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WWL>Topics>>5-5 5:35pm Sports Talk: NBA Pacers v Wizards

5-5 5:35pm Sports Talk: NBA Pacers v Wizards

May 5, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to 1260 WDNE Indiana Host Jake Query about the upcoming NBA game of the Indiana Pacers and the Washington Wizards.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- query covers the Indiana paces on 1260 W in DE radio Indiana -- thank you so much for the time and not. I go back to a Boston team that went on to a championship they went to a seven game series with -- Atlanta never -- all they won't make it. It just rolled right along when Indiana role now and then I go wake up was Atlanta that good what happened in this series. Accurate question first they don't look or. What he achieved that. You know look to the reality is that there. A myriad things that they capital India this year -- or what I think debate just kind of cable page. Too quickly though and open your plate -- that you can relate to that you had guys that were just. There were huge names in college and it all came together for them in the pros so. You know that they were used to dealing with that except they did you go out -- shall what's that goes into -- beyond just winning games but. That's I think what we'll find out about that reality. It's clear in that game. The alarm clock went off for them for that game -- they played it a microcosm of what made him good of -- -- India. Playing together play whichever establishing himself down low getting Stephen to beat Duke Energy. All of the opening contributed to -- first forty games success. All came back to that except now the question is. It -- in. Order that can happen out there often -- and you know reference report the Boston team. The 2000 -- and you know obviously there's a simple player on this team to doubt agent Q although older coach Bert -- president -- operation but. -- two out and yet he put it to the final lost its six game the game Lakers. There with a game five needle job crowd to skate they seem to Milwaukee in a series so. He'd done but the guys they start -- more consistency. Then what they the last six weeks of the street corner is dangerous team. That I think at that perpich boxing. Obvious sleeper and -- it and a lot of talent. And you're the perhaps not be here and just let loose accuracy I think Bradley deal. To go back or march -- Haven't you know -- Those shows are about partner just consistency I think because the court. -- sure when that -- six or seven would surprise real force becomes that much. Yeah Jake along those lines. Break it down the fans. When the Wizards and pace as it did matchup generate with season and then also. I mean outing at times you know get enough credit. But Nene. I mean you look what he does in this in a position in. And and I'm unlike Camelot is verses Hibbert -- what did you take on that. I totally agree about that day I mean that's the guys. You know he's got a real player for a long thought a couple LPG immediately this year. This gave itself beat and you see what this guy. Didn't do. You got. He's got to -- grit and he coached Joseph he absolutely can at 1213 foot or what he does but -- not you'd like to say. Real problem with the in the India that are in the thing that I think where India and a couple. Was I liken it to two years and get a -- now what treatment and political she saw how much that devastated Indianapolis -- our -- We knew about where we didn't realize how much they were matched by treatment. -- -- are all -- Pacers past like David West at the -- player. You know all orders -- best starter. Roy Hibbert is. Actually the centerpiece of what they need and want to do out there deciding play. Ostensibly it's such -- what was. Totally in the Chechnya where for art and Al. The reason we're used to and decide to do much. So what is it that it was a inside game really kind of was stretching type game at all or -- out of that interior -- -- so used to being anchored. I think it took him out of the game and India everything probable. How to design to operate because he was. In his -- so Washington on the other is much like it and I do like I think we're not a good player and she really good physical down low. It they are unfortunately. Going against what you were straight as opposed take advantage or -- is a chipper. And I think that -- in what Indiana -- that I want to do and the way they're designed play that that actually. It is weird out that part of that country or they. Chick where KE QU ER YAK. You -- why else would do. IndyCar where a player learn that we may be a potential coached the Tivoli. Could be running or texture the scorcher. Beat broke out because much and I love the city a lot of people on the -- -- them geared that way. -- Jay we thank you so much volatile worth it -- -- series have been in camp right -- All right this is sports talk under the W.

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