WWL>Topics>>5-5 6:35pm Sports Talk: NBA Thunder v Clippers

5-5 6:35pm Sports Talk: NBA Thunder v Clippers

May 5, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Randy Heitz who covers the Thunder for 107.7 the Franchise in Oklahoma City about the upcoming NBA game of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Clippers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back game one of the Western Conference semi finals as Oklahoma City taking on the Los Angeles Clippers. -- and thunder 41077. The franchise in Oklahoma Cindy. Randy rhinestones now Randy thank you so much for the time mandate. I don't think any of us here in New Orleans and it's a Saints will hosting. Seattle and NFC championship game Russell Wilson was suspended I don't think any of us would be. Very disappointed. And we were home and post in the game -- Randy wicked -- that -- -- MBA kind of cheated us out of what could have been a classic games several knows that Randall. Yeah. You know I wonder what. I emerged in the rule you would there. Aren't about the children everything and look at what Kirk. What could've been. It's been good forward Kevin with the when he needed to. -- he would have been late in the hole is not. What they -- the -- but. We're at at that standard yet what they immediately think. The victory and I think -- -- -- -- -- let them. I. Now Randy. Obviously. Every athlete wants to be accepted -- sometimes you need to be challenged and it seems like that's it came about with the local media. You know we Kevin Durant. Bo what is your take on that and out because obviously. You won a player to stay there long term. What is your take immediate an inspired Kevin Durant and motivated and and I think I'm going forward. As far as the being challenged and and -- that -- be the player that he can be. A lot. It was an issue. When you look I mean the -- While that happened in the -- doctor had to bail out or. Greater and greater. -- -- Played well. At it like it here. Where. -- -- -- -- New York City here. In. Critic in. He's been out -- and he brokered the one out there is not going to be and it. Yeah night and Randy I truly believe. Kevin Durant. As crazy is in the -- that haven't. I've I've believed MVP. Of the season this year that this performance overall. But. I think that it -- that to truly get where they wanna get. And represent the west. That you have to see. A great support for the team obviously also Russell was. -- Well look. At guard in. The regular even in. Street one streak now. -- -- -- It. And one in the upper. Credit -- -- you know well and for. Treatment. Like you're the expert. It. -- Now -- Randy looking at the Clippers. I think it's gonna come down the stretch of the game was close you look at the strategy. The -- -- I mean that by making free throws and I think that's kind of Achilles -- especially the for the get the play policy and he became knocked down. Crucial free throws. But what I've been impressed with. His outside game and he's worked on it that being Blake Griffin. And how well he shot an outside. At 1215 foot jumper against the -- But match and you need to is going to be you know are -- -- It kind of garbled that one with the -- the series obedient. Matchup that they're not here you're at you know you're gonna get what you are -- -- what does indeed do you predict -- -- -- you know -- are you the superstar -- the Clippers. The key to Albany a look at the economic you know you urgent. Need -- in the strike -- frustrating -- that would. Really haven't been able to do -- -- you know. What what Britain -- he. Frequently. Need to differently here -- the Clippers are out there aren't hearing -- -- shot did he get under in this round. Reebok in about it or not the soccer. In the semi final and I'm still leaning that way you know or if needed but like. It's. Just for the simple. The court and it would not shock me at all to beat the Clippers weren't will be very Victor because. I'm like. Them -- opportunity. He -- -- exactly what they're like little better game. (%expletive) this series for the thunder against -- as I'd like that yet that the people who did. Randy heights -- was the Oklahoma City -- in the Western Conference semis between the thunder. And the Clippers. 107. Points and the franchise in Oklahoma City Randy. Thank you so much for the -- in dog a series. Think it.