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Scoot Show 5-5 10pm, Marijuana Laws

May 5, 2014|

: Is support of legalizing marijuana liberal or conservative? FOX News hosts Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly continue to condemn efforts to legalize pot. On Sean Hannity's special - "Stoned America" - a doctor equated voting for the legalization of marijuana with voting for slavery. Bill O'Reilly said that the state of Colorado is out of control since legalizing marijuana. Why is legalization of marijuana a liberal or conservative issue?

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And they're very happy cinco -- in my yard got a call earlier for Simonyi said you know there are a lot of people celebrating Cinco De -- and -- really don't know what it means. Yeah that's that's true if there are a lot of people who enjoy Saint Patrick's Day they don't really know what it means I think we should be honest about it. It has become a data party it has become a drinking holiday again sick -- -- -- was studies being here. As it is on the West Coast I've been in other cities where it was a much bigger celebration but there Saint Patrick's Day is not as -- -- -- Saint Patrick's Day. There are there's a new study out showing that a lot of kids are getting injured because of these baby gates. Of the -- their parents -- put up to protect their kids. And -- the study shows that the number of injuries from these baby gates has more than triples over the last forty years. And appear to have that baby gates at the top of steers are. Are told it's best to use a ball -- gates rather than one that he is a pressure mounted. On the wall and I can understand that. But I can't help but think about something here. Why do you think the number of of the injuries. It is it is because of these baby gates. It's not the gates. That are malfunctioning. It again and of course if he used. Pressure. Suction. A mount it that may come loose but it's really not the fault of the baby gates of the problem I think is that. Parents get these baby gates and they think oh well I don't have to watch my kid anymore. My kids are fine I've got the baby gave up. Well kits can Klein and kids get over things and most of the injuries by the way to end up in the emergency room. And they were treated for these these BBD injuries or not serious and and that's that's the good news. But it's tripled over the last forty years and I think that trend over the last forty years his parents developing a false sense of security when it comes to their kids. You strap your kid -- -- high chair and the kid falls out because what you think beat the kid is is is strapped in the air and you have to pay attention. And then I guess their parents to. Who put their kids in a an area where there's a baby gate they think well you know big did the kids safe or have to worry about. The one thing that has really changed at least injuries today is that fewer parents seem to be really paying close attention. To their kids. There isn't a seatbelt campaign that began Friday here in Louisiana it's aimed at getting drivers of pick -- trucks in the state to buckle their seat belts. The campaign is titled buckle -- your truck. And my first question is why is there a problem with getting people to pick -- trucks to fasten your seatbelts. Do you drive a pickup truck. The fasten your seat -- And why would why would there be a disproportionate number a pickup truck drivers. Don't fasten your seatbelts I'm I'm kind of at a loss as to why that might be the case. If you wanna join Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here which seventy. And a text Amber's late 70s70 Palin drew was sworn in today for a second term and here's part of what he had to say in his inaugural address that's the sinker. In 2010. New Orleans was America's murder capital. But not anymore. Murder in New Orleans and that is at a historic thirty year low. This is good lives have been saved and good cheer me. Still too many lives of being lost on the streets of New Orleans indeed on this very issue. We face a very stark contradiction that we have to confront -- From the rich soil of New Orleans comes our great -- I close knit neighborhoods are second lines are crooked music I love and loss -- families and our friends don't we love each other hard here. But from the same fertile ground. From this -- remarkable place grossed an ominous fruit planted from the -- of violence that have taken root. The death the destruction will only end if we Tehran that noxious weed by. The root. As a native of New Orleans who's had the opportunity to live and work in -- and really a wonderful cities around the country I think it gained a very. Unique perspective on this city and I I've really come to have a greater appreciation for the uniqueness. A New Orleans and quite often talk about that and enjoy talking about it I mean it's something as simple as Zia. Did -- to Charles for Mayo fair industry and the many fears that we have this time of year in the fall. That doesn't exist everywhere but we just have so many here and it's just part of part of our culture. But the one thing I would change about New Orleans is the tendency to accept things just because that's the way we do in New Orleans. Sometimes I think that prevents us. From striving for excellence. Pride. Is an incredibly positive thing. Unless pride stands in the way of recognizing. What can and should change. And when I moved back a few years ago I noticed physical and emotional changes in the city -- it was the emotional changes that changes it's of attitudes. That I thought was really impressive. Hurricane Katrina was devastating both physically and emotionally. And it exposed to degree of local political competence not only to us but to the nation. America also watched as the federal government proved its cities like New Orleans can easily between elect stepchildren. And not receive the immediate attention -- bigger cities would receive following a disaster. But for the depths of that low point. New Orleans proved to be a city with great character and perseverance. Katrina was a turning point in modern history endurance. The national coverage of what this beloved city was dealing with also ignited a new found national love and interest in New Orleans. Many of those who came here to help the city recover state. And it contributed to a changing attitude especially in the downtown area. Musicians who. -- were already in love New Orleans became even more passionate. About the city. New businesses. The construction of a major medical center. New growth and technology all part of a thriving metropolitan area. Locally if you live in the suburbs and you don't. Come to the city very often you only see the city through the daily news. You're gonna have a negative jaded view of New Orleans. But it's quite different when you were when you're downtown you read it worked out -- -- live downtown you've experienced down town on a regular basis and you witnessed the daily progress. And areas continue to be revitalized in that encourages togetherness within neighborhoods I'm thinking about mid city and all that's happened in -- on magazines treated for -- over the last couple of years. Recent high profile corruption trials. And did the publicized suspension of -- PD officers for wrongdoing. That cast a dark shadow. Over the acceptability. Of corruption. But that shadow. Comes from a light. It represents a positive change. In the tolerance of the status quo there has been a change in what is acceptable. And I would hope that more and more people are starting to get the message that we get an office he can't just do whatever you want. I get the impression. That initially intro. Is -- mayor who's not trying to personally benefit. Being in the mayor's office. The mayor's broader -- very positive attitude in the city hall and continues to lead the city in a positive direction. However mayors can't solve all of our city's problems. The mayor can work toward putting more police on the street and that would be really helpful the mayor can demand honest leadership in city hall and the police department. But -- mayor can't solve the crime problems entered the direct result of poor parenting. Or a systematic problem of communities protecting the young criminals that live among them. Now there does seem to be some positive progress recently ticketed to communities that the young thugs they protect our most likely to hurt them and their children. They're -- to via a sense of more community cooperation within a PD and that needs to continue. Too often citizens look to politicians and office to solve problems they can only be solved by the individuals. In -- community. New Orleans appears to have the right leadership at the right time but that alone. Will not make us a great city. It's up to us. The lifestyle. The culture the atmosphere of New Orleans are indeed. And and protecting protecting our culture protecting the atmosphere of this city is something worth protecting. But that doesn't mean that we should we should just do things because well that's the way we've always senator New Orleans. Because sometimes things need to change and shoot. We can do a better job demanding exports from ourselves. And expecting excellence from ourselves. As citizens and voters we must hold all elected politicians accountable. To the point where they know we will vote them out of office. For accepting pass corruption and shady deals as well that's the way it is in New Orleans and I'm entitled to do that. We must demand that our city do a better job with its money it's really sad that that the city is so successful. As a tourist destination. And yet. It's broke. And we respond as communities to be more vigilant against crime and youthful behavior that. That really isn't a symptom of a more future crime to come. As a city we should understand it. They even the seemingly insignificant things. Reflect a much bigger mentality in a much bigger problem. The acceptance of throwing cigarette butts out of a car window or on the sidewalk throughout the downtown area where we're -- and and business people. They spend their time. That that should go longer be tolerated. And it shouldn't have taken the passing of a law to change the casual acceptance. Of -- Now for those of you who are smokers who just never really considered -- a cigarette but was later. We are criticizing you. But I think we should be critical of those who arrogantly. Still continue to throw their cigarette butts out of a car window even -- do once -- past or on the streets. I am amazed. At the number cigarette butts IC in one block. Of the CBD. We're not talking about urban street we're talking about the CBS doesn't that doesn't happen in other cities. And there are trash cans everywhere. -- Andrew does reflect a changing New Orleans. A city that is changing in part because of the new life that has adopted this city as their own. We should never change the great things about our culture. But we should no longer tolerate as normal. The things that we should change. For the perspective suburban street looking toward the downtown area. The visual of the facades on both sides of the the street of the historic French Quarter the the historic facades. And in the backdrop tall modern skyscrapers. Instantly reminded us that New Orleans is for ever struggling with progress -- preservation. We must progress as a city while protecting the precious history of one of New Orleans of one of America's most beloved cities. So. Let's not congratulate. Mayor Landrieu and other city officials who were sworn in today let's just congratulate him on that -- their sworn in. Let's hold that congratulations. Until the end of their turn. And then we decide whether they should be congratulated. By -- I am very happy with the leadership we have. I don't know that may or anything the mayor doesn't owe me anything or we're not friends I ran into him I occasionally at different events around the city. But I like the positive attitude that he -- has brought to this city and it's fitting because it fits a new positive attitude in New Orleans. Is there something that you you love about the changes in New Orleans. This or something that you think still needs to change. And you think in anyway New Orleans is is losing its historic. Mystique. With these changes. If you belligerent Russia with a -- tonight our numbers 2601872. All free 86688. Ninths early seventy. -- a text numbers 87870. Skirt blog tonight is a turning on our website at WW real dot com you can read it cheer give your comments if you like. It's titled new worlds is changing let's make it the best it can be. And we'll be right back. And it WL is support of legalizing marijuana a conservative issue or a liberal issue Fox News so Sean Hannity and and Bill O'Reilly here -- so strongly condemning efforts to legalize pot. That it made me think that will maybe they're doing research and they're they're discovering that there were a lot of conservatives who oppose. Legalizing marijuana but I would think there -- a lot of conservatives. Who are very much in favor of legalizing pot. A Sean Hannity special -- America on Fox News Channel. -- doctor equated voting for the legalization of marijuana. With voting for slavery. Really. They what are people gonna stop seeing really stupid things. Bill Reilly says the state of Colorado is now out of control since legalizing marijuana. So is this senate is this a liberal or conservative issue in your opinion. What would -- which which ideology. More supports legalizing pot being a liberal being a conservative. If you -- -- -- -- your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. Told free. 86688907. In a text of receipts every Saturday we are very happy to have Angela hill as part of our radio failing now she's got some great stuff coming up on her show an open mind tomorrow and Angela from one to four. At 1 o'clock do you worry about America's middle class shrinking. And we're no longer the world's richest. Middle class. Of the big eye opener median per capita income in the US. And it's barely budged since 2000 while Canadians. Have seen their median income jumped 20%. Also angels gonna talk about who's moving to New Orleans downtown and it does CBD. And an idea I did -- love living downtown. But their other great areas around the city but I just I I see the changes in New Orleans on a regular basis it's moving back it's it's all of -- most of it is is very very positive. Also -- we'll talk about how healthy is your child's heart is that something that you really need to be paying attention to. Would you be in favor of of health education programs in schools. If you could turn the stats around so dumb as Angela an open mind with the legendary -- tomorrow and we -- went for hero and to be WL. A from Indiana rich you're on the -- show good evening. I think in skilled you know these -- the folks who -- and -- about -- -- -- celebration that. Wearing the American flag -- shared. Our children -- that you respect. And they're ignorant. First the ball don't worry the American flag -- -- -- which is disrespect in the flat and actually got. And try and internal -- stick that wild celebrations. By telling. It gets further and Mexican industry and you're not as good look at -- our culture not -- respect in the American flag. -- -- -- Explained that Clinton. Well I can't I I think there is. I think there's some strong arrogance in those who want to. -- the American flag on Cinco De Mayo. It's it's it's it's something that Hispanic Americans say he should be able to it even if they don't really understand what the true meaning is if it's a time to celebrate there. Their nationality there's there's nothing wrong with that. And Americans who go out of their way to. A two we're an American flag T shirt on that day specifically because it's -- denial or under several dozen people showed up -- a high school today. Displaying the American -- they would have done any other David doing that on on Cinco De Mayo. It seems to meet two to be at a display of arrogance and disrespect. I think that you'll opt into this celebration where the what actually got got tossed out of the country. Yet -- certain that this is really it's really not truly Mexican Independence Day and it's really it's really an American holiday and it's it's considered more -- probably drinking margaritas and anything else. I'm -- look like there. -- like the -- saint Patrick -- an early exit. Hole yet. People don't really understand what saint Patrick stays about but they certainly go out and enjoyed here's an update on WWO party general opinion poll. Is that showing is it is it showing disrespect to Hispanic Americans if you Wear an American flag shirt on sick of the mile. And again if you wouldn't Wear it in the Davis who we are on single and a mile or you show opened as you display the American legacy going to -- Is that disrespectful. 83% say no only 17%. Say yes it is. Give a shipping by going to our web site WW dot com had a conversation earlier with a World War II veteran who called shows have been very. Very compassionate. Conversation. Mr. Kirby. It was his -- 92 years olds and the World War II veteran. -- talked about his experience of the war and he's opposed to anybody doing anything with an American flight except saluting the American flag. If you missed that conversation. You really should listen to this guy is just so. So rich with energy. And an -- history. It's it's podcast right on our website at WW dot com John Witasick got data so. Go ahead and I check out our website and -- listen to the conversation with that with Kirby. It broke my heart when he said that he -- -- a crippled and he he would love to get to the World War II museum. Again easily been there once and he'd want to go again invite. He can't get there and I asked him about his family -- -- the Stanley. It really doesn't help him get around he believes that there just after his money what money he isn't he has saved. I received a number of text and phone calls into the studio. Of people wanting to take this kind of the World War II museum he also talked about. How. He was having a difficult time getting a battery for his scooter and apparently his family's not helping -- and him do that. So it it was it was a conversation that released it I've got some text saying that it brought tears to the eyes of some people who were listing. I'm gonna do all I can and if there's a limit to what we can do in terms of of hooking people up but I appreciate all of your response in and all of you who wanted to help this guy. It's great I wish we could trust everybody to do the right thing but unfortunately we we can't. I'm gonna do all I can to to make sure that did mr. Kirby. It gets to the World War II museum if you manager and Russia with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. Your text numbers 87070. Here's a Texan -- fought the American flag this is the United States of America and display the -- flag is appropriate 24/7 365. I agree with that. But if you go out of your way to -- the American flag specifically on Cinco De Mayo to send a message is that being disrespectful. Offer frankly think -- year on the -- showed -- Yet -- Good. Hopefully we'll. And -- What would get an awful. Oh he cannot it was a -- Yeah identity or idea there was there was a law passed by the legislature and it did I think the first find is. 300 dollars in don't have it in front of me and I think their sense of community service involved and a first second and third offense the fine goes up to significantly affected I think with a third offense she might also lose your driver's license. I will eat well we'll see what he's a congress man or. And at the state representative. I don't I don't remember when there was a congressman or senator. All right willow. Well well what we're -- I mean what. Well I tell you if you keep listening when I go to when I go to the next break. Go back to my office and I'll get that information. On the issue but it. I -- award. I mean is -- a big problem. Currently configured but the big problem. Well I am a little confused as to why a cigarette butt is a bigger problem than any later. I hit it -- I am getting the impression that the fine is greater for throwing a cigarette butt out of your way into the throwing. A box of from a a fast food restaurant or bag from a fast food restaurant of the -- But apparently it's a big enough problem that to their cause somebody to bring this up in the legislature -- it did go through. I would. I'd like for there to be concerted effort in this country to. To stop the ball especially in the -- needed to stop littering and a lot of people don't consider cigarette butts to be -- -- -- It -- the big problem but or no way we used. -- mean what -- you -- even. Oh yeah I'll get get that information for you I mean I I headed for a media today when I was talking about a I don't have -- -- me for the show tonight. Think he's trying to make a bit. Play -- what is accurate are you a smoker. -- -- -- And you throw your cigarette and the -- Yet I entered the candidate get warm and politically -- -- Well catalog. Eight and figure out well don't you think that's lingering. Well I think here. I think. That's -- or. At the top. Of the pill. You know I'll pay you can watch it though go wraparound went. Couple that you can almost say the congressmen. Did well you don't go back out the windows and and he import about -- secret. -- let's -- let's not worry about him let's let's talk about US smokers you think we can get you no longer throw your cigarette butts out of the window. Well it -- -- it -- -- bottle quit but it. I don't see it in a problem that you just try to make him any boards milk the -- would be at all what you may be. All the time but you do think it's littering and -- -- you do and you do it. We eat it and my they get the big problem. Everybody that you you agree that is -- It. Okay so do you -- if you gonna smoke do you think we can get should've which is cigarette butt in the right place. Olympia media actor I'm not yet but will that mean until about the wonderful -- -- you know. I mean it in a lot of people over -- the public policy -- I think the first -- three at 300 dollars in community service. That sort of thing and I'm going to isn't that -- -- pro. Well whether it is -- it is and it's it's the law and even if it isn't a law I don't think you should be throwing cigarette butts out of the car window. What are we could maybe not but I -- did this thing so that it had become an on a -- in -- Howell -- definitive all -- leopard can't believe it wouldn't allow you know marketing. Well it'd they've they've brought it up because of people like you throw their cigarette butts out of the window without thinking that it's it's littering and NIC people so -- cigarette butts on the sidewalk and in the streets throughout the CB date. Prop. Problem -- -- problem because it is to -- agreed as a problem and it's it's it's later. And ended -- their I've I've talked to. A people who are ride motorcycles and they've been hit by lit cigarette butts on. I was in my car the of the day and somebody was it was slipping answers out of their car and and some of -- almost ended up in my car. Well Pete I look at the credit Gail want in. -- that well on the but LB. Iverson but -- -- you're gonna continue to throw cigarette butts out of your car window. Until your find. Well I mean yeah. Pretty much yeah probably. -- and it got shortly. Aren't gonna tell you whose name of Robert I'm glad -- -- -- get that information for you but I would like you to consider not throwing your cigarette butts on the window and if you continue to do it. I hope we get caught and final and how -- people. Pretty apple but I do if you gonna tell -- that because I don't I think it's littering. -- Nudity thing and they -- -- under a -- it's been. Known that that doesn't make it. You're -- -- that I think what you can't compete -- -- -- Somebody wrote in his role in. All of these war and want teaching value. Okay just because there just because those things are not good either doesn't mean that this is is something that shouldn't be addressed. Mean I agree with you abide laws I don't I think there's far too many laws on the books and and in laws -- obviously don't change ship people's minds tonight does the law is not gonna change your mind -- get caught but. Jeremy honestly. I hope you get caught opiate to do communities -- psychiatry at -- -- because they need to stop doing I don't think people should do it. -- coming right paid by army. I don't mean it's. Anti it's. Yeah we will -- -- that mean. I think within that they need to be optimistic. You know part about -- issue -- I'll really you know mom and I'm not -- and well being of the that just -- -- one -- or the beat. Well there there are more important things to worry about but that doesn't mean that this is an import data doesn't mean you shouldn't continue to throw your cigarette butts out of the window -- gets that information Gary but he she gonna continue to throw a year. Butts out the window OP get caught. All right a lovely it would mean I hope I don't birdie anyway. I won't -- helped -- minute information because I don't get that information out of -- and -- -- I can't get the information I can't get the information until I get into the break so let me get into the break and get the information for yet and I'll tell you on the other side of the break. -- -- -- Getting a lot of text about this a conversation with Gary this is this crucial and we're coming right back into the WL remember this video from the eighties. I got accused once of dancing like this guy. -- Abominable white guy nobody expects it as if that. I was so it would be you first heard disguised voice. They they thought he was black guy. But he's. Was -- by a young white -- cities and of the kind of little invisible. He had that are Caucasian dance really really down here's an update on -- WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight. Is is it showing disrespect to Hispanic Americans if you Wear an American flag shirt on Cinco De Mayo. 86%. Say no it 14% say yes to our caller Gary who we just hand on the year going into our break for frankly -- and who is a smoker. Any continues to throw a cigarette butts out the widow has always done it says he stuck it to change unless he gets fine. Now if I'm not mistaken. The first -- is 300 dollars and community service and that it goes up from there and I think by the time you or find a third time. You could actually lose your driver's license for a year this is a bill from a state representative pat -- a Republican from Marie aero. And this is aimed at cracking down on cigarettes. But later. And there are some people who just honestly didn't know that cigarette butts were were. Considered -- But it really is I'm getting a number of text about this. Here's a text astute I'm fuel truck driver and let's cigarettes are constant. Threat smokers don't care. So I'll defend your right to smoke. But he combined don't -- -- the cigarette butt on the wind. A for Jeb -- Calvin your WWL. School -- I'm good. Like great enjoyed shall. Just to comment. What about the the way of the with frank what about you comment on can we ought to get a little I mean apparently not a problem. You know the need to play Asia society if you don't aside and mean we've got more problems in the -- yeah I agree yeah. I think if if somebody's gonna Wear the American flag on Cinco De -- in an area where cinco -- Mayo is a really big holiday. If for example and in California and in Oregon and in Washington as well. If they're good -- -- just to try to put Hispanic students down. I think that's wrong if you're gonna -- anyway that's one thing but to to where to send them a message on Cinco De -- -- Now the other thing that. Smoke smoke being used in. Front by. In the -- in. That has been. We have that mind. People. -- the problem with. Their. Laboratory. And I would like I like. You can go back in nineteen -- in India. And when. -- Want to sell the debt ceiling keep it. When you when you don't restrict them to. Call it. -- I appreciate the call -- a specialist at WW -- night. It is cynical -- say well you know they've been doing this since 1935. Well there are a lot of things going on in 1935 that are no longer acceptable. And I would think among those things would be throwing your cigarette -- out of the car window. You don't have to do it came to consider it later and simply. Dispose of it in a proper manner. I'm screwed -- coming right back with more of your comments on WL is displaying the American flag specifically on Cinco De Mayo disrespectful to Hispanic Americans here's a text that -- -- this is America. We don't need to observe a Mexican holiday here. If they are offended by Americans wearing red white and blue and they need to go to Mexico and celebrate cinco at a mile. It's my understanding is Cinco De Mayo is actually on holidays it originated in America. And do why would you why would you even be bothered by -- -- -- -- let the party. Mean I would hope that nobody so insecure that other. Other nationalities can't celebrate who they are being in America and I wonder if the person who sent this would say the same thing about Irish. And -- Irish people celebrating Saint Patrick's Day. From diamond head -- your Debbie WL. So that my public purpose wasn't to comment on Tuesday cigarette -- -- question. Let gentlemen accurate talking to reporters that it burned in my. I'm speaking of that let's cigarette butts caused wildfires in rural areas all the time. You guys it's it's true and I I have talked about this on the show before I had an incident where I had to go head to go to court because a woman in Denver. I'm confronted me because I -- told her she shouldn't -- -- Barley -- in it was during a burn. Of a bird rewarding. A period where he -- cigarette by -- student can cause fires. Absolutely she's got all the little areas -- you derived -- on. To the marijuana issue I think it's a conservative over wearable issue right entry. Anti legalization people are primarily money motivated -- distillery just don't want the competition. Pharmaceutical companies don't want the competition. And there's job security in the present a lot of for a law enforcement and corrections people. Well in your write about it of course you are going to call the show -- it is unfortunate. In my opinion it's unfortunate. For law enforcement organizations to be opposed to legalizing medical marijuana. Or. Or lessening the penalties for simple possession of marijuana. We should pay that we've talked about this quite off that we we should not be a country a state or a city. That. Looks for reasons to put people in jail. And we should change the national and local mentality when it comes to the hysteria surrounding marijuana. But window when a public talk show host on and on Fox News -- Sean Hannity and O'Reilly really it just took on this issue about. Condemning efforts to legalize -- it made me. Asked the question is legalizing pot a conservative issue presents a liberal issue if you if you want to legalize pot does that make -- conservative or liberal. Will talk about that we can back if -- -- stay with -- more of your calls -- more of your text are next on the -- show on every WL.