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05-14 11pm Scoot Show/ marijuana issue/ trucker buckle up

May 6, 2014|

Scoot discusses the marijauana issue: a doctor analagized legalizing marijuana with legalizing slavery. Is the legalization of marijuana really such a radical issue and/or is there a "safe" middle ground that the majority of us can ascend to?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Have you ever stop to think about whether or not supporting the legalization of marijuana is a liberal issue or a conservative issue as one of the things were talking about tonight. His quick update on our -- W a pretty general opinion poll a today's cinco -- bio. Is is it showing disrespect to Hispanic Americans if you Wear an American flag shirts unsecured in my. And the spirit of this question really focuses on if you go out of your way to Wear an American flag shirt. On Cinco De Mayo knowing. That Hispanic Americans are. Celebrating this as a date to water their heritage -- 87% say no it's not showing disrespect to Hispanic Americans and 13% say. Yes it is skittish your opinion by going to our web site WW of them count. Now we've also been talking about the -- this the cigarette -- while I'm not exactly sure how this came up but you know you never know what direction though our show's gonna go in. Because it's life radio. But it somebody wanted to know who the who -- the author in the legislature was of the deal dating Kris is defined dramatically. Calls for public service if you throw a cigarette butt out of your car window. And it's it's -- Patrick Connick Republican from Guerrero. And this guy said he would like to follow them around and see if he throws. A paper. Gum wrapper something out of his car. Video that and and put it on YouTube. Suggesting that disguised probably throwing his own treasure Alpert says he's not a smokers are throwing cigarette butts out. I'm so it's that it's. It's an interesting question because there are so many people that have. Have come to. Think of it is normal. Throwing cigarette butts on the ground. Are throwing cigarette butts out of a car window. Living downtown in the CBD again I'm not talking about urban street. That's different. But you don't see this in other cities you'll see cigarette butts everywhere. And they are all over. The sidewalks -- in downtown New Orleans. At night I think cigarette -- should be recognized as -- I wills I will support your right to smoke I'll defend your right to smoke if you are smoker. But we should consider cigarette pilots to be letter a from -- David Euro and a BW on the leading. Do I don't David. -- -- -- -- -- that is one away in just one quick to comment on it in and about a -- but. Illiterate to literate recall it what it is better. And two situation app but not like he wants out -- which -- to -- And I'm not a smoker I don't know problems local tobacco problem -- Vision on it he literally took a tree out of a call. And -- You know. I see I see that in parking lots where somebody has has gotten back in their car and they just -- the ash tray out spot on on the the the the asphalt. And and -- Just didn't implement this is -- light in you don't each. Lead Earl. And the actual. Act that. The -- that would yield on hot oil between not ideal thing in the world here a few years back. And it was speculated that it was due to do it but. You know it had to try it shall. I don't literate it maybe -- On the well so I made -- algebra book in achievement. I I agree. David did you say something to the woman who who doctor ashtray on -- What does she say. -- ma'am do you realize that those. -- -- -- Gonna get in the trying and as to accumulate in called to drain the Carter out we have a problem with what and only on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And unfortunately that's the air against that you're going to be -- with with some people who are trashy like that. There they've become arrogant and and defensive then it's none of your business we know what it. This is my city too so you know -- it is my business if you throw it on. He -- on your carpet are your floors at home that's -- in my business but he can sort out on the street. It is my business. And unfortunately when you confront people they become very defensive and sometimes that can lead to issues. -- out in any. You politely. Got technical problems continue to call when she did and Leipzig and in colon -- not -- law. It would it would do to me and he could not understand how you can take. Orange tree. And just on the ground. I just couldn't stand but he -- want to comment on that. All right David appreciate -- WWL -- Out of Texas Fred -- as good -- good evening. He I had a college his comment about the Colorado excellent. You -- to control our live in Colorado and look at taxes and there's a much marijuana smoke in here at the same -- users -- aware -- and the monies went to the taxes in Colorado actually Andy and El Paso ironic. -- the police should get the -- police. The police force there and about. Go quietly training. I I think yeah. The -- put up or altered the -- Republicans general so what -- such. Where it makes -- and he. Money goes it is only if it's illegal or want it was the drug cartel. -- -- goes straight out of a lot bill would statement I mean eat good example. I shot on the and the media guys that are really so out of touch with what's going. You know these guys are are quickly becoming dinosaurs. Right right right and I think -- more mortgage to get religious affiliation. I would bet if you ask questions about mr. agnostic. We find no you -- diagnostics. That are four globalization drugs and it's probably -- religion should I don't know what that would be. In terms liberal Republican and what you find that that area. But. Were is the powers that control the accidents on the motorcycle drivers were killed. This year world of highly related to alcohol and not much -- Well that's the that's the great hypocrisy of all of this Fred did you know there are people who totally abuse alcohol and yet there. And they're concerned about somebody smoking a joint and to me that's highly hypocritical. -- -- final question where has DEA won the drug war. Coming you don't -- that you buy or Wanda quit it. Well that's really kind of did the joke about it all is like we're legalizing it but you know what anybody who wants to get pot right now. Here or where you live or anywhere in America anybody who wants pot can go fight it. Like you have a good show and collier that your caller. Scholars sought out I appreciate it. Fred thanks listing over in Texas if you wanna join our show is your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Our text number is 877. Earlier today mayor Mitch Landrieu was sworn into office and the mayor gave his inaugural address. Did the appropriate setting was the -- because this anger has has come back to life in his reopened while nearly Andrew was in office. I think a lot of people look to the mayor to solve problems that -- can't solve. And yet I believe as a leader. This mayor has done a good job fitting the attitude and mentality of -- changing the world. And I'm excited about the changes that I see. There are some things that do need to change for example the mentality of of -- The idea that it's okayed it just throw -- cigarette butts wherever you want to that's that's something that is part of our culture. That should change. Here's part of what Mitch Landrieu had to say -- his inaugural address earlier today after being sworn in. Indeed in just the last four years we've gotten back on track with a over a billion dollars hitting the ground. For evidence of progress. Look no further than this spectacular theater 53 million dollar renovation is now the nicest. Theater in America along with -- new -- new playgrounds police stations fire stations parks libraries we have now anchoring at all. About neighborhoods. These investments plus another billion dollars to replace the big four housing developments means that a housing safer neighborhoods strong families. And they stronger New Orleans. Take a ride. Go see the developments go to Columbia park harmony notes -- work we'll see her comments he's all real life examples. Of the notion that we didn't build back as we work rebuilt as we've always. -- -- And it I thought that they -- game gave a really good speech today it was a very uplifting speech you know one of the criticism that I have of of my city. Is that there's so much emphasis. Placed on tourist I understand why. Because of the money that terrorist generally that's our number one industry here. But what about the residence. In it's it's almost as if you you promoted you know cleaning up your house only went when company comes over. Shouldn't you clean up your house for yourself. Shouldn't we make the city as as nice as we can every day. Not just when the Super Bowls in town for the final four the NBA all star game not with just when there's an event in town. We should aborted -- for us. And I think a lot of people wanted to do it but the city focuses its resources on cleaning up the city when there's a big event. And then what happens when the events over. Well we try to turn it back into the city that it it was before the event. There have been a silly that we could do a better job of doing noticing the things that change when it's a big event in town and acting like that all the time. When I think about the the Super Bowl -- big events in town and I I think about the the instructions that that people have to to be nice to everybody especially those people working for the city in the hospitality industry. You know I noticed during the Super Bowl that -- people who which is average citizens seemed to be friendly here on the street. Why can't we do that all the time. Why do we wait for. The Super Bowl to come to town. If we can be friendly -- -- we can be friendly to each other. If we can clean up the city for tourists that we can clean up the city for our cells. That's the kind of pride that we should have that something that. That I think is missing in New Orleans. And I I've. I've loved being from here I am proud to be from here. But I have spent time in in other cities and I'm thrilled to be -- in New Orleans and back on Debbie WL. But I learned that some of the ways that we do things here it doesn't have to be that way. And something should change and pride is a wonderful thing and -- pride gets in the way. Of of changes that that should take place. But if if we can if we can do things if we can act a certain way it but it does that doesn't cost anything that's an intangible. Acting a certain way when when somebody's in town. What -- a big conventions in town or a big events attempt acting a certain way that's something that we can do all the time. And we are a very. Fun loving culture. And we're such a rich culture we have such great character. -- -- truly unique city that's something that I really it came to appreciate. Having lived in in other places how unique this city years. And yet I don't think we're losing that uniqueness and I'm I'm proud to say that there are a lot of people have who have come here to help. New Orleans after Katrina there are a lot of people coming here now. And in some waste those people who were new to the city. Are taking more pride in New Orleans. That people who have been here all their lives. Is there anything that you would like to change about New Orleans. Attitude or or or physically and are you concerned that New Orleans is is at all losing its uniqueness. As the city progressives. You know we will always have this battle of progress verses. And preservation. And we have a responsibility. To preserve this gem of -- city not only to the country. But to the world. If you grew up here. You've been here for a long time you might actually take the uniqueness of this city for granite. We'll go do it because it is very very unique. This is this -- show and we'll be right back on WWL not one person. -- call tonight. To explain to me why. There's the need for a campaign. To get to pick up truck drivers. To buckle your seat belts. But -- campaign Louisiana began on Friday is called buckle upping your truck. Why are those who drive pickup trucks less likely to fasten their seat and I've not heard one call or one. Taxed to that even tries to explain I'm confused. Why would somebody who drives to pick up truck. Be less likely to fasten their seat belt and you drive a pick up truck. You fasten your seat belt or. Is there something about. My ought to pick up truck I don't have to fastened my seat belt if you wanna join Russia with a -- tonight our numbers 260187. Told free. 8668890. It's heavy Texas State 77. Here's -- -- that -- about to initially Andrew be sworn in for his second term today. When was the last time -- drove on the new roads. In lake view come on -- do something about lake view the roads in lake view are horrific in many parts of lake view it's a mess. That's not my neighborhood I don't go to that neighborhood a very often but. When I have gone in the neighborhood recently. I'm I'm still stunned. That the streets are in such deplorable condition but again that's not where tourist go. And I realize that we have to put our money in the place dates that brings in the money witches is tourism. But it's it's wrong to not try to make the city just is good for those who live here as those who -- visiting. A brother -- short Tony you're on WWL. They -- play tonight but good. Yeah I I didn't want to get off topic but as I I spoke to produce and -- he says that you would certainly you mentioned. That John Fogerty says it has suggests -- I didn't see it but I've heard so a lot of good things about it. Yeah well I actually. -- leaving him he's been 92 means of brilliant rock right. But -- and the problem with with more of what he did one of the signs did you know. What will walk back and you would be at least hang out this form with -- on the jukebox. That was the records by Jon Fogarty and and and I can't think -- well I think given that but he did -- life. Okay and it was the best. -- but -- you have heard -- -- NN Saturday -- in concert a couple of times and not so he obviously knows the lyrics. -- -- -- And an inside itself to great and -- some life in the chorus he says Neil my big deal. So. And John Fogerty says. And beat Diego two more times unless the city changed the league. -- -- went on -- -- and being -- and he -- that that I would get scooped into it really irritated me. Was that the lyric that says it -- so far -- yeah god knows the lyrics. And it ties but there are you kidding me. While. I can see where that would bother sat on irritated me when he hit -- they'll come phone giant -- -- real me. Yeah now you know I don't know what goes on backstage -- some -- says some of these cancers and imminence of the to -- it but I you know -- I I've grown to respect John Fogerty more than I have in the past two massively. And -- I was reading about -- not long ago and I've read -- there were a lot of big bands that ended up signing contracts to do Woodstock. They were not signing until. Jon Fogarty and credence Clearwater revival signed the contract to appear Woodstock and then that. Cause a lot of other bands big dance not to say OK well if they're gonna do what they were gonna do I had no idea they were that respected at the time to do with stock was being put together and I. And no idea that they actually played with me if -- then it also did everybody else I I. I heard that Bruce Springsteen is so it's gonna work with Jon -- -- exceeding. Yet that that should be awesome -- too great rock camp. -- -- I appreciate you calling thanks for sharing this story -- -- Jazz Fest was unbelievable news Saturday. It's the most crowded I've ever seen as I feel like I say that every year that's the most current -- yet but okay. At the Acura stage for Springsteen. Of people word not only all the way back to the track. But they were on the track backed up to the back of the back of the track they were on that they were on the dirt. Security and get to the railing I understand but they were even beyond the railing. And it was hard to walk through that -- even back to the back of the the deck railing and saw Better Than Ezra and they were lot of fun and I missed Foster the people that went over to see. Springsteen. It was so. Crowded. Again I don't know if it's ever been -- -- I don't know what the official number affect I don't even know how they figured out you know they say -- -- that so many thousands of people hundreds -- thousand people there and whenever. I still can't figure out exactly how they figure that out but it was a great weekend and last week it was great for Jazz Fest as well image during an issue of the right I had a chance to go to. The -- Charles for -- -- district and both on Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon and I just meant -- nicest people just really genuine freely. Nice people it was a really great experience. -- says a judge in Dallas who has taken herself off of a rate case after telling newspapers that. She believes the fourteen year old female victim. Wasn't the victim she claims to be. The State District Judge in Dallas Geneen Howard. Is married she's got a couple of daughters. And a twenty year old named Sergio on the twenty year old -- this fourteen year old girl. He pleaded guilty. And the judge sentenced him to I believe 45 days in jail the prosecution wanted ten years. And probation. Mary does have to register as a sex offender forward the rest of his life. But he spending 45 days in jail. As a condition of his probation. That's -- the prosecution wanted ten years. She believes that this girl was promiscuous. This fourteen year old promiscuous therefore. She was not the victim she claims to be and the judge said that the rapists. Is not your typical sex offender. I'm not exactly sure I understand not your typical sex offender. Now. I understand that -- Even young teenage girls. Many. Can. Be very flirtatious. I think it's an instinct. In. In females to sometimes be for -- some females younger and older or more for teachers and others. However. If somebody rapes somebody even if they were invited to have sex. Does -- the twenty year old. There's of the twenty year old need to be more responsible and think she's fourteen. I can't have sex with this girl. And yet he did it neared the judge essentially lets the sky -- -- -- of its amazing to me that. And that did do it sometimes people get off with such light sentences. When it comes to something like rape. Now. Sons and daughters. Need to be spoken to. About all of this. Is it's it's -- it's a different time BI I do think that did the statistics on and on rape I do think that there accurate. But I also know that there are a lot more circumstances. In the past. That today would stand up to a rape charge that in the past. We're not consider rape. But technically. It was -- I can't think of any time in my life and I did that but I think -- about. Friends of mine who did tell me stories about. Getting a girl drunk and taking her home and girls the girl said no and and guys didn't respect that there's more respect for that today -- are realized things are are different. But I do believe that there are still far too many young men and and alternate for that -- Who think that they are entitled to look at Darren Sharper. And an -- so many people who you would think would would know better than to take advantage of of a woman. Unfortunately. There are always going to be women who are gonna claim they were raped. Andy really worked. The Kobe Bryant. Briefcase. In in Colorado. He was proven to be. I forget exactly out and did not guilty he either he was not guilty -- did the trial did even go to be and I I forget exactly. Exactly what happened. But it's if this was a story it was apparently made up by this this girl. And you can't agree to sex and then change your mind and feel guilty about it or whatever and claimed it was rape. And then if you have a daughter who you see. Is trying to get attention just innately. Through promiscuity. -- have a conversation with her as well if you're enjoying our show the comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Cyril it's seventy. And -- -- number is 87 870. Here's a -- -- and I don't know why I'm even picking up your station I'm eighty miles east of Dallas and your bleeding over my normal Dallas Sports Radio. While I guess I should apologize for that but I won't here's a text. Thank you -- for the heads up. I didn't know that I was now a target I just buckled up. In my F 150. OK so here's the question why is it there's got to be a reason fort. There was a time in the in the mid nineties. That I I had a pickup truck. I had to Dodge Ram. Sport. All decked out in big black truck. Very contrary to -- my I've -- image against but I loved it but I always buckle my seat belt but my question is. Why is there a need for a campaign to get truck drivers guys who who drive pickup trucks. Maybe women as well why is there a need for campaign to target them buckle up in your truck is the campaign distorted. Saturday. Giants are sorted -- Friday afternoon. And again. Power police gonna figure out if you haven't buckle your seat -- and -- I was just a little curious as to -- in nobody's explained to me why. There are people who try to pick up trucks who were perhaps less likely to buckle their seat -- If you manager and assure the comet tonight about an eighty we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seventy. In a tech's number is 87870. Here's the text. Oh what's this deja Vu. Got a seatbelt ticket over three years ago in my truck. Well yeah I mean you've you've always. The you've always. Had a fasten your seat belt I mean -- -- this is not a new law. It's just a new campaign to raise awareness. For people who drive pick -- trucks who have not been buckling their seat -- Here's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight is show is it showing disrespect to Hispanic Americans if you Wear an American flag shirt on cinco -- mine now. Not by accident. If you Wear an American flag shirt or you display the American flag you would not if ordinarily done it but you do it specifically on Cinco De Mayo. A time when a lot of Hispanic Americans. Are focusing on their heritage. Is that disrespectful. That's a W a pretty jaguar people give us your opinion by going to our web site WW built on top. We're continuing to feature some of -- nearly undersea inauguration speech effect we get the full speech on our website at WW dot com. The mayor has a lot to be proud of this city has progressed over the last four years. It's not all the mayor but the -- I take is provided good positive leadership for for this city. New Orleans is changing. And I think most of the changes are. A positive but here's part of what did initially drew had to say in his senate inauguration speech today at the sank a theater. Today I ask all of you gathered -- let us keep pressing on and recommit ourselves to creating a shooting when no one no one gets left behind. Every generation comes to this point every generation is given a moment to -- that are a -- And 300 years from now historians look back -- they will remember how are we the people of New Orleans in this moment in this time. Came together to do what was heart. For the sake of doing what was right and gave light. And freedom goodness and light to those generations we do not yet know this is our mission. It is our responsibility it is Halliburton. But it is a sweet bird. As part of what the mayor had to say what he was a sworn in this afternoon that the news -- theater. I was on for girl earlier so anxious to listen to the speech that we talked about it after. I discuss blog is on our website at WW dot com and the scoop like tonight is titled New Orleans is changing. Let's make it's the best it can be. And one of the things like I talked about in the blog is that we that we can't looked to -- here we can't look to the leaders of our city. But can't -- to the police who can't look to others to to always make this a better place. A lot of it has to do with us the you -- expected -- to change. One. Crime win the crime results from poor parent. -- can make -- do about about parenting. And and and quite often I think citizens look to -- mayor look to politicians in general to solve problems that really can only be solved with in. The communities. By the individuals in those communities. Here is a text that -- so we have a very similar campaign here in Texas. Something like trucks rock. And also roll. So buckle up and here's attacks pick up trucks roll more than than any vehicle. So why wouldn't you buckle your seat up. It is with the reason being again I'm just a I'm good this is a stereotypical. Observation. And you can correct me if I'm wrong. -- their pickup truck drivers. Who. Feel. My show. And they feel like it's. Just. Beneath them to buckle your seat belt air to pick up truck -- to block a policy tells them tough guy. Really tough for you going to be here. In an accident. If you -- did you -- -- the comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy text. H 7870. John Fogerty getting a lot of good reviews from news. Appearances Jazz Fest yesterday -- it was just a beautiful weakened both weekends for Jazz Fest will be able to get out and enjoy. This is the -- -- it will be right back on WW LL it's still Cinco De Mayo but in about fifteen minutes is gonna be a safe stay in my own. Here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight today is it showing disrespect to Hispanic Americans if you Wear an American flag shirt on cinco -- mild. Here's a Texan Reid says -- does not offend me -- other nationalities are proud of their culture. But if they are offended by the red white and blue then the obviously are unpatriotic and should maybe consider living somewhere else. Quite often it is the intent. Of why something is done. And if the intent. Is to. Diminish. The pride that Hispanics. Have in their culture. By wearing an American flag on cinco demise if that is the intent. That's -- it. And that's wrong. If you're proud to be an American and will Wear an American. Flag T shirt. I don't think there's anything wrong with that although there are people. Who think you should Wear and maggert for their replied -- that nothing should be an American flag except the American flight. Had a call from a gentleman earlier James Kirby. And we've got to tip podcasted on our website at WWO dot com it was just a wonderful conversation. Kirby in 92 years old. He's a World War II vet. And he really touched my heart no part of a lot of our listeners who responded with text messages. When he said that. He -- need to battery for his scooter. And he would love to get to the World War II museum again. He's only been once. They talked about being in Germany. They talked about how lead to some degree feels guilty because. His friend died next to him. In in Germany. And he said you know maybe that bullet should have should have been for me. -- said the sometimes refusal guilty but what really touched my heart was nice to have what does family because he said he. Is refrigerator. Isn't as full as it should be any have a hard time getting a battery for scooters. That were your family. Well this guy said this family isn't really taking care of him so I said that I would do what I could do I'm gonna find out what I can do. To help this guy get to the World War II museum. And whatever else you could help him -- So many people city in text messages with their phone numbers of -- to help and I'll take him I'll I'll. I'll take you I'll pick him up I'll bring you -- helping get a battery for his scooter. I hope you understand that this is not just our radio station policy but this is the world we live in today. It's just not that easy to hook people up on the air unfortunately. It is some people can't be trusted. That if we sent somebody over to help this guy and they had malicious intent. As something happened well we would ultimately be responsible for that good of a bit to find a way and to see if there is any kind of a programmer and kind of plan. There will help disguise. Get to the World War II museum because he certainly. Desertion activity if you've never been and it's. It's a phenomenal part of New Orleans and if you're listening from somewhere around the country. Don't look at it just is a history lesson it's it's very moving. And and I mentioned this before what -- the parts of the World War II museum that was I was most impressed with. Was the area that had. Had posters and signs. That were popular around America. After the war broke out. Science about sacrificing. Science about not wasting food. Save it for the soldiers. We really bonded together. As a nation. Before during World War II. I'd like to think we would do it again but I honestly I'm not so sure. I don't know if we would ever bond as a nation. And sacrifice like this nation sacrificed. During World War II. One thing that I learned at the World War II museum was that our military. This is just so arguably. When the war broke well delegates -- was 191943. A case of the episode the Japanese attacked. In 1941. Pocono -- and to -- Japanese attacked. Opera Harvard 1941. We get involved in the wars then in 1939. I think that was a year. Just a couple of years before World War II broke out. The united states military ranked nineteenth in the world. Behind Romania. Romania's military was bigger and more powerful -- our military before World War II. And that was just. One of the many revelations that I got -- from from from being there but I I just really got this sense of a different America. And a sense that you know we should work harder to become that America and again. But if you haven't been I would highly recommend -- World War II museum. I had a chance earlier I was on for grown today and they had an interview set up with with a young author whose name is Ryan holidays. And he rescind a New Orleans today did a book citing a deceiving about 6 o'clock at the Garden District books is still book is titled the obstacle is the way. The timeless art of turning trials into triumph. And I can think about things that I've been through and in my life it let me back to New Orleans and I'm glad those things happened. I -- think about it. Tough times that I went through and it's true. You you can find a gift in the obstacles that you go through if you're going through a tough time. If you've been through a tough time and you wanna. Reflect back on it you give Butler a pick up this book it's it's an easy read he gave me copy I I can't wait to get into and read it. The obstacle is the way and if you haven't gone through a tough obstacle in your life you will. Yeah we don't always control the challenges we face the only thing we control. Is how we deal with those challenges. And he's a really bright young Britain and author I was I was impressed with the book and look forward to read I'm -- and we're coming right back. On -- WL New Orleans as a winner our congratulations. To Al send him on -- of New Orleans who want a thousand dollars in our nationwide vacation cash contest. And you could be a winner to just listen to WWL weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word. And -- the code worked to 72881. For your chance to win without even putting your phone down at 72881. Every weekday four lucky winners nationwide win a thousand dollars each. And we never charged for text messages but today your individual plans or data rates may apply remember the times to listen weekdays right before the top of the -- news. At 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM and good luck the sort radio intercom and all of us that every WL. Is still no clear cut answer on born by Boyd there's a disproportionate number of people who drive pickup trucks who don't fasten -- seat -- And here's and it's missing text why can't they design seatbelts. That do not make you. Our brides looking like you don't -- and higher. I get so wary of arriving at church with the office. -- by restraints. Now just think if you were all bloody mean that that would look good either you know what order -- -- to London and in a year ahead went through the -- The windshield or something like that -- by the way I understand. How that how that feels I don't really worry about that too much for it. You know if you see somebody a little sprinkled -- -- first of all if you just sit down. Your pants are gonna get wrinkles so you know and nothing's gonna be totally wrinkle free so so what if you get a little wrinkle -- -- fastening your seatbelt. I'm here's a -- that reason of course the mayor should have to answer to the serious ongoing crime problem. And -- shrinking police force there are far less police on our streets and crime is out of control. Well it's true I mean we have reached a low point in a long period. A time for it to the murder rate. But it does mean that the murder rate is not still far too high the mayor can only do some things. To improve the police force and to recruit police officers. Racing pay. That was certainly helped like dropping the domicile rule where you can live anywhere and still. The -- -- a police officer. But the mayor can't do anything about the crime problems that are the direct result of poor parenting. What -- think. -- -- Our studio producer tonight's picture is also helping out in the at a studio and literally take a nap I'll be back for garlic tomorrow we'll talk about a Supreme Court justices. I'm siding with freedom of speech more often when it reflects their point of view we'll talk about it tomorrow have a great evening -- Orleans.