way of getting to know a lot of the great nonprofit work that's happening on the ground. And really to encourage people to develop relationships. With organizations that they can follow throughout the year and give to throughout the year that's right. OK we have another nonprofit is called then. It is executive director of treaty which is. Teaching responsible earth education terrific and we have. Heather is a par Heather. Hot day -- that your wonderful group. Okay -- responsible current education entry short. We are non profit that had been around 1995. Reach a couple thousand he would a year in building. For many years. And we bring you an outdoor classroom. Forward street IT. I'm some of them are over ninety. They work fine and there are engaged and it -- what it. They remember. That kids are. Very happy that we all -- -- teachers in the principles. By covering a third of the science and language are there required to cover he. -- these parents are happy because we bring them actually equally and where Mary Beltre to bring them the parent outwit. As well all year now. On an amazing period -- getting the science that. We all he'd greet nonprofit and the programs that they have we all it. All these unintended consequences and should we count it as -- -- we are about education deal to do a lot of nurturing and kids. I'm an adult again to be involved on base it. Quietly. And journal. The world around. Asia and few opportunities and at. But of course you've covered the acting you know I'll -- that -- I'm sure it does. What is your goal tomorrow what would your wish the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The part I'm doing it ended on 18100 dollar relief at all. We would love to get more like -- -- found out. The because that first time -- We're keeping our quote reasonable and that we containment as you can. Absolutely. Well I wish you much much success tomorrow. Everybody again that it is tree teaching responsible earth education thank you -- very very much good. -- okay. Two again. 300 nonprofits. You didn't -- it was those who signed -- Yes. We had to assign a period and down after awhile we closed. We want to make sure that the nonprofits says that signed up were up train so that they can take best advantage of tomorrow. And I had there was talking about to have misses a first time for her organization that's the first time also for the greater New Orleans foundation we've never done this before. So it's a big experiment we hope our big hope and our big wish is that we'll have. A million dollars in gifts that will be able to distribute to these non profit organizations. And at least 5000 donors going on line tomorrow and I giving their hearts out. And I'm. Hopefully that's a low number 5000 that's what we're hoping yes. And I hope everybody is doing is it's just very easy go online it is knowingly give dot org I gave Nolan editorial let me. Now -- -- give no don't don't listen to hit a give Nolan dot org and you just go down that list of that and you'll find many organization -- That's the one on one help those of the five I'd like to help. Or a big donation to one in particular and again as we keep saying. It's everything it is from animal groups to the symphony to. I got an email -- RB to radio for for the I'm blind. Wonderful group and I'm telling you 101000 dollars to that group you have no idea how they can make them money war. And I think that's a point we need to make 99%. Of of nonprofits. Work out of a heart. People are not in non profit to make money personal. It's about helping something. Absolutely not and the folks who work at these non profit organizations do work long hours for very short paying. They get up in the morning and they're motivated to go to work because he wanted to do some good for our community. And this is really no way for the community to to thank them. Not to thank them for all that they do and to really acknowledge the role that they plan just keeping it all together for the rest of us. That's right and when she was talking about there's a small one in 15100 dollars. But what the 15100 dollars due to help them hunt that would be terrific and that's a 15100 dollars has no strings attached. That they can invest in themselves that'll help keep the lights on. And down that kind of flexible money is just very heart come by for a lot of organizations. On. How is it gonna work coming. Do you have a team of people sitting there. Oh we do we do we have a technology partner that we have it's called K India. But we also have felt we called the situation room -- the war room the greater New Orleans foundation and -- setup and one of our conference rooms. And we have a big. Display. That shows says who's ahead in fund raising. How many donors had it and -- how we're doing it against other cities that are participating in the same event. So it'll be will have people on staff let people at the foundation from you know midnight tonight until midnight tomorrow. And and not tomorrow at 8 PM we hope will -- celebrate breaking our one million dollar. -- -- And firecrackers balloons and hair all of these only about not what is this a two going to have done it to Lafayette square at Lafayette square -- going to be from from 7 o'clock in the morning to 7 o'clock at night -- be giving stations Lafayette square. And there'll also be huge. Leader border display board. But starting at 11 o'clock we're gonna have a wonderful party essentially we're gonna have a great DJ. Non food trucks. Stations where people can go and make their donations of the people there with them laptops. So we can take donations write him off the West Lafayette square answer having Europe fish taco. And you know dancing to some great team. And then you need to take that on the road but the just -- block to block people will flock. Day ago I mean giving is supposed to be giving us a great show in this is really a celebration of giving him a celebration of the people who. Really made these kinds of events possible -- it's not just nonprofits but it's also the donors. Who have contributed to diesel and yet funds that are going to stretch every dollar that somebody -- tomorrow. And I just keep thinking for someone. You're hoping for 5000 people helping at 101000 -- -- have. 5000 givers and then 5000 new givers. And though you'd have that feeling of I participated in something that this community wide to me that's always a special thing that's incredible events. And done until ten dollars twenty dollars spread it around her dividend lump sum. Just do and how much money do we waste in a week. Hello caller yes and has given food that we throw Whitaker. Add and the half cup of coffee don't drink I mean please think of it in those terms as well stay with us everyone we're gonna continue to talk about. Give -- -- or white activists. Well Albert Rezko who was the executive director of the greater New Orleans foundation is our guest and it is -- -- -- its foundation that is taken upon itself. To put together for our area. Give -- dot org which is. Asking -- the whole community to get something. -- -- Thing and and we are a grateful for our partners and not only are nonprofit partners but really all of the corporate sponsors and we've had. And the many generous donors -- -- really made this possible. And as I said earlier this is really our first. Here and we'll see how it goes we hope that we'll have lots to celebrate but to over definitely thinking about doing it again next year and the year after that has many other communities have. And when I love is in a way because people can you know with the saint. We level little competition so New Orleans is also competing against all these other communities vacancy -- season we want to show them that we aren't in those -- city tomorrow. I don't like that a lot of because I really believe that -- -- get right down to it this is a giving city. Certainly it if they don't have money they give their time they give their talent they get their hearts. But this time you're asking for money and it doesn't have to be a huge amount. It can be as little as ten dollars. But if you if your favorite charity is acts of the new -- museum of art or the city park markets whatever it is. Wanna give -- hundred dollars this is a nice time -- -- you to do it and I would like you to explain one more time. How not only will they get all of that money. Those are they are encouraged to get new givers and for that they could win an award. -- that's right so they'll get whatever money they race on line tomorrow. In addition there are award stuff. The first prize is really 25000. Dollars. To the organization that raises the most money online. Second prize is 101003. Price 5000. There are rock around the clock awards these are awards given -- randomly every hour. To a nonprofit organizations those are the awards have a thousand dollars. And I should mention for those other awards for either raising the most money -- getting the most new donors. Now we divide that so that the small nonprofits don't have to compete against the large nonprofits. In addition to that there's a land -- fund it has about 250000. Dollars and and the way that works is that. If you raise 10%. Of all the money raised tomorrow let's say. You get 10% of that land infancy can an extra 20000 dollars or so. So you get whatever proportional share of that fund. Depending on what you raised tomorrow so there's lots of ways to win money. In addition to obviously developing and wonderful new relationships with with new donors as it should be. Let us now go to our next nonprofit who has the Donna Belcher who is the director of marketing for volunteers of America hey John how -- you. And I know tell us unknown but you do wonderful things that kind of break it down all that you do. Cheryl volunteers of America that -- about the seeking out and people each year. And I'll barely been in the community and eighteen and -- We need change and meet their community -- that the time. You know our program currently -- people. Of all ages and populations. -- deal with anything starting with the adoption -- two elderly services so. Our children that are school age children at afterschool programming. We also have a mentoring programs in belief that ability. -- education in the schools as well helping me -- We also have opportunities that we work with Stanley Cup and find affordable housing and provide management at that it needed. We work with persons with disabilities to help them live independently. And lit meaningful -- -- We also worked -- and around Natalie -- -- -- transitional housing for our veterans but we also provide an operating programs. So there's a variety of things that volunteers of America on doesn't community. You know what would be great as I'm listening to you as you're saying you're touching them from adoption and birth to. Elderly work if if 10% of the people you've helped. Just. Gave to you what an incredible thing. And I don't think it all the lives you have touched that might now be on the in the position to give what a wonderful thing that would be. That's very candidate can we are looking to see not only. But does that we've already worked with at work -- -- -- -- managed -- black. Absolutely. Well much success tomorrow I'll be thinking back to all at 12010. Yeah -- -- dawn hunt but not good luck to you -- And again that is director marketing and volunteers of America. What is great is what you said Albert is that it's small groups like once we talked to earlier all the way up to them. Volunteers of America and groups like -- are really another aspect of how generous our community isn't. Also how generous people from outside our community are who come and give their time. That's one aspect of giving that we sometimes overlooked that people are giving money but they're also giving their time they're giving their expertise. And and the thing about. -- group does that people forget they're really cost money to coordinate all this volunteer activity and they really need as much support as any other nonprofit organization working in the city that's tried. I think if people go on line to the give -- dot org. And you look at the list of 300 the first thing you can think of mr. -- had no idea they were that many nonprofit. But then you look at the vast array of nonprofits and and again you'll find in you said after midnight tonight it'll be labeled by category so if music is your interest the RT interest children your interest. Nature is your interest what ever it is helping elderly. You'll find it. And easy easy we'll be right back. And we're back talking about a very very easy way to give. And we can give collectively as a community to over 300 nonprofits. It's just a wonderful concept to give -- dot org. And with this is Albert Rezko who is -- head of the president of the greater New Orleans foundation which has organized this entire. Event and and just we are cheering you -- we just loves the idea it. We're thrilled with the support that we've gotten and death from all of our partners and their media partners and her. -- we're we're thrilled with the response of of the donor community of the nonprofit community and we hope it's great day for them tomorrow. Well on the line we have Lou well Williams who was the regional director of up to us. -- well. How are great tell me about up to us. Or -- -- believed that sports entertainment powerful tool can -- And and aren't in here at the sports the -- is critical couches. And what do you think that we view I'm actually coalition. And give for each covering. And then we worked together yeah power ports here and Tyler and her -- how they didn't -- academic. And and how long have you been doing this. -- -- collectively in. -- and -- happened and hearing your. Hand. Out and and so we hear it and they are here and are mean and reported sixty street local -- You like -- State Department. -- agree and dedicating nearly 56. -- next lady I work without. It. Now that that is terrific so. You could definitely use the extra funds. We check it. And that one that we put you in the coming year programming and actually X. You 2% and different parts of the ark -- it. Concentrated in -- alien parents and so we're hoping that you're getting holiday actually get the word. A -- -- are doing or trying to you in the community and cheer and it's still our club collection and went in there. Well it's making a difference in in kids' lives that is terrific. Thank you very very much for joining us on now let's go to a Dominic Ellis with. Who is the marketing director of Easter seals. Time carried into it I'm doing fine car you'll pumped up we. Are we are we actually had to the -- may opt -- -- running around out on the streets with signs up that support taking photos supposedly gone and as such immediately it's tomorrow to. And what did we do before social media. I didn't like this it's it's terrific. That makes that so much easier and such a great way to reach -- that's a proper audience out. Just skipping a little overview of Easter seals. Have we been here in Louisiana for over sixty years were a nonprofit that provides disability services to children and adults. With mental and or physical disability and our mission to help them achieve independence interpreted it. We offered services brown early childhood screening which are -- office here in Portland to our headquarters here that we have to have opposite to -- Louisiana that provide. Case management support coordination and we do transitional housing we have mental health service says that really runs the -- that now. Predict that it. Well we wish you much success tomorrow I know what midnight people start dialing in for you. Perfect and I like to say we're offering. Where I think on our donors to mark comment have a I'm happy hour -- but that they have to sponsors. Wrapped adding -- outside Bradstreet. Returned a party for tomorrow and anyone who don't meet the Easter seals can come -- and show proof that they did and your first during an on. Is backed by the sudden tomorrow. To do it right anyway all. Right we know how to party and we don't know how to celebrate and to celebrate giving us great. -- we. Thank you so much thank you. I want everyone to stay with -- and I think there's some other events going on to you wanna hear about this too that will encourage us to. Give -- tomorrow 24 hours as a community. We'll be right back. All right one emphasize this again this is your chance to have an even better day than -- having today and that is by giving and it's all about. Giving to the your favorite and you can have multiple favorite nonprofits. There -- 300 nonprofit signed up in the greater New Orleans area. All you have to do is go to give -- dot org look at them and glacier. The amount and and I again want to thank very much on Albert Rezko who was head of the great enormous foundation who has organized this. But let's talk about some of the fun and creative things that these groups are doing to encourage people. -- -- there's a hole was set of events happening all over the city. And -- just to name a few. We have greater New Orleans fair housing action center for clock. They're going to be hosting a paid for happy hour followed by optional free tango lessons from seven to eleven so after a few drinks are gonna do a pretty mean tank. Bingo bank and all you have to do just give ten dollars or more and then you have the happy hour in the new tango. We should all be may be dancing in the region obviously -- that. On but -- a lot of them I think the carousel at city park is going to be doing something. They're gonna have especially and then there's going to be a few happy hours so all over the city there's going to be. Indeed there or be square event at Lafayette squares and mentioned from the 11 o'clock to 2 o'clock with a DJ. And giving stations. And a big leaderboard to find out who's doing -- the best and fundraising. And really events all over the city to celebrate the spirit of giving. -- and you just so the bottom line it is the spirit of giving and it is -- us. And it's just a matter of tapping into it. You can give to one you can get too many this is a one day 24 hour event we are competing with other cities which I love because I think it really -- people want. And it's gonna make such a difference in the organization's. Work. It will -- sound. One of the things it's people don't realize how hard it histories. Money that the hamstring it's strings attached. Most of the time when you can't gift from a foundation. Or from another grand maker there has to -- for particular programmer for a particular purpose. But to have money that has no strings attached that you could use to pay the light bill or hire new staff member. Or go to LaRoche -- a program or fix a hole and nearly -- Is just so important to our non profit organizations and there's really no better way to do that then. Not a marathon like this really puts. Individual donors like you like me in touch with these great nonprofit organizations. And again the ease of it is what's so special he -- it's like going on line and no ordering something from Amazon only -- A half -- and and more appreciated perhaps very much -- so it is just give Nolan dot org. Find what whatever the nonprofit decision -- down the list and tomorrow they're gonna be by category so that's the arts or its animals or its children or it's. Activities what -- for help. What ever it is you just make your donation or make multiple donations. Before we leave a lot of people perhaps don't know the greater new -- foundation which just on such incredible things in this community and helps people who want again. We've just celebrated our thirtieth anniversary and we are. Southeast Louisiana's community foundation. We -- provide services to people who want to be Philanthropic not only to individuals but also to families and businesses. We promote philanthropy like we're doing tomorrow. And like we do through on various -- activities that we -- to introduced donors to create nonprofit work in the area. But we also design and run programs set to help improve. Other community. -- for example we have a program called New Orleans works that is helping to not train people for jobs in the health industry. As a medical assistants. Well I wanna thank you very very much Albert to Rezko and think tomorrow think giving. 24 hours from a little after midnight. Till the next -- thank you so very much. It is the 1000 dollar vacation cash contest the code word this hour is drink. Text the code word drink to 72881. That seven to 81 for your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide without ever putting down your phone. Your chance -- an easy 1000 dollar vacation cash is just one text away. Listen for the next code word before the top of the hour news at 5 PM we never charge for -- but individual plan text and data rates may apply.