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5-5 5:20pm Sports Talk: Saints Draft Needs

May 5, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL-TV Sports Reporter Jaun Kincaid about the New Orleans Saints top draft needs for the 2014 season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports -- draft there's this week in a -- have all sorts of ways FaceBook Twitter. Will be tweeting out also -- information Christian T by Steven -- times staff and -- big chief Christie Garrett at Kristian -- Juan on Twitter. Giving all the ins and outs and his next German will be very busy as well WW a television sports report ankle one king Qaeda. John does now lot of the draftees here employed used to be just one big day now it's three -- You're right man and imitate some big it's taken all up for the draft to get a matchup problem because fans have been pushing him back in the -- because now we have to -- -- -- -- all these. Besides these these trappings of feel television and the mock draft -- in my by mark Robinson critical. Yeah outline anyway you look at it. The bottom line I think you'd agree with this and the Saints the ability to move back. You look at their first pick high expectations in the -- is the at 27 yeah you expect immediate impact whether it's a corner. A wide receiver outside linebacker -- -- whoever would you expect him to contribute immediately. What I've fool anybody and I think when you're taking the first in the field the way the draft is now though. First second third round you look at getting guys it's gonna contribute right away obviously in the first round you wanna go out there definitely starting position. And I think you have some needs it's not as bad as it has been in Europe he would pass the way -- -- the middle of the plate. But beyond that need to be a pretty obvious fidgety guy like they can burn it catch balls that it's highly productive guy. At any you know -- the quarterback and they need help at linebacker. But did you know -- desperate team right now and you know make it was pulled strain I would not be surprised -- this team will get exactly what they first round. Now one. Are you I don't know if you had John immense self -- are not but global what is your take if you had to guess I kind of 5050 boomer buzz of we think he's gonna come about with John amends LB do you think Eagles in the top ten in. And wherever he lines do you think you have six. Well I think we about got equipment man and now a arsenic at very tell the quarterbacks and he's. Kind of the quarterback where if -- go that direction now we want guys can get out of the pocket be creative you felt like bring Randall Cunningham back to a lot lot shorter version. A guy that can be creative thinking anything -- -- -- he can get five yards to the Robert Griffin the third. So I think you'd be successful really do. But of course it all depends on. What TD in south where. What players around and -- guys -- played -- on the quarterback to be successful console but I think if he would have been Houston with -- going to be surprised. He's got talent around the league to be successful everything -- initial. Predicted that the Cleveland a place like that did people. Padilla it would depend on hand make the play that the guys around -- could be more mobile than -- A with a couple of solid -- which came in them. Now -- line. When you look at the wide receiver position. Who will be available -- do you. Do you think he can stay at 27 and they might have particular receiver targeted as a deep enough -- think. They have to that move up because when you talk about the likes of bullet bill Beckett Julia. More Marcus Lee. When you bring of those names in the kid from Morgan State branding -- LT was saying well they will be available -- Tony -- what did you take do. Will move up quite a guy have a guy at that they won maybe -- -- -- wide receiver -- them. Well you know Bobby I think it would appear but fifth round pick back if he's -- packaging that. And up and moving I think this team if if they -- wide receiver the first two which is what I would do. You -- get a quality guys at which you also look at that guy. That's gonna come and help on the special teams the ball well look at the secret for the last couple years the team that got nothing but kick return -- return at all. To get a guy in the draft in the first round like I would go back and -- -- market league -- and awful. On handle punt return and kick and kickoff return duties that you got a guy could be -- a an automatic weapons right away. I think at three deductible -- in the draft now how ought to have to go to -- which players they will you have to move a lot further he'll go back Agee it will mark decently in my opinion. I just think oh yeah back and -- just won the most prized players in the traps that people still talking a lot about a couple of Sammy Watkins. The talk about you know -- now I like -- and it obviously is very good players. But we've watched them back and doing it for a couple of years now I'll shoot it that he's gotten substantially better year after -- year he's a special. Am I ligament of the great ball because I ask myself in over the course of time is there one receiver in this league east -- You know it is oh yeah ate it in but is -- one receive a Communist league east -- Me and the miles away from from these next guy and I don't think Darius I think there's there's a bunch of good receivers you could share some of and that's what -- -- as good as about the examine wac and Disney may be -- so yeah when it's all said done pro career last I don't know if he's gonna have that much greater although pro career as everybody -- -- -- is going to be somebody's usually wait. Of interest it would anyone it's goes and how that team with -- that you like -- legacy he's going to be receiver. Oregon and they can be able to count more deeper you get and they can return kicks and all that I would imagine you opposite that dangerous. But with a little back -- -- you that you may feel like you want obligated to put him. In the in the special teams situation but that he excelled in the it was much he's excelled as a receiver fell look at it if it's may not make it moment I'm looking at the board when he gets beat. A route fifteen -- think -- okay don't make a play that Beckham -- now we. Besides the -- -- going to be huge I think that Terry to keep this skated statehood -- -- keeping it happened here you know his upside is ridiculous and -- going to continue to get better. Because of them his jeans and it's how he played the game but he. What Henne kept the beckoning and down on kickoff return he's a special talent that this could see the -- Trying their best to get to get him but you don't want to give up on one play that's what they. Field goal of the community you look at marquis only god can still do things and Odom can do which is not on a -- -- level. One how can folks -- you want to let. Well we do it -- -- and one. In the -- And -- KI NC for wanting KWWTV. Juan thank you so much of the time property. Right -- at a news times 532 time the first news will go to him hands.