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Scoot Show 5-5 9pm, Cinco De Mayo & Mr. Kerbie

May 5, 2014|

With all of the Cinco De Mayo parties going on across the US does anyone have any idea of what they are really celebrating? Also, is an insult to Latino's to wear an American flag t-shirt? Plus listen to a heart felt message from 92 year old WWII veteran Mr. Kerbie Smith on his life and his values of the American flag.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a beautiful night it is cinco to my ally and other bands playing everywhere tonight and this this weekend was just phenomenal for Jazz Fest and also Saturday and Sunday. And chance to go to the -- saint Charles -- -- fair industry and and that was I met so many really nice genuine people. Especially -- it restores are really appreciated meeting to stores and and all of you that I talked you're really has some really great people of the central senatorial fair. Industry hand. It's -- support for legalizing marijuana is that a liberal or is that a conservative issue. A Fox News host Sean Hannity and bill -- have and so condemned the legal legalization of marijuana that almost get the impression that. It's it's it's it's a liberal issues that -- liberal if you support legalizing pot. It is set. A liberal issues sort of thing to talk about tonight and also like today is a sick of the mile. Is it showing disrespect to Hispanic Americans. If you Wear an American flag T shirt. -- go to bio. -- -- to -- WR project of people now understand the spirit of this poll. If you go out of your way to Wear an American -- teachers or. If you. Display the American flag and this happened it high school in December Cisco area. It was the the site of controversy and in 2010 -- a -- was told that he would do go home there could Wear his says America like teacher insecure divine. If you do it specifically to send a message to Hispanic Americans is that is that disrespectful. -- -- your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com and we're also talking about the city of New Orleans. Lot of progress in the city of the last four years during the go into administration and the mayor gets a lot of credit for news is leadership there's still a lot that needs to change. Here's part of what to mayor Landrieu had to say when he accepted his second term he was sworn in and this was part of his inaugural speech today. We're at a crossroads ladies and gentlemen. Four short years ago at another fork in the road we made a choice to put my shoulders against the wheel and to push. For too long -- young people had to leave New Orleans to find opportunity. For years ago we decided that we had to change. Now new opportunities are right here. Cutting edge biomedical jobs at the New Orleans hospitals in the east and downtown thousands of construction jobs -- the new airport. A billion dollars being invested at the Port of New Orleans and New Orleans has become a vibrant hop onto the north's. I'm major calling that for the next four years is to keep creating new jobs and to make sure that everybody. In this city you can share in that prosperity. And we're gonna continue to feature some of the highlights of the mayors say inaugural speech today. The entire speeches on our website at WW dot com and -- blog tonight is titled New Orleans is changing. Let's make it's the best it can be. You can read that shared that especially share that with those who you know who have moved out out of New Orleans. Or those thinking about coming to New Orleans it's on our website at WWL dot com and we're talking about you know what's good about New Orleans in what still needs to change about the city. Prepare a hand Charlie you're on WW dog -- Charlie. I. Think the biggest. -- thought. Again all -- and it never got back. -- -- History like I'll. Bet. That it. All decked out in the population -- -- it was a -- call. Which -- all. -- -- -- -- -- a bit. Or -- all know that there. Are. -- And I expect OPEC. Supply actual. It's bad. But people get that I actually. Talked post -- It's. Like this -- he'll be true. All that -- the -- Was a -- And an -- with the support. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The English -- and -- the well but the -- did not want. So they just. Call it a battle. -- So it's easy dispute. That despite the fact that it's sort of -- are actually -- an eclectic. -- Yeah a Charlie I would not disagree with you that there are a lot of people who don't understand. The significance of cinco demise but there's no question about that but then neither do the people who lined the parade route. Who -- -- Saint Patrick's Day parade in Metairie. And that people are going to drink a Saint Patrick's Day and the dog days. -- -- -- know -- you know and relieved in a San Diego and Portland and Seattle I've been sick of the bio was as big there SE Patrick's day is here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Strike. The actual agent were trying to. To support. Him and wondered what -- look at. -- one. And at that -- not really -- source. It should pay back. -- people. It's interesting that may be the biggest controversy has taken place in California where. Some high school students and some high school parents have tried to. It did denounce Cinco De Mayo by displaying the American flag when they ordinarily wouldn't display. We understand it got its act judo has been that shirt with the lack of equal right. I I've got a really. -- -- -- The -- but. Now this already and I'll -- A guy. Well as cock they went trip. We got some good relation to most people get back on. -- -- did you and your conversation. All right thanks for industrialists into a cigarette in my. Here's a Texan re Cisco I did in two worlds and New Orleans resident for almost two years now I came from England where. There's little to none gun violence. On then coming here where you hear about murders every single day on the news at least to say. Time it's a huge and very terrifying torture shocked he has -- the show and that is for brief brief -- -- was -- from -- -- you're under the W on the evening. The I'm good -- of the World War II veteran thank you and I -- my apartment thank you. Now -- participate reported this -- myself forward -- this. It's parliament today where you know word of what bothers you today -- I would -- until hunger for terrible division. Our spirit created through Germany. He had to adequate approach Iran and river. Howard -- myself. -- keep it from yet heard. Mr. -- Butler and river. Dental or is he wrote the church there culture river river it was this -- river. Saying they wrote it and. And you can understand because they would've bought smaller scale using it around and -- And we had killed. -- -- But to rather. It would walk together. Is that -- real world is that the border fail they got so that can go. -- Americans. And their children. There -- order for the put too. And -- Iran rather more than for the company's headquarters. Miles -- target though it was him when he got here. And then he got here I guess cashier and this award got hit. If you feel that you feel guilty about that -- -- do you feel guilty about that. -- do you feel guilty. I -- cases -- appealed tilted known cases bill. Are captain show the older equipment. -- -- We're aware of the German who worked what. Only. Is Shakespeare. You know. -- -- it sounds like you grow or you do what she needed to do -- What are called there was no argument about where and you Wear American flag code you don't. Could not world you closed in view of forearm Cologne. -- You don't agree with American flag T shirts. If they were -- tip top where -- could see a problem and its follow it and don't vote where nobody will vote. Above American flag. -- I appreciate you. I'm I -- comic itself -- percent. Where an American flag America -- we shall look to play. Wait don't tell actively saluted. And don't vote that you could ground and that's -- day. You know if you. -- it that way and he used it for a honor code garment of a date yet interest it and discussed and that you talk about his work in this. On the quote dormant. I understand why you would feel that way Kirby and it sounds to me like you're hero and I appreciate what you did or for our country and here you're part of a generation that -- currently shares his attitude. I'm not interiors show. -- -- recovered allowances away from the. Right. Or step bitter regret it and say it is. I can't -- OK -- is it in Trenton about better promote. For a bird for a -- go to. Came go out about and you have Stanley. Held that there is disregard. That is today as they wanted to buy -- Enron related. They've -- but it is I would say today. -- you know Billiton they would station development in this specific. -- income. Development. It's hit the -- is. They're concerned about for corporate order. Intently to be a corporate bank in fourteen years old. In 1938. -- I'm I'm I'm bothered that she can't get what you need from your refrigerator. Non volatile aren't there. It is bitter break radar goes for a great oh did I can walls are gonna walk in -- -- calls about quote depicting alone good to have people. And and no I don't people know that they Cologne. But I got people try to take this step. Did get a word in his thing in the world. But don't think it's a -- And I -- critical credited to the polls. I would like to go down. As to Visio. There's been an award -- In the and I -- me get to build. Currently would you I'm gonna put you on hold. And I'm gonna ask our studio producer John work. To get your phone number and I I can't make any promises but. If if if there's a way that I can figure out how to get to to the World War II museum I'll do that. And I guess here's something -- what our own news. About different states. And and better about greatness. Is the outcome and so they don't do about it not. Not where -- don't -- there. The other had a special had a special lists. And it looked like because it looks like some people got to a preference for preferential treatment and some veteran actually died waiting to be. I take care of apparently others were heroes. Our -- this -- from. From oracle is darker side communities you know move -- the name. And. I was trying to get away probably couldn't these so he into. Incredible work -- for twelve years. I got what they sent me if shorter than you know what right now local -- And the best that I hate to say about it and then. Whether it was dark -- say it did Michael Palin. One patient we're -- -- in the group. -- I'm I'm glad we had a chance to too talkative legit chance to -- -- express your opinion but I'm gonna put shareholder election give your phone number two to John wicker studio producer. And I'll call the museum and if there's a way we -- chipped it to the museum we will. I currently disallowed for just one minute. If you wanna join us tonight with your comment about it and they were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Weights every text number is 87870. Just listen to the experience and guys factors voice 92 years old. Experience world war two and is obviously very passionate. About the American flag. This is the -- show. And we'll be right back. -- -- -- -- I love this life talk radio show because you never know who's gonna calling you never know what direction the show's gonna go and so while I do have things planned. Every night every day when I'm on the air I never know what direction the show is gonna go in and that's more than one of the fun things about going to work every day. The had 92 year old forward to veteran Kirby which -- head of the -- inspiring a number of people to. A -- in text and and called to tell if your -- -- just a moment a -- said he would want to go to the World War II museum it's only been there once. And it it it sounds to me like key is a family is diet. Paying as much attention to you know again this is what we're hearing from -- established -- paying as much attention to him is as he would like he feels like -- just after his. Is money and it's -- that he says he needs a new. A battery for his says scooter and can't get it and here's. Here's -- -- it reads please. Please tell me your recording tonight show you need to save. Are you need to save our history like this story from Kirby for future generations. Here's a -- I wish I knew where Kirby lived -- help him by a battery here's attacks that guy is awesome love this call her old veterans of rule. Here's attacks my name is sparking a paramedic and would like to help the war hero Kirby. Please sag get in touch with me and he gets his cell phone number you know there -- there are. There -- complications will be put people in touch with with other people so that's something that. That we have to deal with through -- management in it's a shame but the united legal department. It makes this very cautious about. Poking people want because. While everybody I believe who would responded this has great intentions. You never know what intentions somebody might happen then if we hooked people up we'd ultimately the I'm responsible for that here says text those best of the best stories. Should let the -- -- share their stories and maybe have. A sensor button for the sailors. If you what did you and -- with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Until free 866889. Here which having a Tex -- Seve Seve congress he would like to do. To make sure that Kirby does get to the World War II museum I -- -- to be a real pretty general opinion poll tonight. Is it showing disrespect to Hispanic Americans if you win you're an American flag shirts bicycle to vial. 91%. Say no only 9% say yes give is your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com. I'm from New Orleans Bob here on the -- -- WL. -- Or it is called and sexier some. Perfectly. Because. -- little bit into the camp. Or a little cute picture and much changed. Her. Okay and in India bucolic net early but in perspective and I -- perfectly is viewed it. A torture and onto the pastor George hang onto their history. Ago right. Well -- that's a lot that we should hang on to the things that I would change about New Orleans or the things like like littering and is the date that the lack of perspective we've sometime show to each other were really fun loving. Community -- for a great city. And littering is only part of an injustice it's just it's a small problem you know obviously we have number problem and drug problem here as many cities across the country do you. I would do the only thing that I we did the main thing that would change but it balances. Pride is so wonderful thing but not when pride gets in the way of changing things that should be changed. I concurred -- more. Yet again you put it into better words -- and a bit right -- a little bit pride about your city and so on so forth. It -- -- that your overlook certain things happening -- or should you you know what Kirby says is true and yet spoken out because you and others wanted to larger disclaimer about. -- I just called and putting people until Australia and other. But on the president just political science graduate student association. Did you -- -- -- the political science graduate students and as it happens we've been trying to I'm elated at the little bit -- -- -- collected the semester very little there and then you know sort of it lost momentum as an organization and the minute come up with much. I think maybe religious. Into the and mr. project. -- Google -- to get such a deal so what do you call. Well you can Dennis and me an email. I'm student at WW dot com. And I'm just again getting more of a text from people who are giving me their numbers saying please call me and I'd like to take this guided the museum so well I'll I'll I'll see what can be done about Tippett. If there's anything it is that you would indeed help horses and we can help you with your project -- -- -- an email off. Oh thanks listing. Might have more via text or coming up Cesar a year and a BW a good evening. I it's going to be meaning the union or yeah audience there. Wolf first call one touch -- -- the on the that story about -- have -- read to he of them are you -- The current war. Veteran from the United States -- just recently retired at twenty years. Probably Serb. The United States of America. But. Will be more. More than happy to yet Pietrus for. Mr. Kirby and -- would be more than real to take him to -- WW -- But we don't read -- museum which is beautiful. Very very. It's -- terrorists and he's only been once and I opened its chance to see it again I was. I was part of the grand opening ceremonies of the WW two museum and I had the pleasure. A meeting. The person on in -- general patton's army. A game that was this thing which well me. Many many years ago but I wanted to also touch on that on the scene caught them by you issue. A gentleman that spoke earlier. Hit the nail on the spot. McCain I mean right square on that it. But I do want to add to this is that I have many many -- or. Mexican origin. And they ask me -- why is -- that Americans. Celebrate Cinco De -- when we don't even celebrated. It's just another date for the Mexican people in Mexico. And he -- the -- in America we seem to party for everything. Don't we do and that's said that they did the same could be said of Saint Patrick's Day -- -- there is an excuse to party and it's very sick is sick -- the -- -- -- much bigger. On the West Coast identity as your New Orleans but RC Patrick's day is bigger than their Saint Patrick's Day. And on the on the birds subject. I feel very very important that being a 83 time war veteran -- to see specially. Non service members. Who are always wearing. Army close military close. And and I feel I feel much much of bend it when I see young Americans. Wearing. The United States flag as bikinis. As. Made the date that tape it took their back sides. Or just them where honesty church the gentlemen hit it on the -- on the head. Physically -- sacred. Peaceful law okayed that many -- But it must have shed tears -- shed blood and got hurt have given that all but sacrifices. What that flag. Certainly we should respect that that that the utmost. Okay. Think it is Cesar I respect that and thank you very much for what you have done for our country I appreciate the call if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 260187. -- Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text number is 877. Also tonight we're talking about is support of legalizing marijuana a conservative issue or is that a liberal issue. A Fox News host Sean Hannity and their Bill O'Reilly. Are so strongly against efforts to legalize pot. The jobless get the impression that I don't know maybe they -- which I'm sure Fox News polls the year they're viewers. And -- make sure that they're talking about what their viewers. Want them to talk about it. -- and it goes for a whole list of topics and I and -- I guess the other stations do that as well but I would do it I'd be certain that. It -- Fox News would do that but the question is it to me why would that be why would that be a liberal issue. It represents change in -- realize that conservative ideology. Tends to resist change. But something's actually should change. Bernard -- -- WL. The important. Listen. You know. You can go all shall Kirby and he has an interest in well water -- oil wouldn't. -- guys are the elderly does not mean not any forward to and it's. But -- It's called for the use that you know what might think it goes this way you know. Mr. Hannity and variety which. -- with a pledge that just by the -- to ensure that went into everybody's opinion heard their program before. I've read about them they should be in which -- the ball oh god like Kirby outward what about legalize marijuana. But it -- -- wind -- -- have you find out from the days that that money could be made respects but it could help guys security. By the legalization of marijuana in the country. I think -- -- that once the legal. That need to be bi partisan battle them to be patriot -- less -- -- You know once -- -- -- have great soul or inaudible lobbyists in Washington. There and in a year they want the kinda. They go to -- -- -- everybody who does smoke pot or at least a league that regulatory. You know the law in that they can be implemented like you're due -- altered in any cigarette you know age limit. But I. And sometimes we don't do such a good job of controlling that. But he let the opportunity here for the past 45 minutes maybe an hour. In my vehicle detective smoke but I'm out there that are among others in this day and by the way look long ago it's been very enjoyable show is very much. Do you think it's yeah it's more enjoyable because she smoked pot. I appeared a hint it has a warned that the experience that in between here. Totally you know -- that on -- opens in what is being said -- -- spoke about. You don't hear you moan don't win or try to sort of broke -- Would probably -- he had you know the amount of you know marijuana -- -- recently. Still makes me you know very able to to speak to your right there tournaments that was going on us. They don't think we do development -- -- my -- -- be here as we speak. Fernando argued would you describe yourself as a liberal or conservative. But he you know I'd like to purple I have not -- -- country. -- Will be in the dynamic Warner I have always you know live by my thought it was a hard core conservative you -- -- guys. Mark Cuban YouTube folks he's wanted to be conservatives. You know Republicans. I handled more liberal but I'm kind of like this hippie guy you know from some uncertainties that. Grew up in that -- this country and there of course. My issues and I don't think it's I don't think he should be. A Republican or a liberal. Greg bishop is -- -- -- it. It should he should be today I putted good example. Well our children and you know it you'll get what you will go to school -- did not -- -- about. You know or you liberals argue a conservative. You know you'd be doing about pot that they teach you that we should be addressed that you don't get in the all. Well so the streets. -- -- and probably -- explains in the figured the a lot of crime but that would be the you know they'll marijuana and. I don't know -- aura or the well the protection of -- territory Fernando already. Got -- -- gets a break there really appreciate you calling nobody credit Gingrich appeared for a computer treasury -- which -- growing Fernando thanks to keep listening. Yes and maybe the key is to get people really love the -- have like a stone. She was. Sounds better than not you're driving of course. It's Cisco show and I'm I'm still touched by -- -- -- -- your World War II there 92 years old that it sounds like his parents his family's not. Not focusing on him as much as says is as he would like and -- actually said. I we're coming right back -- your comments on -- you'll probably for Garland me again tomorrow and buckling -- I'll talk about his US Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia said. But it was very difficult for him to do it but he voted to strike down a law. It makes burning the American flag a crime. He said that he thinks it people who burn the American flag should be put in jail and capture our World War II veteran Kirby -- called a few minutes ago agrees with that. But a new study shows that conservative and liberal justices. Tend to support freedom of speech when it's the speech that reflects their personal opinions. We'll talk about -- on the show tomorrow also the US -- Supreme Court is a -- upheld the ruling that allows prayers to open government meetings anybody have a problem with that. That'll be tomorrow and think take -- for -- it's -- to the -- -- -- Q -- here's another update on -- -- -- -- a pretty general opinion poll. Is is it showing disrespect to Hispanic Americans if you Wear an American flag shirts on cigarette in my. 91% say no and 9% say yes give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. Here is a text that it's a reads I was just listen to show. -- gentleman named Kirby who is a disabled World War II veteran needed to get to the World War II museum. And get a ride to get a battery. A forty scooter I'll take him and I'm getting phone numbers I'm getting Texan and a few phone calls from for people who wanna. -- curry to the World War II museum and -- -- hope you appreciate it this is for any radio station on just this is not just our radio stations policy. But things have changed -- mean there was a time when I was on the year years ago when actress -- yet here's the guy's number call. Good to go take -- the guy. But you can't really do that because you can't trust people. And I don't know if -- largest naive and and entrusted people in the past or he just really can't trust people today. If something is really change at a cost of actually changed. But we and we we can't if it's not that easy to just hook people up. On the year. Or even off the year privately and be aware of what we will work this out and we're gonna find a way to get Kirby -- two year old forward to their. We -- figure a way to get into the World War II museum and if he he felt like I am I'm sure there's a service. In the city here or somewhere and somebody can. Can help him and he was just talking about how eight. Has a difficult time. I'm getting things and he can get to his refrigerator he said -- -- you've got to crippled but he can get to his refrigerator but there's not enough stuff is it is refrigerator. A similar what you families who will they they really just after my money. And if that's true that's a really truly sad if you are joint pressure right with a comment so we're number -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text number is 87870. A new Gallup poll shows and I think you may have heard Tony talk about this says the other day. That 40% to Louisiana residents would leave the state if they could. Is is a Gallup poll very respectable poll I agree with lieutenant governor Jay Darden it's really hard to believe that 40% of the people's Louisiana -- leave the state. -- dot did number one reason was high poverty rates. So I'm wondering if people feel like if -- are -- living in poverty in Louisiana if they just moved to another state they would no longer be living in poverty. Or would it be easier to live in poverty in another state rather than in Louisiana. There's been such growth here. There continues to be such growth people are moving to New Orleans and this is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country so there's just so much positive about New Orleans and about Louisiana it doesn't mean that there or some other wonderful states out there but I. I find it hard to believe that 40% of the Louisiana residents. -- leave the state if they could. And would you have you moved here recently deal love it. And if you were born here and if you've been here forever. Would you like to leave -- what would you like to leave and and we were to go -- realize the activity of the Louisiana legislative session. And Baton Rouge is Acosta a lot of must be embarrassed about the political workings of Louisiana. But -- you wanna leave the state we really probably need you -- -- Help us change it I'm -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every text. A 7870 will be right back into the WL it was a perfect setting for mayor -- Andrew to be sworn into office for a second term it was this anger -- something that has come back to life it's just such a beautiful brilliant way. -- since he has been governor coming back finally after after Katrina. Here's part of what Landry said in his senate speech today after he was sworn in for a second term. In the next four years we've got to keep making tough decisions so we not only can survive but so we can drive end. And control our own destiny. We have to find a way to pay -- looming liabilities from the firefighters pension fund and federal consent decrees and build a police department was 16100 offices so we can make our city safe. And as we grapple with these big cost and these priorities we can't stop moving forward on all fronts we need to keep the recovery going. And the mayor's entire inaugural speech is on our website at WW dot com here's another quick update on our WW project opinion poll tonight -- a lopsided but it's a change yielded. Is it showing disrespect to Hispanic Americans if you we're an American flag shirt on single -- 80% say no and 20% say yes. What should understand the spirit of this this this question. It's not about wearing an American flag T shirt it's about going out of your way to Wear an American flag T shirt on Cinco De Mayo. Sending a message to those who are celebrating Cinco De -- And there's a high school it's a live oak high school in Morgan -- which is in the San Francisco California Bay Area. And four years ago there was a lot of for a national focus on a teenager wearing an American flag T shirt. Wants to go to -- knighted the teachers were sent home. And I today they were about three dozen people holding American flags outside at this this high -- San Cisco area. They were opposed to federal court decision. About -- students on knots. Not wearing their third their teachers -- so we'll continue this conversation coming up in the next hour also viewers joining us from the comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every. Text number is 877. This is Cisco show and we'll be right back with more into the WL.