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May 5, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our show it is a beautiful. Monday nights in May the fifth cinco de Mario I hope you're out there having a good time but if -- going to be enjoying the traditional tequila. What reverence ago demise of margaritas. And to make sure you know it driving home and you know if you're gonna actually particularly you you should be eating as well -- in our topic today. Got a ridiculous story about how to drink tequila electorate grown up. For some reason that headline just doesn't even seem to work it was a great weekend a beautiful weekend both weekends for Jazz Fest. John bogey I didn't get a chance to -- yesterday that John -- apparently killed them. And Springsteen. Is my understanding Springsteen. Is producing Jon Fogarty. And so that's going to be an interesting interesting combination there Springsteen and Jon -- John -- credence Clearwater revival. I didn't give them the credit that they actually deserved but I was reading up on Woodstock. And I found out that a lot of a very prominent pants. Were not signing to perform at Woodstock. Until. Jon Fogarty -- of a revival site and when they signed then. The gates opened up in a lot of -- well if they're gonna sign then that we're gonna -- I had no idea. That tennis CCR. Maintain that kind of respect it in the industry. I did -- a -- -- earlier today and I've talked to a young get authors have lived in new -- for a couple of years he lives in Austin now. But he was in the studio but he gave me a copy of his book and there was a book signing a Garden District books earlier Ryan holiday. Really a very Smart guys were a couple of books. But his latest book is the obstacle is the way. The timeless art of turning trials. Into trying to. And I can think about it trials and I've been through in my life in in recent years. And like I can look back in and even at the time I thought we you know I don't know why am going through this but this is gonna lead to something. So if you are going to a tough time you might wanna pick up this book the obstacle is the way. The title supportive of turning trials and triumphs and he was signing books actor Garden District books earlier tonight. And it's it's if you didn't throw it. If you haven't been through it yet again it's it's really it's it's good to understand. That the obstacles. -- -- they're gonna come up they're gonna happen we we we can't prevent us from going through challenges all we can do is deal with how we. Handle the challenges it's I just thought it was there was very good I'm looking forward to reading net. It's time for tonight's top -- dates here the topic things we'd like you know which we begin our show tonight on a VW well. Number eight. Here's -- headline Huffington Post dot com is the web site how to drink to heal on Cinco De -- like a grown up. I mean seriously. The drink tequila. Like a grown up. I mean no you don't drink to feel like a group that he actually -- to -- grown up but I love this -- sip it don't shoot it. I still have a problem with the term premium tequila. Because it's still tequila. -- -- -- Salt and lines are optional and take necessary precautions I like this at this advice. If you're going to be drinking hefty amounts of Heatley need a solid meal. And drink lots of water. But somehow in the process of drinking tequila you -- don't always remember that. I think maybe the headline actually should be instead of how to drink tequila wants to go to -- -- How to keep drinking tequila to go to -- only grown up because that's really not possible. And you know there there are other there are always those people you might be one of them who just can't stand tequila. There's always that one alcoholic beverage that you got so drunk on at one time. That you just can't ever drink it again. Did the thought of it the smell of it absolutely makes you sick. For me for some years it was Scotch. I -- I dated a girl once who drank and discussions so. And I couldn't -- -- she brush your teeth. That's how I'll post I was to get that taste in this mail. -- never seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Those eight -- gates that are designed to protect children the world they're not protecting all children a new study shows. -- US kids are going to the emergency room. In in more numbers than in the past. Most of the injuries are not serious but tickets are falling through these gates or climbing over the gates. And for parents were using gates at the top of stairs you're. You're told to use a -- gate and not the that the pressure -- it. -- gates at the top of the stairs but the number of injuries from baby gates has tripled over the last twenty years. I find something really interesting about this. It's not the fault of the baby gate Dino what's happening and and we talk about this quite often on the show. It's not the fault of the baby gate it's that there are so many things now available. Did make parents feel like their kids are protected they don't have to watch this closely. A look at the big -- up. Particularly worked so we'll just sit here smoke a joint -- to sit here drink will do what we'll watch TV. Parents are developing a false sense of security because kids are strapped into their high chairs as a pair still watching this closely. That's why the number of high cheer. Accidents and injuries is increasing and the number of baby gate injuries -- are increasing because parents are putting a gate up thinking -- I don't have to watch my kids now. No matter what you put up. You have to watch your children. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. I read this earlier today and this was just another case that caused me to. Just scratch my head and say OMG. A Dallas judge is now removed herself from a rate case. He told -- Dallas newspaper that I achieved she thought that the fourteen year old victim. What's not the victim she claimed to be. The state judges Geneen -- She's a mother. With two daughters. A woman judge. Instead of sensing this guy a twenty year old -- young instead of sentencing and he pleaded guilty to raping this fourteen year old girl in 2011. Instead of sentencing him to prison term. He gets 45 days in jail. And probation. The girl testified that she told him know when to stop several times but he didn't. And the judges questioning her story she says she wasn't the victim she claimed to be and he's not your typical sex offender. This decision you draw a lot of attention affect medical records that suggests that this this girl had. A three sexual partners and it actually given birth but her mother. Denies that I don't know whether that's true or not. But even if a fourteen year old girl is promiscuous. And even if she invites. Sexual advances from somebody who's older. Is that the older person still ultimately responsible. But really there are girls who who just innately know. How to teaser meant from a very. Very early age. That it's kind of scary. They know how to get the attention of men. And that's why boys and guys have got to be Smart enough not to fall into that trap. Because that's would idiots. Now. Its forces girl's concerned. If this guy pleading guilty discussion go to prison. And I'm -- astonished that this judge. Is sentencing has got a 45 days in jail and probation I think the prosecution -- at least ten years. In -- he's twenty she's fourteen even if she was promiscuous. I still hold him accountable for the rape and it better still accountable for -- it's it's sex against somebody's will. And it doesn't matter how willing somebody he has although again you know I think you need to be smartest guy if you have. If you have if you have teenage boys tell -- to be sort if you have older teenage boys talent to be Smart because there are girls out there who wore. Just innately promiscuous. And it's their -- of of getting attention and you can easily get into trouble by. Not to paying attention to the right thing so why I'd have conversations with boys and girls when it comes to that. But if you break somebody and you're responsible doesn't matter how much you were enticed. Never five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Gallup poll shows that 40% of Louisiana residents say they would leave the state if they could and I know Tommy talked about this said the in the morning. It's been talked about it we and it just talk about it yet. I boarded the one of the things that came up in this Gallup poll which is very respectable poll. Is that the high poverty rates were some recent where some of the reasons that that it residents felt stuck here and wanted to leave. Well if you're living in poverty here in Louisiana. Wouldn't you be living in poverty in another state as well. But he chances are each year situation might not change that much. Now lieutenant governor Jay Darden and his his offices in charge of the tourism in Louisiana he says he sees quite a different picture totally disagrees with the poll. I would agree with lieutenant governor -- Darden. It seems like this poll is is it's awful little bit I don't know what the exact question wise but -- 40% of the people who always you know -- lead the state and again I'm curious if if -- poverty rates was the real reason then. Maybe they think that if they just moved somewhere else they could move to some magical place and then everything would be a lot better if you could leave Louisiana which you leave the state. Where would you like to go what state would you ideally. Like to -- it if you enjoyed Russia with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. -- number is 877. Number four in tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Under the seat belt campaign began Friday. Here in the state of Louisiana and it's aimed at getting drivers of pickup trucks to buckle their seat belts. The campaign is called buckle up -- truck. Well here's my question. Why is -- -- campaign to get pick up truck drivers. To buckle the seat belts. Why are those who are driving pickup trucks. In disproportionate numbers. Apparently less likely to fasten -- seat -- Do you drive a pick up truck. Do you fasten your seat -- That was just interest in in why there was a need for this campaign buckle upping your truck. Designed to get people who drive pickup trucks to buckle their seat belts. Now. -- I'm good -- would. I'm gonna come to a stereotypical conclusion here which I'm I'm sure it is wrong and correct me if you think this is wrong. But there are some people who drive pickup trucks. More macho. Do. Some pickup truck drivers. I think they're. Much -- to the point where. They don't have to buckle their seat belt to their their tough enough to survive. A crash. I mean in a way it and it should be up to. I guess the driver. But he buckle you seat belt or not but it is something that we should all do an idol I'm buckle my seat belt and I think you should too it's unfortunate that some people don't. Don't use common sense and don't use. What is seems to be a distant and obvious. Common sense solution. To to a problem it and chances are you've got a much better chance of surviving an accident. If you buckle your seat belts I was just curious why do you think pick -- truck and maybe your pickup truck -- party think pickup truck drivers. Are less likely to fasten your -- Join our shooter right our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Early Saturday tax is 8787. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A bio and briefly talked the last couple of years -- -- some controversies with cinco -- bio. -- was a case that led to a federal court decision in California that students are not allowed to Wear American flag T shirts to school. Once secret to my. There was a demonstration of waiting American flags are about three dozen people held American flags outside of Morgan high school Morgan Hill high school. In the San Francisco area today. And this was the that is the scene of the cinco de -- a controversy where -- in 2010 I believe it was. War in American flag T shirt to school and he was told time to go home and and and change. Is it wrong to Wear an American flag T shirt. Is it wrong to display the American flag. Bicycle to -- If you wouldn't do it ordinarily. There's nothing wrong with the American flag. But is it wrong too. I guess some might did describe it as -- the American flag. Is it wrong to -- the American flag Jessica demise of this is this is our country. But there are Irish there are Italians. There are so many different people who celebrate their heritage. Why is why is there's so much controversy about Cinco De -- It there's a lot of controversy about. Hispanic. Immigrants. And yet there's less controversy about Irish immigrants. And there are Irish immigrants. In this country and other immigrants in this country who are here illegally. So is it wrong too is it -- to display the American flag on Cinco De Mayo. If your goal is to send a message. If you and enjoyed -- right -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 text is a 77. Number two -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Fox News host Sean Hannity and bill Reilly continued to condemn efforts to legalize pot. A -- Hannity special stoned America. A doctor equated voting for the legalization of marijuana with voting for slavery. Bill Riley said the state of Colorado is now out of control since legalizing. Marijuana. That makes me think that. Supporting legalization of marijuana is a liberal issue. Is it. And why would it be a liberal issue. We'll talk about -- on the showed -- is supporting legal -- legalizing marijuana is that liberal or conservative. Are you liberal are you conservative. And do you support or not support legalizing marijuana. At issue note there are attempts to turn everything into a political issue but when. When Sean Hannity and -- were just so adamant about condemning efforts to legalize pot in this this Doctor Who said this on and Sean Hannity show. Legalizing marijuana is it is is is equivalent of voting for slavery. And that's that's insanity and the state of Colorado is not out of control. Because they've legalized pot. I'm not yet anyway but detonated made me think that this is a liberal issue. I've been called. A liberal for a number of different reasons I've been called a little because I I support the legalization of pot. Is that a conservative issue or a liberal issue -- and if you're conservative. Do you support or. Or not support legalizing pot. I Detroit shouldn't let our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy -- embrace 877 finally -- over one. On tonight's list -- yeah. New Orleans is changing. Let's make it the best it can be that's the title of the -- blog it's on our website at WWL dot com. Today mayor when Andrew was sought sworn in for a second term in office and he. He talked about a lot of great things that have happened in New Orleans over the last four years what he has been and I in the in the mayor's office at City Hall. Too -- let's talk about what we're doing right in New Orleans. And what is still wrong with the city which still needs to change. And what do you think the top priority. For the mayor should be in this in this second term. And doing girl that you earlier I got a text from somebody who said that new -- is going to be like every other city it's turning into a big box. A city with big box stores. And strip malls. And it's not going to be unique anymore. Do you think that the growth and progress of New Orleans is. Is is causing us to lose. Our uniqueness. If you wanna join Russia with a -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- simply Texas 87870. SO what -- was -- right what do you what do you like about the city what are you love about the direction our cities heading and you might totally disagree with. Palin took you might think this city's heading in the wrong direction. And what is still wrong with the city. And isn't it OK to say hey you know what there there're still things wrong with the city it's not perfect. There's still a lot that we can do there's a lot that we can do to change who we are as citizens. And yet a lot of people wondered just protect even the things that are bad. It you or what's. To join our short numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. A text street 7870. This is dispute show and we'll be right back. Under the WL a result for girl earlier every carried nearly intrusive inauguration speech like today from this anger theater and so I had a chance to listen to the whole thing and and talk about it. It was a great speech it's very inspiring mayor Landrieu is a very good at that. And obviously when you've been reelected -- you. Are about to take your the second term in office about to begin your second term. Obviously there -- lot of positive things to to talk about and there have been some positive things that. You know that the mayor deserves some credit for the direction of the city. -- a lot of it has to do with just. Kind of getting out of the way in an -- and letting things happen I love. What's happening in New Orleans and I I feel like you're still a lot that needs to change this thing that needs to change the most in an in my opinion. They're not saying this is a native as somebody who loves the city one of the things in us to change is. The mentality. There is there's a certain protected. Attitude here. That. Is equated with oh it's our culture it's the way we do things in New Orleans. Well CNET starting to change. It's it's I I'm I'm moved back -- angrily after Katrina. Is -- change I think the result of that. Is of people who have come here. From elsewhere. To try to make the city better so many people came here from elsewhere to try to improve the city and rebuild the city. And they state. And there are more people coming in. Where I I drive on on canal street or two in Africa and I see them massive medical complex going and I think about the construction jobs. And I think about. When it's finished all of the the people that that's going to attract to our city. That's great. Of course -- big box stores and as somebody earlier today suggested they were just gonna become a city like every other city. We can't tell me that that Costco and Carrollton. Hasn't made a whole neighborhood better certainly better Costco -- They're nothing and then Costco serves a purpose for a lot of people who use that. I think about. For rent magazine street. I think about. The -- I think about the mid city area and so many neighborhoods in this in this city have improved. To the point where they encourage neighbors to. To come together. They encourage neighbors to. To communicate with -- each leader of the they don't really necessarily know each other. That's a really positive thing. And I have an interesting perspective since I was born here and grew -- here and love the city. But I I've had the opportunity to live in some great cities so on both the both coasts. And around the country. And so when I came back I I noticed the positive changes. Especially downtown. And I just couldn't help but think that this is that this is a great new direction for New Orleans do you like the new. New Orleans. If you're gonna join Russia with a comet tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. In a text amber is -- 7870. Also laden will. Want to we'll talk tonight about. About some of the things that the mayor said and we've got some highlights from his speech earlier today if you did -- at the entire speeches on our website at WW dot com if you went to a to check that out. Here is such -- -- the -- is doing great I'm glad to have bought -- house -- Orleans parish. But I want to help make it better. Here's another text I love the progress. We move forward or we fall behind what makes New Orleans unique. Is in our people. And that will never change well that's true but there's one thing dead right I did point out. That should change. And that is the mentality of -- And I I I couldn't help but think about the until the law that recently passed. And it really increasing the fines tremendously. For throwing a cigarette butt out of a car window. Now for those smokers who were unaware of the fact. That it's -- then we're not gonna beat up on you. But for those of you who didn't who have been conditioned to think it's not littering and your obnoxious they gonna continue to throw cigarette butts on the ground -- -- car window. You need to change. And if you're from New Orleans if you're from Louisiana if you've been here all your life and that's just been something it's become second nature well it's no longer acceptable. So recently text earlier today and said that the the yelled at somebody on pointers with to a cigarettes out of the window. -- he thinks -- -- the -- was really embarrassed. And it has a feeling that he's never gonna do it again. And I I've talked about that as well shoot we should we say something to people who who do this. The number of cigarette butts and I see it again this is a microcosm of the mentality. Of New Orleans that should change. Urban street weekend nights party different story. And in urban streets cleaned up on a daily basis they -- great job keeping it clean every day. But part of this idea of just throwing stuff in the -- well that's what we do here. They don't do that and other cities. And just because we do here doesn't mean we should continue to do it this is something that could make our city better. From the nor short Tony -- WWL -- good evening. Can -- doing good. My daughter is twenty years old she had been sixteen different country. To tour with a group are young American bickering at each workshop. All over the world and see me continuously. Old -- -- Talked about -- and talk about the city but that he came back and recorded a foul -- you can handle it but -- came out until you're. -- Everything about him and that he would be too -- we talked to one another. No ball games. Trying to quarter -- street in the great place love Kamal larger. Market should look -- Louisiana. And New Orleans in the what are we are here is special. Well it is special there are few things that I think we should change I think we should be of particular when it comes to -- literate again I think bird street IP the exception there but when it comes to. As some things that well it's always been this way I like the idea that. -- corruption it I get the impression that corruption is no longer tolerated the way it once was it was. As if people thought they get into office and they're entitled to do whatever they want and that seems to be that seems to be changing. -- -- -- Coleman -- below the video below the date but people are just are tolerated anymore. Yeah and an -- you know as long as as long as pride doesn't stand in the way of changing things that should change. Then that pride is a wonderful and putt very positive thing. I'd Tony -- -- can you can can you get your daughter do what sinister song. Arm actually. Worked for I assistant Judy said to me email. And finicky and emailed -- -- what and the scoot. -- -- WWL dot com. And created a little all right thanks Tony thank you. If you rejoice with -- a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines nearly seventy. And a text number is 87870 -- -- -- is more of your calls and more view tax are coming up tonight we're also talking about a cinco de bio that's today. Is it's disrespectful. To. Display the American flag where we are an American flag T shirt on Cinco De Mayo. If you trying to send a message. A federal court decision California said that as a student could not Wear an American flag T shirt to school on Cinco De Mayo where it was at the right ruling. And is supporting legalization of pot is that a liberal or conservative position is is this -- show your comments are next on WWL -- to a sworn into office for his second term earlier today at the -- theater here's part of what the mayor had to say in his inaugural speech. So what are we to make of our current state of affairs should we be happy. Or sad. Should we be joyful. Boss our whole hopeful all -- uplifted. All beaten down. Should we acknowledge and should come to politician did you stop. Or should we recognize them confront them and she used to overcome all yes we singing we shall overcome. But do we say it anguish. Or do we sing it with confidence and certainty that no matter how low the -- No matter how -- the -- how dark the night how dangerous the pat. We will find -- right time it got to place it that I like to eat your boss and treat each of our children. Are you happy with New Orleans -- like the direction we're headed in party think -- worlds is losing its uniqueness. A we'll talk about the city on the show tonight will continue to play some highlights from the mayor says speech and again it was -- a very. Exciting speech that -- they're talking about the progress that has happened in this city in the last four years there's been a lot of progress a lot of very positive progress. We're also talking about whether or not marijuana is supporting legalizing marijuana whether or not that is. Conservative issue or a liberal issue with the if you had to pick between the two which is -- and are you a conservative. Who disagrees with Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly and you support the legalization of marijuana also here's -- W have you a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Is it showing disrespect to Hispanic Americans if you Wear an American flag shirt. Wants to go device. I give assured that you like or to our website WWL dot com that's pull tractor on our show tonight he and your on this coach of the leading. Do you. Considering the marijuana issue. I don't think it's that worn that he's bipartisan issue is that that actually exist right now that. I would think in the twenties and thirties win. White people demonize marijuana because they're totally black and Mexican dated it. Leo the reefer madness there that I understand but I think -- is that the Republicans have more -- towards. Merrill would go to -- public. You know personally I think you would be very Smart for the Republican Party to adopt that as an issue for the upcoming mid term elections and the presidential election -- the president really has that much to do with. Legalizing pot. But I it's that would be it in my opinion that would be of a positive issue. 22 to stand for and -- leave it up to individuals to be responsible with what they do whether they drink or done -- I -- I'm I'm still. I am still confused by the the many adults who absolutely abuse alcohol and yet they're concerned about people smoking a joint. That apple needs to. The stats are off the charts with alcohol being the amount of domestic abuse car accident. -- damage it would have been -- -- a couple of alcohol and even cigarettes illegal thing dozens of people really an issue with marijuana. I've never seen one in debt from it. Anecdotal. But. It definitely logical sense to me which commodities and exploiting your top -- at the people that would move out of state yup -- poll. If you. Keeping -- passed state legislation session. In that would be good cause acute if it but the but the legislation. That issue in the lead. Yeah there was a lot of there was a lot of embarrassing legislation. Everything you'd think that would -- -- with logic it was the opposite way that's why I called to the tomorrow's session. It it's a pack -- out of that particular people -- move on to stayed. Up from from here and outlook devastated. The reason I'm still here is because of the -- but I could -- myself. Maybe move it away point eight -- -- to go yet outlet in Seattle for a year like you. People played. Elected northwest a lot of that got a friend in Portland. The it's. It ultimately -- by the -- part of the country although. -- also kind of thought about moving away to another country when -- maybe Canada. I think England and agreed to -- indeed replace the -- to -- -- that the -- rapid decision of that but it's up to doctors and intellectual it will ultimately it's a travail a particular region. Believe it at the big state that would support the state is completely to the southern part of the state. Sir. -- I'm glad to call -- conversation specialists into -- -- nights I'm skewed if you're -- -- -- coming right back with your comments on WWL today -- Andrew was sworn in for his second term gave his inaugural speech the entire speeches on our website at WW dot com throughout the school shooter might replace him. Highlights -- we're talking about New Orleans this -- blog tonight is titled the world is changing let's make it the best it can be. What should change about New Orleans. And what do you like about where the city's headed. If you send me a -- gonna get to all of your text coming up we're getting close to it to the news if you're -- -- -- we will get to all of your calls to just hang on. From mid city Christina you're on the -- -- -- WL. It. I and in the mean you along fine arm and certainly on the west -- since it was -- Terry I am -- acts like a great deal and anyway just she union in the city. And they hear about in years ago and thought my god and I think right now. He's saying. I'm jet fast forward to comment singling her. Probably in 2005. Earned the -- -- -- onslaught under an extra. They. Blame the bad shadow like -- that last year and -- here as well apparently everywhere I mean. That you I really. And I. It's not immune from change where the -- I think -- -- this thing -- you burn. Saint annual. -- direction. Buy it like it -- every little firm. Changes. And you see what we've seen a lot of positive changes so assist you got here. Definitely. -- QB Matt went. It's hard but the cap. Basically. And that's another thing I want to touch on you in the air one inning error. I watch someone I was very close -- -- Four degrees normally in its. Current. Me and answer inside and he was not sure -- panel that you like them airlines saying I mean. It increases your appetite so I don't see a problem what it needed shot that back. You know. It's amazing to me that the federal government still has it listed as say a schedule one drug which means it has -- -- no medicinal purposes. And I think it it. Think it does I think it's -- -- -- their patients that -- I think it has earned an official quality. They might sell. That person column trying to collaborate on and I love you an island or. Well on what I love you back Christine and I you call us anytime I appreciate you would take its tentacles sign thanks listen to the show at night. Thanks -- here's our RWW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Is it showing disrespect. To Hispanic Americans if you Wear an American flag shirt on cigarette -- my 75%. Say no 25% say yes. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com and if -- Arnold state witness we're coming right back with more of the -- she'll.