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5-6 6:15am Tommy, Marigny shooting update

May 6, 2014|

Tommy talks to Loyola Law Professor Dane Ciolino about Marshall Coulter and Merritt Landry

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker beautiful Tuesday morning the sun breaking the horizon earlier in earlier which means summer's on its way 619 we're talking about this. Marshall Coulter the -- that we shot by mayor any homeowners last July I believe it wasn't. Subsequently some things have come out including an arrest last week in now they're saying in and the incident that happened -- -- twelve for which there was an outstanding warrant but. Nobody knows when the warrant was issued or why Coulter wasn't arrested and I don't even though he was arrested after the the incident last July when he got shot whenever we get confused on these things and it happens a lot. A Danes the Leno comes to a rescue professor of law over at Loyola morning professor are you don't. Door arm thanks to -- the time -- I guess maybe we should go back and and find out how many times he's been charged with burglary because like I just set out on TV's even charged in the incident where gets shot. Well well now it is not -- Or call it was in the hospital for. Mom with a terrible idea that we received a call being shot on the line. But what we know now. At least been accused of three separate. Burglary. -- One of the problem and that is the -- island. Typically typically don't release the remains of duke now the so difficult to implement. So I'm trying to get to the number three here and accused not charged Friday he allegedly took a -- out of a mailbox and -- somebody's. Holman by all accounts very peaceful I read a story where there. You know he sat down that the -- the homeowner summit the call police and they end -- landry's said Dan Coulter says deal it's fun OK I understand and sat down off each other cigarette or something and had a little conversation and everything was friendly and peaceful but then -- when he twelve we find out from the warriors from the warrant that he was in the same neighborhood. Inside the house struggle ensued and apparently he got. The homeowners gun and then fled on foot. And the third one would be when he jumped the fence at them in the Marion a homeowner shot him. Correcting. Have been involved in the commanders about that certain amount of that that we know that this that they do well in the call where. I would obviously -- -- he's only fifteen year old now in the 2012 and it was so thirteen or so -- and then occurred. Have but column with family members reported. Very. It was it was. Problem. -- a problem with -- burglary I think what they say is exactly what he said so. Day when it comes to Mary Landry and I feel for this man because I think sometimes you just want it over with -- though. Legally maybe you know time is better a lot of times it happens that way in a civil suit where. You know that is more time that passes the better if you are depending on what Kate what side of the the -- courtroom you are playing for defendant and guess what I'm trying to ask is. The DA can designer bring Mary Landry before a grand jury use -- and whenever they want ad infinitum until. Hours there's statute of limitations on this. Well. That's what. You're promote better. Felony bad habit that deliberately. Of course. Murderer does not have a accurately reported that -- -- the goat cart product and not number. But here of course. Apart and up partner -- did not. Combat. With respect to limit patient pot is aggravated battery. Attempted murder murder he might -- is the year. Now. Again we don't get caught early on what on what Gregory do it reportedly. That it Avago proper and improper has brought there is currently one -- not war crimes during. And no indictment you know -- Google and by then I issued by grand and so. It didn't look good from the -- Rico are. For your life he will never get secretly record politically and run. You know -- about -- year. -- -- let me ask you hold on for just a minute is when we come back -- think we have to considerations here one is legally. What does it matter will what. Coulter did the Ford doesn't just go to -- state of mind that night will any of cultures record be allowed into a trial of whatever happens from Mary Landry. And a -- comment and apples and we come back about the political atmosphere of this because now I think it ships. The political stands for the DA's office because now they they it it's not as clear cut as you would think it would have been with. Mary Landry shooting Marshall Coulter six point four -- -- ceiling when we come back right now time for evidence of traffic that would terror Robinson. I Tommy Tucker talking to -- ceiling you know professor of law on WWL about. Most recent incident involving Marshall Coulter Friday uses allegedly took somebody's key out of the mailbox at the front door which probably is not a good thing to do anyway but I'm in no way. Saying the homeowner did anything wrong I just mean from a security standpoint. From the very peaceful at that point. We find out later he was booked on an outstanding warrant. For breaking aggravated battery burglary against Reagan in the somebody's house struggling with the homeowner and -- -- is gone. And we don't know when the warrant was issued while the arrest. Wasn't made before this and then of course Mary Landry the homeowner shot Marshall Coulter. In the head from a distance of police are saying about thirty feet last July so Damon in time we have remaining when it comes to. Mary did merit entry being indicted does it go to his state of mind at all do any of martial culprits prior acts. Matter either when it comes a grand jury or when it comes to. An actual trial if that -- actually happen. Well -- a political matter. Results and they -- but in reality they do. What a prosecutor -- in your decision. Whether to charge somebody. With a crime and as part of a tremendous amount of discretion in making that prepared him. They can take into account and other. What what is strictly invincible and and and. This isn't politics that pretty much well that is politics. It's something no doubt that is going to be in the back any. Elected our tutors and chart position all vote. Shouldn't but. It's -- about humans do. Up actor and this done this. Individual. Such lengthy history of criminal activity and that's just got to play and -- prosecutors. Charging decision. You know perhaps technically -- -- they Dana appreciate -- time I really do and we'll talk to you again I thank you.

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