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5-6 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

May 6, 2014|

Dave talks about favorite child, flame-retardant drinks, and Duck Dynasty coffee

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on the sixth of may 2014. Its series today not Monday asked survived it made it through. One on one -- At least humanize our men some some people. Those spiders in the tub this morning now but I was so -- distracted by my little mister Moffett experienced -- -- Don't know the toughest. That I -- get a chance to talk about this report that we you're sharing what their listeners. That the first born is the most successful. According to a use case study yes and researchers -- SX's institute force social and economic research. Took a look at more than 3500. Individuals more than 15100 groups of siblings pretty good starting and it is pretty large and they found that. First born children tended to be more successful. Than their peers that -- And Carol the first ones out there. We're going you have absolutely you are the most right here right now there are out there and of course the time I wanted to know why. Over the reasons behind it immediately and and the first thing I heard which made absent sense is that the first born. Gets more attention yes because. And there alone for at least yeah little while it's it's mom and dad and one -- yet. And they get mom and -- on divided attention and mom and data are new moms and dads and their really gung ho and into it value add and you're so they're trying to do everything absolutely ride and the first born has a 16% higher probability. Of going to college. And do children who are not the first board. And then it just grows from there if you're more likely to go to college and you're more likely get a better job relate more likely to make more money. And it's kind of the domino effect and we talked to a local. Licensed professional counselor who works with families doctor -- mono in Metairie -- again now. It makes -- -- it's what I see is that the only factor. And doesn't mean the first -- Always the most success now. But apparently it's pretty prevalent and then you gotta wonder ball out of the ones in the middle and they yen field yet nothing if not. What's the deal earlier you're now a parent will always say to their did. That they love all of their children in this thing I don't love your older Brothers sister more than nine years. But I don't particularly moms tend to hold a real place in -- -- for their first bore and and now I'll middle child should admit that wholeheartedly right off the bat that I am not a first board. But the way I see it the first born does get the most attention at least to begin with because there aren't -- autism. Then when the successive ones come mom and dad aren't as well. The term used earlier gung ho I guess I'll stick with that -- and then the baby the last one I think gets I think has the biggest disadvantage. They may get your house detention. But they also get paid heed the longest beat them mom more than dad doesn't ever want the last babies grow up. So I think the first one and the last one get the most attention. You don't want to be in the middle of one the -- left to break expense for the salads actually it got to learn to be a fighter and a survivor on every kind of job and of course of outside of all of this study. What about only children. Is their first born and last more now. You can evident that they do parents really love all the children the same. -- really. Equally love all of your kids -- parents have a favorite here I want no I think. Anything in yeah. You may like three players vice remember I want more than the rest in my I've had a great cars your whole life -- like one more than the others. Why would that be different with kids you can tell yourself but you can tell -- and but -- favorite -- -- -- technique that -- them -- thank you David talking fifteen minutes -- first here at WWL AM -- them and I'll carry text messages. After this brief time out here -- WWL welcome back with you forecast. And sports with Steve Geller on this not Monday morning -- double pat on the back. Give yourself by five you survive Monday you're making your way into the work -- way to go. According to the dictionary one -- tax anything and it's pretty tough it is a low stool or some heat and now maybe I have sent them before. -- -- -- This stretch of dry weather continues today look for highs later on reaching 84 degrees with lots of sunshine again today and mainly clear skies tonight although we may see some patchy fog by morning lows will be dropping into the sixties. Then tomorrow bouncing back up to 84 with mostly sunny skies by Thursday though Thursday 20% rain chance working and what type of 84. The eyewitness -- forecast center and meteorologist Laura backed out. -- -- three miles an -- 87% relative humidity it's partly cloudy and 63 at the reporting can there we have clear skies and 54 at the National Weather Service office and slide down line Dave Cohen thank you for joining us here in the early edition of WWL first news on this day that's not Monday he made a week ago. When present next mediate 78 and it has my firstborn. Is my favorite child. -- as I'm more successful than my older sister and on the middle child I got acting middle children. Speaking as a middle child tend to be that toughness tend to be the most a bid to -- Now whether or not -- the most successful. I don't know but I think they -- that for that there is fighting for the attention and -- does Dave on the middle child but the first boy I got a lot of attention. An unsuccessful due to announces their two kids six years apart. On the one engineer the other one Harris who figures. Sports time -- on WWL. You get -- and only talent yes my parents had me and said no moral -- you scared them out of having any further. You know my mom actually told me this story accurately she told me this bill. But I had my days and nights mixed up and it was the time that the -- to Ohman came out if you Russia. She checked the back of my head for three sits it's really -- made to be cute and actually try to do an -- -- -- note our largest check for the three sixes and back in my -- -- like science -- couldn't find it now well I don't think that way. Included her to be pretty successful because you're doing -- here on WW. -- morning everyone fox sports and pro football talk dot com are reporting that LSU defensive tackle Anthony Johnson's drug test. Came back positive at the NFL come by and while -- met burger sample was flagged for being a diluted sample. Members doctor explain though that it was due to him recovering from knee surgery the quarterback was advised to drink as much as one to one and a half gallons of water a day. Because he was suffering from cramps. Wolf the states decide to trade up in Thursday night's NFL draft many who bets are hoping that the black and gold can land. Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins the KG came Bobby Hebert is also in that number. I'm tailored to -- the visit corny is that in the burn them in not RL -- you -- Jimmy Graham or Colson has left and just talk -- spreads the ball around we don't need to -- 6000 yards just have that threat because I think that would even help already give. Watkins is six foot tall 211 pounds and has been compared to eight. Free agent defensive end Will Smith has signed with the New England Patriots the 32 year old veteran had played the entire ten year career with the saints. He's appeared at a 139. NFL games and has 67 and half sacks -- forced fumbles and seven fumble recoveries. Both road teams one to open the semi final round of the NBA playoffs the Washington Wizards took down the pacers one -- two to 96 in Indiana. While Chris Paul was red hot lead the clippers to a 122105. Thrashing of them OKC thunder. CP three scored 32 points it was eight for nine from three point range -- coach Doc Rivers says that poll gave the team exactly what they needed. I thought his intuition was. It was -- though he knew we needed a good start then he got one force that's just why he's who yes. Philadelphia 76ers guard Michael Carter Williams has been named the NBA's rookie of the year. He received a 104 of the 1241. -- bolts after averaging seventeen points six assists and six rebounds a game. And his -- wrapped up an eight game road trip with a thirteen to four victory over round rock. More came -- and Kyle Jensen each belted two home runs and accounted for nine of the teens. Runs batted in. Today -- four on sports talk is they're a must have player in this year's NFL draft and which top prospect -- -- wish list. I'm Steve -- that your early morning look at sports I'm 23 day program. Well I am Dave Collins Steve Geller with you on your radio here on WWL. And -- gave last failure pretty excited about them now terminated they go on forever but here we are now the second round and and some pretty good games underway yet even the first round was pretty amazing how many game sevens we ended up going to Obey the Miami Heat were able to dispatch. Though -- before you know forestry teams. Of their series and easily advanced but other than that they've been a pretty pretty great fights in all of these games in. It's it's just great to see what's going on the Western Conference were -- -- thought it was just. -- give me that San Antonio was -- and the advancing but it looks like. The clippers now with this whole stress of -- Donald's darlings ownership. Being suspended from the team for life. Has seen -- up with this squad even more so now. Initially thought the spurs are gonna win at all now who do you think I think. And it's it's really hard to go against the clippers right now because of what they went through I wouldn't doubt that at all right now they can beat the heat -- done -- yet and when I'm really anxious to see 2 in the Eastern Conference. The Brooklyn nets vs the Miami Heat Brooklyn was for no against them the entire season can they do in the playoffs though. We LT thank you look like in 25 minutes and more sports here on WWL I am adamant that -- thank you to back we'll talk draft on this draft weak edges. Today's Tuesday Wednesday Thursday two days until the draft. We'll see what position groups Steve -- thinks the saints must aren't. In the draft on Thursday and Dave Cohen thanks for joining us here on the early edition of WWL. One person next paid 7870s as we have five kids. No favorites and yes we love them equally all caps two exclamation points. The president says you love each equally but differently because they are different. People you love all your kids the same do you think your parents loved you all the same. Equally exactly the same way is that possible parents at all time then forecast. On this Tuesday were climbing up to the eighties this after game but still expect plenty of sunshine around today. And really even at sunshine around for tomorrow's well partly cloudy skies were back up to 84 by Thursday though a few spotty showers are possible 20%. And look for highs Thursday in the mid eighties from the I would -- -- forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark. Muggy morning starts up when just three miles an hour but enough to bring in the gulf oysters 87% -- media reporting -- partly cloudy and 63 degrees. -- out Slidell clear and 54 degrees and gave on. Sure appreciate you join -- here days there editor for those -- -- featured characters on your way home for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Says that first children of the most successful because if they get the most attention. I coming up CBS news -- like with the WWL first news traffic weather together and sports and Margaret text messages you -- have a favorite child. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on the sixth of may 2014. And it is Tuesday so I've been asking folks do parents have favorite kids. Or did they really loved them all equally all equally well one -- person insisted in all -- with -- and points that level decades equally and -- -- they love their kids differently. Because they're all different people that's a good answer hey hey Chris Miller's I was just talking to him. While you were doing and as he said his -- some on FaceBook says I love bomb like it's equally I hate the ball. Another person that's an extreme vaccinated that need them as I was the least favorite. I'm better be executed your parents love you all equally maybe get a different answer than what the parent yacht instead of -- asking the parents yes the kids. Could be a whole different picture now I think. But I think most kids are more likely to believe that their parents plus the other -- small bore out. We'll continue that converts. I always favored Giuliani you know like in a year. Ago and you like coffee. Clocked dual analog have you heard but are you interested in trying to -- dynasty coffee I'll come -- a they have been in several articles about this and you'll be able to have coffee with the guys from -- as the well they won't be there -- The pictures are on the -- sure Buffy the Louisiana based coffee company mellowed joy will be offering -- commander coffee. Duck commander hot chocolate. And cappuccino in the works to do I see a big seller coming now duck commander here I think I'd be more likely need a shot out we got dot commander on to have a given a trial trial any -- one's going to be working on that right now I'm pretty adventurous like comes to trying new and different Beers I mean I have my standards in mind. Guarantees and I'm not feeling adventurous and I'll try just about any beer but now this is not be. It's a coffee. Hot chocolate and cappuccinos that double B solid twelve ounce bags and single serve cops starting in August. Company says the new coffees will be available nationwide in September's. Get yourself us. He then help and a big goal hot cup full of -- commander commander robbery that interest you. I try it just like you said the bear. It was shot and they -- -- have a chance coming up this summer and these guys you gotta admit that marketing geniuses are Rihanna and I just don't see anything going wrong ideas he had gone up mounting on it was stood a little controversy they had Ed now no TV ratings and reality used to be a bit they -- money money announcing -- heard. Not one bit. Thank you David with talking about twenty minutes more first is -- no target on the stock and -- is looking into what's on this so much vocal opposition. From some teachers and parents to common -- that this new approach to education. Is bad for Louisiana mad for students bad for education. Yet. Can't get any traction in the legislature every -- trying to. Has been derailed so. If so many people are so unhappy with that welcome lawmakers aren't do something about it we'll talk more about that coming -- point. Oh god let's go live -- directed the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a good morning. It's meteorologist more about Al congratulations. He survived Monday. Estimated that yeah I mean yeah I'll make it really we have to do death well this morning with the extra hard to get up you know with the. Highlight -- man I don't yesterday maybe my last day but I got up and I am right I bite my sleep still pretty good yeah I had a similar experience I'm surprised I actually did get up because you. When I woke up and looked at the clock. It was a time I normally get up a -- -- wasn't going. We -- and I don't know what happened I don't know if Mike had happened turned it off right if I forgot to turn -- time. Or wide because they have no recollection that but I -- my guess is it went off I've got up its -- -- just turn it off an -- I admit but I still look up on yeah that's him I would have done that if my alarm didn't offer price target off and I'd still be -- Well and I love it -- somebody would call that you might -- public fight out your if I would have called and by the worst feeling that -- yeah you. In my iPhone -- mom had never met on -- weekend have you ever dad Saturday that adults I know I've been up before. I actually when I was in high schools it's something very strange animal from school one minute I'll sleep on the -- out okay and I woke up and about. 5:30. That evening -- wintertime so was used dark it we -- -- because the next morning I did to American morning radio even nights I've done that before so I got up I jumped in the shower maybe a bowl of cereal and I turn on the TV to catch the news before I went to the radio station. But but but in the evening programming was gone. -- I've done that I've done that when you. The ticket nap that afternoon and you wake up it's time to think they like we did that factor AM RPM 8 PM edit that edit it. I don't know and hype that one analysis due to land Saturday morning and and it if he rolled over the clock at 530 -- -- -- -- and I would like. Let's take you by the -- what. -- -- -- -- -- And -- in eight. -- -- -- until like 6 o'clock hope that at the ripe old time that they added that nicely and for me in my abdomen sentiments it's not a bad round. Where at what is it worse feeling. Around anyway and we -- drastic action is the fact that this dry weather continues. Hi you know really the morning have been nice the evenings have been nice and after names have not been that hot -- -- been -- mid eighties but since it's felt a little bit Ryder. And it's tough ball you know with compared to what Morgan to have that in eight months it's not that bad at all. Come July and August so when do we get our next shot at. You know we haven't pretty dry I was looking back and now we're we're still behind for the year and for the what we have any rain for the month yet so we used he's decent showers and storms. The -- and toward the end of the workweek about a 60% chance on Friday. A 40% chance on Saturday and at 30% chance on Sunday at pace and a washout spread awareness to the days perhaps it does look like best chance for some afternoon thunderstorms beat Friday other than that temperatures are where an event -- -- -- -- -- yet that can feel a little bit more humid by the weekend just because. -- the -- to return to showers return that sort of things that we're saying the by the dry air but yet you did that would happen. Yeah it's bound to. There's been an on line push to get rid. Questionable ingredients and what are supposed to be healthy -- remember the controversy over the same materials used in yoga mats and these new national reading how to read -- subways are -- got rid of it well. McDonald's Burger King other companies still use it in their broad. But -- got out of their drew gotten out of their bread because -- groups that subway claims to be healthy thing you can beating yoga mat material right it just makes the -- lost a year they fail safe the FDA greeted agreed to it. They got rid. Well he's now get this time the staff and the -- that we don't know that the hill right hand. Do you drink soft drinks or Gatorade. Well I'm hearing there's plenary power re yes the power that now now I don't drink yet but still you never edit your power Gator Gator I know of an -- that never -- and I don't I don't drink it at that you know I probably haven't had. That in them and a -- yep that's not what I could drink Mountain View. I just -- water -- that I'm yet. Well for those people who do. Now we're finding now that they have a material. The Roman eight. Vegetable -- and they put it in. The power eight and the Gatorade is the reason for it and they say it more evenly distributes the flavors. Yeah same taste with every step. -- -- up for some but now Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. While they stood by the safety of the ingredient which is used to distribute flavor and is also used as a flame retardant. In other materials. They've agreed that they're going to start taking it out of theirs drink because one of PR disaster well because how tasty moderator supposed to be healthy tree -- those are quote healthy spring after. All athletes strike a sideline. LT a bit more over the with the Internet that is true that with the the good is it now the coach catch on fire after winning the championship. I think about that -- got that figured that but now they're gonna take the -- retired now so now we want them. Interests include and it got province in promenade that civil Pearlman editor promenade -- an obstacle I'll send you might give me every -- may not taste the same on that. Let's leave it all mail in your power I would have thought that's oil within the power I would agree with that in his vegetable oil as a flame retardant loyal. To -- and stuff I'm OK to redistrict eat a flight molecules -- -- You don't want when retardant coating your intestinal track -- -- that doesn't sound like it would be nice and low risk of that kitchen on fire. Maybe itself helps with harper thank you Laura at the. Auto by tell had been direct from the Eyewitness News forecast. As. All of the products and Coke and Pepsi the power of the Gatorade Mountain Dew and other drinks now the online petition apparently got their attention and it looks like. Looks like they're giving him that where it's Steve Geller in here with sports net. In a couple text messages about that flipped over vehicle folks if you're comment from the West Bank to the spanking new one exit the expressway Claiborne. In that flyover ramp there's an overturned vehicle emergency. Crews are on the scene of enough to activate them and it's an exit propagated vegetable oil BBO was a mixture of complex plant derived triglycerides. Which have been promenade it promenade vegetable oil is used primarily to help -- multiplies citrus flavored soft drinks preventing them from separating during distribution. -- vegetable oil has been used. By the soft drink industry since 1931 generally at a level of about eight parts per million. Have a great day. Well thank you for all the information I feel smarter now that I all that I also know that. Last year Pepsi said it was taking it out. Gatorade and other. Drinks including Mountain Dew and yesterday Coca -- says it's dropping being -- from its strength including. Power so he'd go -- folks keep researching it online starting online petitions and it'll get all that stuff out of there right. We have no idea. Yoga mats for the flame retard. That's as we know. Steve Geller giggling that's what's always -- -- cook at home you grow your own food and collect Rainwater and a sister and raise your own livestock. And then you'll know everything that's in your on that which will be former. I'm -- You know what life expectancy is longer than ever we're living longer lives than ever before. I think I'm just gonna keep putting might blind faith and trust in eating products that. Sports not to pay anything for that Steve. Good morning everybody according to fox sports and pro football talk dot com. Tell us exactly met burger and Anthony Johnson were among ten prospects -- red flags NFL teams as having failed drug test at the come line. -- met burger produced a diluted urine sample but that's reportedly due to over hydration since he was cramping while recovering from knee surgery. The center position still seems to be an area of need for the saints as trim the lead so is the only one currently on the roster. Mark is mark out of USC may very we -- the black and gold first round draft pick. In WWL's Bobby Hebert says while it's not a sexy pick. Morgan with Martin would likely provide some stability on the lawn for many years I think would be a senator come the next decade. And yet the flexibility and Nathalie please send -- center or guard. A -- as a lot of side -- six foot 3320. Pounds and did have a pre draft work out with the saints. Well after a decade long career with the black and gold free agent defensive end Will Smith has a new home. A 32 year old has signed with the New England Patriots Smith has a recorded more than six and a half sacks in the season since 2009. And sat out all of last year after suffering a torn ACL in the saints' third pre season game. Washington and Los Angeles opened their respective conference semi final series with road victories. Trevor reason shot six for six with from three point range and scored 22 points for the wizards. And he wanted to within 96 triumph over the pacers. Meanwhile Chris Paul had a career best 83 pointers and finished with 32 points and ten assists in the clippers' one of 1422105. Beat -- of Oklahoma City. LA head coach Doc Rivers says they were locked in on the defensive end. We share the ball we are really good what our spacing again I thought DC Darren Collison and CP -- normal when downhill -- -- drives major big stage. But the longer. -- W 76ers guard Michael -- Williams has been named the NBA's rookie of the year he was selected with the eleventh overall pick in the draft out of Syracuse. And Mark Canton Kyle Jensen each homered twice for the staffers who roughed up round -- by the score of thirteen to four. That I have four on sports talk is there a must have player in this year's NFL draft. Which prospect -- Dorsey wish list I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning exports to Vietnam a top three positions the saints need to. Go after in the draft not necessarily in any particular order -- -- their first pick may be an offensive lineman but what are the three positions they asked to. Address before the regular season starts -- think cornerback is up there for me just because of the fact you brought -- 835 year old future hall of Famer but he's definitely on the decline. Off for -- number two spot opposite Keenan Lewis so I think he's got to get one of those and a new. Fresh blood in the -- you also have Patrick -- are going to be there forever regret that you have Patrick Robinson and Corey white also competing but I still -- Bring in another defensive back will be a good idea at the back wide receiver receiver he needs me to -- to stretch the field Drew Brees could always use some more targets. And then I would also is deathly shortly offense along with either center or guard as the top three positions thank you sir we'll see what happens in the draft on Thursday. Live right here on WWL. Ron Amadon back in fifteen meant to our -- -- back after this with the forecast. Time for your forecast at 555. The quiet weather continues this Tuesday with mostly sunny conditions and temperatures later on heating up 84 today. And then dropping into the sixties tonight watch out for some patchy fog info Wednesday partly cloudy hype about 84 and by Thursday. A few showers start to mix and look for 20% chance and highs in the mid eighties from the Eyewitness News forecast center meteorologists are. So Friday looks like rain is likely less so for the weekend right now 63 at the airport 54 and flight now. I could present -- -- 878 that he says nothing new -- have flame retardant in your food we baking soda everyday and that's with a bright fire extinguishers noses really. Water is a flame retardant. Gets that is just because the chemical has industrial use does not necessarily mean it's harmful to eat. Your body needs magnesium. Magnesium is the main metal used. In sparklers. -- -- but that's what does it sparklers. Not long outlet in a -- -- and Gatorade a power aid given you've got slightly tart and you seek any department -- Joking do not -- -- spark. Under any circumstances. Which used to joke not a recommendation. Yeah you know it's funny the Internet has a lot of power. And the reason that they've taken the yoga -- chemical as they call out of subway Brad is because of pressure on the Internet. But it'd take it out of bonds at McDonald's and Burger King the reason they're taking this so called -- retired not a power rating Gatorade is because of pressure on the Internet. And a lot of other products -- during.

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